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Season 4, episode 16
Series 416
1st release: 02/22/99
2nd release: 08/30/99
Production number: V0617
Approximate shooting dates: December 1998
Last update: 02-16-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Bluesong
SYNOPSIS 2 by Missy Good
COMMENTARY 1 by Beth Gaynor
COMMENTARY 2 by Deb E McGhee
COMMENTARY 4 by Missy Good
COMMENTARY 5 by Videntur
COMMENTARY 6 by Beboman
COMMENTARY 7 by Jill Hayhurst
COMMENTARY on the COMMENTARIES by Clarissa A. Sorensen

Timothy Omundson (Eli)

Rajneel Singh (Indrajit/King of Demons)
Rajiv Varma (Krishna)
Lucy Lawless (Kali)
Jake McKinnon (Hanuman)
Slade Leef (Demon)
George Sabbage (man)
(Little Girl) [non-speaking]

Written by R.J. Stewart
Edited by Robert Field
Directed by John Fawcett

(Indrajit rises off a throne and grows extra arms.)
Eli: Gabrielle, be careful.
(Indrajit chokes Gabrielle.)
Indrajit (to Xena): She dies.
(Xena draws her sword.)

Xena (to Gabrielle and Eli): Something's out there watching us.
(Xena draws her sword on someone.)
(Eli holds a child in his arms.)
Man: It's the Avatar!
Eli (to followers): I will not have you fighting in my defense.
(Indrajit rises off a throne and grows extra arms.)
Eli: Gabrielle, be careful.
Hanuman (to Xena): You can't beat him.
(Xena knocks down one of Indrajit's demons.)
(Indrajit chokes Gabrielle.)
Indrajit: She dies.
(Xena pulls her sword on Krishna.)
Xena: Krishna.

Xena seeks the help of the god Krishna to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the clutches of the King of the Demons.

Xena invokes Krishna to save Gabrielle and Eli from the king of demons.

03/02/99. In India, Xena and Gabrielle meet up with Eli who's now the Avatar (a good god). Then all three meet Indrajit, who's definitely a bad god.

THE WAY was pulled from circulation for a few months after criticism about how Krishna was portrayed in the show. THE WAY returned to circulation on 08/30/99 in a revised edition and was appended by the following announcement from Lucy Lawless, Sunil Aghi, and Renee O'Connor.

Lawless: In today's episode Xena prayed to Krishna the supreme godhead of Hinduism. We hope that we have portrayed it in a revered and respectful way.
Aghu: My name is Sunil Aghi. I am the community activist and president of the Hindu American political foundation.
O'Connor: More than a billion people throughout the world practice the Hindu religion.
Aghi: An accurate portrayal of our deity is important to us, but an even more important goal is to enlighten people of other faith about Hinduism.
O'Connor: With understanding comes tolerance.
Lawless: If you would like to learn more about this great religion please visit your local library or Internet web site.

1st RELEASE: 02-22-99
An AA average of 3.7
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 13th with 5.4
(2) STAR TREK DS9/ER 19th with 4.1
(3) XENA 23rd with 3.7
(4) HERCULES 25th with 3.6
(5) STARGATE 3.2
(9) THE CROW 2.5
(10) NIGHTMAN 2.2

2nd Release: 08-30-99
An AA average of 3.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:

Rank  Program                    % coverage   AA%   GAA%
    1 Wheel of Fortune         231/98         9.5       --
    2 Jeopardy!                207/93         8.0       --
    3 Oprah Winfrey            236/99         6.0      6.1
    4 Judge Judy               218/95         5.9      8.0
    5 Friends                  219/90         5.8      6.5
    6 Seinfeld                 223/95         5.2       --
    7 Entertainment Tonight    175/94         5.0      5.2
    8 Frasier                  199/95         4.9      5.4
    9 Wheel of Fortune-Wknd    173/82         4.5       --
   10 Jerry Springer           207/95         4.1      4.5
   11 X-Files                  239/98         3.8      4.1
   12 Hollywood Squares        179/91         3.7       --
   13  Xena                    223/98         3.6      3.8
   14 Sally Jessy Raphael      212/98         3.5      3.6
   15 Rosie O'Donnell          323/96 *       3.4      3.4
   15 Simpsons                 176/93         3.4      3.4
   15 Home Improvement         170/89         3.4      3.8
   15 Judge Joe Brown          179/93         3.4      4.3
   15 Journeys of Hercules     226/93         3.4      3.6
   15 ER                       234/92         3.4      4.0

   * Reflects carriage on the WeB cable channels.
AA average refers to nonduplicated viewing for multiple airings of the same
GAA average encompasses duplicated viewing.


