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“Outcast”  Episode 18/205


Lyla:  “Hello, Karos.”

Karos:  “Good morning, Lyla.  Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Lyla:  “So far.”

Cletus:  “That’ll be two dinars.”

Lyla:  “Two dinars.”

Cletus:  “Ten dinars.”

Lyla:  “You just sold it to her for two.”

Cletus:  “Well, so, she got a deal.”

Lyla:  “You’re a greedy little bigot.”

Cletus:  “And you’re a centaur-loving slut.”

Merkis:  “Let’s not mar a beautiful day like today with

Lyla:  “Get your filthy hands off me!  Leave me alone!  Ow!”

Deric:  “Is there a problem, Lyla?”

Merkis:  “No-- no problem.  Your little wench, here was-- ”

Deric:  “She’s not a wench.  She’s my wife-- and her name is

Lyla:  “Deric, don’t.”

Deric:  “Say it!”

Merkis:  “Lyla.”

Deric:  “Thank you.”

Cletus:  “Filthy centaurs.  We’ll have to teach him a lesson.”


Lyla:  [Hums]


Cretan’s Voice:  “Quiet.  Here it is.”


Lyla:  “Keifer.  Wake up.  I want you to run to a safe spot in
the woods.  I’ll come for you later.”

Keifer:  “But, Mommy”

Lyla:  “Do as I say.”


Jakar:  “Humans or centaurs, nothing instills fear like fire.” 

Merkis:  “It’s worse for centaurs-- it’s the horse in them.”

Democles:  “What if someone gets hurt?”

Jakar:  “We’re just scaring them.  Come on!”


Lyla:  “Get out!  Get out!”

Cletus:  “No, don’t!  You’ll kill her!”

Cretans:  “Here!  Come on!  Quick!  Run!  Hurry up!  Come on!
Come on!  Come on!  Let’s go!”

Cretan:  “We’ve got company!”

Democles:  “Wait.  I, I think there’s someone still inside.”

Cretans:  “Forget it!”  “Let’s get out of here!”

Democles:  “We can’t just leave her.”

Cretan:  “Come on!”

Deric:  “Cletus.  Lyla!  Keifer!”  [Yells]



Sal:  “Hercules!  My powerful, positive friend!  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.”

H:  “Salmoneus, are you-- OK?”

Sal:  “Couldn’t be better.  Just finished a self-actualization
seminar with Robertus Tonicles.  Man’s a genius-- makes money
hand over fist.”

H:  “I’ll bet.  Tell me, what, exactly, is a self-actualization

Sal:  “It helps you-- fertilize the nurturing flower within.

H:  “What’s with the humming?”

Sal:  “That’s the internal harmonic, that leads you to the
flower.  It helps you be.”

H:  “And what is it you want to be?”

Sal:  “I wanna be-- the best possible Salmoneus I can be.  And I
wanna teach seminars.  I wanna help others be the best
possible-- thing they can be-- for a modest price.”

H:  “I’m sure you’ll do well.”

Sal:  “Desire, focus, grab, hum.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

H:  “Sounds like fun.”

Sal:  “You have no idea.  Hey-- seems like we’re going the same
way-- mind if I tag along?  Mmmmmmmm.”

H:  “As long as you don’t hum.”

Sal:  “I can do that.  So, where’re you off to?”

H:  “Athens.  Some friends of mine are having problems.
Remember Lyla?”

Sal:  “Oh, that girl who went off with the centaur?”

H:  “Yeah, they’re finding the locals even less friendly than
they were in Nespa.”

Sal:  “Oh-ho, dear.  Lyla-- Lyla-- do-does she remind you of
anyone we both know?”

H:  “Come to think of it, she looks a little like Xena.”

Sal:  “Yeah-hah!  Different dispostion, though, huh?”


Village Woman:  “This is all that’s left of their house.  The
fire was so hot, you could see the flames all the way into town.
Even the bodies were reduced to ashes.”

