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“Prodigal Sister”  66/407


Man’s Voice:  [Something about goats]

Woman’s Voice:  “Come on!  Let’s go!”

Man:  “Hurry!  Go!”

Roone:  “Ow!”

Father:  “Hold still; I’m almost finished.”

Roone:  “Why do we need marks, Papa?”

Father:  “To identify you.  Now, hold still.”

Amazons:  “Get them!”  “Don’t let them get away!”

Villagers:  “The Amazons!”  “Run!  They’re coming!”

Father:  “Roone-- promise me.  If anything happens to me or your
mother-- you’ll take care of your little sister.”

Roone:  “Yes, Papa.”

Father:  “Good!  Go!  Go, go!”

Amazon:  “Come on!  Come on!  Come on!  Come on!  Come on!”

[Amazons decimate Village]

Amazon:  “Burn it!

Woman:  “Not my baby!”

Father:  “Kids, run!”

Roone:  “Papa-- no!”

Father:  “Roone!  Your sister!  Hurry!”

Woman’s Voice:  “No!  Please!”

Sister:  “Roone!  Roone!  Papa!”

Mayhem  [M]  :  “Die like the dog you are!”



Slave-trader:  “Keep moving!”

Slave:  “Leave him alone!  He’s blind!”

Slave-trader:  “He’s gonna be dead if he don’t keep moving!  Who
are you?!”

H:  “The name is Hercules.”

Slaver:  “Hercules?”

H:  “Are you aware of what province you’re in?”

Slave-trader:  “Mecaneau-- so what?”

H:  “Owning slaves is against the law here.”

Slave-trader:  “That’s not a problem.  I’m taking them across the
straits to Lethos Province.”

H:  “It’s still a problem.  You see-- I don’t believe in
slavery-- anywhere.”


H:  “Thanks.  You men are free to go.”

Slave:  “Ohhh!  Thank you!”

H:  “You’re welcome.  That includes you.”

Roone:  “I’m fine.”

H:  “Are you sure?  It looks like those chains are a little

Roone:  “The name’s Roone.  I don’t need anyone’s help.  I just
need wanna find my sister



H:  “The others weren’t bound like this.  Any particular reason?”

Roone:  “I suppose they were trying to, uh-- discourage me from

H:  “And just where would a blind boy would escape to?”

Roone:  “Back to Sarna-- where I grew up-- to look for my sister.
It’s been almost fourteen years since I’ve seen her.”

H:  “Sarna?  Well, you’re in luck.  I’m headed that way.”

Roone:  “Why would you be going there?”

H:  “Well, I’ve heard some rumors of Amazon trouble I need to
look into.”

Roone:  “Those Amazons killed my parents-- raided my village--
took my sister.”

H:  “I’m sorry to hear that.  But if this happened over thirteen
years ago, how do you know your sister’s even alive?”

Roone:  “It’s just a feeling.  But even if she isn’t, I have to
find out-- one way or another.”

H:  “All right.  Let’s go.”


Surrie [S]:  “You’re a sad excuse for a warrior.”

M:  “It’s hard to believe your training was identical.  Are you
that much better, or is she just getting worse?”

S:  “Lucine is a liability.  If she goes on the raid tomorrow--
she’ll just get someone killed.”

M:  “Are you worried that that someone might be her?”

S:  “I’m worried about our tribe-- all our warriors-- not one.”

M:  “Spoken like a leader, Surrie.  You may have it in you to
take over this tribe, one day.”

S:  “Mayhem-- I don’t care about the leadership of our tribe--
not yet.  All I’m concerned about now is winning tomorrow’s
battle-- with as few casualties as possible.”


H:  “We’ll have to work for our passage.”

Roone:  “You don’t have to worry about me, Hercules.  I can hold
up my end.”

Ephiny [E]:  “Excuse me-- did he call you Hercules?”

H:  “Ah-- ah, yes-- he did.”

E:  “Xena’s told me so much about you.  I’m Ephiny, and this is
my son, Xenon.”

H:  “Glad to meet you, and this is Roone-- ah, Roone can’t-- ”

Roone:  “I’m-- blind.  And, and-- don’t take this wrong, but--
your boy doesn’t smell like anyone I’ve ever met.”

E:  “That’s because he’s a Centaur.”

Roone:  “A Centaur-- really?  Wow.”

E:  “I’m taking Xenon to the Centaur colony in Thrace.  I want
him to know his father’s side of the family.”

H:  “That’s a great idea.”

E:  “My timing could be better.  Several outlaw bands from the
Amazon nation have broken off.”

Roone:  “Kill all Amazons, as far as I’m concerned.”

H:  “Roone-- Ephiny’s an Amazon.  Settle down!  Settle down!  Go!
You wait up for me aboard.”

