Whoosh! Issue 14 -
November 1997


By Gregory R. Swenson
Copyright © 1997 held by author
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The Setting (01)
The Players (02)
The Allusions (03-147)
     Single Combat (03-07)
     Battlement Banter (08-10)
     The Sarcophagus (11-12)
     Cain and Abel (13-14)
     The Profitability Factor (15-16)
     Hyperion and the Satyr (17-18)
     Playing Hooky (19-22)
     Ophelia Upbraids Callisto (23)
     Duty Calls (24-25)
     The Central Theme (26-33)
     Misanthropic Messages (34-36)
     Dreadful Dreams (37-39)
     A Sound Beating (40)
     The Madness Begins (41-42)
     Treasured Remembrances (43-44)
     The Fishmonger and the Fisherman (45-49)
     The Ladders (50-51)
     Denmark Prison (52-53)
     The Death Wish (54-57)
     Coaching the Players (58-59)
     Caesar, Julius Caesar (60-61)
     Lap Dogs (62-64)
     Hecate's Ban, Hecate's Temple (65-66)
     Guilt Trips Traps (67-71)
     A Little Light Praying (72-75)
     The Sword of Damocles (76-81)
     Harping Harpies (82-84)
     The Counterfeit Images (85-87)
     Gilding the Guilt (88-92)
     A Tapestry of Blood (93-94)
     The Missing Body (95-96)
     The Pirates of Princess (97-98)
     Missives of Murder (99-100)
     Petaling Prophecies (101-102)
     Suicide or Murder? (103-113)
     A Grave Sense of Humor (114-120)
     Exfoliation and the Charnel House (121-122)
     A Goodbye Kiss (123-125)
     What Is the Price of Revenge? (126-127)
     The Hat Trick (128-130)
     A Pearl of Distinction (131-133)
     Raven Haired Tresses (134-136)
     A Reversal of Fortunes (137-140)
     The Quicksand and the Dead (141-143)
     The Soldiers' Music (144-147)
Congratulations Are In Order (148-149)
Notes (150-155)
     Search Engines (150-154)
     Celeste's Guests (155)
     Shameless Plugs

Xena Does Shakespeare: The Callisto Episode Arcs

The Setting

[01] Nay sayers of questionable repute have often held the opinion that Xena: Warrior Princess has no socially redeeming value. Au contraire. A carefully contrived conspiracy of literary mavens from the Xena production team has managed to slip allusions from Shakespeare's Hamlet into Xena: Warrior Princess, especially in the Callisto episode arcs. To confirm this observation, we begin with the cast of characters, then follow with a "goodly" measure of allusions introduced via the chronology of the play, Hamlet.

The Players

[02] The players are presented as:

Xena as Hamlet, the ghost, and Polonius
Gabrielle as Horatio and Queen Gertrude
Joxer as Polonius, Yorick, and Osric
Callisto as Fortinbras, Laertes, Hamlet, the ghost, and Ophelia
Perdicus as King Claudius and Polonius
Theodorus as Hamlet
Helen as Queen Gertrude
Paris as Hamlet's father
Deiphobus as King Claudius
David as King Hamlet
Celeste as the "undiscovered country"


Richan Gregory R. Swenson
Laura Sue's Whoosh Gossip Editor made a comment about using handles online and it started me thinking about my handle Richan. Richan is the name of my favorite roleplaying character. She is a 9th level elven magic user. I've used her off and on for sixteen years in various campaigns. Richan is a member of Plane Travellers, Inc., a band of adventures dedicated to keeping Pantera safe from the forces of evil. She has a tower used for a home, research and transportation (the tower is "translocatable"). She has an uncle, Lichan, another elven magic user who also has a tower. When I go oline I write from Richan's tower (richan@aol.com) or Lichan's tower (lichan@ix.netcom.com). In the near future Richan's Tower will be my personal website.
Time, careers, and marriages have seperated the Plane Travellers. I use Richan or Lichan when I go online online to honor the memory of good times with good friends. But now I have new family of peers to bum around with--IAXS. And I must say I've really enjoyed the company!
Favorite episode: REMEMBER NOTHING (#26)
Favorite line: Xena to Diana: "Well, you're going to have to convince people you're me and I like dark." WARRIOR...PRINCESS (#30)
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