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Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“A Star to Guide Them”  Episode 46/309


I:  “Uh, that should be enough wood.  It’s not that cold.”

H:  “It’s a beautiful night, Iolaus-- perfect weather for the
Winter Solstice festival.”

I:  “Yeah-- can’t wait.”  [Sighs]

H:  “What’s the matter?  You love festivals.  A-and we are the
guests of honor at this one.”

I:  “No-- _you’re_ the guest of honor.”

H:  “That’s not true.”

I:  “Hercules, they couldn’t care if I went or not.”

H:  “We _both_ saved the town from those bandits.”

I:  “OK-- so-- who are they erecting that statue to?”

H:  “Oh.”

I [Chuckles]:  “Actually, you know, I-I-I don’t care about that.
It’s just [Sighs]-- where am I going, Hercules?  You know what I
mean?  What am I supposed to achieve in this life?”

H:  “Iolaus-- where did this come from?”

I:  “I mean-- am I gonna be remembered as Iolaus?  Or-- ‘The guy
with Hercules’.  No-- don’t get me wrong-- I-- I’m really honored
to be your friend.  I wouldn’t-- go anywhere else or-- or _be_
anything else.  It’s just-- I don’t know, I feel-- ”

H:  “Iolaus, people-- will remember you.  Your time will come.”

I:  “I don’t know.”

H [Sighs]:  “Good night, Iolaus.”

I:  “Good night, Herc.”


Polonius [Pol]:  “My dear Maliphone-- ”

Maliphone [Mal]:  “Ah, Polonius-- how was Delphi?  No incidents,
I hope.”

Pol:  “Oh, the roads were safe, for a change.  And how are you
feeling, my dear?”

Mal:  “Oh, I’m still having some morning sickness-- but there’s
nothing to worry about.  All of my sisters had healthy babies.”

Pol:  “Maliphone-- while at Delphi I visited the oracle.”

Mal:  “And-- what good news would you like to share with me?”

Pol:  “It’s  nothing.  I don’t want to worry you.”

Mal:  “Polonius-- I’m you queen.  I wanna share your news-- good
or bad.”

Pol:  “The oracle declared-- that my kingship will be succeeded
by a newborn child.”

Mal:  “Of course-- _this_ child!  Provided it’s a boy-- and my
sister assures me it will be by the way it’s positioned low.”

Pol:  “_Not_ of the house of Polonius.”

Mal:  “The oracle is wrong.”

Pol:  “The oracle is never wrong.”

Mal:  “We will make it wrong.  Order the captain of the guard to
round up every male child in the province under the age of one.
Bring them to Bethos.”

Pol:  “But Maliphone-- ”

Mal:  “Do you want to lose everything we’ve worked for?  All
we’ve dreamed about?!”

Pol:  “Guards!”


I:  “Ah-h-h-h-h!”  

[[[[[[Vision:  I:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Yah-h-h-h-h-h!”]]]]]]

H:  “What are you doing?”

I:  “I-- have to go.”

H:  “Iolaus-- it’s the middle of the night.  We’ll-- make the
festival in time.”

I:  “Oh-- I’m not going to the festival.”

H:  “Then where are you going?”

I:  “I don’t know.  Hercules-- I-- have had-- a dream.”

H:  “It must have been some dream.  What happened to your hands?
They’re all red.”

I [Laughs]:  “I have to go.”

H:  “Go where?”



H:  “How about if I go with you?”

I:  “Sure-- whatever.”

H:  “I just-- wish I could understand what’s going on?”

I:  “How can you understand when I can’t?”

H:  “Well-- let’s try-- tell me about your dream.”

I [Sighs]:  “Well-- ’know?  I can’t remember much about it.  It,
uh-- there was, um-- a gnarled, old tree and a-- a carved rock
and-- you know, Hercules?  I’ve never felt such a feeling of--
peace and tranquility-- like a-- like a oneness, like a whole
ocean of-- what?!”

