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"The Way"  Episode 84/416



Man's Voice:  [Chant]

G's Voice:  "I _love_ rivers."

X's Voice:  "They're all right, if you don't have to get to the
other side."

G's Voice:  "There's a certain-- inevitability to a river.
Nothing stops it from finding its way."

X's Voice:  "You ever hear of a dam?  Beavers?"

G's Voice:  "Why do you do that?"

X's Voice:  "What?"

G's Voice:  "You shoot me down while I'm doing my philosophical

X:  "Whaddya mean?"

G:  "Xena-- since I met you, I've been on this spiritual quest.
I've been looking-- for the meaning to it all.  Why don't _you_
ever ask those questions?"

X:  "As a matter of fact, I've been thinking a lot about
reincarnation since we came to India."

G:  "You see?  Maybe being a warrior isn't the right karma for
you.  Maybe you should look to peace."

X:  "Hmm-- maybe violence isn't the answer to _anything_.
Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Why are you following us?"

Warrior:  "We were ordered to stop you from reaching the avatar!"

X:  "Who's `We'?"

G:  "Xena!"


X:  "All right-- who's tryin' to stop us from reaching the

Warrior:  "Indrujid-- the king of demons!  The prince of

X:  "I get it-- he's a bad guy."


X's Voice:  "We've gotta beat Indrujid to this avatar, whatever
that is."

G:  "An avatar-- is a deity in human form.  They're usually
destined to save humanity from a great evil.  What's the matter?"

X:  "It's this wound.  That demon should never have gotten a
blade on me."

G:  "Xena, you're only human.  Everybody loses focus sometimes."

X:  "It's not just that I lost focus.  It's _why_.  A few days
ago, I saw my future life.  You saw it, too.  I'm destined to be
reborn as some kind of a saint."

G:  "But that's wonderful, isn't it?"

X:  "Yes-- but if I already earned that karma-- can I still mess
it up?  Maybe I was shown my future life for a reason.  Maybe I'm
supposed to change the way that I'm living _this_ life, here and
now.  But, either way, a warrior cannot ask these questions in
the heat of battle.  When the kill is there, you have to take it.
If I can't do that-- I can't be a warrior, anymore."



A Man's Voice:  "Avatar!"

X:  "What's the attraction?"

Man:  "The avatar."

Eli:  "And so, you must cast all hate and violence-- from your

G:  "It's Eli."

Man:  "I have heard that-- you're a healer.  Is this true?"

Eli:  "I-- have been given a gift."

Man:  "My daughter-- is very ill.  She fell into a feverish
sleep-- three days ago.  I cannot awaken her.  Please-- heal

Eli:  "Have you treated her with the proper herbs?"

Man:  "I have done all that I can.  Please-- she'll die if you--
don't heal her."

X:  "Come on, Eli."

Man:  [Gasps]

Woman's Voice:  "Is she awake?"

A Man's Voice:  "Oh-- avatar-- "

Man [Sighs]:  "Thank you.  Thank you."


X:  "Eli-- Eli, wait up!  What's the matter with you?!"

Eli:  "Hello, old friends.  You're a sight for sore eyes."

G:  "Eli-- you healed that little girl."

Eli:  "Yes."

X:  "So, you really _are_ the avatar."

Eli:  "Yes."

G:  "That's wonderful."

Eli:  "It's not as wonderful as you might think.  People suffer
so, Gabrielle, it breaks my heart.  And they look to _me_ for

G:  "That must be an awesome responsibility."

Eli:  "You wanna know what the scariest part is?  It's that I
know the truth."

G:  "The truth?"

Eli:  "No, not the _truth_-- _the_ [long e] truth.  I've seen it.
It's as real to me as these trees are to you.  You know, I was
jealous of you."

G:  "Me?"

Eli:  "When I thought you were a devi.  You seemed to have the
power to _heal_ people.  That thing I sought after all my life.
I envy that.  Now I have this power to-- _heal_ people and cast
out demons-- give people hope.  And it terrifies me."

X:  "Something's out there watching us."

G:  "Maybe it's one of your followers."

X:  "It's not human.  Eli-- have you heard of Indrujid?"

Eli:  "The king of demons?"

X:  "He's coming after you."

Eli:  "I heard that, too.  If he comes, he comes.  There's
nothing I can do about that."

X:  "You can let us travel with you."

