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“Armageddon Now, I”  Episode 72/413


[Ephiny sings at funeral fire of Solon and Hope.]


Villager 1:  “It’s snowing in summer?”

Villager 2:  “It’s not snow.  It’s more like ashes.”

Man’s Voice:  “It’s all over the place!”

Old Man  [Mumbles incoherently]:  “Get your own!”  [Screams]

[Hope’s essence kills old man, taking over his body.]


I:  “Hercules-- it’s a clay wall.  It doesn’t have to be

H:  “It’s better to do it right the first time, than to have to
do it all over again when it falls down.”

I:  “Yeah, but if it takes forever to do it the first time--
what’s the point?  Oh, I know-- you’re doing it for your mom.”
[Sees Alcmene [Alc] approaching, then smiles]

Alc:  “Hercules-- ” 

H:  “Hmm?”

Alc:  “A messenger just came for you-- from Queen Leder.  I’m
afraid it’s bad news.”

H:  “Oh-- did something happen to Tyndareus [Tyn]?”

Alc:  “No, no, no-- the king is fine, but-- their daughter ran
away and got married-- Leder’s afraid he’s gonna start a war
because of it.”

I:  “Oh, Tyndareus-- another word for ‘hothead.’”

H:  “He’s a good man-- he’ll come to his senses.”

Alc:  “He’s been making offerings to Ares-- and raising an army.”

I:  “Ares-- terrific-- just what we need.  Huh!”

H:  “I promise, my next visit will be-- longer.”

Alc  [Laughs]:  “Well, it will give me something to look forward


[Hope frees Callisto.]

Hope:  “Welcome home, Callisto.”

Callisto [Cal]:  “Home?  Why?  It’s over.  Leave me alone.”

Hope:  “Your work’s not finished, Callisto.”

Cal:  “I’ve done all I can.”

Hope:  “Not yet-- your biggest challenge is ahead.”

Cal:  “And what would that be?”

Hope:  “To rid the world of its greatest hero-- Hercules.”



Ares:  “You were right to come to me, Tyndareus.  A thing of
beauty, isn’t it?  Forged by Hephaestus-- wrthy of a god.”

Tyn:  “It feels-- alive.”

Ares:  “The fit-- the finish-- the balance.  Feel the power.  See
how it draws-- smooth and sure.  Be one-- with the arrow.”

Strife  [Gleefully exclaims]:  “Call him Tyndareus the Terrible!”

Ares:  “Now!  All this-- could be yours.  Your army will
slaughter its enemies-- thousands, no-- _tens of thousands_ will
die-- by your hand!”

Tyn:  “But I only want my daughter back.”

Ares:  “That poor-- sweet, innocent girl.  When I think of her
being deceived-- tricked--  into that marriage, I-- you are doing
the right thing.  _Any_ good father would do as much.”

Tyn:  “You’re absolutely right, of course.  I appreciate what
you’re doing for me, but-- ”

Strife:  “Ah-- no guts, no glory, King.”

Ares:  “Hey-- _I_ am trying to help you, here.  I could give
these weapons to your enemies.  It really makes no difference to
me who slaughters whom.”

Strife:  “Ah-- but you’d never see Daddy’s girl again.”

Tyn:  “You’re right.  I’ll kill him with my own bare hands!”

Ares:  “That’s the ticket!  And the great thing is-- it’s gonna
cost you-- nothing.”

H:  “Only your soul.”

Ares:  “Who invited him to the party?”

H:  “I wanna talk to my brother, Tyndareus.  You go with Iolaus.”

Tyn:  “But Ares has agreed to help me get my daughter.”

I:  “King?”

H:  “Don’t you have _any_-- scruples?”

Strife:  “Huh?”

Ares:  “Any what?”

H:  “You took advantage of that man’s desperation.”

Ares:  “He had potential.  Do’n’t matter-- I’ll find someone

H:  “Not with these toys you won’t.”  [Destroys weapons]

Strife:  “Oh!”

