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By Laura Sue Dean
November 12, 1997


HOLY EXPOSURE, BATMAN. Laura Sue Dean has hit the proverbial PUBLICITY GOLDMINE!!!

REGULAR NGR READERS MAY RECALL that WHOOSH editor Kym Taborn was interviewed on the Nationally Syndicated PBS show, INTERNET CAFE (episode 144, call 1-888-310-7850 to order a copy for $19.95) AND -- WORE MAKE UP! -- but that's a whole other topic for another NGR... Anyway, during the interview (excellent, btw) they showed full-screen images of NGR!!! AND.... MY MASTHEAD PICTURE! (fanning self) This is SOOOOO Exciting! (Does this kind of thing ever get more "ordinary" WHEN you hit the big time?) And now, I find out that the show has played on the NBC Superchannel in Europe?!?!?! All I gotta say is BLESS YOU STANLEY! (Inter) NATIONAL TELEVISION exposure!!! SO, I guess all I have to do now is sit back and wait for the phone to ring!!! Okay. I can do that!


HEY! YOU'RE WELCOME! ANY TIME! (not!) If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then being RIPPED OFF must make you feel down right glorious! Laura Sue was reading through her copy of the new "Xena Xposed" book when she noticed something *familar* about it. Instead of doing her own legwork, the author (and Laura Sue is using that term loosely) must have decided she liked the work WHOOSH! and XENA MEDIA REVIEW (XMR) had already done. 'Cause she sure used a lot of it, boys and girls. By Laura Sue's estimations, more than 50% of the book came from WHOOSH and XMR articles, interviews and editorials -- to name a few.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! WE ARE NATIONAL!!! WHOOSH REVIEW IN EW! In the November 14, 1997 issue (#405) of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, YOUR FAVORITE (and mine) XENA ONLINE FANZINE -- Whoosh! is reviewed on page 104 in the Multimedia section. Ahem. I could not HELP but notice....a certain "GOSSIP SECTION" is apparently WORTHY of a mention. Oooooh. NATIONAL EXPOSURE! "I am ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille...."

THE REVIEW in its full glorious wordage:

"WHOOSH! JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF XENA STUDIES. Whoosh! is the sound of Xena's Chakram -- that metal discus-shaped weapon -- flying through the air. For nondevotees of TV's XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, it's also the sound of this monthly E-zine's obsessive content -- academic articles, gossip column (am I blushing? -- LSD), thesis-size episode synopses, an Encyclopedia Xenaica -- flying over your head. But even fans who aren't "hard-core nutballs" (one encyclopedia entry) should appreicate the site's camp, XENA-worthy humor. B+ Reviewed by Megan Harlan"

THIS IS ***TOTALLY*** a HUGE "wow" boys and girls! WHOOSH has made the CAPITAL B-I-G Bigtime. However, I cannot help but wonder, if ONLY a certain suddenly POWERFUL Editor had turned in all her homework..... might we have scored an "A" ??????????

AND IF HER HEAD ISN'T BIG ENOUGH ALREADY. My ofttimes annoying boss is up for YET ANOTHER INTERVIEW (I am going to have to ask her who her agent is!). This time it is a call-in radio show called "Mind Over Media" in Baltimore, MD. It will be broadcast on 88.1 FM WJHU, on Sunday November 16, 1997 at 4pm.


XENA STORIES AND REFERENCES HAVE BEEN TURNING UP all over the place lately. More proof of the impending WORLD DOMINATION of XENA!!!

THE OCTOBER 1997 ISSUE of WHAT PC has a review of a Xena Meets Barbie Web page. [As of upload date of this NGR, the site was unavailable, but we are anticipating it being up again soon].

THE NOVEMBER 7TH EDITION of DAILY VARIETY supposedly had an ad for a XENA Emmy Campaign. LSD has not yet seen the issue. Bud the Mailman has a tendency to "misplace" Laura Sue's copy (Jeeeze! Is there anything worse than a postal worker who wants to be in the Biz?) However! Stay close to NGR! As soon as I can grab my copy from the little weasle, I'll put up a picture of the XWP EMMY Ad!

KEEP AN EYE ON OUT for ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT's Weekend show (November 15 or 16 -- check you local listings). ET personality Julie Moran flew to NZ to tape a segment on the filming of BITTER SUITE. Personally, I do not know WHY they couldn't have used a certain "perky starlet" to cover the assignment. I'd look good at least as good in a "Bonnet" as that Julie chick...