Eli:  "No-- I can't let you put yourselves in danger for me
again.  Besides-- I have to make this trip on  my own."

G:  "What trip?"

Eli:  "I'm goin' to the coast to catch a ship.  I'm going home."

X:  "Well, that's great, `cause we were thinking of going to the
coast ourselves."

Eli:  "Xena, I don't want you fighting in my defense."

X:  "What are you gonna do to stop us?"

Eli:  "Come on, then."


Eli:  [Gasps]



X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Hanuman [Han]:  "Please-- don't hurt me.  I meant no harm."

X:  "Put me down."

Han:  "Of course."

X:  "What do you think you're doing, prowling around our camp?"

Han:  "I wanted to get a closer look at the avatar.  My name is

X:  "You've been following us for some time."

Han:  "Yes-- I thought perhaps I could be of some help to Eli.
Indrujid is coming for him."

Eli:  "I don't need any help-- really."

Han:  "Most young avatars say that."

G:  "You've known others?"

Han:  "Only one.  If _I_ were you, I would take Eli to the great
temple-- and ask for Krishna's help."

X:  "Krishna?"

Han:  "The supreme personality of the godhood.  He will know how
to handle Indrujid.  And as long as Eli stays in the temple--
he'll be safe."

X:  "Great temple it is, then."


Han:  "Indrujid's demons."

X:  "Is `His Badness' with them?"

Han:  "If he is-- he won't be leaving any tracks.  Quick-- take
cover.  I'll keep watch!"

X:  "Go-- come on."

Han:  "How wonderful-- you can climb trees just like one of us.
You must have learned from monkeys."

X:  "Nope-- Amazons."

Han:  "Amazons?"

X:  "It's a long story.  What did you mean when you said that
Indrujid wouldn't leave tracks?"

Han:  "Indrujid attacks from the sky."

X:  "You seem to know a lot about Indrujid."

Han:  "I know a lot about his entire family.  I assisted Rama,
when Rama killed Indrujid's father."

X:  "Rama-- I've heard people speak of Rama since I've been in
India.  But didn't he live a long time ago?"

Han:  "Yes, centuries."

X:  "Then, you're immortal?"

Han:  "Not quite.  There is _one_ being that could kill me."

X:  "Let me guess-- Indrujid."


G:  "What _is_ the truth?"

Eli:  "So, you really wanna know?"

G:  "Yeah."

Eli:  "It's life-- that we must revere it-- wherever we find it--
to bring peace to this world.  I have to teach mankind a
reverence for life."

G:  "So-- if someone were to walk up to you-- and knock you
down-- "

Eli:  "-- then I'd get up."

G:  "But if they knocked you down again-- "

Eli:  "Then I'd get up again-- if I could.  But under no
circumstances would I fight back.  If I did-- I would simply be
perpetuating the cycle of violence that has ravaged the Earth for
centuries.  That cycle has to be broken, Gabrielle.  And the
truth-- is that that can only be done through nonviolence."

G:  "So, that's the truth."


X:  "Hanuman, you've been walking the Earth for centuries, now.
How do you know what is the right code, or-or lifestyle, or-- ?"

Han:  "-- way."

X:  "Yes-- how do you know what's the right way for you?"

Han:  "_My_ way-- is the way of obedience-- and loyalty.  I can
see it's not your way.  You're too proud."

X:  "What happens when a person gets stuck between two ways?"

Han:  "That is not good.  For each person-- there can only be
_one_ way."

X:  "What's that?"

Han:  "Indrujid.  He's north of us.  We may still have time to
reach the temple."

X:  "Let's go."


Man's Voice:  "Look!  It's the avatar!"

Woman's Voice:  "Oh!  The avatar!  Avatar!"

Men's Voice:  "Heal me, avatar!"  "Take away my pain!"

Han:  "He's close.  Indrujid is coming!"

X:  "Go to your homes."

Han:  "Take the trail behind the temple!"

Man:  "No-- we know who he has come for.  We must-- stay and
fight for the avatar!"

A Man's Voice:  "Yes!"

Man:  "Avatar!"

Eli:  "No, no, no, no, no!  Listen to me, please!  Listen!
Listen!  Listen to me!  Thank you for your concern.  It means a
great deal to me, but I _will_ not have you fighting in my
defense.  The only reason I've been able to help you-- is that
because in your hearts-- you're as innocent as children.  If you
were to do battle with Indrujid, it would harm not only your
bodies, but your souls as well.  I'll be all right."