Ares:  “Nooo!”

Strife:  “Oh, the horror!”

H:  “There-- that’s better.”

Ares:  “It took Hephaestus _months_ to forge those weapons!”

H:  “Well, Hephaestus needs a new hobby, like, maybe-- knitting.”

Strife:  “Huh?  Yeah-- [Makes “Kung Foo” noises]  Whoo-hoo!
[Screams]  You don’t suppose Zeus has lifted that, uh, pesky
little ‘No-gods-killing-other-gods’ rule, do you?”  [Laughs]

Ares:  “And the day started so well.”

H:  “Yeah, well-- bye, guys.  It’s-- been fun.”

Ares:  “Get up-- and act like a god, you worm.”  [Steps on him]

Strife:  “Ohhh!  OK.”


Cal:  “You’ve changed, Hope.  I hardly recognized you.”

Hope:  “Things change-- things stay the same.  I am who I always

Cal:  “Yeah.  And you want to kill Hercules.  It’s been tried.  I
can’t believe you have _disturbed_ me for this.”

Hope:  “The two of us-- will do it together.  To refuse-- would
be a mistake.”

Cal:  “Oh yeah?  And, uh-- what exactly are you gonna do if I
don’t, huh?  You gonna kill me?  ‘Cause I’m a goddess now,
Sweet-cheeks, and goddesses don’t die.”

Hope:  “Your life is empty.  You need a purpose.”

Cal:  “My life-- my life-- will never _end_.  And it was over
years ago in Cirra.  There is nothing you can do for me, Hope!
So you go away.”

Hope:  “I can redeem your life-- rid you of your demons, in a way
you never thought possible.”


Tyn:  “Appreciate your intentions-- but it’s my daughter’s future
at stake.”

H:  “Not your fatherly pride?”

Tyn:  “Certainly not!”

I:  “Look, do you know the guy she’s marrying?”

Tyn:  “Yes, I know him.”

H:  “So-- what’s wrong with him?”

Tyn:  “Well, he’s not good enough for her, that’s what.”

I:  “Why?  Because she’s a princess?”

Tyn:  “Well, it’s not that.  He comes from a royal family, too.
It’s just that, uh-- ”

H:  “It’s just that-- she’s your daughter.”

Tyn:  “Well, she deserves better!”

H:  “Have you talked to her about this?”

Tyn:  “Yes, I did.  I forbade her to see him-- let alone marry

I:  “So, then she did the obvious thing and ran away and did it.”
H:  “Tyndareus-- I’ve known you for a long time.  I know how much
you and your daughter love each other.  Don’t let this come
between you.”

Tyn:  “I couldn’t live if it did.”

H:  “Well, then-- throw them a wedding feast!  I mean, your
daughter’s in love-- you should be celebrating!”

Tyn:  “You’re right.  Won’t you both join us?”

I:  “Hey, is the world supported on the back of four giant

Tyn:  “Good!  Well, that’s settled, then.  I’ll expect you!”

I:  “He’s a hothead, but-- a nice guy.”

H:  “Hmm-- I thought the world was round.”

I:  “Huh?!  Really?”  [Laughs]


Ares:  “I needed that war to reinforce my position on Olympus!
Those other fools can’t see what’s coming-- but I can.  I know.
And you!  You’re a worthless excuse for a god.  He makes a fool
of you time and time again!”

Strife:  “Hey, hey, hey!  You know, I’m not the only one who’s
afraid of crossing Zeus.  I _still_-- don’t see HerK’s head on
_your_ belt-- Mister ‘Big-bad-god of-- ”  [Yells as Ares punches

Cal:  “Hit him again.  He deserves it.”

Ares:  “Callisto!  Looking better than ever-- immortal _and_-- a
newborn goddess.”

Cal:  “I’m flattered, Ares.  I really wasn’t quite sure what kind
of reception I would get as myself, considering the last time we
met I was in Xena’s body.”