H:  “Uh, I-I didn’t say anything?”

I:  “You were looking at me strangely.  What?!”

H:  “No, it’s just-- you know, Hera and the gods-- sometimes they
act in strange-- ”

I:  “Oh, no, no, no-- this is not a spell or anything.  This just
feels too right.  It’s-it’s a feeling that, uh-- that I have to
do this.  I gotta go.”

H:  “Where?”

I:  “North.”

H:  “North?”

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “It’s a bit vague.”


Thug:  “Going somewhere, Trinculos?”

Trinculos [Tri]:  “Just taking my share.”

Thug:  “I oughtta kill you.”

2nd Thug:  [Talks in his sleep]

Tri:  “You don’t wanna try.”

Thug:  “What about tomorrow?  You’re turning your back on the
biggest take of our lives?!”

Tri:  “Steal it yourselves!  I have to go.”

2nd Thug’s Voice:  “Where’s _he_ going?”

Thug:  “Ah, we’re better off without him.  Guy’s been acting
crazy for two days, now!”


H:  “‘North,’ he says.  No province, no-- castle, no village, no
nothing.  Just-- north.  You don’t happen to have any idea how
_far_ north we’re going, do you?”

I:  “You know, this is really funny because usually, on our
journeys, _I’m_ the one that does the babbling.”

H:  “Babbling-- wh-what-- you’re saying I’m babbling?  Like I’m
talking incessantly-babbling?
Mumbling-anything-that-pops-in-my-head-babbling?  That kind of

I:  “Hercules-- if I get any idea as to why I’m doing this-- I’ll
let you know.”

H:  “Great.  You still have no idea how far-- north we’re going.”

I:  “No.”

H:  “Good.”



Woman’s Voice:  “Please don’t take my baby!  Don’t take my baby!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Give me the baby!”

Woman’s Voice:  “No-o-o-o-o!  Help!  My baby!”

Women:  [Scream]

A Soldier’s Voice:  “Quiet!  Quiet!”


H:  “What is it?”

I:  “I don’t know.  This all feels familiar, but-- I’ve never
been here before.”

H:  “Maybe you-- saw it in your dream.”

I:  “Yeah-- you’re right-- I did.  This was in my dream.  We’re
going the right way.”

H:  “Of course.  We’re-- going north.”


Loralei [Lor]:  “It’s all right.  [Whispers]  Crazy.”

Uris:  “We need to get going.”

Lor:  “How could you do this?  Uprooting us like this?  I don’t
understand it.”

Uris:  “Neither do I.  Please, just listen to what I say.”

Lor:  “How long will you be gone?  Who’ll plant our crops in the

Uris:  “Loralei, please-- you’ll be safe at my brother’s.”

Lor:  “It’s not only our well-being I’m worried about.  I’m
scared for you, Uris.  I’ve never seen you like this.”

Uris:  “I’ve never felt like this.  I can’t explain it.  It’s
just something I have to do.”

Lor:  “All because of a dream.”

Uris:  “Believe me-- I know how crazy it sounds.  But I have to
do it.  Come on.”



I:  “No, thanks, Herc, I don’t want anything.”

H:  “I can’t believe _you’re_ not hungry.  I mean, we’ve been
walking since before dawn.”

I:  “Yeah, I know, I-I just feel, uh-- I feel like we gotta keep

H:  “Maybe you’ll-- think better on a full stomach.”

I:  “Wait a minute.  Are you saying I’m not thinking clearly?”

H:  “No, I didn’t mean that.  I meant-- maybe it’ll help you
remember more of your dream”

I:  “Hercules-- you’re gonna find this hard to believe.  But I’ve
_never_ been so focused in my life.  I mean, I really feel this
is so-- right.”

H:  “Good-- then-- where are we going?”

I:  “I told you, we’re going-- ”

H and I:  “-- north.”