THE FOLLOWING TV SHOWS have had XENA references in the last few weeks. "Caroline in the City" had Caroline (Lea Thompson) refering to a small child as a "Baby Xena". "7th Heaven" showed a group of kindergarten aged children *playing* XENA. For Halloween, both "The Gregory Hines Show" and "All My Children" had characters dressed up as the Warrior Princess.


THE RELEASE DATE OF THE 2ND SEASON XWP soundtrack by Joe LoDuca is supposed to be November 18th.....is this a TENTATIVE date? You know how they like to move these things around! If you just CAN'T WAIT for the release, the New Xena Music CD Vol. 2 is now available for order online at their website.

TOPPS IS LOOKING FOR READER FEEDBACK on their *official* XWP magazine. Perhaps you could write them to inquire why they didn't mention anything about the wonderful fan sites on the internet. Hey -- they DID say *all* comments and suggestions are welcome to make upcoming issues better. Laura Sue has one suggestion --- Maybe next time they can work on NOT using the WORST pictures of Lucy ever taken for the cover (or covers). THE SNAIL ADDRESS IS: The Topps Company, Inc., XENA MAGAZINE/FEEDBACK, One Whitehall Street, New York, NY 10004. The e-mail address is Xenamag@topps.com.


I DUNNO ABOUT YOU, but I am WAITING for the Burbank Con tix to go on sale... Even tho Renee O'Connor will be working... Who knows, maybe they'll be able to book some other guests for this one? Rumor has it that the actress playing Lao Ma may show up. And it's been a while since I've seen Tyldus... or, Micki -- hey yeah! Let's get some of the REN PICS staffers up on the stage. For updates, visit Creation Entertainment's website.

THE BIG CONVENTION CALENDAR for 1998 is firming up. Nobody has been booked as guests yet but those wiley wascally Creation Entertainment types have laid out their turf! The Dallas Area (Plano to you locals) will host a Xena convention on Sunday, January 4, 1998. The wild and woolly Burbank II Con is scheduled for the weekend of January 17-18, 1998. Be there or be square. St. Louis is booked for another on on Sunday, February 15, 1998, and Boston for Sunday, March 22, 1998.

IF YOU HAVE A FEST COMING UP, let Laura Sue know!


SO CLOSE, YET...SO FAR! Oh, Laura Sue wishes SOME Powerful people who work SOMEWHERE near Oz would give her a call to fly down and film a certain TV show...Until that day, I guess New Zealand will have to SQUEAK by with the actors they have already: NZ's Film and Television Awards were passed out yesterday and the following XWP/HTLJ alumni won awards:

DANIELLE CORMACK, Best Film Actress - Topless Women Talk About Their Lives; JOEL TOBECK, Best Film Actor - Topless Women Talk About Their Lives; MICHAEL HURST, Best Dramatic/ Supporting TV Actor - HTLJ, "King for a Day"

TECHNICAL AWARDS: Best Camera TV - Donald Duncan; Best Design TV - Robert Gillies; Best Contribution to Design TV (Costume) - Ngila Dickson


ON THE HERCULES FRONT, Laura Sue's sources tell her that Kevin Sorbo is finally going to make it back to NZ and should be back on set next week. Look for A LOT of Hercules light episodes, as Kev has to be VERY careful about being cut or hit (and that happens quite a bit). So far, Robert Trebor, Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi have gotten the call to pick up the slack...along with Michael Hurst.

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Some sources insist that after national television and print coverage of her hugely popular and often-plagerized online fanzine, a certain brilliant editor is being pursued by some high-powered publishing houses by agents waving lucrative book contracts...but then again, they might just be creditors trying to get her to pay all those web-related debts -- with the power going out, it's very hard to see sometimes!


WELL, OTHER THAN HAVING TO WEAR a WAY-Harsh shade of lipstick and some earrings reminiscent of the "miracle of the bowling balls," Gabby remains VISABLY unscathed in THE DEBT... She doesn't get beaten, whipped, tied up or kidnapped, so that's good, right? No. no, no nonononono!!! Much worse!!!

