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First release: 04-25-94
Second release: 10-17-94
Third release: 12-12-94
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: Fall 1993
Last update: 08-31-00

SYNOPSIS 1 by Euterpe
SYNOPSIS 2 by Vicky Schwartz

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)
Anthony Quinn (Zeus)
Roma Downey (Hippolyta)
Michael Hurst (Iolaus)
Lloyd Scott (Pithus)
Lucy Lawless (Lysia)
Christopher Brougham (Lethan)
Tim Lee (Ilus)
Kim Michalis (Young Alcmene)
Maggie Tarver (Village Mother)
John Steemson (Village Boy)
Rose McIver (Girl/Hydra)
Jennifer Ludlam (Alcmene)
Nick Kemplen (Village Heckler)
Heidi Anderson (Girl Being Heckled)
Jill Sayre (Ania)
Murray Keane (Tiber)
Andrew Thurtell (Kurlon)
Mick Rose (Hector)
David Taylor (Franco)
Nina Sosanya (Chilla)
Vicki Burrett (Old Amazon Woman)
Margaret-Mary Hollins (Megara)
Kristin Darragh (Lucina)
Tamara Waugh (Lucina)
Fiona Mogridge (Illa)
Jacques Dupeyroux (Baby Hercules)
Peter Malloch (Young Hercules)
Daniel James (Young Iolaus)
Jeff Boyd (Echetus)
Simone Kessell (Jana)

Written by --
Edited by --
Directed by Bill L. Norton


2nd RELEASE: 10/17/94
An AA average of 5.3
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:

6 Star Trek:Deep Space Nine               238/99    7.4   7.7   
7 Baywatch                                217/96    6.7   7.0   
14 Action Pack Network                     163/95    5.3   5.5  
18 Kung Fu                                 173/93    4.8   4.9  


Synopsis by Euterpe.

We start by seeing a foggy jungle-like place with some scared men. They are trying to get somewhere to get help. Uh Oh...something or someone is out there. Whoosh Whoosh. One of the men says "What are you, show yourself." His wish is granted and they are attacked. Only one of the men gets away and he is seen running out of the jungle-like place.

We go to kids playing in a village. It is a nice day. A small boy sees something and runs to...TAH DAH...Iolaus. "He's here" says the boy. Iolaus goes to see this man. Who is it? We see feet...and then see...Hercules. Yeah! Iolaus and Hercules throw each other around. Boys will be boys. Iolaus tells Hercules "It's bad luck for the best man to kill the groom before the wedding" as he is being benchpressed over Hercules' head. Then there is much laughter and male bonding. Iolaus is getting married! There is much crying by me. Back to the crystal ball. The men chat while walking along. They are talking about Onya..Iolaus' beautiful intended bride. (I hate her.)

UH OH, we hear Hera's theme music. We see bones lying on the ground next to a little girl. She is crying. She says "A monster killed my father then spit out his bones." Hercules talks to her. OH MY...she turns into a monster. YIKES. A serpent-like hydra with a collar. Quite stylish actually. Probably the best dressed monster I have ever seen. Unfortunately, this well-dressed hydra multiplies. When its head is cut off...it grows another, and another. Eventually Hercules and Iolaus kill the fashion conscious hydra with fire. A peacock feather found at the scene shows that this was all the work of Hera. Bad Hera!! Hercules says that "Hera is proof of what happens when a woman gets too much power." I don't think that we will see Hercules at a NOW meeting any time soon.

We go to Hercules and Iolaus with Alcmene. Iolaus invites them to dinner, Onya is cooking. YUMMY. Iolaus leaves and Mom fusses over her son. She is concerned about a cut on his arm and asks what happened. Hercules tells her. Alcmene knows that Hera is the cause. She goes to get stuff to dress the wound. Surprise...in pops Zeus. He looks alot like Anthony Quinn. Zeus is checking up on his favorite son. He says that he can't control Hera. In walks Alcmene and Zeus drools and oogles her. Zeus can't control his women or his hormones. Hercules not pleased. He tells Zeus to stay away from Alcmene. Good Boy!!!

Go to the lone survivor from the jungle-like place. He is slinking around the village.