H:  “As long as it’s clear.”

I:  “Crystal.”

H:  “Crystal.  Iolaus-- wait!  Would you wait a minute?!”

I’s Voice:  “No, Herc-- that is fine.  You know, I mean-- if you
don’t wanna take me seriously, then don’t.”

Tri:  “Ah-h-h-h!  I didn’t mean any harm.  I was hungry.”

H:  “All ya had to do-- was ask.  Come on-- there’s plenty of
food.  Besides-- I hate eating alone.”


Tri:  “Thanks.”

H:  “Do you have a name?”

Tri:  “Trinculos.”

I:  “Why were you sneakin’ around?!”

Tri:  “You can’t be too careful.  The hills around here are
crawling with bandits.  Which way are you two headed?”

H:  “Oh, uh, that would be, ‘North’.”

Tri:  “Maybe we could travel together.”

I:  “No, no, no-- you see?  We travel really fast.”

Tri:  “Fine by me.  By the way, what are _your_ names?”

I:  “Well, this is Hercules.”

Tri:  “Hercules.  _The_ Hercules.”

H:  “Uh, yeah.  And this is-- Iolaus-- _the_ Iolaus.”

Tri:  “Who?  Pleased to meet you.”

H:  “Pleasure.  Iolaus.  Frined of yours?”


Uris:  “They’ve seen us.  Hurry.”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “There they are!”  “Get them!”

Uris:  “Get to my brother’s!”

Lor:  “No, I won’t leave you!”

Uris:  “Go!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “They won’t get away now!”  “Go on!”  “Easy


I:  “Herc!  Behind ja [sic]!”

H:  “Must’ve meant those two.”

Captain [Cap]:  “Yah!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Let’s get out of here!”

H:  “Everywhere we go.”

I:  “Yeah.”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Oh, my aching back!”

H:  “You all right?”

Uris:  “Yeah, I’m fine.  My family?”

Tri:  “They’re over here.”

I [Snorts]:  “I wondered where _you’d_ got to.”

Tri:  “It wasn’t my fight!  I don’t stick my neck out for

H:  “Yeah.  Ah, so-- I-I-I’m sorry-- I don’t know your name.”

Uris:  “Uris.”

H:  “Uris-- why were the soldiers after you?”

Lor:  “He wanted our baby.  Another traveller warned us.”

I:  “What do they want your baby for?”

Uris:  “King Polonius-- has ordered all babies under the age of
one to be rounded up and taken to the palace.”

Lor:  “He says it’s for a census, but we don’t believe that.”

H:  “Aah, it does seem a bit strange, doesn’t it?”

Uris:  “Ah-- look-- thank you-- but we’ve gotta get going.”

H:  “Oh-- wait.  Where are you headed?”

Uris:  “Um-- north.”

H:  “E-- excuse me.  May I?  This is getting really-- weird.”



H:  “So-- you’ve had the same dream.”

Lor:  “That’s all he can talk about.”

Uris:  “I was dropping my family off at my brother’s.  It’s a
little out of the way.  But it’s outside the Bethos Province--
and they’ll be safe there.”

H:  “Maybe-- we should go with you, in case you run into more

I:  “Herc-- ”

H:  “Iolaus-- I--I know your dream is important to you, but we’re
talking-- children-- babies at risk here.”

I:  “Yeah-- yeah, you’re right.  I know.”

H:  “We should find out what Polonius is up to.”

Tri:  “Now, hold on here.  Like I said, I don’t fight anyone
else’s battles.  This baby business-- ”

I:  “Then you’ll just have to get used to travelling this
bandit-filled road on your own, pal.”

H:  “No.  Look, there’s-- no reason for all of us to escort Uris’
family.  Why don’t you go on ahead and-- see what you can find
out.  And we’ll meet up at-- at-- Kasi.”

I:  “You sure?”

H:  “Yeah.”

I:  “OK-- Kasi.”