This synopsis is by Bluesong.

03-02-99. Gabrielle waxes philosophic about rivers and how wonderful they are, until Xena mentions dams. Gabrielle accuses Xena of always causing problems with her philosophies. Xena turns around and stabs at a guy who was following them. He throws bugs to the ground, and the bugs turn into men who attack Gabrielle and Xena. Gabrielle takes on one guy while Xena handles about five. One of the guys tells Xena about someone ordering them to make sure Xena doesn't reach the Avatar. One of the guys slices Xena's arm open (left upper arm; she should have an eternal scar in that spot. Or a "stab me here" arrow.). After the fighting, Gabrielle patches Xena up while the warrior chastizes herself for getting cut. Xena tells Gabrielle she doesn't want to mess up her karma because she wants to be that woman in her future who is the mother of peace. She says if she can't keep her focus, she can't be a warrior.

They travel on, and come to a gathering of people. In the center is Eli, the healer from "Devi". A father gives his comatose daugther to Eli, and he heals her. The people all worship Eli and he trudges off, with Xena and Gabrielle following. Xena says something "not human" is out in the woods following them.

They settle for the night. A big yeti-man comes out of the wilderness and approaches Eli. Xena attacks. The yeti-man talks, saying he just wants to see the avatar. He tells Eli that Indrajit is coming to get him. He tells Eli that he should go to the great temple to seek the help of Krishna. The yeti-man will lead them.

As they journey on, Eli tells Gabrielle that there is one truth, and that is non-violence and a reverence for life. Fighting isn't allowed, ever. Xena talks about finding her way with the yeti-man. They reach the temple, and the people, including the father from before, want to fight to save the avatar, but Eli says no, it'll corrupt your souls. Eli, Gabrielle and the yeti-man go into the temple while Xena sees that the folks are all safe. Xena is attacked by people who turn into demons of Indrajit. While Xena is fighting these guys, Indrajit flies in on his magic carpet. He takes Eli. Then he chases Gabrielle a while, catches her, and flies away.

Xena and the yeti-man talk about their next move. The yeti-man says Indrajit took Gabrielle to the demon land. He tells Xena she has to pray and call on Krishna for assistance. Gabrielle and Eli arrive at the demon land. Xena learns that she has to look inside herself to pray to Krishna. She does this. Indrajit, meanwhile, tells Eli that he will torture Gabrielle to get to the avatar.

Xena prays, and Krishna appears. Xena must open her heart to Krishna and embrace the way. He tells Xena that she must follower her way in this lifetime, which is the way of the warrior, if she is to fulfill her calling. Xena is to say his name when she's following the way and needs help. Xena and yeti-man set out to save Gabrielle.

Eli and Gabrielle meditate together. Xena's voice echoes in Gabrielle's head. Eli offers a mental warning. Gabrielle opens her eyes and sees Xena chained, all bloody and beaten, with a demon dude ready to stab her. Gabrielle jumps up, grabs her staff, and attacks. The Xena image turns into Indrajit, who captures Gabrielle. He chokes Gabrielle. Xena's chakram flies through the air and cuts off Indrajit's hand. Indrajit grows more arms and hands, until he has at least six waving around. He grabs axes and knives and throws them at Xena. Xena attacks Indrajit. They fight. Xena is stabbed in the hand. Indrajit cuts off first Xena's left arm and then her right. Gabrielle grabs her staff and attacks Indrajit. Xena calls on Krishna.

Xena grows lots of arms and hands, like Indrajit. Indrajit and Xena fight. The yeti-man comes in and fights some demon dudes. Xena finally chops off Indrajit's head. She returns to her normal self, complete with her arms (just two of them, though).

Gabrielle and Eli talk about the way of love, which is the path Gabrielle wants to follow. Gabrielle throws her staff into the river. Xena watches it float away. She and Gabrielle talk about the separate paths they are following. Xena says Gabrielle should leave her. Gabrielle says they may be separate rivers, but they'll end up in the same sea.


This synopsis is by Missy Good.

03-02-99. We start fighting demon Kabuki players. No, really…they're demons in masks. The two fight, and eventually turn them to dust, but Xena freezes in the middle of the fight, and gets a cut on the shoulder. (same shoulder, yes, same cut, for those who are taking counts) This bothers Big X, who is questioning her choices in remaining a warrior, when her karma is intended to make her the peacemaker in her next life. She's worried about messing that up.

