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JANUARY 31, 1998

A WHOOSH! Report
By Autumn Robertson [01-22]
(837 Words)
Copyright 1998 held by author

[01] Okay everyone, I just got back from a three hour drive from Santa Barbara, and am ready to tell all!

[02] I arrived in Santa Barbara about three hours before I had to be at Metro. I had a quick bite to eat (I was hungry in the car, but once in SB, all other bodily functions, besides adrenaline and fear were kinda forgotten, though I did have to pee during the autograph line...). I went to Metro and looked around for a wee bit, then got in line for the packets. (An autographed [not sure by who, though, I think one of the Raimi's] comic book and the ROC pic of Hudson that we're all sick of...

[03] Then I went into the store and looked around for a little bit, then to the autograph line outside. I was #133, the guy ahead of me was #85. We talked, and it turned out he was a local Santa Barbaran and was kinda scared of me cause I was such the Hudsonian... =). Hudson came with a group of about four or five people around her. I couldn't really see her that much, except for her braided hair, looking quite sophisticated. I also made friends with #75 the girl in front of #85. She recognized me when I told them I named my rat after you know who :) and so we talked for an hour while waiting for Hudson.

[04] I had with me the Callisto and Herc pic from SURPRISE (H49/312) and bought the new one with Hudson smiling on it (thanks to the guy in front of me who loaned me a dollar twenty five.) Then we went inside. (We went in groups of five.)

[05] The girl in front of me was first and Hudson was like. "Hey, I remember you!" The guy in front of me said, "Do you remember her?!" Hudson looked at me for a minute and so I was like, "Rat girl, you know, the one who named her rat after you." And she raised her arms in triumph and said "Of course, how could I forget that. What can you say to that?" Then I said, "Freak?"

[06] Then she signed for the girls in front of me and she had her picture taken with both of them, both with their jackets off, doing the muscle thing. Quite fun!

[07] Then the local Channel 3 did a short interview with Hudson. When it was done, she was like. "Well that was kinda like a doctors appointment, quite painless. (Not one word, you dentist freak! ;) I know what you were thinking!)

[08] Then the guy in front of me had his picture signed, he had on this Australian hat, and Hudson took it and put it on and did a cowboy impression. Heehee.

[09] Oh yeah, while I was waiting in line, I was getting quite giddy, so I bobbed my head up and down in excitement. Hudson saw me and bobbed her head up and down too. She did a similar thing at the Burbank Con. I thanked her using my hand for emphasis, then she welcomed me with the same emphasis.

[10] Well, then my turn came, so she started signing my three things, meanwhile saying, "So, rat girl, how are you?"

[11] "Heeheefinehi" (desperate attempt to talk)

[12] "Do you live around here?"

[13] "Yeah, in the Irvine, Lake Forest area."

[14] "Oh."

[15] "Thank you. Um, picture?"

[16] "Okay."

[17] Then she got up and we had the professional photographer take a shot. While he was getting ready, she said, "Haven't you taken pictures before?"

[18] "Yeah, with the fan club, but all my pictures were over" pushes glasses up, the furkin things keep on sliding down! "explo-exposed."

[19] "Oh, bummer."

[20] Then she put her hand on my back and we smiled for the camera. After it was done she stared at me with a weird look on her face. Like she was trying to remember me or couldn't quite believe that I would actually namesake a rat for her... Anyway, I went back to my sister's boyfriend's car and we were on our way out of town when I remembered that I had taken my picture with Hudson, and yet hadn't gotten a picture with Hudson. (DUH DUH DUH!) Hey, I was in a Hudson haze! So we made a quick run back, and I talked to one of the guys that was running the signing, he confirmed that they had all the info they needed to make sure that when the pic was developed, I would get it in the mail.

[21] Then I spent a happy three hours driving home, reading the comic book, relating my adventure to those who took me there, and gazing at my three new treasures. *sigh*

[22] If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. I know how much some of you want to meet Hudson, and here, I've met her twice. She knows I exist, and also knows the city in which I reside. Which is really all a Hudsonian could want...


Autumn Robertson Autumn Robertson
Autumn Robertson was born in Anaheim and raised in Southern California all her life. (A whopping 15 years!) She has all but three XENA's taped and has seen all but two. It might be worthwhile to note that she have had an obsessive personality all her life, the first TV show she was obsessed with was SeaQuest, and when that was canceled, she needed somewhere to turn... Oh, and she has a pet rat named Hudson (plus two blood-sucking hamsters named Buffy and Xander.)
Favorite episode: CALLISTO (22), RETURN OF CALLISTO (#29) and INTIMATE STRANGER (#31)
Favorite line: Anything with Hudson. "Don't use. Thank you, thank you very much!" Gabrielle; HOOVES AND HARLOTS (#10). "So you're saying that today is yesterday for you, but today is today for us because we can't remember yesterday was today, right?" Gabrielle; BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (#48)
First episode seen: Bits and pieces of the HERC trilogy (#H09, #H12, #H13). First HERCULES AND THE LOST KINGDOM (#53)
Least favorite episode: It would be blasphemy for me to have a least favorite episode.

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