We go to Iolaus tasting Onya's cooking from a bubbling pot. It only minimally resembles a crone-like witches cauldron. Alcmene enters the kitchen and Iolaus goes over to Hercules who is sitting at a table. Hercules agrees that there is a weird smell coming from the kitchen (from the cauldron). Onya serves him a sampling of her witch's stew. Hercules' expression shows that it tastes weird, too. Thankfully he is saved from food poisoning or turning into a toad by the lone survivor.

This mysterious man appears in one of the windows. Onya sees him a gives out a startled "OOOH." Hercules investigates. The quickly opened door is stopped by the survivor's nose. We discover that the survivor, named Pithas, is looking for Hercules. His village is called Gargarensia and it's under attack by vicious beasts. Hercules agrees to help and they plan to leave in the morning. Iolaus wants to go along. He has a problem...he is getting married. Iolaus says "Best friends fighting back to back one last time." Hercules is persuaded with much laughing and chuckling. Major male bonding,again. Hercules concerned about how Onya will take this. Iolaus tells Onya that Hercules begged him to go. He repeats the Best friends...back to back...yada yada yada story. Liar liar pants on fire. Hercules promises Onya that he will get Iolaus back in plenty of time for the wedding. UH HUH. Off the three men go. Lions and tigers and beasts...oh my. Lots of pretty visual scenes. More jokes about Onya's lack of cooking skills.

We go to a man struggling with a pig. We have reached the village. "Hey everyone, Pithas is back." Pithas says "Come on out everyone, I have Hercules...come to save Gargarensia." I expected to see little munchkins tip-toeing out wearing huge flowers on their heads. "Hercules...are you a good witch or a bad witch." Sorry...that refers to Onya. Back to the crystal ball. Iolaus and Hercules ask "Where are all the women?" (They are probably at the local NOW meeting making KICK ME signs for Hercules' back). They are told that the Beasts took them. There are children in the village but they are all boys. The children are found at the riverbank. I hope that the fish hooks are removed humanely. HAHA. Sorry. The beasts are described as looking like a wolf, a bear and a hawk. Off Hercules and Iolaus go to KILL THE BEASTS!! Wolves and bears and hawks...oh my. There is more Onya cooking jokes and male bonding. Iolaus says he wants to have 5 sons...all named Iolaus. I am sure that will cut down the confusion in that family on who is guilty of.......anything.

Our heroes stumble upon two men hanging upside down looking deceased. Noises and movement occur all around. The men (the live ones, not the dead ones) reach a cleared area and are attacked as the creatures drop down from the trees. HEY...Its Mardi Gras!!! Hercules and Iolaus are quickly surrounded by people in animal masks swinging sticks and ropes. Unfortunately they are not throwing baubles and candy. Guess it's not Mardi Gras after all. Nope, Iolaus is being throttled and Hercules has both arms restrained. The battle turns in our favor. Suddenly one of the masked creatures climbs a tree like spiderman. Then all of the masked beasts disappear up in the trees. Everyone is regrouping. It's eerily quiet.

Hercules and Iolaus walk slowly along listening and looking around carefully. YOWZER!! Iolaus' feet are grabbed from the ground and he stumbles. His sword is dropped, a hand pulls it into the earth. Hercules reaches in and pulls out a beast. And the battle is on again. Our heroes are surrounded by the Mardi Gras rejects. And they are twirling their sticks giving me a pounding headache. Do not watch this with a hangover. Luckily both Hercules and Iolaus get swords. I don't know how, 'cause the twirling sticks had me hypnotised and nauseous.

UH OH, Iolaus got his face nicked. He is bleeding and very angry. He runs off after one of the masked beasts. Hercules yells at him "Stay at my back." Iolaus does not listen or does not hear him. Now they are both surrounded and alone. Dumb Iolaus. Iolaus rips the mask off of one of the beasts and discovers a woman. She has really great hair. I am jealous. I hate her. Iolaus turns to Hercules and yells "...its a woman." Very perceptive. OUCH...he gets a sword in the gut. Poor dumb Iolaus. Hercules runs to him. "We fought well you and me...didn't we" says Iolaus. Then he dies.