They find Eli, and coerce him into letting them travel with him. (Eli - I won't have you fighting in my defense! Xena - Oh yeah, and what, exactly, are you going to do to stop us? Eli - ah….okay.) They make their way towards the coast…it seems that Eli is an avatar, and the ultimate evil god Indrajit's is after him.

But Xena's cootie meter goes off, and she senses something is following them. Something that's not human. They go to sleep, and sure enough…

Roddy MacDowell shows up.

No, really.. it's a…furry dude. He explains he's Hanuman, and he's here to try and help Eli. They make their way towards the temple, and encounter Indrajit's trail. Hanuman explains he is an immortal, and he's really kind of funny. His attitude is faintly familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. He tells Xena that being caught between two ways is very dangerous, and infers that she is.

They get to the temple, and Eli explains to Gabrielle that the truth is the way of non violence. That only people who follow this way know the 'truth' In the meantime, Xena goes out to make sure everyone gets under cover because Indrajit's is going to attack. Eli will be safe if he stays in the temple.

Kabuki's attack. What does Eli do? Runs out of the temple. They fight off the demons, but Indrajit comes and steals Eli, then goes back and gets Gabrielle, and takes them both to the Evil Tower.

Meanwhile, Hanuman tells Xena she can't defeat Indrajit's unless she has Krishna's help.. and for that they have to get it's attention, which means Xena has to pray to it. Hanuman thinks Xena will have a problem with this - but I seem to remember that Xena has prayed to the gods once before on the show.. and, what do you know.. it was in Gabrielle's behalf. She does it.

In the Evil Tower, Eli reassures Gabrielle that she'll be fine, as long as Eli can keep to his 'way'. Gabrielle is not reassured by this for some reason.

Krishna shows up - he's impressed by Xena's prayers, and tells her he'll help her, if she allows it. He tells her she has to follow her way, and that is the way of the warrior, she has to embrace that fully in this life, to walk the path of peace in the next life. He tells her if she goes, and she calls his name while she is embracing her way, the strength to defeat Indrajit's will be given to her.

Meanwhile…back in the Evil Tower, Indrajit's watches Eli and Gabrielle meditate, and asks Eli if he'll stay to his path when Gabrielle is being tortured. During this Gabrielle is meditating. Then we come back, and Indrajit's breaks Gabrielle's concentration by showing her a vision of Xena in chains.. she tries to go help her, and Indrajit's catches her, choking the bejeasus out of the poor woman.

Bad idea. He gets his hand cut off for the effort, by a flying chakram. But then he grows four more arms. Or maybe it's six. Xena really would need a weed whacker for this guy.

I won't go over the fight, because it was really bloody, and lots of body parts got cut off - Xena is pretty much done for (both arms cut off) before she calls on Krishna, and gets turned into a six armed warrior demon from Heck. She defeats Indrajit's, and cuts his head off.

Eli tells Gabrielle if she follows his way, it will be hard, and she'll fail more than once, but in the end, she'll change the world. (he has a way with the girls, no?) Gabrielle decides this is her way, and tosses her staff into a running river.

Xena sees her, and walks over. "So.. it's the way of love for you, huh?" Gabrielle says "Yes. It's the way of the warrior for you.. I think I've always known that." Xena says "And I always knew that was wrong for you.. I'm sorry I took you so far from your path." Gabrielle looks at her, and says "Don't be sorry… how would I know the power of selfless love if it weren't for our friendship?" Xena suggests that she travel with Eli for a while, and Gabrielle says "No… we go together." Xena reminds her they are on opposing paths, and Gabrielle says. "All paths lead to the sea…we'll end up in the same place. I'm sure of it." Xena agrees. Gabrielle says.. "Thank you." Xena looks at her. "For what?" Gabrielle looks back. "For not saying anything about dams." They both laugh, and Xena puts a hand on Gab's shoulder, which Gab covers with her hand. And they fade out while watching the river go by.


COMMENTARY 1 by Beth Gaynor
COMMENTARY 2 by Deb E McGhee
COMMENTARY 4 by Missy Good
COMMENTARY 5 by Videntur
COMMENTARY 6 by Beboman
COMMENTARY 7 by Jill Hayhurst


02-07-00. Commentary Clarissa A. Sorensen.

Disclaimer: I probably shouldn't send this to you but the commentators themselves, but too many of them have made the same mistake to really send it to them all.