Tri:  “I’m-- going with him.”

H:  “Fine.”

Tri:  “Hey, wait for me!”

H:  “All right-- let’s go.”

Uris:  “You and the baby will be safe.”


Cap:  “Sire-- Hercules is in the province.”

Pol:  “Hercules?  Where?”

Cap:  “At a border town.  My men were pursuing fleeing families--
and there was a small skirmish.”

Mal:  “What about those fleeing families?  Did you stop them?”

Cap:  “All but one, my lady-- but the rest-- ”

Mal [Interrupts]:  “If I were the captain of the guards-- and my
king made a request of me-- I should think that I’d do all in my
power to keep my king-- happy.  I would make it my life’s task--
to take my well-paid soldiers and _seal_ the borders.  I might
even send my elite cavalry unit into the next province-- to seek
out any families who might have gotten away.”

Cap:  “Begging my lady’s pardon-- ”

Mal:  “And I would do these things-- as quickly as humanly--

Cap:  “Yes, my lady.”

Mal:  “You look worried.  You should be relishing the thought of
gaining your revenge after the humiliation Hercules heaped on you
at Kasi.”

Pol:  “My love-- Hercules is a most formidable-- ”

Ma [Interrupts]l:  “He’s _one_ man!  You have command over
thousands.  Polonius-- we waited so long for this-- an heir to
pass on our kingdom to.  We can’t let this slip away from us
now-- can we?”

Pol:  “You’re right, my love.”


Uris:  “You’ll be safe here.  Remo-- take good care of them.”

Remo:  “OK.”

Lor:  “He’s hungry.”

Remo’s Voice:  “I think you’re right.”

Lor:  “You’d better go.”

Remo’s Voice:  “Here’s your son.”

H:  “Uris-- I-- I know it’s not my place.  But-- if you’re having
such a hard time leaving your family behind-- are you sure you’re
doing the right thing?”

Uris:  “No-- I’m just sure it’s something I have to do.”

Lor [Whispers]:  “I love you.”

Uris:  “We better go.”

H [Sighs]:  “Don’t worry.  I’ll make sure he gets home to you

Lor:  “Thank you.”


Tri:  “What are you in such a hurry for?”

I:  “You should know.  You had the same dream.”

Tri:  “I didn’t have any dream.”

I:  “Yeah?  What happened to your hands?”

Tri:  “I don’t know.  Look, everybody has nightmares.  I don’t
believe in all that spells and curses stuff.”

I:  “Well, I don’t think this dream has got anything to do with
spells or curses.”

Tri:  “Then what was it about?”

I:  “What do you care?!  You didn’t have it!”

Tri:  “I’m just curious.  What did you see in your dream?”

I:  “OK, I saw this-- this rock-- like a--like a signpost
pointing somewhere, and, uh-- oh, and these glowing coals, like
the-- the _baleful_ eyes of some hideous monster.”

Tri:  “Yeah?  Well, like I said, everybody has nightmares.”


I:  “Come on-- pick it up.”

Tri:  “Hey-- what’s the rush?  Wait for me?!”


Uris:  “I’ve never left home before.”

H:  “Having second thoughts?”

Uris:  “Huh.  I feel like I should be with them.  But something--
keeps urging me on.”

H:  “If it makes you feel any better, Iolaus has the same
obsession.  And he’s one of the most-- sensible people I know--
most of the time.”

Uris:  “We had the same dream.”

H:  “Well-- something very similar.  He can’t remember all of
it-- but it keeps-- driving him forward.”

Uris:  “I know.  That’s the torment of it.”

H:  “Well, what about you?  I mean, do you remember any of your

Uris:  “Only bits and pieces.  I can see an old, gnarled tree--
almost like it’s giving me directions.”

H:  “Like a-- signpost.”

Uris:  “Sort of.  And I get this feeling-- that I’m gonna be a
part of something important-- very important-- me, a poor peasant
farmer from Thessaly.  Who’d have thought?”

