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NBC 10 Is the First Station in the Delaware Valley To Track Winter Storms by Name

Posted 01-13-99

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Perhaps not really a Xena reference, or is it? A Philadelphia station has decided to name the winter storms, and guess what the X storm will be named! You guessed it, Xena!



    NBC 10 -- the only television station in the Philadelphia market with a team
of four full-time meteorologists -- is also the first station in the Delaware
Valley to name winter storms.

   By naming snow storms - News 10 meteorologists and viewers will be able
to track and compare storms with ease.   Meteorologists Bill Henley, Kathy
Orr, John Bolaris and Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz will decide when a winter
storm merits a name.  As with hurricanes, winter storms will also be rated on
a scale from 1-5.
    Winter Storm Names
    Albert                         Juanita                         Santos
    Belinda                        Kevin                           Tiffany
    Charles                        Linda                           Ulysses
    Dana                           Maury                           Veronica
    Ernie                          Nancy                           William
    Faith                          Ozzie                           Xena
    Gary                           Penny                           Yanni
    Helen                          Quinn                           Zoe
    Isaac                          Ramona
                              Winter Storm Scale
                                  1  Minimal
                                  2  Nuisance
                                  3  Significant
                                  4  Major
                                  5  Crippling
    The decision to name and rate winter storms has already been used this
winter.  News 10 meteorologists were able to pinpoint and predict the severity
of winter storms Albert and Belinda -- and give distinct predictions for
different parts of the Delaware Valley.
      CONTACT: Kathleen Hassinger, 610-668-5775, or Pager, 610-501-7344, or Fax,
610-668-7059, or Jo Anne Wilder, 610-668-5793, or Pager, 215-930-3170, or Fax,
610-668-7037, both of WCAU-TV

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