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[251] John Kretchmer has worked on four HERCULES episodes (MONSTER CHILD IN THE PROMISED LAND [#H43], BEANSTALKS & BAD EGGS [#H60], CAST A GIANT SHADOW [#H23], and one other) and two XENA episodes (THE PRODIGAL [#18] and A SOLSTICE CAROL [#33]). He talked about using forced perspective, especially with Glenn Shadix (Typhon). Shooting A SOLSTICE CAROL took eight days with the first unit and three days with the second unit. John spent 17 years as an Assistant Director; and he worked on JURASSIC PARK. A SOLSTICE CAROL required the most takes in the scene with Renee on the rope, and Lucy and the king in the foreground. He only uses close-ups for emphasis, and tends to shoot an episode widely. He claims responsibility for several of the stupid jokes/gags. In PRODIGAL he did the rake between the man's legs. In A SOLSTICE CAROL he did the toy fights including the horned Unicorn attack.

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