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Is the timing right for a series aimed at the heart?

Posted 01-19-99

The Providence Journal-Bulletin
By John Martin
Page E4
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In an article about the network TV show, "Providence", XWP is mentioned as being a cult hit.


   Good shows get canceled; some shows you'd never watch stay on the air.

   What are the odds Providence will stick around?

   It's almost impossible to predict.

   In an era when gritty and sometimes downright grim TV dramas such as NYPD
Blue, ER, The Practice and The X-Files top the ratings and win Emmys, and when
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess are cult hits, a series
aimed strictly at the heart is asking to be pigeonholed, discounted and

   Then again, that's what many said about Touched By An Angel.

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