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[125] General Disclaimer: I have omitted general declarations of affection from questioners in this report, since, as the Creation folk put it at the CON, we all love the guests -- that's why we were there. I have also omitted any antics from some of the "scarier" fans because... well, I just don't think that sort of behaviour should be encouraged.

Trivia Time!

[126] Those at Burbank will recall that Hudson Leick was introduced by a short film. I guarantee you that 99.99999% of those present have never seen that film before, and will never see it again. What was it? It was a promotional reel for Hudson specially made by the illustrious Editor Robert Field. Rob put this together for Hudson so agents, directors, and other interested parties could see a sample of her work. In my opinion, it's a brilliant piece, and combines Hudson's abilities to be physical, dramatic, and even to a certain extent comedic. It shows Hudson at her best (at least until MATERNAL INSTINCTS [#57] and THE BITTER SUITE [#58] came along) and we were all very fortunate to see this unusual and masterfully assembled piece.

Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

Hudson Arrives

[127] As to Hudson herself... I've been sitting here for hours, off and on, trying to come up with a suitable introduction. I just can't. Words are insufficient to describe a Hudson Leick convention appearance. To see Hudson Leick in person is not to see a performance, it is to become part of an experience. The instant she appears on that stage it is hers. The audience is hers. They hang on her every breath, every blink of her eye, every twitch, every slightest nuance. Hudson at a convention is an experience. The crowd adores Lucy, they swoon over Kevin and Karl, they want to hug Renee, they'd like to shake Robert Trebor's hand, they applaud Danielle, and they cheer Ted Raimi, but that crowd at Burbank virtually worshipped Hudson.

[128] After well over a minute of cheers, Hudson appeared in a suit that has been subsequently dubbed the "catwoman" outfit. And indeed, her first word was "Meow!"

[129] She asked the crowd, "Are you good? No? Me neither!"

[130] "You like the outfit?" More cheers.

[131] She looked out at the audience. "That's a lot of people. My heart's a-poundin'!" "So's mine!" came a shout. Everyone laughed.

[132] "Bend over!" someone yelled. "Why, whatever for?" Hudson mocked. "No!" she then said.

Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

[133] "Well, here I am, I've arrived," she declared in mock disinterest. "You have questions for me? You want to talk to me? You want to play with me?" The crowd went nuts. "Who wants to play?" More cheers.

The Questions Begin

[134] Someone asked Hudson to re-create her audition session, which she said she really couldn't do, it had been too long.

[135] A little girl asked if it was hard to do the quicksand scene in RETURN OF CALLISTO (#29). Hudson said yes, and it was cold, and they had a raised platform covered in plastic and people were pulling on her to drag her down. "It was not fun," she said to the amusement of the audience.

[136] "Hello," she said to a questioner. "You're shaking. I like that in a man." The audience cheered.

[137] As was traditional, it was requested that Hudson do the Callisto scream. She said she would only if the audience screamed first, which they did enthusiastically. Hudson complied, to thunderous applause and cheers.

[138] A questioner said she had asked people like Renee what Hudson was like in real life. Renee apparently responded that Hudson was a very deep, spiritual person who also practised meditation. "She's ruining my career," Hudson joked. The questioner wanted to know what sort of meditation Hudson did. Hudson responded "T.M."

[139] Hudson said "There was a sexy, pregnant woman around here, did you see her?" Someone asked why and she answered "Private, sorry. I didn't get her pregnant, though. I don't think I did anyway."

[140] Someone asked Hudson what was the most dangerous thing she ever did. "Dangerous, or stupid?" Hudson requested clarification. "Some strange man when I was 18 bought me some soap in a pharmacy and I decided to get in his car and drive with him. That's stupid. And dangerous."

[141] Hudson doesn't do her stunts, even though she wants to sometimes.

[142] She likes Callisto because she likes to scream and yell. "I like her sensitivity. I'm not kidding!" Hudson likes the fact she's split. She doesn't think of her as bad, but someone who has been badly scarred. She says all that rage is in her and has to come out.

[143] Hudson finds it very difficult to play nice people.

[144] One of Hudson's favourite scenes is the "Truth or Dare" scene in A NECESSARY EVIL (#38). She also liked working on THE BITTER SUITE.

[145] Hudson continued to play with the audience; at times her slightest move, nod, or change of expression would elicit cheers and applause.

[146] Someone asked about Hudson's TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL appearances, and what her friends and family thought of it. She said reaction varied. Some couldn't believe she was hired for that part. "What were they thinking?" Some people were upset by it. Some people really like it.

[147] Hudson was asked to do the "Xena" yell, but she admitted she hadn't done that before. Still being a good sport, she tried, and didn't to all that badly for a first attempt. "You'll have to get her to scream like me tomorrow," she said. She said it was very hard to do.

[148] When asked about upcoming projects, she said she just finished doing a movie (no name mentioned), and she was on SEVENTH HEAVEN, not as an angel, and "not even good."

[149] On behalf of a friend, someone asked Hudson if she had any words of wisdom on how to survive Brighton, which is the same High School that Hudson attended. Hudson was a little surprised anyone there had that kind of connection. "That's a dark place for me," she said. "That's where I discovered Callisto." Finally she advised "Go where the love is. Find people you feel comfortable with. It doesn't matter what others think of you, it matters what you think of you." Thunderous applause followed.

[150] Hudson said she is now 28 years old.

[151] She professed no desire for directing or other behind-the-camera activities. "I'm useless behind the scenes!" she declared.

[152] Hudson was asked if she was uncomfortable in her outfit, and she said she wasn't. She did say she was thinking about lifting her arms high over her head, but in view of what happened to Lucy, perhaps that wasn't a good idea. "Keep 'em in," she joked.

[153] There were several questions about whether Hudson likes to play bad characters, is worried about being typecast, and so forth. She said she doesn't really think about that herself, she's grateful for the work.

[154] Hudson was finally asked about the rumour that Callisto was going to be killed off. "We must be very quiet about this," she whispered. "I don't want anyone to know. I think Callisto's day... has come." There were numerous cries of "NO!" from the audience, as if they themselves had been stabbed. "What else can the poor girl do?" Hudson asked. "Kill Xena again? Get Xena? Get Xena? Kill Xena again?" "Yes!" someone shouted. "You're sick!" Hudson smiled. "Let the woman die! She just wants to die!" When asked if Hudson were going to have her own show, Hudson laughed and answered, "Well it couldn't be Callisto, could it? This week, Callisto kills smallvillage! Stay tuned!" The audience roared with laughter.

Hudson's Good-Bye

[155] Hudson then made a very moving statement, thanking everyone who attended. "I appreciate you all so much, you have no idea. Thank you for everything you've done for me and thank you for being here today. I hope you had fun."

[156] And with that, she left the stage.

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