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Fantasy fuels the fighters in Espanola's

Posted 01-11-99

The Santa Fe New Mexican
By Page E1
2 non-Xena graphics

In an article about people who hit the Renaissance Faire circuit, Xena is mentioned briefly as someone who you would find being mimicked.



   Weekend Warriors
   Stop by Valdez Parknext to Espanola City Hall on most Sundays, and you'll see
a group of people running around the playground equipment mostly grown-up people
in masks, tunics, leather armor and robes.
   Arrows are flying. Fighters whack away at one another with weapons that look
like spears or swords. A young woman throws balls. Now and again people shout
out, "I'm dead!" 
   But the battlefield is bloodless. The weapons are made out of foam rubber,
plastic pipe and duct tape, and the balls are foam, too. The arrows fly from
real bows but have padded, duct-taped tips.
   These weekend warriors are a local chapter of Amtgard, an international group
that recreates medieval garb and warfare but with a heavy dose of fantasy added.
   Think Merlin the Magician and King Arthur's Knights of the Roundtable mixed
in with bits of Braveheart, the "Dungeons and Dragons" role-playing game, Conan
the Barbarian and Xena, Princess Warrior.


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