X:  "He's right.  You must go to safety.  Hurry!  Now!  Get Eli
inside the temple.  I'm gonna make sure everyone gets gone before
Indrujid comes."

G:  "Be careful.  Come on, Eli."


G:  "The statue with the flute-- is that Krishna?"

Han:  "Yes-- though he can appear in whatever shape he chooses.
He's the ultimate manifestation of the supreme deity."

G:  "Hanuman-- no offense.  You see, Xena and I aren't used to
waiting around for the gods to bail us out."

Han:  "Eli's words have troubled you-- haven't they, Gabrielle?"

G:  "How did you know what he said to me?"

Han:  "I have been following him for weeks.  I know his words
touch anyone-- with an open heart."

G:  "So, what do _you_ think of his message."

Han:  "His way-- is the ultimate way.  Few can follow it.  Those
that do-- truly walk with the spirit."


X:  "Come on, move it!"

Man:  [Mumbles something]

X:  "Get out!"

Man:  "It is not safe to be here.  Danger is approaching.  We
must leave."


[Cut to-- ] Eli:  "Xena's in trouble."

G:  "Eli, come back!  Eli!  Wait!"

Eli [?]:  "Stop!"

Han:  "Come, child.  Here-- take her to safety."

G:  "Eli-- !"

Eli:  "Please, stop!"

G:  "No!"

Han:  "Indrujid!"

Indrujid [Ind]:  [Laughs]

X:  [Yells]

Eli:  "Let go!"

Ind:  "Y-y-yah!"

Eli:  "Gabrie-e-e-e-e-elle!  [Yells]  Oh-h-h-h!"

X:  "Go back!  Run, Gabrielle!  He's coming!  Go!  Go!"

X:  [Yells]

G:  "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!"

X:  "Gabrielle!  Gabrie-e-e-e-elle!"

G:  "Xena-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!"



X:  "Where did he take them?"

Han:  "He went to the demon land of Lanka."

X:  "Then, that's where we're headed next."

Han:  "Xena-- you saw how powerful he is.  In Lanka, he has
hundreds of demons to help him.  We can't beat him."

X:  "Well, your friend Krishna didn't show."

Han:  "We need to get his attention."

X:  "And how do we do that?"

Han:  "With these gods-- sometimes you've got to try something

X:  "Like what?!"

Han:  "I pray to him all the time.  What Krishna needs is for
someone to call upon him-- who doesn't respect gods-- doesn't
trust them-- doesn't like them-- someone who thinks-- she doesn't
need them."

X:  "You want me to pray."


G:  "Wait!  Uh!  Eli-- I think if we put both our weights against
this door, we can pro-- probably just-- uh!  You're not gonna do
anything to try to get outta here, are you?"

Eli:  "No."

G:  "Open the door!"

Eli:  "Be patient.  We'll be all right."

G:  "I don't think that's very realistic.  This is an evil--

Eli:  "He's not a man at all, Gabrielle.  He's the incarnation of
evil itself."

G:  "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

Eli:  "He and I-- may be here in mortal bodies, but our war is a
spiritual one.  I'm sure that if I can stay faithful to my way, I
can defeat him.  His is the way of evil.  Mine is the way of-- "

G:  "-- love!  I know that.  I _know_ that."


X:  "All right, what's he into?  Chanting?  Sacrifices?"

Han:  "You understand who Krishna is.  He's not like other gods.
He is in everyone-- every living being.  So, to find him-- you
need only to look within."


Ind:  "Hello, Eli.  Don't be afraid.  I come in love."

Eli:  "Love?"

Ind:  "Can't you-- have compassion for me-- Eli?  I've suffered,
too.  Didn't I love my father-- who was-- killed-- by another
avatar-- the one they call-- Rama."

Eli:  "What do you want, Indrujid?"

Ind:  "I want to be your friend-- and ally."

Eli:  "We both know that's impossible."

Ind:  "You, uh-- you're not afraid of me, are you, Eli?"

Eli:  "I know you can't hurt me."

Ind:  "You, uh-- like her-- don't you?  Well-- congratulations,
Eli.  You have your first-- real disciple.  How passive-- and
serene will you remain-- while she's-- being tortured?"


X:  "How am I doing, Hanuman?  [Whispers]  Krishna.  [Normal
Voice]  Krishna.  Thank you for coming.  Where's Hanuman?"