Sal:  “What an awful way to die.”

H:  “What is this?”

Village Woman:  “I don’t know.”

Darius:  “I know-- that’s the symbol of the Cretans.  They’re
the guardians of the-- ”

Village Woman:  “Darius!  He’s just a foolish lad, full of--
wild stories.”

H:  “I’d like to hear more.”

Village Woman:  “We don’t know-- anything.  Come, Darius, we
must get home.”

H:  “Deric and Lyla didn’t deserve to die like this.  They were
good people.”

Sal:  “I take it you don’t think the fire was an accident.”

H:  “No-- I don’t.  Let’s go find out more about these Cretans.”


H:  “That’s an interesting tattoo.  Does it signify anything?”

Cletus:  “Yeah-- purity and strength.”

H:  “Is that so?  Hmm-- I saw a mark just like it over at the
house that burned down.”

Cletus:  “You mean the centaur’s house.  Shame about that.”

Merkis:  “Stranger, let me give you some advice.  We don’t care
for their kind around here.”

H:  “What kind is that?”

Merkis:  “Huh-- that should be obvious.  Just look at them.
They’re not like us.”

Sal:  “That’s a relief.”

Cletus:  “Huh-- you know the difference between a centaur and a
three-legged dog?”

H:  “People died in that fire!  I don’t wanna hear any centaur

Male Voice:  “Put him down!”

Female Voice:  “Leave him alone!

Lariphany:  “Stop!  Hasn’t there been enough violence and
suffering already?!”

H:  “Who are you?”

Lariphany:  “My name is Lariphany.  I’m Lyla’s sister.”


Lariphany:  “So, you’re Hercules.”

H:  “Let’s keep that between us for now.”

Lariphany:  “I guess that’s how bad things got, that Lyla [came
to?] you for help.”

H:  “I came as soon as I could.”

Lariphany:  “It’s hard enough losing them that way, but-- her
son was barely three years old.”

H:  “They had a child.”

Lariphany:  “Oh, yes, he was born while they still lived in
Nespa-- one of the reasons why they left was so they could bring
him up in a more accepting environment.”

Sal:  “Burning down homes with people inside isn’t exactly what
I call accepting.”

Lariphany:  “No one thought it would come to that.  And
actually, for a while, things were fine.  Deric got work as a
farm hand; Lyla took care of the house and Keifer.  They were

H:  “What changed things?”

Lariphany:  “The Cretans, they started poisoning the minds of
the locals.”

H:  “You know, why don’t you tell me about these Cretans?”

Lariphany:  “They’re a mean-spirited bunch, claiming to protect
the Athenian purity from contamination by foreigners--
minorities-- anyone who’s different.”

H:  “And Deric stood up to them.”

Lariphany:  “He was brave and fearless-- they hated him for

Sal:  “And none of his neighbors came to help.”

Lariphany:  “The people around here are decent and
hard-working-- but easily influenced, especially when times turn
bad.  When the floods ruined the crops, it was easy to blame
Deric and Lyla for their troubles.  That poor child.”


Cletus:  “Jakar, Sepsis?”


Merkis:  “They’re nosing around.  They’re gonna be trouble.”

Democles:  “Well, they’re really not bothering anyone.”

Jakar:  “Look, we don’t like centaurs in this town, and we don’t
like centaur-lovers.  It’s that simple.”

Sepsis [I think that’s his name]:  “I say we give them a
farewell party.”


Cletus:  “You”  [Screams]


Sal:  “I really think you should join me in the
self-actualization field.”

H:  “We’ve been through this before; I don’t want to be part of
your schemes.”

Sal:  “It’s not a scheme!  It’s a way to help people.  Um--
you’re a hero to so many; you could help people reach their full
potential--be all they could be.”

H:  “Hmm, like you.”

Sal:  “Exactly.”

H:  “Huh-- uh-oh.  I think we’ve got company.”

Sal:  “Good company or bad company?”