H:  “It’s not so surprising.  Money isn’t a measure of a man’s


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Round up the mothers and infants!”  “Come

Woman:  “Quick!  Hide!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Give me that baby!”  “Hand it over!”

Woman:  “Hide!”

Soldier:  “Where’s that baby?!  Give me that!”

Woman:  “No!  No!  No!  No!  My baby!  Where are you taking me?!”

Girl:  “Mommy.  Mommy.”


I:  “You got here fast.”

H:  “Find out anything?”

I:  “It’s like-- Uris says.  Polonius’ men are rounding up every
boy under the age of one.  They swept through here this morning.”

Uris:  “The infants?”

I:  “Gone.”

H’s Voice:  “What direction?”

I:  “North-- toward Tulosa.”

H:  “Well, we have to catch up to them.”

Tri:  “They have a head start _and_ they’re on horseback.”

H:  “Is there a shortcut.”

Uris:  “Over the mountains-- but it’s rough going.”

H:  “Well, it’s never stopped us before.”

I:  “Nope.  Come on.”


H:  “What’s wrong?”

Uris:  “That tree.”

I:  “Yeah-- it was in my dream, too.  This must be the right

Tri:  “Are we going?  Or not?”

Uris:  “Come on, Trinculos.  Admit you saw the tree, too.”

Tri’s Voice:  “I admit nothin’.  I don’t wanna get involved.”


Soldiers:  “Out of the way!  Get out of the way!”  “Move aside!”

Woman:  “-- before someone get hurt.”


Pol:  “Have you made the sacrifice to Hera?  And her response?”

Mal:  “She’ll help us.”

Pol:  “Thank the gods.”

Mal:  “But only with Hercules.  The infants are our problem.”

Pol:  “Then the oracle was right.”

Mal:  “Polonius-- you worry too much.  With Hera on our side--
you’re going to be king for a long, long time.  You don’t doubt
her powers, do you?”

Pol [Laughing]:  “No!  I just want some proof of her--
intentions!  Some-- !”

Mal:  “Great Hera!  Show those who doubt!”

Pol:  “Soldiers!  I don’t need more warriors.  I’ve enough at my

Mal:  “these aren’t just _any_ soldiers.  Captain-- who’s your
best man?”

Cap:  “Go-- show her.”

Man’s Voice:  “By the gods!”

Mal:  “Maybe _I_ should be an oracle-- because I foresee a good
year for us, Polonius.  You’ll have an heir to your throne-- and
your revenge-- on Hercules.”



I’s Voice:  “You think there’d be an easier way.”

Tri’s Voice:  “I don’t see why you’re in such a hurry.”

Uris’ Voice:  “Stop complaining.  That’s all you do.”

Tri:  “Busting our hump to get to Tuloser [sic].  All it’ll get
us is a fight with Polonius’’ soldiers.”

H:  “At least we’ll have the element of surprise.”

Tri:  “You’ll have it.  I don’t risk my life for anyone.
Besides, I have to be somewhere.”

Uris:  “Hey!  Watch out!”

Tri:  “Keep your shirt on-- pig feeder.”

H:  “Hey, hey!  We don’t have time for this.”

Uris:  “What do you got against farmers, anyway?!”

Tri:  “I used to be one-- before I wised up.”

Uris [Sighs]:  “I guess he doesn’t wanna be friends.”

I:  “These guys.”

H:  “Yeah.  Oh, Iolaus, uh-- I still don’t-- understand this
dream, but-- whatever it is, I just wanna let you know that I’m--
I’m here-- to help.”

I:  “Thanks, Hercules.”  [Laughs]


Tri:  “Company could be better.”

Uris:  “My thoughts, exactly.”

I:  “Would both of you just-- stay quiet?”


Woman:  “Please don’t take my baby.”