Ares:  “Ooh, I remember.”

Strife:  “Callisto?  She’s a twisted sister.  Next to her, the
fures are, uh-- mellow.”  [Laughs]

Cal:  “Shut up, Strife.”  [Zaps him with fire]

Strife:  [Screams]

Ares:  “Whoa-- nice technique.”

Cal:  “Yeah-- well, I love fire.  It’s always been a part of me,
since-- Xena’s army burned by home.  And that fire-- turned my
family to ashes.  And everybody died that day.”

Ares:  “I love it when you talk like that-- such delicious
carnage.  Xena would have laid waste to the entire mortal world
if Hercules hadn’t interfered.  What has he got against fun,

Strife:  “Don’t trust her, Unc.  You know, she may be a god-- but
she’s not one of us.”

Ares:  “Shut up, Strife.”  [Whacks him]

Cal:  “I admire your technique, too-- It’s like a-- hammer to an

Ares:  “You know-- some people-- are just begging to get

Cal:  “I didn’t think you noticed.”

Ares:  “I was talking about Hercules.  Sooner or later, he’s
gonna go too far, and I-- might not be able to restrain myself.”

Cal:  “Oh, well, that is a problem, isn’t it?  What _would_ Zeus
do if that ever were to happen-- huh?”

Ares:  “What’s an eternal life-- without the occasional risk?”

Cal:  “You know what your problem is?  Huh?  Well, you’re always
trying to kill Hercules.  What if you just-- got rid of him in a
way that Zeus never knew about?  Then we’d really have some fun,
huh?  And-- I’ll show you carnage like you never dreamed of-- a
landscape littered with body parts.”

Strife:  “Unc, can’t you see?  She’s playing you like a lyre.
She’s jerking your strings!”

Ares and Cal:  “Shut up, Strife!”  [They both zap Strife.]

Strife:  “Whoaaaaaa!”

Ares:  “He’s right about you, isn’t he?”

Cal:  “But you wanna know more, don’t you?”

Ares:  “I’m all ears.  Well-- maybe not all-- ears.  OK?  I like
it.  But there’s-- no need to rush.  Damn!”


Ares:  “Ah-- this is the place.”

Cal:  “I’m ready if you are.”

Ares:  “Oh, yeah-- I’m ready.”  [They open passage to Alternate

Cal  [Laughs]:  “Was it good for you?”

Ares:  “Not yet.”

[Bad H/Sovereign [Sov] appears with a scream.]  

Sov:  “I’m back.”



Ares:  “So-- you’re the Sovereign.  Gotta tell you-- love the

Sov:  “Ares-- the god of love in basic-- black.  I approve.”

Ares:  “Hey!  You’re not in Neverland now, pal.  You’re in my

Sov:  “And Priestess Callisto.  You must be my-- welcome home

Cal:  “Hmm.  Please-- I really don’t wanna hear about it.  Just
fork over the pendant, Sunshine.”

Sov:  “This?  Huh.  I don’t think so.”

Ares:  “Come to Papa.”

Sov:  [Tries to attack Ares, then Callisto, but they disappear]
“Wait a minute.  This isn’t my world.  Disappointed!”


Stirfe:  “Uh, as a-- fashion statement, it, uh-- comes in a
little short, but, uh-- since it’s filled with the blood of the
golden hind-- ”

Ares:  “I think-- I’ll keep this.  Hind’s blood is nasty stuff.”

Srife  [Laughs]:  “It’s the only thing that will kill a god!  And
the god who has it-- is top god!”  [Laughs]

Cal:  “Now-- where were we?  Oh, yes.  Are you ready to
consummate our relationship and-- move ahead with the plan?”

Ares:  “Uh-uh-uh-uh-- one thing at a time.  First-- we

Cal:  “Ares, I don’t think you trust me!”

Ares:  “No.”

Cal:  “All right, what do I have to do ta-- convince you?”