H:  “I’ve-- got a feeling it’s bad.”

Jakar:  “We hope you liked your little visit to our village.”

Sal:  “Ah-uh, we- we just got here-- huh.”

Sepsis:  “You’re not missing much, immigrant.”

Sal:  “Ah-huh, uh-- I really prefer you didn’t call me that.”

Merkis:  “What would you like to be called?”

Sal:  “That’s, uh-- ‘Mister Immigrant’ to you.”

Merkis:  “Well, Mister Immigrant-- I’m about to brain you.”

Sal:  “Wait!  Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Merkis:  “Why’re you humming?”

Sal:  “I’m finding your internal flower.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.  Huh!
It’s a weed!”


Cretan:  “Centaur... ”  “Let’s get him!”  “Behind you!  Behind

Sal:  “Yes!  Aaah.”

H:  “Is there-- some reason you’re trying to slap my hand?”

Sal:  “I saw it in an athletic contest, once!  It’s a way for
winners to congratulate each other.”

H:  “So, why don’t they just say, ‘Nice job,’ or

Sal:  [Laughs]  “You need more fun in your life.”

Jakar:  “You haven’t seen the last of us.”

H:  “We can always hope.”


Male Voice:  “Another round!”

H:  “A mug of mead for my friend-- and we’ll need two rooms for
the night.”

Male Voices:  “Outsiders.”  “What do they want?”  “He knows the

Innkeeper:  “I’m sorry.  I can’t help you.”

H:  “Look-- we just had this discussion with your tattooed
friends.  The mead and the rooms.”

Sal:  “This is not the way to attract a convention crowd.”

Deric:  “This is the first-- but it won’t be the last!”

H:  “Deric!”

Deric’s Voice:  “I will have my revenge!”



Jakar:  “Be quiet, listen!  The centaur has gone berserk.  We
have to stop him before he kills again.”

Male Voice:  “That’s right.”

Merkis:  “He’s turned into a monster.  He’s burned his own
house, and he’s killed his own family.”

H:  “Now, hold on-- you don’t know that!”

Jakar:  “You don’t know centaurs like we do.”

H:  “Maybe I know them better.  I was raised and tutored by

Jakar:  “The only way to protect ourselves is to track him down
and kill him.”

Villagers  [Cheers]

H:  “He deserves a fair trial!”

Merkis:  “Well, here’s the magistrate.”

Sal:  “You trust him?  Let him decide.”

Jakar:  “Wise Terseus.  We have a grave problem.  The centaur,
Deric, is not dead.”

Merkis:  “He’s gone mad.  He killed Cletus and then dumped the
body at the roadhouse.”

Male Voice:  “That’s right.”

Terseus:  “Then he must be brought in.  I‘ll need volunteers.”

H:  “If the magistrate pleases-- we’d like to go along.”

Jakar:  “We don’t need outsiders helping us.”

H:  “I only wanna make sure the fugitive is brought back alive.”

Terseus:  “So be it.  The outsider and his companion will
accompany you.”

Sal:  “Aah.”

Jakar:  “As you wish, wise Terseus.  Get your weapons!”

Male Voice:  “Filthy centaur!”

Female Voice:  “Murdering beast!”


Merkis:  “This is easy, boys.  We’re on his tracks!”

H:  “Yeah-- it’s too easy.”

Sal:  “Easy is good.  You think, you think it’s a trap?
[Laughs]   Should I be worried?”

Merkis:  “This way!  There he is!  Let’s get him!”

Deric:  “Looking for me?!”

H:  “Let me talk to him!  He knows me.  Deric!  It’s me,
Hercules!  I promise, no harm will come to you if you give
yourself up!”

Deric:  “I’m not stopping until I avenge my wife’s murder!”

H:  “Don’t make things worse!  You’ve already killed a man!”

Deric:  “It was an accident-- but he deserved to die.”