H:  “It’s OK.  I’m Hercules.  We’re here to protect you from
Polonius’ men.  Come on.  It’s OK.”

Woman:  “Thank you.  Thank you.”


Uris:  “That’s everyone.”

H:  “All right.  Let’s get them into the hills.”

Uris:  “You sure they’ll be all right?”

I:  “Yeah, there are caves in those hills.  With food and
shelter, they’ll be safe for a couple of days, at least.”

Tri:  “And after that?”

H:  “We try to keep _one_ step ahead of them.  What’s the next

Uris:  “Vilos.”

H:  “Let’s go.”

Voice:  “All right.”


Pol:  “I don’t like this business-- ”

Mal:  “Trust me.  My plan will work.”

Pol:  “It had better.”

Cap:  “Your Highness-- things are going well.  We have almost two
dozen infants _and_ mothers-- in the castle dungeon.”

Pol:  “And-- ?”

Cap:  “And-- we-- still haven’t captured the family that eluded
us at the border.”

Mal:  “And?”

Cap:  “And-- we’re having problems in the southern part of the
province.  Hercules must have heard of our plan.  He evacuated
the villages at Tulosa, Vilos, and Leurissa-- before my soldiers
got there.”

Pol:  “Hercules-- how?  Your men were on horseback.”

Cap:  “Sire, the hostages slowed us down.”

Pol:  “No excuses!  I want that family.  Take your cavalry-- and
track them down.  And I want Hercules’ head on a pike-- now!”

Cap:  “Yes, Sire.”

Mal:  “_That_ won’t be necessary.”

Cap:  “My queen?”

Mal:  “He’s coming-- to us.  All we have to do is to make sure he
knows we’re holding the infants in our castle.  A clever trap by
your soldiers-- and Hera’s men will roast Hercules-- like


I:  “I can’t believe that took so long.”

Uris:  “At least the babies are safe for a while, anyway.”

H [Sighs]:  “I know everyone is tired, but we have to keep

Tri:  “Why?  We’re not gonna do anyone any good if we collapse
from exhaustion.  Besides-- we can’t save _all_ the babies.”

H:  “Well, we can try, can’t we?”

I:  “What are you doing?”

Tri:  “It’s nothin’.”

I:  “No, no, no.  I’ve seen this.  What is it?”

Tri:  “I”m tellin’ ya.  It’s nothin’.”

Uris:  “This should be-- like this.”

Tri:  “What do you mean, ‘Should be’?  You’ve seen it too?”

Uris:  “In my dream.  More like a sword.”

I:  “Yeah.  And look.  Two baleful eyes-- set in gold.  It
looked-- regal.”

Tri:  “All right, I saw it too.  So what?”

H:  “So, you’ve all had the same dream.  And you’re all goin’ to
the same place, for the same reason.”

Tri:  “But _what_ place?”

H:  “I don’t know.  It’s just-- this dream has been guiding you
all northward, right?  The last town north of here is Bethos.”

I:  “Then we _are_ going in the right direction.”

Tri:  “Whoa!  Hold on here.  You’re talkin’ crazy.  You’re gonna
walk _right_ into Polonius’ palace-- past all his guards, and-and
soldiers?  Count me out.”

H:  “I’m not so sure you can count yourself out.  See, you’re a
part of this whether you want to be or not.  You’ve all had the
same-- calling.”

Tri:  “A collective misfortune.  Thanks, guys, but I’ve got a

H:  “So I can see.”

Tri:  “Nobody try and stop me.”

Uris:  “Shouldn’t we try to bring him back?”

I:  “Yeah-- especially since you think he should be with us.”

H:  “Aah, that’s something he’ll have to decide for himself.
Let’s get out of here.”


Mal:  “You look frustrated, Polonius.  What’s the mother?”

Pol:  “The captain and I have been interrogating the new mothers
for the past three hours.  They either can’t-- or won’t tell us
which one of them gave birth to the new king.”

