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By Laura Sue Dean
July 18, 1997


XWS: XENA WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME . Those long torturous months of re-runs can test the patience of the most hardy of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS fans. (It's true what they say, you know -- idle hands DO make the devil's work!) I started the count as soon as the credits rolled for COMEDY OF EROS and reservations at "El Casa de los Wackos" have never been higher.

TO HELP ALLEVIATE THE XWS-AFFLICTED, WHOOSH! brings you a new feature: NEWS, GOSSIP AND RUMORS! Yes, the stuff you fans *really* want to know about your favorite obsession! BTW, my name is Laura Sue Dean . I'm kind of a veteran of this scene -- hey, it's my *beat!* I'll be prowling the mean streets of Hollywood and Universal City in my sporty red jeep gathering juicy tidbits, scandalous gossip, and the latest rumors. BTW, having a nose for this stuff is one of my *best* qualities! Hope you enjoy it! Drop me a line at WHOOSH! to let me know, okay? Just write to Laura Sue Dean , NOW!


TOPPS XENA COMIC SERIES to debut in August, titled XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (how original!). The first issue features Revenge of the Gorgons, a two-part tale presented by long time CONAN scribe writer Roy Thomas.

COLLECTORS TAKE NOTE. Topps is doing this comic with two different covers. One features a stunning Xena/Gabrielle cover by the hotter-than-hot artist J. Scott Campbell, and the other cover a XENA photo. These comics should be available at shipping time for the same price. Both issues have the same story. Only the covers are different.

IN THIS TWO PART COMIC Xena and Gabrielle attend the Summer Festival hosted by King Perseus (the king famous for slaying the Gorgon named Medusa). Unfortunately for King Perseus, Medusa's sisters show up with revenge on their minds!!!

AS LONG-TIME FANS ALREADY KNOW, a summer festival wouldn't be the same without Hercules, Iolaus, and Salmoneus showing up to join in the festivities. And just for kicks, (or, to kick AROUND) Joxer joins the gang as they battle the turn-to-stone eyeblasts of the Gorgons.

IN SEPTEMBER 1997, Topps offers XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, Part 2 of 2, The Plant of Never Death (or for you purists, Revenge of the Gorgons: Part 2). Featuring a stunning Dave Stevens cover!!!

THE REVENGE-CRAZED SISTERS OF MEDUSA have turned Perseus, Andromeda, Iolaus, Salmoneus and Gabrielle to stone (don't you just hate it when that happens?). Worse than that, the flesh-to-stone effect but temporary, and they're all about to revert back to flesh and blood. Gabrielle has a mortal wound and won't survive the transformation.

THE ONE CHANCE OF SURVIVAL FOR GABRIELLE rests in the hands of Xena and Gilgamesh who embark on a journey in search of the Plant of Never Death, a plant that can grant the user immortality. The catch is that the plant has to be in bloom in order for it to be effective, and that only happens once every 500 years. As luck (or maybe the fate of the gods would have it), Xena and Gilgamesh find the plant in full bloom. The only problem is that Gilgamesh has his own selfish designs for the plant that don't involve saving Gabrielle!!!

THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE: XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. In October, Topps Publishing will launch XENA Magazine; crammed with exclusive articles and photographs not available elsewhere. This will be a quarterly issue. Approximately $5.00 per copy.

WHERE'S THE GABGOODS??? Many loyal fans of Renee O'Connor's BELOVED character have been logging oodles of overtime to lobby TPTB to see some Gabrielle-flavored merchandise.... (E.g., we're now on the third wave of HERC dollies, third or fourth XENA poster, THIRD XENA tee-shirt...) Hello? Gabby? Are you listening, PTB?

HERE'S THE UPDATES on "forthcoming" Gabrielle merchandise...

GAB POSTER. Several Gabrielle shots were sent to Western Graphics, which weren't well-received. WGC President David Hamaker says they're waiting for different photos to arrive from MCA. When pressed for a shipping date, he said "60-days." So, if all goes well, fans will have a Gab Poster for ROC to sign at one of the major XWP conventions in October.