H:  “Then let a court decide that!  Give up, and come back with

Deric:  “And what chance does a centaur have in a court of

H:  “You have my word.  No, wait!”

Merkis:  “You murdering beast!  Soon you’ll be joing your
centaur-loving wife.”

Deric:  “This is your fate too, Jakar! I’ll be back for you!
And the others!”

Jakar:  “Kill him.  Kill the monster!”


Cretans:  “Come.  This way.  Watch your back.”

Jakar:  “What are you waiting for?  Keep going!”

Sal:  “Uh-- Hercules, you don’t wanna go in the swamp at night,
do you?  I mean, there are bugs, and snakes, and little things
that-- ”

H:  “No, we’ll make camp here.”

Sal:  “Good choice.  Excellent choice.  Not that I wanna change
your mind, but, uh-- why _don’t_ you wanna go into the swamp?”

H:  “’Cause we’re on the wrong trail.  Centaurs don’t like

Sal:  “Uh-huh?  Uh, shouldn’t we be on the right trail?”

H:  “We have time.  I don’t think he’s trying to run away.
We’ll pick up his track at first light.”


H:  “You’re back early.  Giving up so soon?

Democles:  “Jakar called the search off till morning.  Two men
from the village drowned.  Can’t see anything out there.”

Sal:  “So, Deric’s still running around free.”

H:  “Thirsty?”

Democles:  “Thanks.”

H:  “You weren’t with those who attacked us yesterday.  Why

Democles:  “I have no quarrel with you.”

H:  “Neither did your friends; that didn’t stop them.”

Democles:  “Sometimes, they get-- over-zealous.”

H:  “Is that what happened at Deric’s house?”

Democles:  “I have no idea what happened at the centaur’s

H:  “Don’t you?  They’re your friends.”

Sal:  “You’re not really fond of Deric, are you?”

Democles:  “No-- not really.  Look-- my mother’s sick.  And I
can’t even get hired at the farm where the centaur works, ‘cause
he does the job of three men.”

H:  “Is that Deric’s fault?  He had a family to provide for,
too.  Does he get the pay of three men?”

Jakar:  “Democles-- stay away from the outsiders.  Stick to your
own kind.”

Cretan:  “What’s gotten into him?”

Sal:  “Do you think he knows more about Lyla’s death than he’s
letting on?”

H:  “No question about it.”


Sal:  “Deric’s tracks?”

H:  “He made a false trail leading into the swamp.  Here’s the
way he really went.”

Sal:  “Uh, shouldn’t we get the others?”

H:  “I’m not sure they care about bringing Deric back alive.  He
probably spent the night there.”

Sal:  “What?  What is it?”

H:  “Interesting tracks.”

Sal:  “What interesting?  Like bear tracks interesting?  Li-
like lion tracks interesting?  Li- like
crazed-centaur-ready-to-attack-us interesting?  What do you
mean, interesting-- huh?”

H:  “Come on.”

Sal:  “Come on?  Mmmmmmmmm.”

H:  “You have nothing to worry about.”


Sal:  “I mean, the guy’s obviously deranged.  He’s already
killed two people.  What’s to prevent him from sneaking up on us
and attacking us from behind?”

H:  “Shh.”

Sal:  “I don’t-- ”

H:  “Shh.”

Sal:  “I-- ”

H:  “I think-- if you were to keep quiet-- there’d be a lot less
chance of him hearing us approach.”

Sal:  “I could do that.”

H:  “Thank you.  Stay behind me.”

Sal:  “Good idea.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Uh, Hercules.  No, but
really-- ”

H:  “Quiet.”

Sal:  “You gotta take a look at this.”



H:  “Don’t be afraid.  We won’t hurt you.” 

Deric:  “Don’t move!  Do you come as friend or foe?”

H:  “What do you think, Deric?  You once spared my life.  I can
never be your enemy.  It seems like we’ve been here before.”

Deric:  “The last time you were blind and helpless.”