Mal:  “That is unfortunate.”

Pol:  “Well, how will we know which baby to kill?”

Mal:  “It’s really very simple.  Kill them all.”


I:  “I’ve never seen a village so quiet.”

Uris:  “Where is everyone?”

I:  “You’re expecting a fanfare?”

Uris:  “I didn’t expect it to be deserted.”

H:  “It might not be.  Keep your eyes open.”

Soldier:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h!”

Tri:  “Hi!”

H:  “I’m glad you decided to rejoin us.”

Tri:  “You were right.  I didn’t have a choice.  Whatever this is
about-- it’s too big to walk away from.”

H:  “Let’s go.”

Uris:  “Welcome back.”


Pol:  “So?  This is the one Hercules helped escape.”

Cap:  “Yes, your Majesty.”

Mal:  “And why are you so special that the son of Zeus takes it
upon himself to spare your child?”

Lor:  “I-- uh-- I don’t know, my lady.  Please-- can I see my

Mal:  “Don’t know-- or won’t tell?”

Lor:  “I don’t know, my lady!  I swear!”

Mal:  “It doesn’t matter.”

Cap:  “My king.  My queen.  Hercules has entered the city.”

Pol:  “Your men are ready?”

Cap:  “Yes, your Majesty.”

Mal:  “No-- it doesn’t matter-- at all.”

Lor:  “No!  No!  No-o-o-o!  Please!  I just wanna see my baby!”


H:  “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

I:  “Yep.”

Uris:  “You figure we’re heading for a trap?”

I:  “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

H:  “Come on, then.  We don’t wanna disappoint the king.


Pol:  “Hercules!  Welcome to Bethos.”

H:  “Where are the children, Polonius?”

Pol:  “So, this isn’t a social visit?”

H:  “Where are they?!”

Pol:  “Where you can’t get them-- unless, of course-- you wanna
go through them?  Oh, and Uris-- your wife says to tell you that
she loves you.”

Uris:  “You black-hearted pig!”

Mal:  “Not a proper way to address your king?  And he will remain
your king-- for a long time.”

H:  “Not after this, he won’t.”

Pol:  “Kill them all!”


H:   “Ah-h-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h!  Interesting.”

Uris:  “This is more my style-- like a pitchfork!”

H:  “Ah-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h!

Tri:  “Uris!”

Mal:  “No-o-o-o-o-o!”

Uris:  “I thought you didn’t stick your neck out for anyone.”

Tri:  “I didn’t have a choice.”

I:  “Wah-h-h!”

H:  “Let’s go find your family.”


Lor:  “Uris-- Daddy’s here.”

Mal:  “You forget-- I carry the heir to Polonius’ throne in my

H:  “And you forget the laws of succession in Bethos.  If the
king dies without a living male heir-- the people may elect their
next ruler.”

I:  “I think you’re a couple ’a months too short.  Have a happy
exile.  Hasta la vista, baby.  Well-- that’s it.  That’s-- what
we were-- supposed to do.”

Tri:  “I have to admit.  Felt pretty good-- ”

I:  “Hmm.”

Tri:  “-- saving all those children.”

Uris:  “Yeah-- but I’m not sure that that’s the end of it.”

H:  “Me, neither.  Take a look.”

I:  “Hercules-- this is my dream.  You-- and that star.”

H:  “Then maybe you should follow it.”


Tri:  “This is what the dream was all about.”

Uris:  “It’s true.  I can feel it.  It’s a sense of calm-- and

I:  “What?”

H:  “Just a hunch-- but somehow, I believe that what you’re about
to witness is-- bigger and-- more important than anything we’ve
ever done.”

Tri:  “Let’s go.”

I:  “Gonna come with us?”

H:  “No.  Go on.  I’ll-- I’ll be there.”

I [Whispers]:  “OK.”

Tri:  “Such a feeling of peace.”

Uris:  “Yes-- peace-- and friendship.”


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