Hercules is again surrounded by the women. One Amazon lifts her mask and says "No, the Queen will want to kill him." HEY...IT'S XENA!!! Isn't it? Nah..it just looks alot like her. HHHUUMM They trundle the Son of Zeus back to their camp. He is sweaty and topless. YIPPEE!! He is tied up like a trophy. I have to go find this jungle and go do me some hunting. Anyhow, some old crone in the Amazon camp offers some money as Hercules is being wheeled in. Lysia (Xena-look-a-like) says "No, this is for the Queen." Old crone retorts "No, not the man...the horse."

We see all women in the camp. Younger girls are being trained to be Amazons. Men are bad...bbaaaddd. Hercules is taken to the Queen and told to wash her feet. He refuses. The Queen congratulates her Amazons for capturing Hercules, the Champion of Men. Hercules is quite upset with the whole dead Iolaus thing. The term 'murdering b*tch' was mentioned. The Queen says "Hey, you were coming to destroy us. Or were you just lost wandering in the woods?" Hercules says "We were sent to destroy beasts, we didn't know the beasts were you." Queen: "We are not beasts...we are women." (I am woman...hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore...yada yada yada)

This is all the start of a battle of words between Hercules and The Amazon Queen Hippolyta. You don't know me...no, you don't know me...back and forth. Hey...they just met. How could they know each other? DUH. Anyhow..Hippolyta sends Hercules on a journey to live his life again...to see who he really is. She does this by blowing out a candle in his face. This could put a new spin on blowing out candles on birthday cakes.

We see Hercules shrinking into baby Hercules. There is Alcmene and Zeus. Zeus tells baby Hercules male superiority stuff. Then Hercules is a young boy. Hercules and Iolaus are taught that emotions are for the weak...women. Have any emotions...grind them to dust. Also we see the beginning of their male bonding 'fighting back to back' mantra. They decided that they would die together. OOOOHHH. To Bad. Hercules should have done the decent thing and run himself through. Oh well. We go to a replay of Hercules and Iolaus fighting the Amazons. I guess it is just a reminder of what happened. Like we are going to forget. DUH.

Back to Hercules...OH MY G*D!!! He is in a fetal position on the floor and he is NAKED!!!! Naked as a jaybird...birthday suit...not a stitch on. Bare B*tt NAKED. Darn it. Hippolyta throws him some clothes. B*tch. Hercules is grieving over Iolaus. Hippolyta is surprised by this spark of humanity. She asks him "Can you love a woman like you loved Iolaus?" Hercules tells her that he can change. She says "NO." He says that she has become just like the men she hates. Good come back by Hercules. The gauntlet has been thrown. Hippolyta has had enough (she's chicken) and lowers a cage over Hercules.

Three young women arrive at Hercules' cage curious about him...and men in general. One of them asks "Is it true men and women live together in other places?" Another asks of a small boy about ten in Gargarensia. He is fair-haired and has a freckle on his right check. Hercules met this boy at the village. It is Franco...the son of the lone survivor. Hercules realizes that this woman is Franco's mother. She denies it. (Too late.)

Suddenly Lysia (X-L-A-L) arrives and shoos them away. She says "No one is to talk to this dog. If it was up to me he wouldn't be caged, he would be buried." (Yikes..who put that chip on her shoulder?) She leaves and up pops Zeus on the other side of the cage. He admires the fire in Lysia's eyes. "She is all fire." Hercules admits that it's not the cage that is keeping him here. He could break out if he wanted to, but he is intrigued by Queen Hippolyta. (Hercules has a crush.) Zeus warns his son "You mess around with the Amazons...Hera's favorites...you will make her very unhappy."

Go to Hippolyta talking to a mirror and Hera. (Mirror mirror on the wall..yada yada yada.) She thanks Hera for helping defeat Hercules. Hera wants to know why he is still alive. (Because he is a major stud muffin...DUH.) Hippolyta is not sure he is the enemy. (Hippolyta has a crush, too...b*tch) Hera wants him killed and for her to carry out an attack on Gargarensia. Lysia (X-L-A-L) goes to get the others ready for the attack. Queen goes to get her sword. Hercules has flown the coop.