Strife:  “I don’t trust her, Unc.  Dump her now.  It’s what she

Cal:  “You _pathetic_ little weasel!”

Strife:  [Snorts]

Ares:  “No, no, no, no-- no.  [Bops Strife, then kicks him out of
the way]  Sometimes, he can be _such_ an embarrassment.”

Strife:  “OK.  OK.  You made your point.  But, uh-- what do we do
now?  How do we get Hercules-- where we want him-- hmm?”

Cal:  “That is the beauty of unleashing the Sovereign, you

Ares:  “My brother is such a predictable do-gooder.  Soon he’ll
have his hands full-- with his own bad self.”

Cal:  “Hmm.  Yes, and while he’s busy with the Sovereign-- that
leaves us-- with our own fun and games--doesn’t it?”


I:  “Hercules-- we’re going to this wedding feast, aren’t we?”

H:  “Hmm.”

I:  “It should be good.  Food-- wine-- dancing girls-- huh--
dancing girls.”

H:  “I wouldn’t wanna let you down.”

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “And besides, I wanna see how he handles having a son-in-law
under his roof.”

I:  “Yeah-- and dancing girls.”

H:  “Mmm.”

Man:  “Whoa!  Big guy!  Sorry!  My fault.”

H:  “It’s OK.” 

Man:  “How’d you get here so fast?  Shaved?  New clothes?  How’d
you do that?!” 

I:  “I think it’s the-- drink talking.”

H:  “Uh-huh.”

Man:  “Whatever works-- just don’t get him mad.  I’ve seen what
he can do, and I don’t want to see it again.”

H:  “What do you think I did?”

Man:  “Arcadia-- this morning-- you tore the place up!”

H:  “Oh.”

Man:  “‘Course, it needed it-- not a problem.”

I:  “Are you sure it was him?”

Man:  “Sure, I’m sure!  Of course, he had the beard-- that black
leather outfit.  But-- it was your friend, here.”

H and I:  “The Sovereign.”

H:  “Let’s get to Arcadia.”

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Thanks.”

I:  “Thanks.”

Man:  “Whatever you say.”


Man:  “Hiya, Hercules.  Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Sov:  “What did you call me?”  [Punches him]  You people-- should
_fear_ me!”  [Goes through town, destroying it, and assaulting
its citizens]

Male Voice:  “Look out!”

Sov:  “Hide from me!  Tremble at the sight of me!  All I get--
are happy faces!  I hate-- happy!”

H:  “Nice to see he’s mellowed out.”

I:  “I’d hate to see him when he gets really mad.  Hercules--
he’s the same strength as you.  This could take forever.”

H:  “Maybe not.  So, how’s your throwing arm?” 

I:  “OK.”

Sov:  [Laughs]

H:  “That’s enough!”

Sov:  “Nobody talks to me like that!”

H:  “Behave yourself, and stop acting like a child.”

Sov:  “You.  You trapped me in that place.  But I’m-- out now--
and I’m not going back.”

H:  “Oh, you’re going back-- one way-- or another.”

Sov:  “Really?  [Laughs]  OK.  Oh, yeah.  This is gonna be good.”

H:  “Now, Iolaus!”

Sov:  [Laughs]  “You.  Well, I’ve been thinking about you, too.
Every night, I’ve been dreaming of-- snapping your-- [Yawns]
puny-- little neck.”

I:  “Yeah?  Well, I think you’re all talk!”

Sov:  “What-- did you do?”

H:  “That’s Narcolepsis dust.  I recommend _just_ a pinch for a
good-- night’s sleep.”

I:  [Laughs]  “Nighty-night.  You know, Herc?  Something tells me
he didn’t get out of there on his own.”

H:  “Yeah, I have a good idea who it was, too.”

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “But first, we gotta put him back-- this time for-- good.”

I:  “Wait a minute.  Where’s the hind’s blood?”

