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Posted 01-12-99

The Plain Dealer
By Page E1
Non-Xena graphics

Calls Nikita more powerful than "a pack of Xenas".




   Femme fatale, Sinatra snatchers

   Able to leap Ally McBeal in a single bound. More powerful than a pack of
Xenas. Faster than a speeding Buffy. She's sexy, stylish and street-smart. ...
Stop, stop. Tell me, who is this wonder of the world?

   Nikita! "La Femme Nikita," the action series that airs from 10 to 11 p.m.
Sundays on the USA Network, is not only the latest cable challenge to network
TV, but it has also turned star Peta Wilson into a cult celebrity. The thin,
28-year-old, Australian-born blonde with icy-blue eyes plays Nikita, an
ex-junkie turned professional, coldblooded assassin. Her chameleonlike fashion
sense allows her to take on any number of en vogue identities while busting
crime rings and bones for the clandestine antiterrorist organization, Section

   Based on the 1991 French film of the same name, this slick, stylized show
isn't just another case of sexy, Uzi-toting spy, cavorting around in leather
pants. It's schmaltzy enough to be funny: think a futuristic "Miami Vice" with
cheapjack "high-tech" gadgets and psychodramatic twists.

   At 8 tonight, Wilson storms the Internet to chat about Nikita. Go to:


   Ask her about growing up in the jungles of New Guinea and her workout and
diet secrets: a high-energy mix of kick-boxing, yoga and tomato sandwiches.


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