Roone:  “Wipe them off the face of the Earth!  Every last one of

H:  “Sorry-- I, uh-- I didn’t expect that.”

E:  “There’s some deep hate in him.”

H:  “Well, he’s had a rough life.  When he was six, an Amazon
raid killed his parents and-- they carried off his little

E:  “Is he sure it was Amazons?”

H:  “It must have been renegades.  Maybe you’ve-- run across his
sister.  She’d be about-- seventeen, now-- a bird tattoo on her

E:  “Oh-- we’re made up of a lot of different tribes.  Some of
those renegades were assimilated back into the main body, but--
most were killed.”

H:  “What about these latest uprisings?”

E:  “An aberration, I hope.  Most of us want peace, but a few
outlaw bands could destroy everything we’ve worked for.  Look,
I-- ”

H:  “Ah-- I don’t wanna keep you waiting here, so-- it was, it
was a pleasure to meet you-- you too, Xenon.  Have a safe


Amazon:  “Ready the weapons.  We attack at dawn.”

Lucine  [L]:  “Here-- let me.”

S:  “Why is it you can string a bow or feather an arrow faster
than any of us-- but you still can’t grip a sword so no one will
take it away?”

L:  “I’ll do better next time.”

S:  “I hope so.  We’re attacking another village tomorrow.
There’s no more time for practice or learning.”

L:  “You’ve always watched out for me-- and I appreciate that.
But maybe I’m not-- cut out for this-- like you.  Maybe it’s not
in my blood.”

S:  “Just because you weren’t born into this world is no excuse.
It’s not blood that makes an Amazon warrior-- it’s training and
preparation and attitude.  We need to be able to count on each
other-- watch each other’s back.”

L:  “And you know, I’d never let you down.”

S:  “I know you wouldn’t-- not intentionally.”


M:  “Tomorrow we take the next step in reclaiming our ancestral
lands.  And when we take back our valley-- we’ll be sending a
message to the whole world.  Amazons want what is rightfully
ours-- and we’ll fight our righteous war until we get it!”

Amazons  [Cheer]


Sailor:  “Watch [?]!”

H:  “Don’t worry; I’ll get it.  Roone-- you’ve had a hard life--
but that-- incident with Ephiny-- ”

Roone:  “You should have told me she was an Amazon.”

H:  “Why?  She wasn’t the one who killed your parents.  Most
Amazons are good, upstanding-- ”

Roone:  “Save your breath!  I say, kill them all-- let the gods
sort them out.”

H:  “Even if it’s your sister.”

Roone:  “What are you saying?”

H:  “Thirteen years is a long time-- and Amazons don’t keep
slaves.  If your sister’s alive-- she’s one of them.”

Roone:  “Then, she’s better off dead.”


Amazon Voice:  “Show no mercy!”

Man:  “No!”

Amazon Voice:  “No!”

Man’s Voice:  “May the gods protect us!”



L:  “I guess you were right.  I’m not warrior material, after

S:  “Rest.”

L:  “Why?  We both know I’m dying.”

S:  “You’re not dying.”

L:  “Don’t lie to me-- not now.  You’re the only family I’ve ever

S:  “We’re all sisters.”

L:  “Do you think-- I’ll see my birth family-- on the other side?
I wonder what that’ll be like.

S:  “OK-- just rest.”

L:  “Hold me.”

S:  “Goodbye, my friend.”


H:  “So-- this is where you were born.  It’s a beautiful place.
Ooop!  Take it easy.  What is it?”

Roone:  “Where are we?  Describe to me where we are.”

H:  “Uh-- well, about-- twenty paces in front of you-- there’s a
river.  To your right, there’s a line of trees.”

Roone:  “This is it!  This is the place they were killed!  I can
feel it!  I can see it!”

[[[[[Sister:  “Roone!”  M:  “Die like the dog you are!”]]]]]

Roone:  “This is where they died!”

H:  “Roone.”

Roone:  “I can see it like it was yesterday.  Her hair was like

H:  “Whose hair?”

Roone:  “The human garbage that killed my parents.  My sister’s
all I have left.”

H:  “I know.  Come on.”


Roone:  “I’m sorry.  I don’t usually get that upset.”

H:  “Don’t worry.  It’s understandable.”

Man:  “He’s in here.  We need your help.”

Woman:  “Amazons attacked our village.  It was awful.”

H:  “Where was this?”

Woman:  “In the middle of the Prithian Valley.  Seven days ago--
they attacked a village at the south end.  They killed everyone
who stayed behind.”

H:  “There’s a good chance they’ll be coming here next.”

Man:  “What should we do?”

H:  “Round up the men.  We’ll have to make a stand here.”


M:  “I know Lucine’s death has affected you.”

S:  “As would any of my sisters’.”

M:  “You don’t show it-- I commend that.  But inside, I know you
grieve.  How you respond to this moment will determine your
future as an Amazon-- whether you’ll be just another warrior or a
true leader.  I want you to present the war song.”

