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[01] Sharon Delany then had a slide show and told some "behind the scenes" secrets from XENA and HERCULES!!! She showed slides of Lucy lawless from HERCULES AND THE AMAZON WOMEN and HLJ "As Darkness Falls"; Renee O'Connor from HERCULES AND THE LOST KINGDOM; Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst having fun behind the scenes. Kevin is known to help move props in between takes. A slide of Kevin and Sam Jenkins from HLJ "Prince Hercules", the first episode they met and now talk of a possible marriage, but not OFFICIALLY known yet. Kevin directed HLJ "The Apple" and Michael did XWP "A Day In The Life" and there's word of "ADitL" #2 to come!!!

Sharon Delaney

[02] The XWP "Titans" episode didn't use special effects!!! They filmed the "giant" up close and had Gabrielle standing several feet away and the camera perceives it as being a giant and a small girl, even though they aren't. No special effects are used in episodes where Xena takes a drink and shoots fire from her mouth at her enemies ..Lucy ACTUALLY DOES IT!!! She drinks milk to line her stomach and inside of her mouth, then takes a mouth full of Kerosene and spits it out over the flame and we see the end result on film!!!

[03] The outtakes from XWP "Is There A Doctor In the House?" were mainly due to the graphic 'ER' aspects of the episode. As an example, a scene in which Xena cauterized the man's leg after it was cut off was one of this type of out-take.

[04] Attendees were told that Lucy watched an episode of the Three Stooges to get a feel for their acting for the XWP episode "The Furies". They showed a slide of her riding backwards on the horse. In the HLJ episode "Stranger in a Strange Land", Ares is the God of Love and it is an homage to Star Trek with Herk having a goatee just like Spock's. Aphrodite will be in it as well. Some more clips were shown from XWP "Been There Done That", an episode based on the movie Groundhog Day.

[05] "Maternal Instincts" is the XWP episode in which Callisto returns!!! The slide showed Callisto with about 20 arrows sticking in her. Sharon said that while she was on the phone, she overheard, "Come to Aunty Callisto"!!!

[06] Meg is back in XWP's "Warrior..Priestess..Tramp"!!! An upcoming XWP episode has Joxer, his evil twin brother Jett and Autolycus. This episode was based on Ted and Bruce's hamming it up at the Cons together. The XWP episode "The Debt" takes place in China and produced by Rob Tapert. It is like "Destiny" in that they have flashbacks to when Xena was the 'Destroyer of Nations' and has a reference to "The Price" where Xena has plans for the 10,000 dead. Xena is *one bad chick* in this one!!! Young Hercules is coming out on video!!! Michael Hurst has a role as well as Kevin Smith as Ares. The farm that A LOT of scenes were shot for both shows has been sold for development.

[07] Upcoming Merchandise: A Dance CD with re-mixes of Joe's songs and Lucy singing on it!!! There will be no Grease CD with Lucy. It would cost too much for them to re-mix it with her voice ...Don't they know that we Xenites are willing to buy it no matter the cost!?! In the Spring, 12 inch Xena and Gabrielle doll twin packs will be sold. In July, 6 inch Gabrielle and Callisto dolls will be sold ..It's ABOUT TIME!!! More comics, character comics based on Callisto/Autolycus and so on are going to be coming out. Making of XENA and HERCULES Books; The Animated Movie is coming out Jan. 6!!! In July, The Xena/Herk Trilogy will be coming out on video, with the Callisto trilogy and so on coming out later. A limited run of 500 Chakrams made from the same people who make them for the show are coming. T-shirts: Warrior..Princess..Tramp; Bard of Poteidaia; Amazon Princess; Ultimate Evil; Iolaus shirt; Xena and Gabrielle friendship shirt; Reign of Comedy shirt with Joxer and Autolycus. Also, the Home Shopping Club is going to be live at the Upcoming Burbank Con with some exclusive stuff!!!

[08] Sharon had Question and Answer time. We found out that Lucy and Kevin are definitely going to be at Burbank and that Renee and Michael will not. Apparently, the Cons are written into their production schedule and at the same time, Renee and Michael will be filming an episode called "The Quill is Mightier". Sam Raimi has nothing to do with the TV show, just Renaissance Pictures. An upcoming HLJ episode "And Fancy Free" has Herk ballroom dancing. Michael's role is one that he did while in NZ for a kid's show, and a young teenage girl has a BIG crush on Herk!!! The Fan Club will be selling Toy Biz merchandise!!! Sharon gets to pick the pictures that Creation sells from the Stills Department and there are A LOT more coming!!! Sharon also revealed that she is 5'7" and eats Eggos and drinks McDonald's shakes while answering our E-mail.

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