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[78] I must admit getting something to eat is the first thing on my mind after watching Robert Trebor walk off stage. Then Rob Weisbrot is announced and he will be discussing his new book, THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE XENAVERSE. "Official Guide to the Xenaverse?" I ask my friend, Andi, sitting next to me. "Oh, the author of the book we bought earlier," I say and sit back down to see what this is all about.

[79] Out walks a scholarly man dressed in a suit, wearing glasses, the works. He carefully takes the microphone, looks up to the crowd and smiles nervously. Immediately I can tell that he is not a performer, very different from the man on stage before him. As he begins to speak, his voice seems timid and he stands to the left side of the stage. With my stomach growling, I have serious doubts about staying, but I am becoming more intrigued with what he is saying. In fact he is a very witty man with a dry sense of humor. Although his strength is not being on stage, his trump card is his subject, *the* Xenaverse. In developing this book, he had access to *everyone* who is anyone in the Xenaverse, the producers, writers, actors, behind the scene pre and post production crews, etc. He interviewed the big names: Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Liz Friedman, Steven Sears, R. J. Stewart ... oh heck, like I said *everyone* who makes this show work! I am wondering how many other fans out there are as jealous I am? His time on stage is over before I know it, and I am totally intrigued with reading this book. As I race off in search of food, Andi sticks around to have Mr. Weisbrot sign her copy of the book. When I return, she tells me how charming and personable he is and how she actually wishes she could just sit and chat with him.

[80] We start looking through the book. We find TONS of wonderful information. Stuff that is *not* common knowledge to a typical obsessed fan like myself. This book is a MUST-have for ALL XWP fans. It not only contains an entire episode guide for the first two seasons, but it also contains Lucy's take on *each* one. It contains profiles of the cast, as well as detailed accounts on how an episode is processed and who has input during this process. It also profiles the producers, writers, editors, directors, casting directors, stunt coordinators, and those behind the sets and props. This gives me a new appreciation and understanding of the show and the work it takes to make it happen. There are also tons of pictures, a nice color section, but mostly black and white photos, and a lot of them are on the Net somewhere. Also all the disclaimers are spread throughout the book as side-pieces.

[81] But what I enjoy most about this book is finding out just how XENA is conceived. Rob is able to convey Rob Tapert's dream and vision of a great female hero. Then Mr. Weisbrot demonstrates just how this dream comes into conception and how people involved in the production of the show get swept up into this vision. The most amazing thing about Mr. Weisbrot writing this book, is that it started out as a fan praising a writer of this new syndication show called XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. Yep, I sure am jealous!

Webmaster's note: The folks at Doubleday were kind enough to send us some free copies of Mr. Weisbrot's book and we have found it to be an excellent fan resource. Check out http://www.doubleday.com to find out more about the book and how to order it online.

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