We go to Hercules at the male village warning them of the impending attack. "Get your weapons" he says. They don't have weapons. They are just farmers. (Get your rutabegas and carrots...will kill them with vegetables!) UH OH "There is something more we need to tell you about the 'attack'," Hercules is told.

Go to the moon rising. Amazons preparing for the 'attack.' Much dancing, spreading of oils and primping...the usual preparations before a date. Except for the weapons. Queen Hippolyta gives a pep talk "Take what you need, but be quick. Stay only till the sound of the horn. Then we ride away. TO YOUR HORSES!!!"

Go to Hercules plotting with the men. "Remember what I told you." He is to take care of the horn. And the women arrive...decked out in the Mardi Gras masks. The Queen warns the Amazons that Hercules could have set a trap. He has!!! It is 'courting time.' Various male villagers say "Lets talk..tell me about yourself... tell me your name, I wrote you a love song but without your name it has no title. (AAAHHH..how sweet.) Franco meets his mother.

We go to Lysia (you know who she looks like) who enters a tent where Zeus is. Zeus says "Please be gentle with me, or rough if you like." He offers her a chocolate. Lysia says "The rules are, no talk just sex." Zeus giggles...reclines...and says "As you wish."

Hercules comes upon Queen Hippolyta grooming her horse. The battle of words continues. Hippolyta can't find it in her heart to kill Hercules even though she knows that Hera wishes it. Hercules asks her not to blow the horn and separate the men and women. They deserve and need each other. Hercules and Hippolyta kiss each other and a different battle starts, involving wrestling and the earth moving.

It's morning and there is much smiling, talking, giggling and tickling occurring through out the village. Lysia and Zeus are cooing. YUCK. Hippolyta says it has gone on long enough and sounds the horn.

Go to the men absolutely giddy. They are boasting, bragging and strutting around like bandy roosters. "The women will come back 'cause they will want more. Our clothes will be mended and we will eat better...yippee." (Strut strut cluck cluck) Hercules shames them because that attitude got them in this mess in the first place and they have to change.

Go to the Amazon camp. The women are talking about how great the night was. The Queen hears how happy they all are. Lysia admits that she and her man did not get around to talking that much. YUCK. Hippolyta goes to the mirror to talk to Hera. Hera attempts to poison Hippolyta's mind against Hercules. The Queen refuses to listen and says that there will be no more commands. The mirror shatters and Hera takes over Hippolyta's body. Hera tells Lysia that "We ride to Gargarensia, and no man is to be left alive." Lysia is unhappy but does not wish to go against her Queen. She tells the other Amazons "This time we fight."

Male villager warns the rest of the men that the Amazons are coming. We then see all the men standing holding flowers and sniffing themselves...preening. One man rubs the flowers under his armpits. (Thank god for deodorant) The Amazons attack and the men scatter. Hera/Hippolyta yells "Kill them all." The lone survivor (Pithas) calls to the mother of his child. Hera says to kill him. Lysia jumps off her horse to do it but the mother of his child yells to her "No, don't." Lysia doesn't and Hera, disgusted, jumps off her horse "I'll do it." Hercules stops her. He realizes that this is not Hippolyta but the evil Hera. To defeat Hera will probably mean killing Hippolyta.

Hercules rides out of the camp, causing Hera to follow, therefore luring her away from the others. Isn't he GREAT!!! Zeus is no help. Zeus is afraid of Hera. Hercules tries to talk to Hippolyta, he tells her to "fight this." Hera attacks him repeatedly. Pithas stops Hera from possibly killing Hercules and Hera rewards him by cutting his throat. Hercules yells "NO" and at this time does fight back. He has Hera against a tree. Hera says "Go ahead, kill me." Hercules says "No, you can't make me hurt her." He walks away to a waterfall and Hera follows him. Hercules is on a bridge. Hera says "It's either fight or die." Hercules refuses to hurt Hippolyta. Hera says "I won't let both of you live." Hercules says "OK" and drops his stick. "Kill me." He cannot stand the pain of living without Hippolyta. Hera says "Ok, then live without her." She then jumps into the waterfall killing Hippolyta.

