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Season 4, episode 13
Series 413
1st release: 02-09-98
2nd release: 07-20-98
3rd release: 12-07-98
1st USA strip release: Pending
2nd release:
3rd release:
Production number: V0319
Approximate shooting dates: December 1997
Last update: 01-18-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Kent Simmons

Michael Hurst (Iolaus)
Hudson Leick (Callisto)
Kevin Smith (Ares)

Sovereign (Kevin Sorbo)
Amy Morrison (Hope)
John Manning (Tyndareus)
Liddy Holloway (Alcmene)
Joel Tobeck (Strife)
Kim Michalis (Young Alcmene)
Bernard Woods [Drunk]
Mark Caldwell [Peasant]
Rodney Cooke [Worried Villager]
Les Dwight [Mother]
Shirley Elliott [Gossip Hag in Corinth]
Patrick Kake [Kevin Sorbo's Double]

Written by Paul Robert Coyle
Directed by Mark Beesley

Hercules: Something terrible has happened.
(Callisto and Ares opening space portal)
Ares: And the day started out so well.
(Ares with the body of Strife in his lap)
Ares: One great evil is here.
Hope: To rid the world of it's greatest hero.
Strife: Oh, the horror!
(Callisto wearing pendent of Hind's blood around her neck)
Callisto to young Alcmene: Run! Run as fast as you can.
(Callistio throws fire)
Soverign: Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.
(Hercules and Soverign fighting)

(Space portal opening up)
Hercules: Something terrible has happened.
(Callisto and Ares doing evil)
Soverign: Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.

Evil Hope frees Callisto and sends her back in time to keep Hercules from being born. (Part 1 of 2)

1st RELEASE: 02-09-98
An AA average of 5.3
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 9th with 6.2
(2) XENA 10th with 5.8 (59/313 "One Against An Army")
(3) HERCULES 12th with 5.3
(4) STAR TREK DS9 16th with 4.8 (137/613 "Far Beyond the Stars")
OUTER LIMITS (59 "Second Thoughts")
EARTH: FC (14/114 "Pandora's Box")

2nd release: 07-20-98
An AA average of Unavailable
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:

3rd release: 12-07-98
An AA average of 3.4
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 12th with 5.2
(2) ER 15th with 4.4
(3) XENA 18th with 4.1
(4) STAR TREK DS9 3.7
(5) HERCULES 3.4
(6) STARGATE 3.0
(8) CROW 2.7
(11) NIGHTMAN 2.3


This synopsis is by Liz Sheppard.

I feel sorry for all the Herc only fans. If they don't watch Xena, they'd be sooooo confused. This episode starts where Maternal Instints stopped. Xena and Gabby are at Solan and Hope's funerals. But what they don't see is Hope's ashes floating away. They land in some weird town and collect to form a very dry I'd say 15 or so year old Hope. She fries some old guy's head and steals his cloak. This chick needs some moisturizer, bad.

Hercules and Iolaus are doing good deeds for Alcmene; can't she ever build her own walls? Alcmene comes by to give the duo the news that some king has gone beserk with Ares because his daughter has got married.

Hope releases Callisto from her cave. Callisto wants the brat to leave her alone and get some moisturizer, but Hope convinces her to destroy the Hercmeister and heal Cally's inner child or something like that.

Ares and Strife give the weirdo kingy Tyndareus a powerful bow and arrow so he can have a big bloody war and make Ares a happy guy. Kingy just wants his daughter back but Ares convinces him to do evil. Herc and Iolaus spoil the party, party poopers. Herc collapses the ceiling over all the arrows leaving the black leather duo very angry and upset. Oh yeah, Strife tries some really...weird...moves on Herc, but Herc sends him flying. The heroes solve kingy's problems by talking sense into him. Iolaus had a strange line here, I gotta say it: "Hey, is the world supported on the backs of four giant elephants?"

