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WARNING! There are some very, very mild spoilers for XENA Season 4 and HERCULES Season 5 here. Sharon Delaney did a slide show on next season, but she said she doesn't know much about what'll be happening and doesn't want to. There are also spoilers for past episodes on both shows -- there are too many to mark here, so consider this your warning.

The Slide Show

Sharon Delaney
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Dull

[42] Sharon gave the same slide show both days, mostly on the next season of both HERCULES and XENA. She then took questions from the audience, although she doesn't know plotlines any more than the rest of us. There aren't any MAJOR spoilers here, but there are some, so if you don't want to know, you shouldn't read this section. By the way, I did not attempt to take pictures of these slides -- I couldn't imagine why others were, either, since their flashes would have washed out the picture -- so I'm going totally from memory as far as the pictures are concerned. Therefore, I'm not going to try to describe them.

HERC Previews

[43] The first slides were from the fifth season of HERCULES. Sharon said that Kevin Sorbo will be directing at least one episode. Michael Hurst is signed for 22 episodes, some behind the camera and some in front. There will be hard times coming up for Iolaus. They will return to the land of ...AND FANCY FREE [H67/408] and revisit the Widow Twanky. Atalanta will also return; they love having her on the show, but Cory Everson, who plays her, is busy and is only available for about one episode per year. Hope and Dahak will move to HERCULES. The Sovereign will also return in a 3-D episode. Hudson Leick will return as Liz Friedman in an episode entitled FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US, where the Hercstaff will attend a writers' camp and meet a counselor named Sunny Day, who is played by Renee O'Connor. The HTLJ season opener, FAITH, is directed by Michael Hurst, and Tony Todd will star in it (not as Cecrops). Hercules will be traveling to other lands, including Ireland, and meeting other gods, including the Norse gods. Nebula (Gina Torres) will also be returning in the episode LOSS. A new character, Morgan, who is a demigod, will be introduced in RESURRECTION. It's unclear what her role will be; she's shown in the slides both hugging and trying to kill Hercules. Sharon said she's heard rumors of a "Yoda-like" character in RESURRECTION as well. Morgan will also appear in RENDER UNTO CAESAR. Another episode, DARKNESS RISING, will have Gina Torres as a guest, but not as Nebula -- the picture looks more like Cleopatra. Hercules will get a new costume, with fabric pants (as opposed to his normal leather ones, which weigh 12 pounds) and a dark shirt that looks almost quilted. It's only temporary, though. There will be A DAY IN THE LIFE-like episode for HERCULES called JUST PASSING THROUGH -- the slides show Herc and Iolaus playing what look like ancient Greek guitars, but in the style of 80's rock stars. Sharon said she asked Kevin what guys on the road do, and he answered, "We take baths."

XENA Previews

[44] Then came the XENA slides. A shot of Xena with Borias was from ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE, which will be at least partly flashback. Sharon mentioned that Xena would meet "Mongolian Amazons". There will be a Shaman -- Sharon said there are lots of pictures of her, and that she might be a Lao Ma type. Xena and Gabrielle will get (temporary) new costumes -- tops that look suede-like and helmets. Bruce Campbell directed KEY TO THE KINGDOM, which will also star Ted Raimi, though possibly not as Joxer. Meg will also make an appearance in this episode -- the slide shows her holding a baby. Tara (from FORGIVEN [60/314]) will return in A TALE OF TWO MUSES, a FOOTLOOSE-type story in which dancing is banned in a village. Bruce Campbell directs this episode. The Horde will return to XENA in DAUGHTER OF POMIRA; there's a shot of Xena in what looks like Horde makeup. Julius Caesar (and Pompey) will be in A GOOD DAY. Argo will get her own episode, because lots of scenes pertaining to Xena's relationship with the horse had to be cut from ONE AGAINST AN ARMY [59/313].

Tidbits From Last Season

[45] Sharon also talked a little bit about the cake fight between Aphrodite and Xena in STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD [H64/405]; she told how she saw some of the daily shots that didn't make the final episode where Lucy was actually loosening hunks of cake for Alex to throw at her. She also said the next HERCULES newsletter was going to press, and the XENA newsletter had verbal approval.

[46] She had some other tidbits from last season on XENA. She told how Gabrielle's sprained ankle in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY was scripted, but while they were filming the nightmare sequence where a Persian soldier drops through the roof and kills Xena, the stuntman accidentally landed on Renee's foot, spraining her ankle. The problem was, it was the OTHER ankle, not the one she was scripted to sprain, and they couldn't re-film all the scenes of her limping on the other ankle. In KING CON [60/315], the next episode filmed, she really had a sprain and a throwaway line was inserted into the episode to explain it. Meanwhile, the stuntman who landed on Renee's leg had to re-film the scene in second-unit shooting, and he broke his leg, prompting jokes about Renee having "the evil eye."

HERC Season 5 Episodes

[47] Sharon ended her presentation by giving the episode order for the next season. Both shows start the week of September 28th.


XENA Season 4 Episodes


Questions and Answers

[49] After the presentation part, Sharon talked about merchandising, and said Creation wants to market the toothpick action figure from OAAA. She said that Renee, inspired by stunt coordinator Peter Bell's use of action figures to demonstrate new moves to Lucy, made it herself from toothpicks, horsehair, etc. It wasn't even in the script. She talked about Renee's ever-shrinking top (the BGSB) and said that it was Renee herself who wanted it shorter, because it impeded her movement in fight scenes. Sharon then asked for audience questions.

[50] The questions were different both days, but unfortunately I don't remember much from the first day, except the one about the Sappho episode. According to Sharon, k.d. lang was supposed to sing in that episode and they were going to release the song. But problems with the record companies put it on hold for the time being, so there are no plans right now to continue with it.

[51] Someone asked about Ted Raimi; Sharon said he's signed for all the episodes next season but has only filmed one so far. His contract just says he has to be available whenever they need him to work. Another person asked if Meg Foster would return to HERCULES as Hera. She said Meg is not in the first few scripts but that they would like to bring her back because they like the actress. Other returning characters: Ares, Aphrodite, Strife, and Discord will be regulars on YOUNG HERCULES, which will be on the Fox Family channel five days a week (it's a half-hour show). Some fans asked about various rumors -- that Gabrielle's parents will appear in an episode, and that Janice and Mel will return, but none of these are confirmed, and Sharon didn't know.

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