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January 14, 2003

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Tuesday January 14 2003 20:59PST

By Alex Poindexter - Uber Media Writer


January 14, 2003 | CANBERRA, Australia - Australian police said last week they were baffled by the discovery of a ghost ship full of video tapes of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. -- but no crew or life rafts -- drifting off the remote northwest coast of Australia.

The ship was registered in New Zealand and flying a Greek flag, was intercepted and boarded by the Australian navy last week about 50 miles offshore after it was spotted drifting aimlessly by local fishermen.

A massive search in the area has turned up no survivors, life rafts or clues, but the presence of up to five tons of videos in the hold has convinced police the boat was used by hard-core nutballs, not stowaways trying to illegally enter Australia.

"There weren't any indications on board that anything untoward had happened. The conditions on board were quite good," a spokeswoman for the Australian Federal Police in Perth told Uber Media Review.

Police have launched an international investigation in a bid to track down the owners or crew of the boat.

"The only factor we have to work with at the moment is the fact that it is Kiwi-owned, so we'll be going to the owners to try to learn a little bit more about the crew and a little bit more about the history of the vessel's passage to this point," the police spokeswoman said. "We suspect that a Xenite or group of Xenites were unable to dump their considerable stash of unwanted videos on eBay."

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