Okay, I need to make one or two comments on the synopses/commentaries of "The Way". Not that I am either a hindu or biblical scholar, but since I've been in more religion and seminary bible classes than I can remember, let me add my two pence to the discussion. I believe Eli in the episodes "The Way" and "Devi" is not a so-called "Jesus figure" but is in fact Elijah himself (of the Old Testament). (perhaps those who comment on the episodes only know New Testament figures?) Elijah was an Old Testament prophet who defeated the prophets of Baal at Carmel (analogous to defeating Indrajit in India)[ref. 1 Kings 18:16-46] and raised from the dead a young boy who had stopped breathing (analogous to the young girl scene)[ref. 1 Kings 17:7-24]. For those who know the New Testament better, Elijah was equated in three of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) with John the Baptist and was present (with Moses) at the tranfiguration of Christ (ref. Matthew 17:1-8, Mark 9:1-8). He was never at ease with the gift he had been given by God because he was to use it to destroy the Israelites who had turned away from God. Thus, the character portrayed looks alot more like Elijah than it does Christ. Clearly, as Elijah was a major player in both the Old and New Testaments, his influence would have had some lasting effect on the people of his time and after (both in his native land and others).

So, I've ranted enough. Just thought I'd share so that the commentators can stop seeing him as only a wannabe Jesus but a person in his own right.


By Xorys.

03-02-99. So who was who in The Way?

Timothy Omundson, who, as Eli, moved up to playing an avatar in this ep, can be seen in Starship Troopers (a dreadful movie, I thought - the sort of thing that gets Science Fiction a bad name...), playing a Psychic. He also appeared in the Frasier ep Good Grief as the Director (he didn't direct the ep - he played a director in it). Timothy is an American, born in Missouri and raised in Seattle. He was featured in a Fox series called Medicine Ball (I mistakenly identified this as forthcoming previously, based on an undated release, but apparently it has been and gone). He played the recurring role of Dr. Joshua Levin on Seaquest, and has also done guest spots on Seinfeld (don't know which ep) and Legacy (in the ep Search Party).

Rajiv Varma, who played Krishna, can been seen in the 1998 NZ movie Flatmates, which also features Catherine Boniface (Meridian, Satrina) and Kevin Smith (haven't seen it, so I can't say how good it is - but it certainly sounds worth a look... but I think it was made for TV, so I don't know if it is or will be available outside NZ).

Jake McKinnon, who was the man inside the suit, playing Hanuman, the monkey god, hasn't appeared in the Xenaverse before, but he can be seen (well sort of...) playing similar types of roles in Wes Craven's Wishmaster (Skeleton Man), From Dusk Till Dawn (Monster), and Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight (Mandroid). He is also credited as a 'creature effects technician' on the 1998 movie Talos the Mummy.

Perhaps the most interesting reappearance in this ep was one I don't believe anybody could have spotted... the "Demon" (presumably the talkative one) was played by Slade Leef - which is rather a come down for him, since his last appearance in the Xenaverse was as Sitacles (the chieftain who gets Xena) in Destiny. He also played Caputius in Remember Nothing.

I couldn't find out anything about Rajneel Singh, who played Indrajit, the demon king, or George Sabbage, who played "Man" (presumably the father of the girl who was healed).

The writer was R.J. Stewart, who holds the record as the most credited writer for XWP... he wrote The Titans, Prometheus, ACAOTPB, AFOD, MB, Callisto, RoC, Warrior...Princess...Tramp, ADITL, Ulysses, The Furies, Gabrielle's Hope, Forgiven, and Crusader, plus being credited as Teleplay Writer for SOTP, Destiny, The Debt 1 & 2, and AITST 1 & 2, and as Story Writer for The Quest, both Debts and both parts of AITST.

The ep was directed by John Fawcett, who is new to the Xenaverse.


02-26-01. 02/03/01, Renee O'Connor interview at Upbeat Magazine by Bridget Petrella with additional editing by Sonia Satra. Title: 'Xena' Star Renee O'Connor: Deeply Soulful And Subtly Engaging. Check it out at http://www.2upbeatmag.com/TUBE-FILE/tube_file_renee-oconnor-feature-intervie w.html. Here's some selections:

UPBEAT: Speaking of explode, you guys do tend to "push the envelope" quite a bit in several areas... Wasn't it a while back, that some Hindu groups spoke out rather harshly about the show's spiritual direction, what was that all about?
Renee O'Connor: "In the episode `The Way', we had offended different Hindu organizations pertaining to their God Krishna, because we actually personified him as a man, and that was never our intention. Most of the time we don't realize how far we are pushing things_ and what the end result might be. We just try to tell a good story hoping that everyone will remember that we're a television show, just trying to entertain. But sometimes, obviously, people take things the wrong way."

