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HOLLYWOOD HEARTS Cupid's arrows hit some stars, stung others in 1998

Posted 02/10/99

Copley News Service
By Peggy Scott
Page Standing, general features


Lucy Lawless' wedding to Robert Tapert was alluded to in this article which summed up the prominant celebrity marriages and separations for 1998. Rob Tapert, the executive producer of XWP and HTLJ, is is referred to as her "assistant producer". Heh heh. ("Xena, Warrior Princess took a stab at love when Lucy Lawless made it legal with her assistant producer.")


   During the past year, some of Hollywood's brightest stars kept Cupid very
busy, while others drummed up business for divorce lawyers and gossip columnists
(not necessarily in that order).

   A score card or flow chart of some sort may be needed to keep up with
celebrity couples' configurations, which can change more often than Michael
Jackson's profile. Here's a sampling of who did what with (or soon-to-be
without) whom in the world of the rich and famous:

   Those with a winning hand in the game of love included Jennifer Aniston, who
did more than meet Joe Black when she found a new object for her affection in
Brad Pitt, while her sitcom roommate Courteney Cox got friendly with ''Scream''
co-star David Arquette. 

   Reality has improved somewhat for Ethan Hawke, who developed a real itch for
poison ivy (a k a Uma Thurman) ... supermodel Cindy Crawford married superlucky
club owner Randy Gerber ... James Brolin landed the role of a lifetime that of
Mr. Barbra Streisand ... Xena, Warrior Princess took a stab at love when Lucy
Lawless made it legal with her assistant producer.

   Sharon Stone followed her basic instinct and married newspaper Editor Phil
Bronstein ... ''Man in Black'' Will Smith got jiggy right on down the aisle with
Jada Pinkett ... Macaulay Culkin is no longer home alone. He married aptly named
fellow 17-year-old Rachel Miner in possibly the only wedding ceremony most
likely followed by recess rather than a reception.

   The ink on the license for Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra's quickie Vegas
wedding barely had time to dry before the marriage was annulled (perhaps chapels
should install Breathalyzers) ... Marv Alpert didn't just gain a wife he also
doubled his wardrobe via his wedding to producer Heather Faulkiner ... George
Michael exhibited a public display of affection for, er, George Michael ... Kate
Winslet proved that, indeed, her heart would go on right to the altar with
assistant director James Threapleton.

   And, despite almost countless rumors to the contrary, Tom Cruise and Nicole
Kidman made it through another year of bliss.

   For other famous folks, the love bug's bite proved poisonous. While love may,
indeed, be a many splendored thing, it also ended up being a many splintered
thing for some:

   Self-proclaimed ''king of the world'' James Cameron and Linda Hamilton
''terminated'' their marriage, raising the possibility of a settlement of
''Titanic'' proportion ... Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also split, proving that
fighting off asteroids or becoming the first female Navy SEAL is nothing
compared with trying to keep the knot tied in Tinseltown ... Matt Damon showed
anything but good will toward Minnie Driver when he basically announced the end
of their relationship on national TV.

   There's something about Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon that put an end to their

   David Hasselhoff himself couldn't resuscitate Pamela Lee and rock cliche
Tommy Lee's battered marital bonds. Don't believe it? Let's go to the videotape.

   A Rolling Stone continues to gather children. The marriage between Mick
Jagger and Jerry Hall hit the rocks after he got some satisfaction and
reportedly another little Jagger with a Brazilian model.

   And, finally, girls apparently just want to have fun alone. Paula Abdul
decided she is no longer forever her husband's girl; Neve Campbell chose to be a
party of one, and Mariah Carey decided that Tommy Mattola is no longer the one
she's wishing for.

   All's fair in love and war. But apparently nothing's permanent.

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