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[268] General Disclaimer: I have omitted general declarations of affection from questioners in this report, since, as the Creation folk put it at the con, we all love the guests -- that's why we were there. I have also omitted any antics from some of the "scarier" fans because... well, I just don't think that sort of behaviour should be encouraged.

In the first five seconds of the interview, fifteen women had fainted, four had proposed, and one had thrown an unmentionable at his feet.
Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

Kevin's Arrival

[269] I like Kevin Smith. Not only is he a fine actor, but he's a really nice person in real life who always takes time to express his appreciation of his fans. If you're ever at a function, buffet, or luncheon that Kevin Smith is at, just look for the large knot of women and Kevin will be at the centre of it. But beyond his popular appeal, the man himself cares very much about his fans, and he always takes time to do something nice for them. He's an interesting guy, and we only got to see a hint of that from his Burbank appearance.

[270] Kevin took the stage to thunderous applause. The women sitting next to me giggled pretty much throughout his time on stage. They also made numerous comments about his eye colour, etc., so if this was any example, Kevin had much of the audience enthralled.

Answering the Questions

[271] Kevin was first asked about his experiences on THE BITTER SUITE (#58). He said that they recorded the songs for that at a New Zealand recording studio. It was linked to Joe LoDuca in the USA. They recorded it in one session after two or three days of rehearsal. He said it was a lot of fun.

[272] After a request for him to sing, Kevin did a splendid rendition of the New Zealand National Anthem.

[273] Kevin said he was not part Maori, but he was part Tongan on his mother's side.

[274] There were many expressions of appreciation for Kevin's physique and his choice of shirt for the occasion.

[275] Kevin commented that he always had seemed to play bad guys, and he enjoyed the opportunity to play the "God of Love" in the HERC episode STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD (#H64). He said they didn't want him to appear too "wussey" so they have him the "lounge lizard/lothario" look.

[276] He first started on HERC as Iphicles, Herc's half-brother, before he got to play Ares.

[277] There were cheers (as well as some groans) when Kevin revealed he's been married for about 14 years now.

[278] Kevin very diplomatically said he liked XENA and HERC pretty much equally. He pointed out that on HERC his character Ares basically just wants to kill Herc, so that's more about aggression, whereas on XENA, Ares wants to win Xena back so he has to be more seductive instead. Kevin enjoys both contrasts.

[279] A little girl asked who was Ares favourite warlord. Kevin suggested that Draco was a good one, and one could clean toilets with that hat he wears! The audience laughed and applauded.

[280] Kevin mentioned that XENA and HERC employ about fifty percent of the talent pool in New Zealand.

[281] He mentioned that his trainer is an ex-professional wrestler, and they work out together every morning before going to the set.

[282] His favourite episodes are TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (#32), where he lost his powers, as well as THE FURIES (#47).

[283] Kevin said he and Danielle Cormack are about to shoot a film. And he has some more appearances on XENA around March.

[284] He also mentioned that people from New Zealand are often the butt of a lot of sheep jokes. "It's not like we sleep with sheep *every* day!" he joked.

[285] When asked about his martial arts training, Kevin replied that his martial arts training was "A stunt man named Ben."

[286] Kevin was also very complimentary to Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo, saying that they were both wonderful people to work with who care very much about their shows.

[287] Kevin doesn't really do much on the Internet. He got in on a chat once, but that was it.

'Come melt into...um...you've got drool on your face'
Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam

[288] When asked whether or not Ares was Xena's father, Kevin said "It's one of those things where a certain amount of ambiguity is useful to us at this time. There's a neither confirm nor deny policy on that one."

[289] Kevin compared learning some basic swordfight techniques to learning a musical instrument, in that there are certain basic motions that he can repeat and do fairly easily.

[290] When asked if he had ever recorded any of his songs earlier, he said he had, and to his horror someone had discovered them recently. This was in the early 1980's. One particularly memorable song had to do with someone reaching over to take his food, and the consequences they would suffer. He actually sang a little of that, with full country twang.

[291] Kevin said he really didn't bear any resemblance to Ares in real life, except when he suffered from road rage while driving his car.

[292] He said that while in college, EVIL DEAD was a big cult hit. He really appreciated getting to work with Bruce Campbell and admired the guy's work for a long time.

[293] It takes about an hour and a quarter, all told, for Kevin to get into costume and makeup.

[294] When asked what his kids think about him being on HERC and XENA, Kevin said they thought it was cool. But unlike on TV where Ares gets the stuffing beaten out of him, "in their world, Ares wins!"

[295] And after a few more questions, Kevin's time was up.

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