H:  “And I’m still indebted to you for not killing me then.”

Deric:  “I gave you my reasons.”

Sal:  “Can I move now?”

Deric:  “Yeah.  Your battle with Nemis has grown into legend.” 

H:  “You heard how he died?”

Deric:  “Only that it was at your hands.”

H:  “There’s more to it.  His cave started collapsing on us.  He
held it up until I good get Penelope and Sharos out.”

Deric:  “I’m glad he died a good death.  He wasn’t always bad.”

H:  “It’s never too late to put hatred and vengeance behind

Deric:  “And you want me to do that now?”

H:  “I don’t think Lyla would’ve wanted you brought back on a

Deric:  “Come-- I’ll take you to her-- if your friend will look
after my son.”

Sal:  “No problem.  Hi.  My name’s Salmoneus.  Do you know how
to hum?”

Keifer and Sal:  “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”


Sepsis:  “Over here-- these tracks.”

Democles:  “They go up that way.  The centaur tricked us.”

Jakar:  “He won’t get away this time.”


Deric:  “This was her favorite place.”

H:  “I’m truly sorry.”

Deric:  “No more than I.”

H:  “Ceridian-- my mentor-- told me how much centaurs fear fire.
That had to be the hardest thing you ever did, going into that
burning house.”

Deric:  “It was never a choice.  She was dead by the time I got
to her.  There was nothing I could do.”


Deric:  “Rest in peace, my darling.”

H:  “I know what you’re going through.  Revenge isn’t the

Deric:  “Oh, but it is.  I’ve tasted it.  And it’s sweet.”

H:  “At what cost?”

Deric:  “I’m not afraid to die.”

H:  “And who teaches your son when you’re gone?  Lariphany?
What does she know of life as a centaur?”

Deric:  “Maybe I shouldn’t have stood up to ‘em.  We should’ve
just moved on.”

H:  “You can’t blame yourself for standing up for your rights.”

Deric:  “Can’t I?  Lyla would still be alive!”

H:  “You did the right thing.  Sometimes, the price for that is
very high.  The world is a less-than-perfect place-- but giving
up on it won’t help.  Is that what Lyla would have wanted?  Is
that why she loved you?”

Deric:  “What do you want me to do?”

H:  “Go back-- turn yourself in.”

Deric:  “And let her murder go unpunished?  How could I do that?
I know who was there.  Cletus told me before he died.”

H:  “Then tell the magistrate what you know, and let justice
prevail.  Deric-- your son doesn’t deserve the life of a


Sal:  “Oh, boy, am I glad to see you guys.  You have no idea how
much energy a three year-old has.  I was afraid you were never
coming back.”

Deric:  “I have to speak to Keifer for a moment.”

Sal:  “He’s very cute, by the way.”

H:  “You’ll have to watch him a bit longer.  Deric and I have
business in town.”

Sal:  “The kid doesn’t even take a nap!”

H:  “Oh, Salmoneus, you’ll be fine.  Remember:  desire, focus,
grab-- hum.”

Sal:  “Hmm.”


Deric:  “I promise you-- it’ll be just for a short while.”

Keifer:  “Are you going away like Mommy?”

Deric:  “No.  I’ll be back.  I swear to you-- no matter what
happens to me-- I’ll be back for you.  Give me a hug.  I’ll
never leave you.  I love you.”


Deric:  “I want my son to be safe.”

H:  “Don’t worry.  Salmoneus will keep him safe.”

Sal:  “He’ll be safe.  I’ll be a wreck.”

H:  “Let’s go.”

Sal:  “Whoa!  Wait a minute.  Wh-what does a three year-old
centaur eat?”

Deric:  “There’s food in the corner.”

Sal:  “What if he gets a splinter?”

H:  “You can handle it, Salmoneus.  Self-actualize.  Get in
touch with your feminine side.”

Sal:  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  [Whistles]  Not potty-trained, huh?!
Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa.  Mmmmmmmm, huh, if he can handle the Augean
stables-- .”


