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TICKET MIX-UP [341-343]

Photo courtesy of Debbie Cassetta

Ticket Mix-up

[341] "So," I hear you saying, "Who are these guys and how come you don't have any pictures of Lucy like you did for everyone else?"

[342] Well, kids, it's like this: The first day of the convention (the day Lucy did not appear) I was sitting quietly in my aisle seat and a very nice gentleman came up to me and asked "Are you by any chance in the wrong seat?" I looked at my ticket and at the seat and I saw I was not. But it turned out this fellow had been assigned the same seat as me. No problem, there were several open seats that day, so he simply selected a different seat.

[343] The next day, I was in a different row and seat, and he came up to me again! Yes, he had been assigned the same seat. How odd, I thought. On a hunch, I asked him his name. "Rudnick," he responded. Well, this isn't something that happens very often. Mine is an unusual surname, and there are fewer than 2,000 of us in the entire country. It turns out that when he checked in, he gave his name, and the person assigning seat stickers simply figured no one else could have that name and that's why he got the seats he did. By the time we worked things out with the Creation people, all the good Gold Circle seats had long been assigned. He and his brother had come a long way, and were big Lucy Lawless fans. I had already seen Lucy from a very good seat at the New York City convention several weeks prior, so I said "Look, when Lucy comes on, I'll give up this seat and you can have it. No worries." He was very appreciative and I didn't mind doing that. The only thing was I had to stand at the back of the hall and as you can see, the view wasn't that hot. The sound wasn't quite as good either, and since I was standing, I didn't have a chance to take many good notes. So I will leave the details of her apperance to others, and simply hit some of the highlights as best I can remember them.

Lucy's Appearance

Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

[344] First of all, the hall was packed. It was Lucy's audience, no question. I have to say that as upbeat as she was upon her entrance, over time she did sound kind of tired. She was always gracious to her fans and very patient with the questions, even the very personal ones such as when was her wedding date and what colours had she selected. There were numerous declarations of love and affection from several questioners.

Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

[345] At one point, in homage to Hudson's appearance the day before, Lucy attempted a Hudson scream and did very well, to many cheers.

[346] She said she doesn't read fan fiction or really do anything with the Internet.

[347] At one point she threw a synthetic chakram (an aerobie) to the back of the hall and it went about 75% of the way before being eagerly grabbed.

[348] It was mentioned again that Lucy was a student of the actor who plays CSM in X-FILES.

[349] She mentioned that Meg was very like herself during her working day, and she liked playing different characters.

[350] Her first acting job was in a "bad cheesy commercial".

[351] Sometimes people do get hurt a little on the set, but not very often and usually not at all seriously.

[352] When asked what she does in her spare time, she said on the weekends she has Spice Girls conventions at her house (her daughter is a Spice Girls fan).

[353] She did the "Xena yell" on request, to much applause.

Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

[354] When asked if she could go back in time, what would the something she would tell herself to make her life easier. Lucy replied "I wish I could tell myself that what other people think doesn't matter." The audience applauded that.

[355] So many people, so little time. Several questions later, and it was time for Lucy to go. The audience gave her lengthy applause as she exited, and many felt their long trips were worthwhile just to see her in person.

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