Krishna [Kri]:  "I asked him to step outside.  I thought it best
we be alone for this."

X:  "For what?  We are going after Gabrielle and Eli, right?"

Kri:  "How do you expect to defeat Indrujid?"

X:  "I can't without your help."

Kri:  "But I can't help you-- unless you let me."

X:  "I'm not one for cryptic talk.  Get to the point."

Kri:  "You must open up your heart to me-- if you're going to tap
into the strength that will allow you to defeat Indrujid."

X:  "I thought that's what the prayers were for."

Kri:  "_That_ got my attention.  Now-- you have to go one step
further.  You have to embrace the way."

X:  "The way?  I've heard about the way in Greece, Ch'in,
Anatoli, and now India.  I don't get it.  The way is not for
people like me."

Kri:  "You're wrong.  You're very close to the way now.  However,
missing it by the width of a hair-- is the same as missing it by
the height of a mountain."

X:  "I'm close?  I don't think so.  I don't have the patience of
Gabrielle, the love of Eli, or the serenity of my mentor, Lao Ma.
I'm just an angry, ass-kicking-- "

Kri:  "-- warrior."

X:  "Yes, a warrior."

Kri:  "You say that with disgust."

X:  "Well, it doesn't rank up there with the saints, does it?"

Kri:  "Xena-- you have seen what you're destined to be.  In
_your_ next life, you _will_ walk the way of the saint.
However-- you will never achieve that life if you don't follow
the way you're on now."

X:  "The way of the warrior?"

Kri:  "Yes-- you _must_ not be hesitant to fight in a just cause.
It is better to die following your own way, than to live
following someone else's.  When you ride into combat-- act
without attachment-- and carry with you the confidence that you
are fulfilling your calling in this life.  Then you will know the

X:  "I understand."

Kri:  "Then go.  Rise up like fire-- and burn all that oppose
you.  And if you're following the path of the way-- call my
name-- and the strength to defeat Indrujid-- will be given to
you.  Are you ready?"

X:  "I'm ready."

Han:  "I'm ready, too."


X's Voice [Whispers]:  "Gabrielle.  [Normal Voice]  Gabrielle.
Help me."

Eli['s Voice]:  "Gabrielle, be careful."



"X" [Softly]:  "Won't you help me?"

Eli[`s Voice]:  "Gabrielle-- "

Eli:  "No, no!  Don't!"

G:  "No-o-o-o-o-o-o!"

"X":  "There, now.  That wasn't so hard, was it?  You're in my
world now, little girl."

Ind:  "I got her to caave with a simple illusion.  Your disciple
gave into the first temptation.  Let's see how you do, Eli.  You
feel her pain, don't you?  That's your curse.  You feel
_everyone's_ pain.  Eli-- I could arrange it so you may never
have to look on human suffering.  I could-- surround you-- with
joyous-- happy people.  Save yourself-- and this girl.  Join me."

Eli:  "No."

Ind:  "Then-- she dies.  Ah-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h!


X:  [Yells]

G:  "Xena!"

X [Weakly]:  "Gabrielle-- Krish-na."

G:  "Yah-h-h-h!"

X-as-Horde:  [Laughs]

G [Whispers]:  "Xena."

Han:  "Thank you, Krishna."


G:  "Eli?  I failed my first test."

Eli:  "It's hard, the way of love.  It may not be right for you.
But if you choose to follow it-- you must do so with all your
heart.  You'll fail more than once.  But don't give up hope.  In
the end-- you'll redeem the world."

G:  "Where are you going?"

Eli:  "Home.  I need to take the message to my own people.  I
believe they'll be the most receptive.  Thank you, Gabrielle.
You were the first one to understand me.  I won't forget you."

X:  "So, it's the way of love for you, huh?"

G:  "Yeah.  Yours is the way of the warrior.  I think I've always
known that."

X:  "And I've always known that it was wrong for you.  I'm sorry
I took you so far from your truth."

G:  "Don't be sorry.  Xena-- do you think I could have understood
the power of selfless love-- if it weren't for our friendship?"

X:  "Still, I think maybe you should travel with Eli for a

G:  "No.  You and I stay together."

X:  "Gabrielle, we're headed in opposite directions in life."

G:  "All rivers run to the sea.  We'll end up in the same place;
I'm sure of it.  Thank you."

X:  "For what?"

G:  "For not mentioning dams."

X:  "You're welcome."


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