02-07-00. R.J. Stewart was at the First Annual Special Effects Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ on 10/30/99. From Marilyn Cristiano's On the Road report:

"When signing THE WAY (84/416) script, R.J. asked me if I was happy that THE WAY was back on the air and wasn't it a shame what had happened with its censorship. He said that we have no idea what they all went through and how scary it was that one group could have that much power. I said that it was indeed a terrible thing, and that the internet fans really came forward creating websites, sending letters, and signing petitions. He said that yes, that was great, and their efforts really helped a lot."

02-07-00. Steve Sears, a former co-executive producer of XENA, appeared on the NetForum on or around February 3, 2000, under his Tyldus Rubrick, and shared the following:

[Responding to this post] <>

Lots of things here to deal with. First of all, you are being kind, but there is no way I can properly feel what you feel about this. I can sympathize, but I can't empathize because I don't live it day to day. Maybe that's why it means something to me (no snorting in the background, please). I like to be able to "feel" what other people feel in order to enhance my writing. But I can't feel this. I can only imagine and listen to those who will talk to me about it. But the larger question is where the subtext came from. It was never meant to be in the show, it just happened. And when it did, it became this playful thing that we all played with (the Staff and the audience, straight and gay). Somewhere along the way it grew into a cause. Xena meant more than just little winks and nods to lesbians, it became a symbol. At that point, we were stuck. Speaking for myself, I could only keep writing the characters the way I saw them, but my interpretation of their love for each other was an easy one to understand and lended itself to both sides. I believe is was Lincoln who made an analogy to fighting the civil war. He said it was like holding onto the tail of a tiger; You didn't want to hang on, but you dare not let go. It was never intended to become what it was, but there it was. Now what to do about it? The answer was to do... nothing. There was never a discussion (at least in my presence) about betraying the lesbian population or reneging on the characters. And, despite what everyone things, none of this was designed to cash in on Lesbian Chic and, then, jettison it when it became inconvenient. I would think that the way we've handled comments from true homophobes would have shown that. Many forget that the first letter we got protesting "The Way" stated one of their problems being that Xena condoned lesbianism. Even after Universal pulled the episode, Rob still published a letter blasting these particular people for their intolerance. In fact, that part of the letter is what got it tossed in the first place. We saw that and said "Oh, it's another one of those people" (by "those people" we meant homophobes, not Hindus) and disregarded it. Why? Because we had gotten that kind of stuff before and done the same with it.

08-23-99. At the 2nd Cherry Hill Convention (08/99), Bruce Campbell was asked his take on THE WAY issue, and he blamed the advertisers stating that television programming relies almost entirely on advertising dollars. If there's going to be a controversy, the advertisers threaten to pull money out of the show. No money, no show at all. There have been other episodes that have been almost whacked due to content. He said that it was DeBeers diamonds that threatened to pull their money from FISH FEMMES AND GEMS due to the content (see FISH FEM AND GEMS episode guide for more on the abrupt plot change of this episode).

08-13-99. It was announced that THE WAY would be returned to circulation in edited form, to be released 08/30/99. They will cut out the scene with the Hanuman head-butt, and Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor will appear in a 30-sec. public service announcement tacked on to the beginning of the show.

04-07-99. On Easter Monday, Renaissance Pictures annouced that it would be pulling THE WAY from world syndication. They said if it were to come back into circulation, it would be re-edited.

03-28-99. Apparently The Meditation Center in San Francisco, the World Vaishnava Association, American Hindus Against Defamation, and other Hindu associated groups are all under the impression that XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS portrays Xena and Gabrielle as having a lesbian releationship. They must be reading media reports, which have also been eager to "out" the show, and not actually watching the TV show. Had they watched the show they would have understood the subtly of the art of subtext watching. It's called SUBTEXT for a reason, folks. XWP, of course, has never commented either way on the sexual identities of the main characters. Anyways, these groups have been protesting Renaissance Pictures for using Krishna as a character in this "lesbian" show. That the character leads are "lesbian" misassociates Krishna with sexual deviants. Their argument would have been stronger if they had just said that portraying Krishna on a sword and sandal camp-fest was insulting, but nooooo, they had to focus on something which proves to anyone with a brain that they have no idea what they are talking about. There are valid issues here, but these groups have themselves cheapened the presentation by using the "L" card when it is not supportable. Pity that the real issues have been brushed under the carpet for this more flashy yet ultimately undefendable attack.