H:  “It doesn’t look like everyone hates you.”

Deric:  “Nobody’s born with prejudice.  They’ll get older.
They’ll learn.”

H:  “Or maybe someone will teach them the right things.  I have
someone here to see you.”

Mag:  “You came back?  Of your own volition?”

Deric:  “Yes-- but I didn’t kill those men in cold blood.”

Mag:  “Men?  I thought it was just Cletus.”

H:  “Deric killed Merkis in the woods-- in self-defense-- I
witnessed it.”

Mag:  “And that earlier fight with Cletus?  You have witnesses
to that?”

Deric:  “No-- but I know he had a part in Lyla’s death.”

Mag:  “You have proof of that.”

Deric:  “He confessed to me.”

Mag:  “And now he’s dead.” 

Deric:  “It was an accident.  He, he-- tried to run away from
me, and he fell down a ravine.”

Mag:  “I‘ll have to hold you in custody until it can be proven
one way or the other.”

Deric:  “Custody-- you mean in jail.”

Mag:  “I don’t make the laws-- the Athenians do that.  I merely
uphold them.”

H:  “Stay-- it’ll be all right.  I’ll be back.”


Sal:  “Keifer? Keifer?  Where could Keifer be hiding?  Where
could Keifer be hid-- ?!  Not there.  OK.  Keifer?  Keifer?
Where could Keifer be hiding?  Where could Keifer be hiding?
Where could Keifer be hiding?!  Oh.  Keifer?  Keifer?  Where
could Keifer be hiding?  I like hide-and-seek, too, but I didn’t
stay hidden forever.”

Lyla:  “You know, you shouldn’t play tricks on that nice man.”

K:  “Mommy, you’re back!”

Lyla:  [Laughs]  “I will always be here for you-- always.”

Sal:  “Keifer, please-- your Uncle Salmoneus isn’t as young as
he used to be.  He’d really like to-- ”

Keifer:  [Laughs]  “Mommy-- ”

Lyla’s Voice:  “Shh.”

Sal:  “Keifer, were you talking to somebody?”

Keifer:  “Yes, that was my Mommy.”

Sal:  “Keifer, your Mommy is away.”

Keifer:  “No, she’s not  She’s right here.”

Sal:  “Oh.  My mistake.  I’m sorry.”

Keifer:  “Silly man.”


Jakar:  “What did you find out?”

Democles:  “Deric gave himself up.  They’re holding him in

Sepsis:  “That’s a problem.  He can implicate us all.”

Jakar:  “It is a problem, but-- I think I have the solution.”

Democles:  “This is wrong.  I, I don’t want any part of this.”

Jakar:  “You’re already a part of it.  You’re in this as deep as
the rest of us.”

Democles:  “I didn’t kill anybody.  I didn’t even carry a

Jakar:  “That’s your version.  Mine could differ, unless you do
as I say.  Come on.”

Democles:  “But-- uh-- ”

Sepsis:  “Shut up!”

Jakar:  “The kid’s inside.”


H:  “Deric, what’s going on?  I just came from the Magistrate.
He said you confessed-- that you admitted killing Cletus in cold

Deric:  “I did.”

H:  “What?  We both know it’s not true!”

Deric:  “I had no choice.”

H:  “They’ll hang you now; you know that.”

Deric:  “I had no choice.”

H:  “What is that?”

Deric:  “It’s my son’s toy.  They’ve kidnapped him.  They said
if I didn’t confess-- they’d kill him.”



Sal:  “The scum!  They wouldn’t’ve gotten away with it if they
came at me like men-- instead of sneaking up while I was playing

H:  “Did you recognize any of them?”

Sal:  “Yes.  They were the same ones who attacked us outside of
town-- and that kid who came to our campfire.”

H:  “Democles?  Any idea where they took Keifer?