Ares is still moaning about there being no war, the sore loser. Strife does something stupid and the angry god of war sends him flying. Callisto graces the duo with her godly presence. Ares and Cally flirt and play with fire (setting Strife on fire). They start talking about pounding Herc, but Strife tries to talk sense into Ares, but he doesn't listen. They go outside and open the space portal, releaseing Herc's bearded spawn of a twin brother, the Sovereign. He calls Cally a priestess...makes me wonder. Ares takes the pendent of Hind blood and the gods disappear. Maybe I'm wrong, but did the pendent somehow...shrink? I remember it being bigger...oh well. Ares and Cally flirt some more (with Strife getting more stuffing beaten out of him. This is _not_ his day).

Herc and Iolaus run into a villager, who gets scared of a shaven Herc wearing new clothes. He says a bearded black leather wearing Herc was tearing up a defenseless town. The Soverign starts beating up villagers and destroying buildings because of all the happy faces. Dude, take a pill. Herc and Iolaus put Sov to sleep and take him to where the portal opens. Cally and Ares open the portal and the Herc's get sucked in. The evil gods go bye bye, leaving one very confused Iolaus.

The Herc's end up in Sov's old playpen. Sov complains about his luck and decides to kill Herc to they can both die.

Ares, Cally, and Strife are toasting to the fact that Herc's gone. Cally tries to get the pendent and Ares beats her up. Iolaus hears them and sneaks into the room. When Cally has lost all her strength, Hope shows up and revives the psycho goddess. It's Ares turn to be beaten, and he gets a good one. She takes the pendent and backs away. Strife tries to talk to her, but she covers a knife with the blood and stabs him. While the Herc's are fighting, Herc feels a shaking and realizes something terrible has happened. Iolaus runs into the room and finds out that Strife is dead (I told you it wasn't his day). Cally and Hope leave. Ares says good stuff about the dead little freak and about the force of evil in Cally's friend. Iolaus and Ares go to get Miss Psycho Blonde.

Hope sends Cally back in time so she can kill Alcmene before Herc is born. Ares sends Iolaus back in time to stop Cally because Ares has to fix things there with Strife being gone. We see a quick view of Iolaus' life, then he ends up in Corinth where the "harlot" Alcmene is pregnant.

Herc and Sov beat each other up some more, then they have a meanful chat. Herc finds out that the Sov could watch the present via a window in a pool. Herc sees Iolaus running through the window, but Herc can't reach him.

Iolaus runs to young Alcmene's place, where she's talking to her dead husband's grave. Iolaus tells her that a crazy woman is coming and they have to go. Callisto shows up and throws a fireball at Alcmene's direction.

To be continued. I hate to be continues; kill 'em all. While I'm at it, kill all commercials too! Let 'em rot in tartarus for all eternity!


This synopsis is by KSZone .

Once again I must just say that the producers and writers have done a excellent job on HTLJ, which many thought was dead. No way folks! Armageddon stated attitude and a new era for Hercules. The idea of having the Dahak story line continue on HTLJ was one of the best ideas and leaves so many options open for next season and after. The acting was wonderful and the fights and scenes where very well done and looked at.

Strife and Ares work perfect together. I feel bad that Strife died in this episode. Joel Tobeck did such a wonderful job as Strife. Killing Strife, for Dahak, was wonderfully done by Callisto, who showed some vile anger when stabbing Strife with a dagger dipped in hind blood. It seems that Dahak's starting his conquest of the known world by killing its gods. He has started by having his protege Callisto kill Strife and who's next? Perhaps no one or perhaps someone else? Ares? Hera? Poseidon? Proteas? Bacchus? Maybe even Callisto!? One of the best Ares/Strife scenes was where they where trying to con Tyndareus into taking the weapons to kill the man who stole his daughters heart. Those jerks! Those cool and funny jerks! [Strife and Ares have some kind of role in "Yes Virginia There is a Hercules"]