HER "BEST FRIEND" LEAVES HER FOR A LONG-LOST LOVE. (It was love story after all!) Something about "with TWO you get bedroll" or some such. How devastating is that? Especially after Gabrielle's two-plus years of "I will follow her... wherever she may go!" (And, is it just me, or does the realization that Xena "was transcendent and floated in the air" with another woman cut deeper than all the indiscretions with men Xena's had in her past -- combined?)


"THIS IS XENA AND GABRIELLE'S RIFT -- WELCOME TO IT!" Well, it looks like Laura Sue will have to call the engineers here to fix this dang thing...

THE NEEDLE ON THE RIFT-O-METER IS WAY-BENT from the extreme-force pinning-OUT after THE DEBT, Parts 1 and 2 aired! ALL THE WAY IN THE RED ZONE! Betrayal, abandonment, COMPLETE separation! Sure, SURE...Xena forgives Gabby for her betrayal without so much as a "Hey, that was *really* HEIN what you did back there..." but, WHAT is with this LYING about "doing the deed" stuff? Laura Sue HOPES that these two gals can sort out their petty differences and move on with it....at least we know they really really LOVE each other (or **so** they say)!


SPEEDY HERE! LAURA SUE HAS LET ME OUT OF MY BOTTLE just so I can TALK RATINGS until I pass out. And wow, was it an interesting week ratings-wise. I am not recommending running around screaming at the top of your lungs with a dishrag covering your head, but it might be a good idea to visit Ikea to get yourself a cute tea towel.

BUT BEFORE JUMPING INTO THE MEAT (and I **do** eat meat) I have a few things to work out in public.

FIRST! My contest of GUESS THE RATINGS is a raging success. I have had people actually reserve their rating points for THE DEBT PARTS 1 and 2. I am sooo excited that I cannot remain seated for more than two minutes. Laura Sue has tried restraints, bless her little heart.

SECOND! A kind XENA fan has given me a tape of some fan fiction read aloud by the authors and I am just having the time of my life. Speedy rarely reads (I mean WHO HAS THE TIME?), but drives quite a bit trying to keep up with Laura Sue. I have been popping these babies into the cassette player and have been missing appointments left and right. Speedy likes that!

THIRD! It looks like TPTB at WHOOSH have RENEWED my pathetic contract. Apparently they need filler SO DESPERATELY and LAURA SUE threatened to quit if she had to do another rating piece that I am IN LIKE FLYNN (or the mighty quinn?). Stay tune for news of the SPEEDY FAN CLUB. I will have a special membership packet just for accountants!

FOURTH!!! And thankfully LAST!!! The actress who played Lao Ma (Jacqueline Kim) has been haunting me! I knew I had seen her before. It was making me EVEN MORE JUMPY than usual. After Laura Sue found more restraints (bless her little heart) I was able to concentrate. SHE'S SULU'S DAUGHTER!!! (Jacqueline Kim, not Laura Sue). Yes! Jacqueline Kim played Demora Sulu in the movie STAR TREK: GENERATIONS. Whew! That one was really making me MORE HYPER THAN USUAL.

NOW, LET'S TAKE A GANDER at the ratings situation for the xenaverse! The syndicated week ending October 26, 1997 saw the premiere release of X-FILEs in syndication. OUCH!!! The show took the top action hour with an 8.8 and an overall 3rd ranking of the top twenty. That is STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION (STNG) territory. People who care about syndicated ratings get all misty-eyed whenever the sacred name STNG is evoked. And boy did they evoke it with that stratospheric rating.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH, Timmy fell into the well again. And where's Lassie when you need her? She's off watching X-FILES! For first run original action hours, XENA and HERCULES tied at 5.0 and ranked 9th overall. XENA was showing THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (where Xena enlists the help of prisoners to thwart Ares plan of world domination) and HERCULES "Regrets, I've Had a Few" (where Hercules has post- traumatic stress about an event from his boyhood, or Gormanhood as it were). STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE came in 12th with 4.8, showing "Sons and Daughters" (where a dramatically changed and physically changed Alexander visits dear old dad on the station; kind of a Perdicusian turn).

AND THE DAMAGE DONE? XENA dived 18% from her premiere of 6.1. HERCULES slipped 9% from his premiere of 5.5. STAR TREK plunged 11% from its opening of 5.4. WHAT'S GOING ON? Everyone took a powder this week. Perhaps everyone was watching...the X- FILES? Well, I am sure the truth is out there.



