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Lawless Lays Down Law on Anorexia

Posted 01-18-99

AP Online
Entertainment, television and culture

A release of Lucy Lawless' views on anorexia from the USA today interview released later.



    Lucy Lawless, who battles evildoers in the show ''Xena: Warrior Princess,''
has a blunt message for anorexics.

   ''To any girls out there who are thinking of it, or are just getting into it,
just quit your bloody nonsense,'' the New Zealander tells the upcoming issue of
USA Weekend.  

   Lawless says she is actually tired of hearing about the eating disorder.

   ''I've got to say anorexia sort of bores me,'' she said. ''You think you're
going to get respect, attention, blah blah blah, and it's quite the opposite.''

   Lawless say she speaks from experience.

   ''I used to quite like bulimia. I used to think that was fun.''

   Anorexics tend to starve themselves and exercise obsessively, while bulimics
typically binge on food, then vomit or use laxatives to purge themselves.

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