Callisto seems to have lost all her enjoyment for life, now that she's a goddess. It seems that she wants to change history and become someone else. However we also witness how Callisto has that vile edge. Callisto is sexy and evil which is cool. Hudson does the job so well that I would bow down and worship her as a real goddess. She's perfect as Callisto and perfect in all. Callisto seems to be doing the "Using" thing more than ever. She used Ares and will probably not use Hope, which could be an idea down the line, if not written in the story line already. Callisto is the perfect villain and her little line about Cirra builds up next week. Hope is also a good villain and I'm sure Gabrielle would have begged Xena to have killed Hope in Britannia, if she saw what Hope has turned into. Killing Hercules is probably a good idea for Dahak to do if he wants to control the world. During this show, Xena and Gabrielle where enemies and in Illusia. That gave Hope and Dahak the perfect chance to free Callisto, kill a god, and go after Hercules. Herc and Iolaus did not seem to know much about Dahak and Hope, although a line in the second part of this episode hints Iolaus knows, of course Hope never told Ares and Iolaus who she was. That means they probably know the story but not the face. The idea of Dahak wanting to wipe out heroes and gods is obvious and I'm glad there doing more with the Dahak story line and doing more crossover type episodes and story lines. They really make the show more enjoyable and unmissable. That goes for both shows as of late. What better than now to be a fan of Hercules AND Xena!

The Sovereigns return was good and gives Hercules a place to be, where he can reappear. The fight between Herc and his evil double was very well done and it seems as if Hercules might try to change the Sovereign. Sorbo does the bad guy role very good and I hope we see more Sovereign after next week. Maybe a Sovereign episode. The Limbo Land reminds me of Illusia. Perhaps there part of the same element or Netherworld. We may see soon. Based on what happened in part 2 of Armageddon, we may even see some Netherworld on Xena in the future. Priestess Callisto? Wonder how Callisto looks in the other world. Perhaps she looks like "Illusia Callisto". That would be interesting.

The whole time travel thing looks to be good and will continue next week. We saw some clips from "Young Hercules" as Iolaus went back in time, and some footage from "HTLJ Amazon Women" as well. It seems as if Callisto will do more when she goes back. Iolaus was told to just save Hercules and stop Callisto but its true he will go through a heck of a lot more. The time travel portal was cool and much cooler than the Netherworld portal. Those are some cool effects that I've gotta compliment "Flat Earth" on. Keep up the good work! The scene where Young Alcmene is at the grave of her dead husband. She claims that her baby [Hercules] = is born of her and him regardless of what others say. It looks as if Zeus either appeared to Alcmene as her late husband, while he was at war [Like Atrius/Cyrene/Ares in "The Furies"] or she somehow does not know the truth. Perhaps the "Young Hercules" series will cover that stuff. The thing with Young Alcmene is something to discuss on the forums and message boards. Perhaps Ill discuss more next review. When Iolaus arrived it was very puzzling to Hercules, who was watching the whole thing through the pool in Netherworld. It seems that the pool is the key out of the Netherworld. I thought the writers did a great job. Good writing means taking everything to a conclusion and not leaving loose ends. They showed Hercules and Alcmene talking in the beginning and Herc said his next visit would be longer, however there may not even be another meeting now. Its gotta be very painful for Hercules.

One theory for the Dahak incident was as follows: Perhaps this whole story line started after the Hind episodes last year. In HTLJ "End of the Beginning" Hercules traveled in time to save Serena from joining Ares, which would later cause her death. Hercules and Ares w= here always foes and Ares always wanted to take over the world. When Ares had a knife dipped in hind blood at his throat, he allowed Serena's human half to live AS LONG AS HE TOOK THE HIND AWAY.

Now its interesting that there was hind blood left since when Serena's hind half died in one world, the others world Hind Serena died too. Is it possible that Ares took the blood for himself and somehow got it too the other universe and Sovereign got it, or Ares gave it to naughty Xena, who got involved with Sovereign, who took the hinds blood. In XWP's "Deliverer" Ares is worried that Dahak will destroy the Greek immortals and gods, but he does nothing to stop Khrafstar and Meridian from starting their little cult with Gabrielle. Could Ares really be Dahak???!!! Perhaps Ares, who wants the world, has come out with a plan to rule the world and it is Dahak, his other identity. Than we don't see Ares until Bitter Suite, where he cons Xena into hurting Gabrielle, thus bringing both to there deaths and Illusia. He had the perfect chance to get Xena and her friend down, thus allowing himself to work for Hercules. Why didn't Ares go back in time to stop Callisto if he was so worried? Why send Iolaus? Iolaus is a hero and someone who can stop Dahak! Getting him out of the way could be a way for him to possibly catch Callisto and be trapped with her in the past, allowing him to become Dahak and destroy Zeus and control the world. Perfect plan ? Perhaps yes. Than with both Hercs in Netherworld, there's none there to stop him from doing what he wants, and Zeus is always with some girl. Hera hates Hercules so why would she help her stepson. Perhaps she has something to do with this as well. "Xena Scrolls" took place in Macedonia, which is near Dahak territory, according to some sources. Ares was trapped in a tomb there for many years. Could that mean something? Very possible. As time goes on, or back, we shall learn much more.