GAB DOLLIES. After almost losing their contract, TOY BIZ has re-tooled the gabby action figs and production is going ahead. High-ranking sources say that "HOPEFULLY," the 12" Gabrielle doll will be ready by the Xmas buying season.

TEE-SHIRT. As usual, Creation, with a finger placed solidly on the pulse of XWP fandom, produced a stunning "GABRIELLE, Bard of Poteidaia" tee that's SELLING OUT everywhere it's been... Sad to see that the SUITS are taking soooo long to get quality gabgoods to market. You would think they'd hear the cash registers ringing ...

MOST, IF NOT ALL the angst around unhappy fans clamoring for Gab-goods would vanish if someone in charge would take five minutes out of their schedules once a month to update us on the progress (I volunteer, by the way, to be the GABSGOODS Spokesmodel). Instead, we are told to "be patient." Okay, okay, it's a virtue... but two years is a very long time in fandom! "Yoo-hoo! Time to get the Gab-ball rolling!"

ROC IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE. Well, if the merchandising folks' hearing is impaired, perhaps they will learn to read between the lines?? The much anticipated Renee O'Connor article in PEOPLE MAGAZINE will hit the stands July 21 -- (it's the July 28 issue). Macgabbers are already sharpening their pencils to write "thank yous" and "we want more!" letters to the Editor.


NOW THAT ROB TAPERT has let the cat out of the bag, it's no news that the "dark" story lines for Gabrielle will include that of a child... In preparation for the scene, Renee O'Connor called her mother and asked her to send a videotape of a "natural" birth to NZ... After filming the intense scene, Renee was overheard saying that it was the "most difficult scene in her career." I'm sure it'll be the same for some Clan MacGabbers to watch!

MORE GOSSIP. Close friends and acquaintances of a certain XENA fandom POWER COUPLE are buzzing! Seems a creative and enterprising young man totally swept his new love off her feet. I discovered the aforementioned well-meaning friends are busy tuning their lyres and expanding their repertoire with The Wedding March while pressuring the young couple and irking the heck out them. PPPPSSSsssst! (Rumor has it that if the smart young lad would pop the question, the answer would be YES! Now, is he smart enough to ask? Hmmmm.)

SOME MORE GOSSIP. The Creative Types and the SUITS in the BIG BLACK TOWER are at odds regarding third season storylines... Seems negative fan reaction to various DARK plotlines (for example RAPE and INCEST, to name a few) have the money-counters nervous... they want to do all they can to keep the XWP Cash Cow fat and sassy.... And so goes the "third dark period in Xena Fandom."

EVEN MORE GOSSIP. Summer's here, and the kiddie camp isn't *all* that's "come up." Sources close to WHOOSH! have reported a definite drop in Editorial on-line time over the past week. The kid's away at camp...this could mean but one thing....KYM'S GETTING SOME! Congrats to the WHOOSH! Editor, for the first "alone time" with Wes in ten years. (Golly!! And I thought I held the record...)

YET MORE GOSSIP. I may be out of a job if my superiors figure out I am talking about them! If I am here next week then we know they are not reading this stuff or they are perhaps a taco short of a combination plate.


THIS AIN'T HORSE-SH*T!!! Could it be true? Tinsel-town tongues are a'waggin about a certain "suddenly powerful executive producer" in town... Seems the frisky lad has developed quite a proclivity for Prosthetic Horse B*tts! Police blotters report squad cars keep stopping at the would-be jockey's spacious digs because of constant NEIGH-bor complaints about all the "whinny-ing" going on over the fence!

REGULAR, OR ETHYL???? Rumor currently being fueled on the net says that although a successful starlet for Ren Pics, this gal's luck ran out of gas when it came to the name department... A "friend of a friend" swears said starlet is actually named after a petroleum product! Ya DON'T SAY?!?!?! "Fill 'er up!"

OH MY GAWD, STANLEY! I can't believe I spilled *all* the beans! I have to go now, my agent wants to take a meeting, pronto! See you next time, if I still have a job -- Ciao for now!!!!


If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed? I'm your gal! Just drop me a line at Laura Sue Dean.

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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