Love your column! I hope you can help me with two things. First, I NEED Joseph LoDuca's contact address so I can send him a fan letter saying how much I LOVE the Xena soundtrack CD.

Second, myself and 4 friends of mine got into Xena last season and now we LIVE AND BREATHE IT. In fact, this last, rainy, weekend we spent in a cabin in the mountains on a "Xena retreat", watching old episodes. But we have never seen the first season (except the few reruns this year) or the three H Hercules episodes that introduced Xena. This may not be the proper channel, but if you can help us find someone who can send us videos of these old episodes, we would be eternally grateful and even invite you to our next, exclusive retreat!


Shirley (the Mighty) Purvis
(and Betty, Mary, Jen and Judy)


Dear Shirley the Mighty:

You should send any correspondence for Mr. LoDuca to

Mr. Joe LoDuca

As to the first season episodes, I can only print your email addy here and hope that a true Xena Fan takes pity on you and your friends and offers to make dubs for you. Unless you can wait until Fall '98, when USA Network starts syndication.

ALL TRUE XENA FANS -- if you have first season eps and are willing to tape them for this poor convert , email Shirley (the Mighty) Purvis, at spurvis@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu, I'm sure they will do just about ANYTHING if you offer your services...they sound like a fun bunch!


To: LauraSueD

Hi there. I was just wondering if you're married? If that's your picture then I must say that you're kinda cute.


To: LauraSueD

You have a cute profile, you must have personality plus. . .. Drop me a line sometime. . . .


To: LauraSueD

I'm just saying hi. Do you got a pic? My name is Tom by the way.



Dear Faithful Readers:

I don't really have a response to the previous three letters. I just think it's hilarious that guys JUST DON'T GET IT!


Dear Laura Sue:

I can confirm that sighting of a Xena Holloween outfit on "All MY Children"--Don't worry it wasn't Susan Lucci, and may I add it was a little lame but unmistakable. Another Xena mention just occured on "Caroline in the city" last night! Her best friend "Annie" is trying to take a spoon from a toddler in a restaurant who's strapped to a high chair with no success. She says "Who are you? Baby Xena???" I am sooo impressed at all these mentions I keeep tripping over, it's just too amaziing!! If only someone would come to their senses and include Xena in the Emmy's, now that would really be something.

Love ya, and your amusing, entertaining columm.



Dear LSD Fan:

Thanks for the report! Did you also catch the SNL "Fake News" report that Janet Reno is in trouble because she's taken all the White House "Coffee with Bill" videotapes and covered over them with episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess?!


Laura Sue

Who do we write to? We have got to get rid of "Discord" and bring back "Strife"!!! This little bimbo is an Elvira-wannabe and can't pull off the excessive humor that Joel Tobeck injected into his portrayal of "Strife"!

I vote for a write-in campaign to get rid of the bimbo and bring back the BABE!!!

Strife Fanatic


Dear Fanatic:

I believe all comments about the new evil DISCORD character are to addressed to the following address:



Dear Laura Sue,

I have an anatomical question about Lucy Lawless -- apparently, the only one Howard Stern didn't ask, and the only one I was truly interested in: What size shoe does she wear?

You see, I feel such a kinship with Lucy. It's as though we were long lost twins separated at birth by..... a couple of continents and a few years. See for yourself. She's an actor, I'm an actor. She's tall, I'm tall -- not as tall as she is, but tall enough to make the comparison! She's actually blond but plays a brunette, I'm actually -- well, I don't know what my actual hair color is, but I'm probably a brunette playing a blond. (Sort of an inverse comparison there.) And, finally, I have big feet. The undeniable kinship I feel with LL would be complete if I knew that she had big feet too! Please Laura Sue, affirm me!!!


12, B width


Dear 12-B:

I have no idea, but I went to the guy who would know for sure!! His answer is below.


I would not have the faintest of ideas, shoe size being such a personal, religious thing.

I, however, am a 10 1/2 left, 11 right.


Dear Laura Sue,

Tori Spelling as Xena...makes me giggle. Thanks. Oh..Donald says hey and TVLand is great if not a little repetitious.

Ann Marie

PS: sometimes I say "Oh Rob"....just as a break


Dear Ann Marie:

Tell Donald HELLO! (although we DO all know that he is DEAD, don't we?)



If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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