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Season 3, episode 18
Series 318
1st release: 04/14/97
2nd release: 09/08/97
1st USA strip release: 01/19/98
2nd USA strip release: 02/10/99
3rd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 01-31-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard

Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)
Rainer Grant (Melanippe)
Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)

Bruce Phillips (Palamedes)
Grant Bridger (King Augeas)
Laurie Dee (Machus)
Brett Stewart (Stichius)
Alex Moffat (Silicles)
Albert Belz (Minteus)
Les Durant (Soldier #1)
Justin (Soldier #2)

Written by John Kirk
Directed by Rodney Charters

Hera plays up to Augeas's delusion that he is Zeus by giving him a taste of godly power, which he can keep if he kills Hercules.

Mad King Augeas, thinking he is Zeus, becomes Hera's evil puppet.

1st release: 04/14/97
An AA average of 5.1
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) XENA 19th with 5.5
(2) HERCULES 12th with 5.1

2nd release: 09/08/97
An AA average of 4.2
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) XENA 10th with 4.6
(2) HERCULES 13th with 4.2
(3) STAR TREK DS9 17th with 3.9
(4) WALKER TEXAS RANGER 16th with 4.1
(5) PENSACOLA 21st with 3.7


Synopsis by Liz Sheppard.

Salmoneus is having probs with a bee sting on his booty. Sal and Herc decide to go to the daughter of a guy named Palamedes to get the sting healed.

A couple of guys are bummed because the king has ordered them to take down a statue of Aphrodite, and not just because they're guys and the statue is quite accurate to what Aph looks like. The king has ordered that the temple of Aphrodite is to be converted for Hera. The guys are upset because the king is going insane.

King Augeus has just freed the livestock and Palamedes is not too thrilled on the freedom. The king thinks he's Zeus and throws a rock with a lightning bolt painted on it at Palamedes' head. He then runs off in a fancy chariot that's decorated to look like Zeus's.

The guys are still to move the statue by lifting it with rope, but one of the arms breaks off. Aphrodite shows up and gets mad at them. Herc sees her and they start talking, leaving Sal confused. She makes herself visible and is all lovey lovey to Sal. After she leaves, Sal decides to melt the arm of the statue to make coins.

Herc and Sal find Palamedes and he tells them of Augeus and his new founded godliness and Herc goes to find the livestock. Kingy Zeus is changing the temple because he thinks that Hera is his wife. Herc also goes in look for kingy when a pretty blonde that Sal falls for like rocks named Malapie shows and goes to grieve over her wounded daddy.

Aph visits kingy; who, of course, thinks she is her daughter. She's not too thrilled at her "father". After he leaves, she decides to redecorate her temple.

Herc meets up with the general and Augeus shows up and they call him by his real name. He gets mad. A big long fight scene that's in every Herc ep breaks out. Urgeus ends up running to his wife's temple, but he finds the decorations that Aph left and gets madder. He starts breaking things when Hera shows up and she plays along with the whole him thinking he's Zeus thing. She strikes him with a lightning bolt and he now has the power to throw lightning bolt type balls. She tells him to kill Hercules by dusk.

The villagers have all the livestock back, but they want Herc to kill the king. Herc tells them that he'll talk to him. Aph takes a walk with Herc. She's all happy happy because she has her temple back. Palamedes shows up and tells Herc that the villagers are mad at Aph because of her lack of help with kingy. He says all of this in her presence and she gets mad. She shows herself and b*tches at Palamedes.

Melapie has made a weird cream to rub of Sal's butt. He doesn't seem to mind. The pain's gone and he's grateful.

Palamedes is visited by Aph again. They have a little talk on what she has or hasn't done. He told her that she was wrong and she now respects him. Herc is still looking for Augeus when Palamedes comes by talking about Aph. He says that she has a beautiful soul.

While the general was looking for Augeus, when he shows up and starts throwing lightning rocks around. He then visits Herc and beats the stuffing out of Herc. Palamedes shows up, gets hurt, and dies. Bummer, he seemed like a cool guy. Aph pops up and puts an aura on Palamedes' body to protect his spirit until dusk. She then goes outside to cry because he respected her. They make a plan for to keep Augeus busy while Herc works on bringing Palamedes back to life.

Kingy is working on his aim with the help of the general when Aph shows up and wants her daddy's attention. It works. Hera shows up and gets mad at Aph. Aph's plot fails and Hera and kingy trap her in a lightning bolt type cage.

Sal melts down the arm from the statue and made coins. He got a guy to engrave them, but Herc shows up and takes them. Herc thinks that the lightning bolts with the copper coins will revive Palamedes. A short fight scene breaks out, but it's too pointless and short to worry about.

Aph is getting frusturated inside her cage. She ends up dressing hersef in a tight black leather type of outfit to get herself out of the cage.

Herc, Sal, Melapie, and the late Palamedes set up in Aph's temple, when Augeus shows up with lightning balls. One of the balls breaks the other arm off of the statue, which makes Aph mad, and she does this hip thing with a ball. Both Augeus and Palamedes get hit by balls. Palamedes is now alive and Augeus now thinks he is Ulysses.

Sal now thinks the statue is useless without arms, Herc likes it, and Aph thinks it should be fixed. More meaningful talk between the siblings. That statue just looks weird in my humble opinion.


01-12-99. From Beth Gaynor. At the Cherry Hill NJ Con (08/29-30-/98), Alexandra tydings (Aphrodite) said that some of the toughest work she had to do was for the Hercules episode Reign of Terror. She got a break from her usual outfit... to wear a rubber catsuit instead which, while it looked slinky as all get out, was made of actual rubber. In the middle of summer. "That's when I started thinking that maybe it was personal." And she had to cry, which she says she does easily enough in real life, but she was incredibly nervous about having to cry on cue. Her makeup artist is a good friend, and while she was talking about her worries, her friend asked her what music makes her cry. Alexandra told her that the Rolling Stone's Wild Horses always gets her, so her friend came to her later in the day with a walkman and the Rolling Stones loaded up and ready to play Wild Horses for her. It worked perfectly; she curled up in a chair, listened to the music, had her emotions perfectly ready... and a half-hour break for tea was called. Ah, life in New Zealand!


Click here to read a transcript of REIGN OF TERROR.


The Sheep's political and cultural indepedence was restored after the production of this motion picture. Run Free Ewe Wildebeast!

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