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1. How to subscribe to the XMR Mailing List
2. Accessing the digests of XMR Mailing List
3. This Week in XENA News
4. Xena Media Review Archive
5. What is the XENA MEDIA REVIEW?

1. How to subscribe to the XMR Mailing List

Xena Media Review is now released on an article by article basis on a onelist.com server. To subscribe click the graphic below. If you are not registered, register. If you are already registered, you will be subbed automatically,

Click to subscribe to xmr

2. Accessing the digest of XMR Mailing List

The digest of the Xena Media Review Mailing list can be access in two ways. One is on-line through your account at onelist.com, and the other is on this website. Click here to enter the digest archive.

3. This Week in XENA News

To access the most current listing of XENA News, "This Week in Xena News" please click here.

In the best of all possible worlds I would have time to play catch up, but I do not, so I have had to discontinue this phase of the XMR update indefinitely. When I start up again, all will be known.

This Week in XENA News is a periodically posted listing of all the XWP or related articles I could find which link to transcriptions of the text with commentary. The postings are archived in the Xena Media Review Archive (see #2 below).

4. The Archive

To access the archive, please click on the year you wish to review:

1999 Archive
January 1999

1998 Archive [under construction]
1997 Archive [under construction]
1996 Archive [under construction]
1991-1995 Archive [under construction]

5. What is the Xena Media Review?

The Xena Media Review (XMR) was a newsletter, published from March 1996 to February 1998, analyzing media coverage about the syndicated television show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (1995- ). In February 1998, I became too busy with WHOOSH to continue XMR, so it went into hiatusland. To see all the issues up to this point, click here. It is now being slowly brought back. I plan to do this in several phases. Phase One is now. I am beginning coverage ay January 1999. Once that is brought up to date, then I will begin to convert the old newsletters to the new format of this website. Once that is done, I will cover the missing time between October 1996 and Decemember 1998. We will have all the articles/commentary area in chronological order, and also have an area where we will reprint the editorials and articles from the early incarnation of XMR. XMR was the first regular periodical to cover the show XWP. WHOOSH is currently the longest continuous XWP periodical.

In its current incarnation, XMR is now a news clip service.

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