This episode is going to be continued. It combined some humor with a dark plot. Everyone was good. I thought Hopes new look is way better. It proves her as more demonic and sick, which she is. She has a more evil and demonic voice, and looks like a little devil in the cloak. Strife is very cool and everyone else was perfect. This episode is for anyone and gives us a lot to talk about. I love the crossover episodes and story lines! This episode gets 5 out of 5 stars. Its was worth waiting and was GREAT. I won't brag anymore, either watch it for yourselves or rewatch it.

BATTLE ON HERCULES AND XENA FANS! Feel free to email your comments and or opinions on my review and commentary.


02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-18-98), Liz Friedman (HTLJ, producer) and R.J. Stewart mentioned that Paul Robert Coyle wrote part one and was joined by someone named Tobin for the second part. Tobin also did the teleplayfor part 2. The director was Mark Beesley, who directed Necessary Evil.

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Robert Tapert (XWP/HTLJ, Executive Producer) mentioned that there was a Hercules episode coming up with Hudson Leick and that it would feature Callisto and offer her a chance at redemption. This episode is none other than ARMAGEDDON, Part 1 and 2.

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Gary Gerani (Topps) talked about the TOPPS Xena magazine. The Xena magazine was meant to be a one-shot, but with the demand, it's going to be a quarterly magazine. Issue #2 should be out mid-January. Callisto is the featured character and it includes an interview with Hudson Leick. It also includes an interview with Paul Robert Coyle about the making of Armageddon I and II. .

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Brad Carpenter (out-going Director of Merchandizing at Reniassance Pictures) showed a few slides from Armageddon I and II. Callisto was wearing a necklace of Hind's Blood and Xena is in Queenly regalia. Gabrielle, as usual, looked kind of out of it (the woman NEEDS prozac, I tell you!). On Sunday (01-18-98), Brad mentioned that Kevin Smith will be in Armageddon I and II and that it is a cross-over episode between Hercules and Xena.

01-08-98. Callisto visits the Herkmeister for not one, but TWO shows. A two parter called, Armageddon. Apparently Armageddon is Callisto's DESTINY/DEBT, for it goes back to the time Xena raided Cirra and visits Her Evilness in the making.


From KSZone.

  • The little love thing between Callisto and Ares.
  • Strife and Ares acting like salesmen when trying to persuade the king to take the weapons.
  • Hercules taking Sovereign down with a headscissors move. Incredible Action!
  • Kevin Sorbos work as Hercules and Sovereign.
  • Callistos lines in the episode where very good.
  • Callisto looking as sexy as ever.
  • Hopes demonic look and her new demonic tone of voice.
  • Callisto talking about her life being messed up now.
  • Strife just interrupting in the wine party between Ares and Callisto.
  • Ares kicking Strife around.
  • Strife showing Hercules some karate moves and Hercules just pushing Strife back into the wall.
  • Callistos little talk about her love for fire. Her little "Killed Them" lines where amusing in some way. Hudson knows how to act psycho and beautiful at the same time and she knows how to do it very well.
  • Ares doing some complaining when Callisto vanishes.
  • The little argument/agreement between Ares and Iolaus.
  • The whole scene where Callisto killed Strife was interesting. Callisto went mad when she slayed Strife with a knife dripped in Hind Blood. It was a good scene. Very vile and brutal but good.
  • Iolaus passing out from the sleeping gas used on Sovereign. The way Iolaus walked after and started snoozing in his awakeness was funny.
  • Hercules being "Doctor" when prescribing some gas for Sovereign.
  • The fight between Hercules and Sovereign in Netherworld. The moment was when Kevin Sorbo leaped in mid-air and took himself down with a headscissors move. Incredible Stuff!!!
  • Iphicles must be older than Hercules since he was hanging out with friends in this episode. Perhaps friends in a toddler center or something.
  • We learn the name of Alcmene's husband. It is "Amphitrion".


