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By Laura Sue Dean
September 9, 1997



OH MY GAWD. This past week has been a very sad one for me. I feel I must apologize to my faithful readers, because I have been remiss in my reporting duties. Somehow, dishing GOSSIP and RUMORS just didn't seem right, given the sad news about the death of two of my idols. But, as the saying goes, THE SHOW MUST GO ON... so without further adieu, here's NGR #6!


EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES. Two dozen long-stemmed pink roses were waiting in Lucy's dressing room on opening night, with a card that read, Hoping you have a fantastic opening night and an incredible run. From all your XWP fans. This was arranged by the NYC XenaFest Committee who collected donations from fans in lieu of sending their own flowers for Lucy's opening night. To date they've received $1,230 in checks for Daytop Village Charity. Anyone still wishing to contribute to this fundraising drive, please feel free to send your check made payable to Daytop Village to: Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 604991, Bay Terrace, New York 11360. Your name will be put on a list sent to Sharon at Creation to be passed along to Lucy at a later date!

MAN ABOUT TOWN. In other NYC news, Steven Sears, XWP Supervising Producer, dropped by Meow Mix during this month's special Xena Night celebration. He arrived while cameras from American Journal were taping fan reaction to THE QUEST. He was incredibly gracious, and took time to chat with everyone as he signed autographs.

LUCY ALSO VISITED MEOW MIX, but on a different Tuesday that wasn't a Xena Night -- needless to say she was her usual, gracious and charming self, and a huge hit with the patrons. (On a side note, Laura Sue just has to share how thrilled I was to actually see Lucy on her way into the theatre. It was a small group, so she signed autographs, chatted, told us she just had a hair cut, shook it around, asked if we liked it. Very sweet. She did say she didn't know if she'd be signing autographs after every show, because she's feeling "wiped out".)

BACK TO SCHOOL. To follow up a story reported here in NGR, AMAZON HIGH is a go. Lovely Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) has now signed a contract and will be in the pilot AMAZON HIGH (aka "Buffy Meets the Amazon Wimmins") that Renaissance is shooting in New Zealand from 8 September to 19 October. And, what's more exciting is the FEATURE FILM starring Ms. Cormack! "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives". I picked up some posters when I was slumming at Cannes this year. My roommate's third cousin twice removed has a chateau and after an especially fun beach party one sultry mediterraean night, I met this guy name Jacques, and believe it or not, he was working security that night for a promotional event where there were posters all over the place. Ms. Cormack was there and it was quite an evening. However, I did not have this column in WHOOSH yet and most people did not pick me up on their radar. I was content just to admire Ms. Cormack from afar. Just click on the thumbnails below for the full glorious posters. This looks to be a DON'T MISS! The especially astute XWP fans should notice some more familiar faces in the posters. Also, WHOOSH did a wonderful interview of Danielle Cormack in their 12th issue.

XWP: RESISTANCE is FUTILE!!! Here is PROOF testifying to XMR's popularity. I was "networkin" recently at a charity benefit auction luncheon for the fan club of STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE actress Nana Visitor. Ms. Visitor was the auctioneer. The fourth-highest donation was $275 for an autographed picture of Lucy Lawless!

SUCH A DEAL, YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE! Inside the latest PREVIEWS catalog is an ad for the replica chakram offered by ICON..for $350.00... limited to 25,000...which isn't very limited. Gee, the licensing fees for "OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE" must be STIFF these days.

THE HARDEST WORKING MAN IN SHOW-BIZ. "The Wonderful World of Disney" is returning to Sunday evenings on ABC and Bruce Campbell will be in two, count 'em TWO of these movies. Brucie will star in the remake of "The Love Bug," (NO not as Herbie, silly!) Apparently, this this project's been sitting on the shelf for a long time. Campbell also stars with Alyssa Milano in "Gold Rush". The former "TEEN HEAT" exercise star plays a woman who moves to Alaska to report on the 1897 Gold Rush. Hmmmm...wonder if Bruce "struck paydirt" while filming? I mean, I know she's a friend and all, but Alyssa's not made the best career decisions since she left "Who's The Boss. " (IF you know what I mean.)

BY THE WAY, Bruce Campbell will also be appearing at the San Diego Creation Entertainment HERCULES/XENA Convention on November 2, 1997.