Go to the village. Hercules carries in a very dead and wet Hippolyta. Franco asks about his dad. He is told "He was a good man, but sometimes we loose the people we love."

Hercules is unhappy that three good people have died. He tell Zeus to use the candle to change all that has happened. Zeus says it's so complicated to change the course of events." The stars, planets, and the other gods...they would go insane. The headaches this would cause." Hera will be angry. Zeus blows out the candle in Hercules' face. Everything goes in reverse till we are back in the dining room with Onya serving dinner. Hercules looks stunned. Iolaus asks if he is alright. Hercules jumps up and says "It is d*mn*d good to see you." Iolaus tell him that he doesn't have to eat Onya's cooking but Hercules says "it's the best stew he has ever eaten." UH OH Pithas has just appeared at the window. Hercules says "It's only Pithas." and goes to talk to him. Iolaus is sniffing the stew, tasting it using his finger and wrinkling his cute nose. Obviously the way to Iolaus' heart is not through his stomach. Hercules tells Pithas to treat the Amazons as equals and not as enemies. Maybe wash their feet. This whole adventure ends with Hercules knowing there is a woman out there for him... Hippolyta.


Synopsis by Vicky Schwartz.

It all starts off in a dark forest. We see a close up of three scared men whispering, trying to hide from something. They comment on how they should turn back, and how no one has ever made it out alive. We see something watching, and following them. One of the men is grabbed and beaten to death, the second grabbed and killed. The third man runs as fast as he can he and barely makes it out to the edge of the forest with the creature hot on his tail, but the creature stops. The man, whose name is Pithas, continues on.

We see a village with a bunch of boys playing catch. A woman is washing her husband's feet. The boys miss the ball and a girl picks it up, asking if she can play. The answer is no. They tell her to go play with a doll or something. The mother concurs, asking her to come inside and help cook. A boy from the groups looks down the road, then dashes off recklessly to where Iolaus is sitting. The boys tells Iolaus, "He's" coming down the road. Iolaus grabs a sword and sneaks around jumping to attack...Hercules, Hercules wins the attack. Iolaus says that its bad luck to kill a groom before his wedding, Hercules agrees and promises to kill him after his wedding. They both get a good laugh as Hercules congratulates Iolaus. As they are catching up on what they've missed, during their conversation Hercules discovers that Iolaus's wife cost alot, can't cook, can't care for animals, and can't sew, but is beautiful.

Hercules and Iolaus hear a child crying and they ask her what is wrong. She is surrounded by bones of men, she tells Hercules that a monster ate her father. As Hercules comes closer the child mutates, first strangling him, then melting into the ground. Out of the ground leaps a snake/slug like animal with one of those spitting dinosaur's head. After Hercules beheads it they start to walk away, but it rises wriggles and grows two heads in place of the one beheaded one. He beheads one of the heads, two grow in its place, totaling three heads. As it attacks him he punches it away, telling Iolaus to grab the torch on Hera's temple. After Iolaus gets the torch he is grabbed by the monster. Hercules beheads it, freeing Iolaus, before two heads can spring from that point he pins the two heads to a tree with his sword Iolaus hands him the torch and Hercules lights the one severed neck on fire, it burns through it, turning it to dust. All that is left is a peacock feather, enraged Hercules uses the torch to smash Hera's peacock idol. Iolaus gets his sword from the tree and they continue on.

They arrive at Hercules' mother's house. He sneaks up behind his mother, Alcmene, who is arranging flowers. She congratulates Iolaus, too. Before Iolaus leaves for his fiancee's house, her name is Onya, he invites them to dinner. Alcmene washes Hercules' feet, he presents her with spices from Alturia. She then goes off to get a bandage for his wound.

Zeus shows up to talk to his son, Hercules. He comments on how Alcmene still loves him, then how he can't stop Hera. Zeus tells Hercules how proud he is of him, and he's sorry for being a bad father.

Pithas is wandering though town. Two men harass a girl, Pithas bumps into that girl and apologizes for bumping into her as though scared of her.

