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Let's hope for hot '99 dish

Posted 01-12-99

By Page F7
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Littlefield mentions Xena chatrooms in her 5th New Year Resolution.





   Of course, in our search for Buzz '99 we need resolutions.  Now
remember these are promises, pacts, blood oaths, solemn vows.

   1) We will find something to rag about besides the sexual
trespasses of Bill Clinton.

   2) We will not pretend our cable system carries only The History
Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and PBS.  We can't
buzz about bad television if we're ashamed to admit we watch.  And I
know we watch.  How many of us only eat what's good for us?

   Suggested bad TV viewing for 1999: All network morning shows 
especially dippy "Good Morning America. " Overblown, insincere CBS
medical drama "L.A. Doctors. " Hormonally addled WB soap "Hyperion
Bay"  unlike "Melrose Place" its characters don't seem to enjoy

   3) We will start a serious rumor that Mulder and Scully kiss.

   4) We go retro and start dishing daytime soaps again.  Even if
we're clueless, we watch wrestling, NASCAR and Spanish-language
telenovelas  or hunting shows on TNN.

   5) We do not use up all our buzz at night on the Internet.  We
serious TV dishers need a major a.m. office or java-house jolt to
keep our strength up.  It's all very nice to skulk about "Real
World" and "Xena" and "La Femme Nikita" chatrooms but splintering
into special-interest groups is no way to build Big Buzz.  In the TV
year of '99 we must stick together to dish.

   Kinney Littlefield's Television column appears Sundays in Show.  You
can reach her by E-mail at kinneyl@link.freedom.com, by fax at
(714) 664-5052 or by mail at The Orange County Register, P.O. Box
11626, Santa Ana, Calif. 92711-1626.  Please include your address if
you wish your comments to be published.

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