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[01] They were going to have the costume contest going on while the qutograph line started. Being in the front row, I was one of the first to be able to go. I feel like I probably made a *complete* fool out of myself when I "TRIED" to talk to Ted and Renee!!! I am usually a very level-headed person, but for some reason...I couldn't talk in coherent sentences and was *quite* tongue-tied!!! There were so many things I would've liked to say or ask, but I just turned into a mushy fan...I HATE THAT!!! When I got to Ted, I told him that "I" was HIS favorite...I meant to say that YOU are one of my favorites!!! He looked at me kinda funny and smiled. With Renee, I just kept talking about a mile a minute and before I left, I apologized as I am not usually like this. She said, "That's OK" and smiled an understanding smile at me, so I didn't feel so bad about the whole thing. Well, not *quite* so bad, still a little embarrassing..

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Whoosh! On The Road