S:  “My sisters-- we have reached a critical stage in our
righteous war.  But if we truly want to put an end to our
enemies’ lies-- their broken treaties-- we must prevail.  Be
assured, we _will_ reclaim the ancestral lands that are
rightfully ours.  But I beg you-- don’t be like our fallen
sister, Lucine.  Don’t sacrifice your lives for the Amazon
nation.  Make our enemiew sacrifice theirs.”

Amazons:  [Cheer]


H:  “Get ready!”

Man:  “Here they come!”

[Amazons attack village-- fight ensues throughout]

S:  “You got a lot of heart for a blind boy-- but I’m gonna cut
it out.”



Amazon:  “Amazons, retreat!”

Man’s Voice:  “We’ve got ‘em now!  After them!”

Villagers:  [Cheer]

H:  “Come on.  Let’s get you patched up.”

Voice:  “... Amazons are scum!”


Woman’s Voice:  “This man needs fresh bandages.”

Man:  “We beat them.  We won.”

H:  “No, we just surprised them.  They’ll be back-- over here.”

Man:  “I’ll get more water.”

H:  “OK.  All right?”

Roone:  “Thank you for saving my life.  Those last two Amazons--

H:  “Roone-- your sister’s alive.”

Roone:  “What?”

H:  “I saw the tattoo.  It’s the same as yours, and-- she’s the
right age.”

Roone:  “Then-- she was with the Amazons who attacked us.”

H:  “I’m afraid she-- was the one who almost killed you.”


S:  “They were much better prepared than the other villagers.”

M:  “I have a good idea who prepared them-- the big man that
stopped you from killing the boy-- is Hercules.”

S:  “Hercules-- well he’s the epitome of everything that we’re
against-- male, glory, and domination.”

M:  “He’s also the key to that village-- maybe the whole war.
You kill Hercules and the fight’ll go out of the rest of them.  I
want you to have that privilege.”

S:  “It would be an honor.”

M:  “That village is important, Surrie.  We’re outnumbered in
this world, and we rely on surprise and the fear our reputation
instills.  We can’t afford to let anyone think we’ve been
defeated.  We have to go back in there and kill everyone--


H:  “Make sure you put that high this time-- OK?  I thought you
handled yourself pretty well with that staff.”

Roone:  “It’s not lethal enough.”

H:  “Roone-- defending yourself is one thing.  But this hatred
you carry hurts you the most.  Killing all the Amazons in the
world won’t make that go away.”

Roone:  “I don’t _want_ it to go away.  It’s what kept me going
the last thirteen years.  That-- and the hope that one day I’d
find my sister and take care of her-- like I promised my father.”

H:  “That’s a tall order for a six year-old to fill.”

Roone:  “I promised.”

H:  “Yeah.  Well-- life doesn’t always work out like we plan.  We
make promises and we try our best to keep them.  If they don’t
work out, we still have to go on.”

Roone:  “Well, I intend to keep mine.  I’m gonna take care of my
sister-- one way-- or another.”


H:  “You can keep shooting, and I can keep catching-- but it
won’t do us any good.”

S:  “Why are you here, unarmed?”

H:  “That blind boy you almost killed-- he’s your brother.”

S:  “I don’t have any family except for my Amazon sisters.”

H:  “No?  That tattoo on your hand?  He has one that’s

S:  “What do you want from me?”

H:  “Talk to him.  He’s come a long way to find you.”

S:  “He’s come a long way to die.”

H:  “Then you’ll be killing the only family you have left in this

S:  “I told you-- the Amazons _are_ my family.  My birth-parents
abandoned me.”

H:  “Your parents were killed by Amazons-- and you were stolen.
Look-- all I’m asking is-- for you to meet Roone-- alone-- and
listen to his side.”

S:  “The oak meadow-- when the moon is high.”


M:  “You seem unfocused, Surrie.”

S:  “Maybe, Lucine’s death bothers me more than I thought it
would.  We were so close, like-- like true sisters.”

M:  “You weren’t.  You were both abandoned, but by different
parents.  You don’t remember me finding you in the woods,

S:  “I don’t remember crying-- ever.”

M:  “I found you crying, then-- because your parents had left you
to die like an animal-- all because you were first-born and
female.  You’re a blessing given to me from the gods, because I
couldn’t have daughters of my own.  Focus, Surrie.  One day,
after we reclaim our lands-- you will become the new leader of
this tribe.”


H:  “Ready?”

Roone:  “How do you know she can be trusted?”

H:  “I don’t-- but someone had to make the first move.  You won’t
be needing this.”

Roone:  “She’s already tried to kill me once.”

H:  “Tonight you talk, and you listen.  Let’s go.”


H:  “Here we are.”

Roone:  “How long do I have to wait?”