At Onya's house Iolaus is helping her prepare dinner, then goes out to talk to Hercules. She brings out the food to serve, then screams, a man was looking in the window. Hercules goes out and demands explanation. Pithas explains that his village is under attack by beasts from the surrounding woods. They are prisoners in their own village, Gargarensia.

Iolaus talks Hercules into bringing him along, as their last chance to fight together, and as his wedding present. Onya tells Hercules she is counting on him to bring Iolaus back to her, to marry her.

They trudge through forested areas past a lake with a waterfall. They climb over frozen mountains. In the village below and man runs down a log bridge into the village pushing aside a hog. He announces that they're back, the whole village gets excited. All the villagers comes forth, the villagers are all men, not a women in sight. Iolaus and Hercules ask about this, Pithas responds that the beasts took them years ago. Hercules asks then how are their young boys in the village. The explain that they find them on the shore and care for them as their own.

Hercules and Iolaus head out into the woods. They comment on how petrified the men were. Iolaus comments on how Hercules never carries a sword. They continue on through the forest, they see, stung up on a tree, the two dead men from earlier. They hear a noise over in a clearing and rush over toward it, ready for a fight. They feel the creatures watching them.

Lots of these "beasts" jump down from the trees surrounding them. They wield various weapons. The first attack is by ropes, one almost strangles Iolaus. A fight ensues. After it seems obvious to the creatures they won't win this one, they retreat up into the trees. Everything looks as though nothing had happened. Hercules and Iolaus continue to walk through the clearing, which is covered in wood chips. Hands reach up from the wood chips, grabbing their ankles, and Iolaus's sword. Hercules walks on slowly, then pulls up from under the wood chips a "beast" suddenly from the ground pops lots of creatures again surrounding them. Another fight ensues with swords and fists flying. Hercules warns Iolaus to be careful, Iolaus responds, "Careful dies, reckless kills!" Iolaus is hurt by one of the creatures, he runs off with a vengeance to hurt the creature. He gets a hold of it, her mask comes off. Iolaus shouts, "They're women!" as she stabs him. Hercules rushes to Iolaus, telling him he can't die, they promised to go out together. Iolaus dies and Hercules is captured.

The women's Calvary surrounds him and brings him through their camp to the Queen. The camp contains only women, militant woman, welding swords, teaching fighting skills. He is brought to the Queen, her name is Hippolyta. He discovers he is in the city of Amazons. Lysia pushes him to the ground, he is told to wash Hippolyta's feet, he refuses. She says how he won't do a women's job, then goes on about how weak he is. Her troops leave and she is left with Hercules. They debate over how women are treated, what makes a man, or a women. Hippolyta picks up a blue candle, obviously "magical" and makes Hercules relive through moments of his life through dreams.

First we see him as a young child, Alcmene leaves the room, Zeus shows up. He talks to baby Hercules about women. Hippolyta explains that even as infants boys are taught women are nothing. Women are toys to be used then thrown away. She comments on how that thinking doesn't change as he gets older.

Second we see Hercules and Iolaus in fighting class. They listen to their instructor as he tells them some basic rules, three of which are; (1) when you fight, fight to the death; (2) emotions are for the girls, the weak, get rid of them; and (3) you are known by the enemies you make, so make good ones. Hercules and Iolaus promise to die together. Hippolyta comments, when has a man brought life into this world? Men only bring death.

Finally we see the reckless Iolaus from earlier. Hercules and her debate again. She says how its amazing but a spark of humanity may have survived in him. Then walks off shouting, men can learn nothing, only how to deceive. Hercules comes back with the fact they've become exactly like the men they hate. He is locked in a cage.

Three Amazons show up, the first is a young girl who's never seen a man. The second is a girl of about twenty who asks Hercules if its true that in someplace men and women live together. The third is older than thirty, she asks if when Hercules was in the village he saw a boy of about ten, and was he doing well. Hercules answered that his name was Franco and he was doing well, was that her son. She denied it.

Lysia walks in shooing them away, then tells Hercules if she was in charge he'd be dead already. Zeus shows up after she leaves. He explains you never can understand women, and how is that cage keeping the mighty Hercules. Hercules explains its not the cage keeping him, its Hippolyta. He says to Zeus that he is wrong about women. Zeus then warns him the Amazons are Hera's favorite so watch out.