Sal:  “No.  They didn’t seem concerned about hiding him, though.
They just wanted to make sure that Deric got his kid’s toy!
Swine!  Lucky for them they outnumbered me.  I would’ve wiped
the woods with them, huh?!”

H:  “Yeah, I’m sure you would have.”


Male Voice:  “I’ll give you a hand.”

Lariphany:  “Someone wants to talk to you.”

H:  “Who?”

Lariphany:  “He’s afraid to be seen; come to my house.”


H:  “You have something to tell me?”

Democles:  “I was there the night Lyla died.”

H:  “What happened?”

Democles:  “There was five of us.  We were just gonna scare
them, you know?  Centaurs and fire?”

H:  “Go on.”

Democles:  “Things got out of hand.  Lyla knocked the torch out
of someone’s hand-- and the straw caught.”

H:  “Cletus confessed before he died.  He said Merkis killed

Democles:  “I didn’t know that.”

Lariphany:  “Liar.”

Democles:  “No!  I knew she was inside when we ran to the
woods-- but I didn’t know she was dead.”

H:  “Then, why didn’t you go back?  The place was on fire.”

Democles:  “Someone was coming.  I thought that they could
rescue-- I was afraid.”

Sal:  “Of your pals, or the fire?”

Democles:  “Both.  It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

H:  “At least you found the courage to come forward.  Where’d
they take Keifer?”

Democles:  “I can show you.”

H:  “No, just tell me.  You need to talk to Deric.”

Democles:  “To Deric-- why?”

H:  “I think you know.”

Democles:  “If I tell him what I just told you, he’ll kill me.”

H:  “He’s in no position to kill anyone.”

Democles:  “I don’t think I can face him.”

H:  “How can you face yourself if you don’t?”


Male Voice:  “Let’s go get a drink.”

Guard1:  “What do you want?!”

H:  “Excuse me, but-- aren’t you supposed to be guarding the
little centaur?”

Guard:  “Yeah?”

H:  “Then, what’s he doing outside?”

[Fight ensues throughout the remainder of the scene.]

Guard 2:  “Not so fast, foreigner.”

H:  “You’re not gonna fall for a trick like that, are you?
Here-- let me help.  Three guards for one little kid?!  Now,
don’t go anywhere.  Keifer?”


Democles:  “I can’t do this.”

Sal:  “To clear your conscience, you’re gonna _have_ to do

Jakar:  “There’ll be no justice!  Unless we take it in our own
hands!  We have to be the law!”

Sal:  “Oh, I don’t like the look of that crowd.”

Democles:  “Uh, we better get some help.”

Sal:  “All right, you get the Magistrate; I’ll get Hercules.”

Democles:  “There may not be enough time.”

Sal:  “Huh?”

Male Voice:  “Let’s kill him!”

Female Voice:  “Stoning is more painful!”

Jakar:  “Out of the way.”

Sal:  “What do you people think you’re doing?”

Sepsis:  “Get out of our way, immigrant.”

Sal:  “I‘m getting really tired of hearing that word.”

Jakar:  “Then step aside.  We’ve come for the centaur-- to give
him a taste of his _own_ justice.”

Sal:  “Let’s just calm down, and talk.

Crowd:  “Move it!”  “This way!”


Jakar:  “Come quietly, or your son dies.  Take him!”

Democles:  “Wait!  He didn’t murder anyone!  He killed only in

Jakar:  “Don’t listen to him!  Death by stone!”

Democles:  “I was there!  The centaur’s wife did not die by

Jakar:  “Who cares how she died?  We don’t want their kind here!

Male Voice:  “Our jobs aren’t safe!  Our women aren’t safe!”

Jakar:  “The only good centaur is a _dead_ centaur!”

Sal:  “Hold it!  Hold it!  Hold it!”


Jakar:  “Get him out here where we can see him!”

Male Voice:  “Death to the centaur!”

Jakar:  “Stone him!”

Deric:  “Hercules?!  My son!”