03-02-99. This episode was not shown by Canada's Global station due to the level of violence and the length of the final fight scene between Xena & Krishna. Since the ep is broadcast at 1pm EST, it was deemed inappropriate for children. The later in the week 9pm airing was shown as usual.

02-10-99. Apparently, Gabrielle will purposely get rid of her trusty staff at the end of THE WAY. In terms of airing scheduling, THE WAY was to end the middle group of first runs, but then the schedule changed to have THE PLAY'S THE THING end the cycle. But the latest news is that repeats will resume after THE WAY. THE WAY is an intense episode which concludes the "India" cycle of episodes. The devi, Eli, returns while Xena and Gabrielle continue down their spiritual paths. Perhaps it was thought that having the cycle end on a mindless comedy might be good. I for one am glad they are ending the 2nd cycle first runs on a dramatic note.

01-13-99. From Gabrielle Anderson. There is a series of FOUR episodes to be filmed between November and December of this year that will take place in Ancient India and Ancient Persia. Currently dozens of East Indian actors and extras are being cast. It is not known whether all four of these episodes will belong to the Xena series or Xena AND Hercules series. One episode will be a loose follow-up of an ancient Hindu epic called "The Ramayana". In this episode (tentatively titled "The Way"), Gabrielle and Issa (an avatar - that is a physical incarnation of a deity) will be kidnapped by Indrajit, King of the Demons (Indrajit is the son of Ravana - the previous demon king who was slain by Rama, a previous avatar in "The Ramayana"). Indrajit, a four-armed, seductive demon in human form will attempt to persuade Issa to join powers with him in a bid to "save" mankind (or perhaps enslave it). Xena will, obviously, intervene with some special powers of her own.

01-13-99. From Gabrielle Anderson. GABBY will LOSE HER STAFF FOR GOOD In one of these episodes :o( One of which is called "The Way" There is a character appearing in two of the Indian episodes named Eli. No doubt he will probably made into a regular. In "The Way", the writers and designers did some wonderful research into Hindu mythology. A famous much-loved character named Hanuman (an ape-man) appears in the episode and will no doubt please lots of indian fans as well as the god Krishna. Also, Xena (in the final battle) will transform herself into the demon-killing Goddess KALI (complete with four arms, blue-skin and super-long tongue). Very cool and she pulls off the role really well. Great stuff.

01-05-99. This may be the last India episode or it might be the first...one never knows in the Xenaverse until it happens.


03-28-99. These things are by Beth Gaynor.

Watch Gabrielle's arms twitch as she meditates while Eli and Indrajit talk. Is Gabrielle struggling to stay focused while this nasty conversation is going on? Coming from the actress who just, two weeks ago, hit a much tougher arms-out pose without a quiver, I think it's gotta be a deliberate touch.

Indrajit grabs Gabrielle's staff and sets the cloth on both ends on fire... except that Gabrielle's staff only has cloth on one end.

Continuity kudos: Gabrielle's staff in the final scene is blackened from the fire Indrajit put to it.

In the last scene by the river, keep a close eye on Gab's scarf; it switches from being across her shoulders to wrapping around her arms.


03-28-99. From Ramona Quinn. If Eli is indeed supposed to be Jesus, then Jesus sure grew up in a hurry. Only two short seasons ago, in A Solstice Carol, Gab gives her ornery little donkey to Mary and Joseph and a rug-rat form of Jesus. And now, here he is looking fully 30, hanging out in India, and healing children.

From Absinthe. Eli is Jewish, hence the "Abba" thing, at least, this has been widely theorized down here. It's also possible that he's the one and only Jesus Christ superstar blahdy blahdy blah, while that's not my bag, Jesus did spend time studying in the East, happened to have reportedly blue eyes, and have the ability to heal. XWP has been piddling around with Biblical stuff before too, so who knows? Notice the prominence of the Star of David symbol? It's in this ep and Between the Lines.


Click here to read a transcript of THE WAY [unrevised].

Click here to read a transcript of THE WAY [revised].


Any similarities between Hanuman and a major character in the motion picture classic "Planet of the Apes" is purely coincidental.


Coming soon



DailyTV (03-05-99)


Gabrielle Anderson's Site

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