We see Hippolyta praying to Hera. Hera gives orders to Hippolyta, kill Hercules then attack Gargarensia. Hippolyta goes to kill Hercules but he's already escaped to warn Gargarensia. Back in Gargarensia Hercules is telling the men to get ready to defend themselves. Pithas then has to explain that the Amazons don't come to kill.

Back in the Amazon village The warriors prepare for the attack. Hippolyta reminds them to stay only until the sound of the horn. They ride on the village. In the village Hercules tells the men they know what to do so go do it. They go off to prepare.

When the first Amazon enters the man's house she orders "Take off your clothes." He says that first he'd like to talk about her, maybe share a drink, so they do. The second man's house he is ordered to take off his clothes, but first asks for her name, because he wrote her a love song. Without her name it has no title. At the third house Franco asks to see his mothers face. Pithas and her talk about their children. Lysia is entertained by Zeus. Hippolyta is stopped from blowing the horn by Hercules. In the morning the Amazons are still there, Hippolyta finally blows the horn. They no longer hate each other when they get back to their homes, the women enjoyed themselves. They talk happily about what happened.

Hippolyta is praying to Hera. Hera possess Hyppolyta after she disobeyed her. Hera is in Hippolyta's body now, controlling her. Lysia goes to thank Hippolyta for delaying the blowing of the horn, saying the women have never been so happy. Hera (everyone else is seeing her as Hippolyta) demands an attack on Gargarensia, to burn it to the ground, and kill every living thing.

The men are ready at the edge of the village with bouquets of flowers. The women ride on, the men flee, the women trample, break kill and burn everything in their path. The fighting stops, so Hera dismounts, she and Hercules fight, he can' kill her because he doesn't want to hurt Hippolyta. He rides off and Hera takes off after him. Zeus shows up and tells Hercules to run, to keep out of her way. Hercules states that he can't count on help from him. Zeus disappears. Hera and Hercules fight again. Hera is doing well because Hercules won't hurt Hippolyta, he is bleeding from the head. Hercules tries to get through to Hippolyta but he can't. Hera is about to kill him when Pithas saves him, causing Hera to kill Pithas. Hera forces Hercules to a bridge, it is broken and it falls off into a waterfall, and rocky bottom. Hera states she won't let both of them live, one must die. Hercules says that if one must die it should be him, Hera laughs. She comments on, how of all things it would be love that kills the great Hercules. She laughs and says well then live without her, and jumps off the bridge, killing Hippolyta.

Hercules caries Hippolyta's body back to the village, the Amazons take it and put it on the horse. Franco cries about losing his father. Hercules runs to Hippolyta's temple, he lights the blue magic candle. Zeus shows up, telling Hercules he can't turn back time, it would cause too much trouble. Finally Hercules convinces Zeus, and Zeus blows on the candle. Time reverses, we see Hercules go backwards through the days until he's back at Onya's house as she screams about the man in the window. Hercules goes out, tells Pithas what to do, the bewildered Pithas goes back to his village. The plan works. Iolaus lives and Gargarensia is saved.


This commentary is by Cathy.

This was like a "New Zealand" travelogue. Lots of beautiful scenery and exotic locales of this gorgeous country.

Want to see Lucy Lawless as a very bland Amazon? The best thing this woman ever did was dye her hair black. There is nothing striking about her in this movie. As "Xena" she is more solid body-wise and refined in her looks. Now I see why Tapert and Raimi did not originally choose her and had picked a bevy of other actresses to be the show's star. I would not have picked her to be my "Xena" either. It is a real credit to Lucy Lalwess for bringing "Xena" to life. She deserves that expensive Mercedes, and if she wants a lear jet too, hey you go girl!

I loved the PREVIEWS in this movie....we are shown a young Renee O'Connor as she appears in "The Lost Kingdom" and another of my favorite people, Robert Trebor (Salmoneous).

Now, to the movie. I had some problems with the plot. Essentially, the women of a particular village have all disappeared. Whenever the men go after them, they are attacked by strange "beasts", which we find out later are really Amazons in full battle gear. Their costumes mimic lions, tigers and other forest creatures. And can they kick *ss! They even manage to beat up and capture Hercules.