H:  “He’s safe with Lariphany.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to
interrupt the fun.  The centaur’s crime is that he’s different
from you and me.  Well, then let him die.  Only, let the man who
throws the first rock be someone who’s not different.”

Male Voice:  “You don’t live here!”

H:  “Someone who’s the same as everyone else.

Female Voice:  “Who are you to judge us?!”

H:  “You-- no, wait, you have-- blue eyes.  See, most here have
brown.  You!  No, you’re taller than most.  No, this may be
harder than I thought.  Which of you is normal, and which is

Jakar:  “Don’t listen to him!  He’s trying to trick you!”

H:  “Maybe we should start with those who have tattoos, and
we’ll stone you.”

Jakar:  “You’re an outsider.”

H:  “Yes, I am-- but how many of you can say you’ve been here
for two, or three, or even four generations?!”

Sepsis:  “I can.”

H:  “You seem to be in the minority.  Maybe we should start with

Jakar:  “Don’t listen to him!  What are you waiting for?!  Get
him!  Kill him!  Stone him!  Centaur!”


Sal:  “Remember me?”

Cretan:  “Yeah, you’re that little immigrant.”

Sal:  “Immigrant?!  You bigoted piece of-- there’s a quail on
your head.”

Cretan:  “Huh?”

Sal:  “Purrh, purrh, neee!  Ah!  Ooh!  How do people do that
without getting headaches?!”

Sal:  [Whistles]  “You’re all right!”

H:  “Well, they-- say you are what you eat.”

Deric:  “You’ll die for what you did to Lyla!”

H:  “Deric!  Is revenge the only legacy you can pass on to
Keifer?  Is there no room in his life for compassion and

Male Voice:  “Listen to him!”

Deric:  “Filthy beast!”

H:  “You did the right thing.”

Democles:  “I didn’t kill your wife-- but I was a part of those
responsible.  I was wrong-- and I’m sorry.”

Deric:  “Sorry won’t bring Lyla back.

H:  “Neither will holding onto your hate.”

Sal:  “He’s not on their side anymore.  He fought against them.”

Deric:  “Apology accepted-- friend.”

Democles:  “Friend.”


Sal:  “Mmmmmmmmmmm.  Say, friend, you’re up early.”

Peddler:  “Hmm?”

Sal:  “Did you wake up saying, ‘I’m not all I can be.’?  Ever
hear of self-actualization?  I can teach you the secrets of
Robertus Tonicles.  I can teach you how to hum.  You may think
you know how to hum-- let me help you with that.  Mind if I
travel with you for a second?  But true humming, fertilizing
your flower, is a boon to mankind.  You can learn how to improve
your memory and your digestion.”

Peddler:  “I’m on my way to the market.”

Sal:  “Only seventeen dinars.  Hold on, friend!”


H:  “So, you’ve decided to stay.”

Deric:  “Yeah.  You were right.  Keifer is too young to be a
fugitive.  We can’t run forever.”

H:  “I think it’s a wise choice.  There are a lot of good people
here, if you-- give them the chance to prove it.”

Deric:  “Lyla loved this land.  I think it’s what she would’ve
wanted.  Right, Keifer?  You miss her, don’t you?”

Keifer:  “She’s right here.”

Deric:  “Uh-- Keifer, uh-- you’re mother’s-- she-- she’s-- ”

Lyla:  “I’m here.”

Deric:  “But-- but-- ”

Lyla:  “I’m real.”

Deric:  “But, how?”

Lyla:  “Your father, Zeus.”

H:  “Oh.  He can undo the evil of man-- it’s the malice of the
gods he has trouble with.”

Lyla:  “He told me about your family.  I’m sorry he couldn’t
bring them back.”

H:  “So am I.  But know that they’re always with me-- in my
heart.  The only thing that could be better than that is-- what
you have here.  Cherish it, my friends.”

Deric:  “Thank you.  Farewell.”

H:  “Farewell.”


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