    From Beth. Things To Watch Out For during Armageddon Now Part 1: In Ares' temple with all the spiffy weapons that Herc brings the roof down on, the back wall is decorated with the same thing used as the Eye of Hephaestus in The Xena Scrolls. Coincidence?

    From KSZoneW. My From Cupcake: The amulet that Alexandros wore was also used for the Hind Blood Amulet in "Armageddon Now and Armageddon Now Part 2".

    From KSZoneW. My From Cupcake: Ares throne from HTLJ's "Armageddon Now" was seen in Georgas' throne room. It was also seen in HTLJ's "Porkules" but has a skull on top of it in that episode.

    06-07-98. KSZoneW. In Armageddon 2: The background for Xenas throne in Corinth was also used in "Armageddon Now" for the town where Hercules met the Sovereign in.

    From KSZoneW. In Armaggedon 2: The Ares temple in this episode was the same one used in part one of Armageddon Now

    From KSZone.

  • The "Eye of Ares" is seen in Ares temple. It was seen in HTLJ's "Atlantis" and XWP's "The Xena Scrolls" during the 1996/1997 season.
  • The scene of the outside of Ares temple was also seen in HTLJ's "Two Men and a Baby" episode during season 4.
  • The town where Hopes ashes fell was used for Troy in HTLJ's "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" movie/episode back in 1994.
  • The warlord Demetrius was supposed to have finished Alcmenes wall in HTLJ's "Mother of all Monsters" during season 2. Guess he lied. Maybe Alcmene moved and needed a new wall. She should just get soldiers to guard the house!
  • Recognize the music used during Young Alcmene's prayer to her late husband? It was the love tune of Serena and Hercules in the Four Hind episodes during season 3. It's one of there better tunes.
  • How could Strife keep getting beat by Hercules if Hercules went back in time and saved Serena before he married her and he never went to Cernea to find Serena and fight Ares and Strife? ? Either writer confusion or Strife and Hercules fought for some other unknown and unseen reason. Possible idea is that the whole "End of the Beginning" incident was just a big fat hole in the Hercaverse.
  • The same town where Ares brought The Sovereign in was the town where the whole double universe incident began in "Stranger in a Strange World" during season 4.
  • The Hind Blood amulet was much smaller than in "Stranger in a Strange World".
  • The music played when Herc and Sovereign prepared to fight in the town was mostly used on past Xena episodes. It was used when a fight builds.
  • They used Danielle Cormack's "Burial Song" at the start. That's when they showed the villagers taking Solon and Hope's bodies to the funeral fires. The footage of the bodies being carried looked as if it was from XWP's "Path Not Taken" during season 1. The footage from the burial was footage from Maternal Instincts.
  • Kevin Sorbos hair was still short and Michael Hursts hair looked different as well.
  • They used some older footage during "The time travel trip of Iolaus". They showed several scenes from this episode as a couple from "Young Hercules" and "Medea Culpa". They showed Herc and Iolaus fighting the amazons from "Hercules and the Amazon Women" and Young Alcmene carrying baby Hercules from the "Hercules Movies Introduction". Footage from "Once a Hero" was also shown. That was Iolaus fighting the skeleton warrior.
  • Could Illusia and the Netherworld be the same place or part of another planet or land???
  • The carriage of the king was also in HTLJ's "Les Contemptibles" and "Long Live the King" but this version was repainted and a little drearier.
  • Hope looked like an alien when she formed into a human from the ashes.
  • The cave where Callisto was released from was a different one than in "Maternal Instincts" where Xena trapped her.
  • Iolaus mentions "dancing girls" every time he is headed to some big party.


    Click here to read a transcript of ARMAGEDDON NOW, Part 1.


    Once again, Alcmene's fence was not finished during the production of this motion picture.

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