H:  “It’s not on him.  Whoever freed him has it now.  [Sighs]
Great.  Wake up, Iolaus.  Come on.”


I:  “Well-- here we are, but-- ”

H:  “It’s here, all right.  We just can’t see it.  Now-- how’re
we gonna open it up?”

Cal:  “We’d be glad to help.”

H:  “Callisto.  And Ares.”

I:  “Hercules, there it is-- the hind’s blood.”

H:  “I knew it would be.”

Ares:  “Well, how so, Brother?”

H:  Well, who else would feel a need for it?  Only you.”

Sov:  “It’s-- mine!  Give it back!  Or I’ll tear it off your
rotting-- corpse!”

Ares:  “I like your style.  Too bad you won’t be stickin’ around
long enough for us to get acquainted.”

Cal:  “All right, cut the chitchat.  Let’s just do it.”

H:  “Do what?”

Ares:  “It.”

Sov:  “No, I’m not-- going back!  Nooooo!”

I:  “Ahh!  Hercules!  Ahh!  Ahhhhhh!  Hercules, look out!”

H:  “Oh, no you don’t!”

I:  “No!  Hercules!”

Ares:  “Huh!  Ah!  I think this calls for a celebration.”



Sov:  “Oh, just great!  Welcome to my-- nightmare!”

H:  “It’s not so bad.”

Sov:  “Tell me the cup is full, and so help me.”

H:  “There’s gotta be a way out of here.  Where’s this road go

Sov:  “That road?  It’s-- an endless circle.  See, it leads--
right back to here.  I should know.  Why, I’ve-- _tried it enough
times_!  This is unbelievable!  I _finally_ escape and where do I
end up?!  Right back where I started-- trapped in this place
between-- worlds-- thanks to you.”  [Attacks H]

H:  “What, are you crazy?!  If I die, you’ll die too!”

Sov:  “I don’t care about dying, anymore!  I kill you; you kill
me-- it doesn’t matter.  Either way-- it ends now.  Bye-bye.”


I:  “Hercules!  I don’t know what to do!”


Cal:  “To victory.”

Ares:  “To a world without Hercules.”

Strife:  “There’s no stopping us now.”

Cal:  “Us?”

Ares:  “You obsequious toad.  You weren’t even there.”

Strife:  “Far be it for me to steal your thunder.  You’re the man
with the plan.  You’re the mistress of mean.  I’m just proud to
be on the team.”

Cal:  “Does this brazen brown-nosing actually work with you?”

Ares:  “What can I say?  A little-- stroking-- never hurt anyone.
No, no, no.  Uh.  Look-- but don’t touch.”

Cal:  “I want it.”

Ares:  “I figured you did.  Come and get it-- if you think you

Cal:  “Oh, I know I can-- I was just hoping you’d put up a
fight!”  [They fight]


I:  “Ares!”


[Sov and H fight.]


[Cal and Ares fight.]

Strife:  “Let’s get him mad!”

Cal:  [Screams]

Ares:  “Not exactly my idear of foreplay, but-- it’ll do.  Hah!
Oh, you’re good, girlie-- but when it comes to physical
punishment-- I invented the art.”

Strife:  “Damn!  Teach her a lesson!”

Cal:  “Learn your lesson, punk!”

Ares:  “Oh!  That was low!  Well, I guess that was too, but-- oh,

I:  “Huh?”

Ares:  “Ha-hah!”

Hope:  “Get up, Callisto-- your work’s not done.”

Ares:  “Whoa!!!!!”

Strife:  “Oh!”

Cal:  “Noooooo!”

Ares:  “Ooh!  Ah!”

Cal:  “You’re finished, Ares.  You’re washed up-- and wrung out!”

Ares:  “Ooh!”

Cal:  “Everything’ll be different, now.  The last thing anybody
wants-- is a has-been god like you!”

Ares:  “Ooh!”

Cal:  “Let me tell you a little secret.  Just the idea-- the mere
idea-- of you touching me makes my skin crawl.  Come to Mama!”

