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[427] While waiting in line for pre-registration, I heard screams of excitement as people were looking at Creation's 1998 XENA Calendar. This calendar is so incredible I bought one immediately, even though I ordered one from Creation that I will receive in the mail. The pictures that Sharon and Julie chose were pure heaven, and many never seen before. This is something you simply must have! Anyway, the first person I saw was Lunacy, who was working the crowd so to speak. Then once I got inside, I spotted my buds for the weekend, Critter and Mil. To our delight, all the dealers were open and we could start purchasing stuff. The line for photos was always long, but the selection was fabulous. There were many new photos never seen before, and oh, the 11x14 matted photos are gorgeous! I bought the one of Renee, Hudson, and Lucy standing together (from A NECESSARY EVIL [#38]) and planned to get Hudson to sign it. There were lots of 10 inch dolls, mugs, the selection of T-shirts was incredible. There was also a large selection of scripts and books. This was just merchandise heaven!


Whoosh! On The Road