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For America, there's safety in apathy

Posted 01-12-99

San Antonio Express-News
By Page A13

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In an editorial, Xena is mentioned in passing as an example of what some else coulding be watching instead of payig attention to the current presidential crisis.




   There was none of the national stillness that I recall following the 1963
assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The average adult, according to one
study, spent 10 hours in front of a television the day after JFK's death -
forever in those pre-cable times. "The groggy country would later remember it as
a gap between days," wrote William Manchester, "between the shock of Friday's
assassination and the murder of the assassin on Sunday."  

   We came together in similarly somber pause during the 1974 resignation of
President Richard Nixon and the 1991 opening of the Persian Gulf war.  

   This time, though, as our twice-elected leader was impeached for perjury and
obstructing justice, the blissful din in which we live roared on. We didn't pay
attention because we didn't have to pay attention. If we wanted to, we could
safely ignore it in favor of "Xena" or Tom Wolfe's new novel or the laundry or a
clamoring child.  


   - Rhonda Holman is a columnist for the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle.

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