LAURA SUE DEAN GOES BACK TO SCHOOL. Learning Annex is an excuse for people who want to make money doing unconventional things and I was bored one night so I went to the "Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant". Okay, I went to it to check out the personal assistants of tomorrow. An up-and-coming star like me must always think ahead and good help is so hard to find these days. I discovered that the average assistant is female, 38, earns $42,600 a year, and works 10 hours a day, seven days a week. $42K!!! (I just have to get on a series, or something!) And the icing on the cake is you have to provide them pagers, too!! You would not believe the pagers going off in that class. Almost every instructor who was a "true-to-life" personal assistant was contacted several times by their slavemaster, er, celebrity employer. This field is sooo cut-throat that there are also career opportunities being the personal assistant to a personal assistant. The things a celeb had to do just to get a good cup of coffee in this town!!!


MOMMA SAID, "IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE..." On the subject of Lucy's Broadway success, Kevin Sorbo insists he's not looking to do a John Travolta and play Danny Zuko in Grease any time soon. "I told Lucy she could be the David Hasselhoff of superheroes -- I'll stick to making feature films." Uh Kev? I hope you haven't read your own reviews...don't look now, babe...you might not be doing either soon. Could these "sour grapes" comments about David Hasselhoff stem from the fact that in summer re-runs, BAYWATCH KO'd Hercules? (Xena remains on top at the number one spot...)

What goes up must come down, apparently.

IS THIS THE REJECTED TWO-SHOT? David Hammaker of Western Graphics said that they had selected a "two-shot" of Xena and Gabrielle for the next XWP poster...MCA shot back with a "OOPS that's not an approved shot" comment. Sources close to MCA/Universal hint that this may indeed be the rejected shot in question. Hmmm. WONDER WHY they didn't want this shot used for a poster?


HOW YA GONNA KEEP 'EM DOWN ON THE FARM? What editor of a POPULAR online FANZINE was seen making plans to visit GOTHAM CITY this week? With the current craze of movies being made about old tv shows...could said editor be flying out to read for the "coveted" part of Ann Marie in the BIG-SCREEN remake of "THAT GIRL?" All this scribe can say right now is "BREAK A LEG, KIDDO!"

What girl? THAT GIRL!


Dear Laura Sue:

I just have to make a remark about the Detroit Con and Miss Hudson Leick. I was at the convention and I did not come away with what people were saying about Miss Leick's late night. Maybe I am a little more perceptive than most, but before you posted what truly happened, I was in several fights with people over the net on why Hudson was late. I was telling people that their was problems with her travel plans. That is how I saw it when she was on stage. Well on the net, I stuck to my guns on which seemed a losing battle. Then came out the truth from different sources from the Whoosh magazine, including yours. I pointed these people to your magazine and next thing I know, I am receiving apologies from everyone I was trying to convince.

Thank You and your magazine for helping me to convince people. You mentioned in your column that syndicated shows were not eligible for emmies except technical. May I point out that Star Trek Next Generation was nominated in BEST DRAMA the year it went off the air. I remember this because Marina Sirtis cancelled her appearance at a convention in Sacramento (which I was to attend the ceremonies). Apparently syndicated shows are eligible for emmies, but are seldom recognized.


P.S. Keep up the good work and keep us informed!


Dear Mavrick:

Thanks for your comments. As always, I live to serve! As to the SAG rules, it seems Laura Sue must hang her head. I did some follow-up with my buddy CRAIG at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and he said "A program or individual achievements within a program are eligible provided that they were originated for television and originally transmitted or made available during the eligiblility year and during any national primetime period (6pm-2am) to at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the total potential United States television audience during the same eligiblility period." (thanks craig! that was totally awesome!) ANYWAY, to make a long story short -- XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS *IS* ELIGIBLE. We just have to "visualize" it receiving a zillion nominations, and then, make it happen!


Dear Laura Sue,

I'm a new Xenite and have only recently discovered your letters, etc. I have a blast reading up on the new stuff ready to come out this season and can't wait for Xena and Gabrielle to start the new adventures. But what do you mean by the Rift episodes? Do Gaby and Xena split up? Can't imagine THAT being good for the show. And anyway, wouldn't that be out of character for them? Thanks a bunch.

Battle On!


Dear Battle On!

Thank you for the nice comments! "The RIFT" is a euphemism for the trials and tribulations Xena and Gab go through in the third season. These challenges will "TEST" the strength of the relationship -- perhaps to the breaking point! My guess is that we'll all just have to watch and wait to see what happens!



If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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