H:  “Oh-- ”

S:  “Don’t move.”

H:  “So-- this is your idea of alone.”



M:  “So-- the mighty Hercules.  Ooh.  What have you got to say
for yourself?”

H:  “I was gonna ask you that.  Do you really want their deaths
on your hands?”

M:  “Oh, they’re not gonna die.  That privilege is reserved for
you and the boy, and any villagers stupid enough to stay behind.”

H:  “I won’t let that happen.”

M:  “That’s a bold statement for someone in your position.”

H:  “Even if you killed me and took the village-- the Prithians
will take it back.  They’ll send soldiers to hunt you down until
you’re all dead-- all because you won’t abide by a treaty.”

M:  “That’s what I think of your treaties.  They’re not worth the
parchment they’re printed on.”

H:  “Then, fight for your rights.  But do it throught the courts.
If you do it by violence, you’ll be dividing the Amazon nation--
and didvided, you will fall.”

M:  “You think you’re so mighty.  Well-- you won’t be tomorrow.
I have a special sunrise ceremoney planned-- just for you.”


S:  “Why are you lying?”

Roone:  “I’m not lying!  Why would I?!  My life’s not worth
anything, anymore-- not after what the Amazons have done to you.”

S:  “Uh, they’ve done nothing to me-- except teach me to be
strong and independent.”

Roone:  “You mean, cold-blooded and ruthless.”

S:  “Whatever complete victory takes.”

Roone:  “You know?  I’m glad our parents our dead-- so they can’t
see you like this.”

S:  “My parents abandoned me.”

Roone:  “They were killed!  By an Amazon!  I saw it!  You saw it!
You can’t deny it, anymore!”

S:  “No more lies!”

Roone:  “Go on.  Kill me-- you will eventually.  But you can’t
kill the truth.  You know what you saw.”


S:  “Mayhem, he says he’s my brother.  He has a tattoo exactly
like this.”

M:  “So-- you have a brother.  What does that prove?  You were
still abandoned.”

S:  “Well, if I was abandoned, why did they bother marking me?”

M:  “How dare you question me.  I raised you for thirteen years.
I taught you everything you know.”

S:  “Including a respect for the truth.  One day I _will_ replace
you-- and take over the leadership of this tribe.  But I nee to
know who I really am before I can do that.”

M:  “Well, in the morning, none of this will matter.  I have a
little ritual planned.”

S:  “I think we should have a ritual-- the fire stakes-- to find
out who’s lying.”

M:  “As you wish.”


M:  “My daughter has a soft spot for lost siblings.  We’ll
determine who’s lying with the fire stakes.”

H:  “That won’t find the truth.  It’ll just get someone killed.”

S:  “You know the ceremony?”

H:  “I know a little about Amazon traditions.”

M:  “Then you’ll know, once it’s been decreed, it can’t be
revoked.  The boy and I will fight.”

H:  “Then I request to take his place.  He’s bliind-- and no
match for you.”

M:  “Excellent.  Cut him loose.”

H:  “Don’t bother.”


[H and M fight.]

[S joins in.]

H:  “We don’t have to play these games.  You know in your heart,
don’t you?  Roone is your brother.”

S:  “So, what am I supposed to do?  Deny my Amazon heritage?  My
training?  All the strength that gave me?”

H:  “Maybe you didn’t get your strength from the Amazons.  Maybe
you already had it inside you.”

S:  “Amazon strength is the only strength.”

H:  “Is it?  Then how did your brother-- your blind brother--
survive all these years?”

M:  “Don’t listen to him!  Kill him!”

H:  “There’s no need for this fight, Mayhem.  Just tell her the

[H and M fight]

M:  “Die like the dog you are!”

Roone:  “She’s the one!  She killed them!”

H:  “You killed their parents.”

M:  “So what?  I’ve made her the best warrior in the Amazon
world.  Do you think her parents could’ve done that.”

H:  “Here-- take my hand.  Take it!  Take it!”

[M falls to her death.]

S:  “This is your fault.”

H:  “Is this what you both really want?!  You kill Roone-- and
you’ll never find out what your real parents were like.  [Now,
promise] your father dies with her.  Is this how you want it to


[Amazon Funeral Chant]

H:  “You were wise to call off your righteous war.”

S:  “It cost me-- the only two people who meant anything to me--
the only family I knew.”

H:  “You still have family-- blood family.”

S:  “She lied to me.  Everything I hold dear in my life is based
on a lie.”

H:  “No-- it just means you have to rethink everything you’ve
been taught-- starting with Roone.  This won’t be easy for him,

S:  “Roone-- would you take me to our village?”


S:  “Here?”

Roone:  “This is where it happened.”

[[[[[Father:  “Roone-- your sister!]]]]]

S:  “I can-- I can see them, Roone.  I can see them dying.”

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