Ares:  “Strife!  What are you waiting for?  Do something!  Stop
her.  Get that pendant back before it’s too late.  Now!”

Strife:  “Um-- you know-- no hard feelings, OK?  I mean, you--
you got the chops and that’s a fact.  If it’s-- if there’s one
thing that us gods of aggression appreciate, it’s a-- good show
of strong, brute force.  You know-- no mercy.  So, uh-- let me be
the first-- to welcome you to the club.”

Cal:  “But I wouldn’t wanna be in a club-- that’d have me for a
member.”  [Kills Strife, then laughs]


Sov:  “What in Tartarus-- ?”

H:  “Something terrible has happened.”


Ares:  “Oh, what have you done?”

I:  “He’s dead!”

Ares:  “Dead?!  He can’t be dead!  He’s a god!”

Cal:  “Well, at least we know the stuff really works-- huh?”

Hope:  “Callisto.”

Ares:  “He wasn’t so bad.  He tried hard.  He-- he was just no
good at his job.  You didn’t have to do this!”

I:  “You know-- Callisto didn’t do this by herself.”

Ares:  “The one great evil is here-- as part of that creature
that was with her.  And we’ve sensed him-- everyone on Olympus
has.  This-- this force of darkness-- spells the end of all of
us-- gods and man alike.”

I:  “Then, we’ve gotta stop her!”

Ares:  “Stop her!  Didn’t you see what happened?!  She can’t _be_

I:  “If we got Hercules back, maybe she can.”

Ares:  “What can he do that I can’t?!”

I:  “Think about it.  Whatever Callisto and-- this-- evil are up
to-- they had to get rid of Hercules first.  It’s him they’re
afraid of, not you!”

Ares:  “You know what?  I’m gonna go to Zeus.  We’re gonna get
the gods-- no, that’s stupid.  He’s gonna blame me for getting
Strife killed, right here!”

I:  “Forget Zeus.  It’s Callisto we have to worry about.  Look,
think about it, she’s killed one god-- maybe you’re next!”

Ares:  “Will you shut up?!  I cannot think!”

I:  “Ares!  She played you for a sap, and then she kicked your

Ares:  “Enough!  But maybe you’re right.  Let’s get the witch.”


Hope:  “It’s time.  The first part’s finished.  Hercules is
gone-- and you move on.”

Cal:  “I’ll do this for you-- and then it’s my turn.

Hope:  “Your pain will be gone-- it’ll be like it was never
there.  The promise stands.  You’ll live with a free heart.  But
first-- this.”

Cal:  “Do it.”

Hope:  “The ability to cross time is yours.  All gods can do it.
You’ll master the gift, eventually.  But for now-- you’ll be
shown the way.”

Cal:  “Well, if all gods can do it-- ”

Hope:  “They won’t interfere-- as long as you have the hind’s

I:  “Callisto!”

Hope:  “You’re too late.  It’s too late for all of you.”

Ares:  “Where did she go?!”

Hope:  “She’s gone back in time-- ” 

Ares:  “It can’t be.”

Hope:  “-- to stop Hercules-- from ever being born.”

I:  “Alcmene-- she’s gone to kill Hercules’ mother.”



I:  “You’re a god.  You can go back in time.  Why don’t you just
go back and get her?!”

Ares:  “I can’t go chasing after Callisto.  I got
responsibilities, here.  Strife is gone.  Someone’s gotta look
after things.”

I:  “Admit it, Ares.  You’re scared.  OK.  Send me back-- I’ll

Ares:  “All right-- it’s your funeral.  You can follow Callisto
wherever she goes, but only-- where she goes.  And you can come
back to the present, but that’s it.  Make the most of it.”


Woman 1’s Voice:  “-- having a fling with a stable boy.”

Woman 2’s Voice:  “Oh!”

Woman 1’s Voice:  “Why, she’s old enough to be his mother!”