Unfortunately, Iolaus is killed early on in the movie by the Amazons. Hercules is bodily taken to the Amazon village to meet the queen played fantastically by Roma Downey and she is no angel. She has a tall, mousey haired lieutenant, played by our very own Lucy Lawless! Her name is Lysia, and you can see shades of you-know-who in her when she fights.

On certain nights of the year these Amazons attack the men's village, and this is where I had a problem with this movie, are they after treasure? No. All they want is sex. Yes, you heard me, SEX. Now if Lucy Lawless dressed in leather came into YOUR bedroom demanding sex from you, would any man in the world live in fear of that? Or any woman either? A whole group of leather clad Amazon babes looking for nothing but to be knocked up. And the men are so afraid Hercules has to intervene? PLEASE!

Seems the Amazons do this periodically to have babies to carry on the Amazon nation. Male babies are not desirable and are left by the river for the villagers to find. Hercules has a talk with these men. "Woo them" he says, "romance them and they will stay with you forever". What a sexist bunch of crap this is. The Amazons throw away their culture and all they stand for a few hours more of sex with the men? ACCKKK! Of course ol' Herc is after Roma herself, who is in league with Hera, his arch nemesis. But, Herc is sooo irresistable, that Roma spends all night with him, and doesn't blow her horn calling all the Amazon women back to their village (they only stay long enough to get knocked up). Now all the Amazons want to go live with the men all the time. By the way, you must watch this to see who Lucy Lawless sleeps with -- I am not telling!

Hera takes over the queen's body and orders the Amazon women to go to the village and kill all the men. Of course they cannot do it now. So Roma (Hera) rides off and Herc goes after her. She ends up flinging herself off a waterfall to her death so Herc has lost another love.

Hercules goes back to the village and is able to turn back time with Zeus's help, so Iolaus never dies and the other men of the village do not die as well. The Amazon women grab their dishtowels and aprons to stay with the men as housewifes. Gee, I would too though, what woman alive would want to hunt & row their own food, dance around the campfire at night with their sisters, dress in leather garb and learn the ways of the forest and how to defend themselves with the staff and the bow? Thank goodness Hercules set them straight. As he said in the beginning of the movie, "Give a woman too much power and look what happens".

This movie is no academy award winner, but is your chance to see a wonderful performance by Roma Downey and an early work of Lucy Lawless


07-19-98. Three actresses were considered for the part of Hippolyta: Vanessa Angel (who also missed getting the XENA lead), Elizabeth Hurley (yup, the model who was in Austin Powers), and Roma Downey (who got the role). Do we see a pattern yet? It seems they were going for a certain look and did not care whether the actress could meet the demand of such strenuous roles nor even looked like they could. At this point they were definitely remaining in the fantasy mold, and why not, it was only a one-shot deal. They did not have to have the actress do this daily for an entire season's worth of episodes. Of course, they still wanted Vanessa Angel for Xena but lucked out when Angel developed an illness and was not able to make the flight to New Zealand and they replaced her with Lucy Lawless, who actually added to the realism of the show. Now THAT is incredible luck.

02-04-98. Kim Michalis also played Young Alcmene in HTLJ's ARMAGEDDON PART 1 (H72/413).

02-04-98. AMAZON WOMEN was the precedent for HOOVES AND HARLOT (10/110), THE QUEST (37/213), A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214), PRODIGAL SISTER (H66/407), MATERNAL INSTINCT (57/311).


07-16-99. From Debbie Roche. Alot of stuff from the movies contradict the series. For example Iolaus gets married in the first movie. Time travel. Herc went back in time in the first movie to erase some of the events, then he went back again in the series and as a result never married Serena, whose to say he doesn't do it again and go back and alter the academy days?

07-15-99. From novashanti. In the movie Hercules and the Amazon Women, it shows Hercules' flashbacks of his training and Lilith wasn't there [as shown on the series YOUNG HERCULES]. He views women as being weaker than men and in need of their protection. If he'd met Amazons before and trained with Lilith, how did he grow up to think that way?

Sorbo in the nude?


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