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NATPE pitch for 'Gravity'

Posted 02/11/99

Daily Variety
Page 16


Brief mention of XENA in an article about Brillilant Digital's internet movie "Gravity". Brilliant Digital does the multipath movies of XWP.


   The producers behind the 3-D-animated "Gravity Angels" --- heralded as the
first movie created for the Internet --- are hoping to sell it at the NATPE
confab this month in New Orleans.Brilliant Digital, the Los Angeles-based
producers of the 90-minute sci-fi action thriller, is in talks with Sci-Fi
Channel, Showtime and other cablers to pick up the rights.

   The company has partnered with Kaleidoscope Media Group to handle
distribution rights.  

   Pic, about six characters who have been banished to a moon of Jupiter in the
year 2070, is available on CD-ROM and on the Internet (www.multipathmovies.com)
as a Web serial with new 15-minute episodes available to viewers each week for $
8.95 per quarter.

   On the Web site, viewers can choose which path the story's plot should take.
To allow this, Brilliant Digital had to produce 240 minutes of the film.

   "Each person's experience will be different," said Kevin Bermeister, prexy of
Brilliant Digital. "The computer remembers which path you last took."

   Bermeister said the extra footage also allows networks to rerun the pic with
alternate endings and different plot twists.

   The Internet site features 16 multipath movie episodes based on licensed
characters such as Xena, Ace Ventura and Popeye. "Gravity Angels" first appeared
on the site in September and has attracted 500,000 viewers.

   But where traditional Internet broadcasts appear jerky and pixilated,
"Gravity Angels" can be viewed full- screen on a computer monitor and downloaded
quickly, using a modified form of streaming video.

   And, as opposed to traditional animated pics, "Gravity Angels" has a more
adult-oriented audience, similar to the R-rated animated "Spawn" series that
aired on HBO.

   A CD-ROM of the pic is available at retailers. An interactive DVD, which
allows viewers to affect the plot further still, will be released by March.

   Additionally, Brilliant Digital has a deal with DC Comics and Warner Bros.
Online to produce a weekly series of 3-D animated "Superman" cartoons to appear
on the Brilliant Digital, DC Comics and Warner's upcoming Entertaindom Web sites
later this year. DC Comics will write the scripts for the series.

   "It'll be the future of comic books online," Bermeister said.

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