Woman 2’s Voice:  “It’s terrible!”

I:  “Uh-- excuse me.  This looks like Corinth.”

Woman 1:  “Well, it is Corinth.”

I:  “Good, good.  Uh-- look, um-- I wonder if you could help me.
I’m looking for someone.  She’s, uh-- tall, blonde--
bad-tempered-- huh!  A woman.  Uh-- I don’t know if she’s-- been
here already, or if she’s going to appear later-- ”

Woman 1:  “Haven’t seen her.  Have you been drinking?”

I:  “No!  No, no, no, no-- not yet.  Uh-- what about Hercules?
You know him?”

Woman 1:  “Never heard of him.”

I:  “OK, uh-- Alcmene-- how about her?”

Woman 1:  “Oh!  We know her all too well-- the harlot.”

I:  “Harlot.  OK-- are we talking about the same Alcmene?  Um--
her husband’s Amphitryon.”

Woman 1:  “Her husband’s dead.  He went off to war.  But Alcmene
couldn’t be bothered to wait.  She’s with child.  What do _you_


[Sov and H fight.]

Sov:  “This is getting us-- nowhere!”

H:  “I told you it wouldn’t!  Now, listen to me.  If we work
together, we can _find_ a way out of here!”

Sov:  “For you, you mean.  Even if I did help you, and we found a
way out of here-- you would _still_ try to leave me in here.”

H:  “Fine-- then I’ll do it on my own.”

Sov:  “Sure!  Go ahead-- for all the good it’ll do you.  You’re
an idiot!  You know that?!”

H:  “You know nothing about me.”

Sov:  “Oh, yes I do.  [Laughs]  Oh, yeah.  See, I’ve watched you
in here.  You should make people-- worship you-- tremble in fear.
But what do you do?  Oh, you help them out.  You solve their--
puny problems.  You’re pathetic.”

H:  “Maybe-- you’re the one who’s pathetic.  You ever think about
that?  Are you so happy with your own life?”

Sov:  “Forget it!”

H:  “Wait!  You said you-- watched me in here.  How?”

Sov:  “I was thinking about you putting me in this place-- and a
window popped up in that-- pool-- and there you were.  I tried to
reach through it to-- stangle you.”

H:  “Callisto and Ares didn’t put us in here on their own.  They
had the help of some-- evil force.  I saw him.  Now, Iolaus is
alone back there with what-- whatever it is.  Iolaus?”

Sov:  “Get used to it.  It’s torture.  We can see the outside
world, but we can’t get back to it.”

H:  “There has to be a way.  There’s always a way.  There must


Y[oung] Alc:  “Hmm-- the baby kicked again.  He’s so strong.  Our
baby, Amphitryon-- no matter what anyone says.  I know it was you
in my bed that night-- even though they say it’s not possible.
They say-- you were killed before the night you came to me.  And
if that’s true-- I have to believe-- because our love was so
strong-- that you came to me in spirit.  I know it was you.  I’ll
always love you.”

I:  “Alcmene!  Um, uh-- you don’t know me.  Uh-- I’m a friend.”


H:  “Iolaus.”


I:  “Tell me-- have you seen any strangers around here?  A

Y Alc:  “No-- just you.”

I:  “What about Iphicles, your son?  Is he inside?”

Y Alc:  “No, no-- he’s away with friends.  Who are you?!  What do
you want!”

I:  “We haven’t got time for this.”


H:  “He’s with my mother.”


I:  “We gotta get away from her.  I’ll tell you in a moment.
We-- we gotta get out of here.  Come on.  It’s dangerous.  What
are you doing?  Come on, I told you-- I’m a friend!”

Y Alc:  “I’m not going anywhere with you!”

I:  “But, wait!  You don’t understand!”

Y Alc:  “Huh?!”


H:  “Callisto.”


Y Alc:  “Hello?  Can I help you?”

Cal:  “Yes.”

I:  “N-- nooo!”

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