Issue Four
December 1996 - January 1997

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor
Credits for Issue Four

Black Athena: Cultural Influences in the Xenaverse
By Ann M. Ciola (
Ares: Mind, Body, and Soul. An Analysis of the God of War in TEN LITTLE WARLORDS
By Cat Italiano (
The Official Guide to Clan MacGab and The Gabberish Lexicon
By Kate Maynard (
It's a Wonderful Life, Xena: A Critical Comparison Between XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS' REMEMBER NOTHING and Capra's IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE
By Judith K. Parker (
The Battle of Corinth (Part Four)
By Clayton J. Powers (
Callisto: Arch-villain Extraordinaire
By Bret Rudnick (
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS -- The CD: a Review (of Sorts)
By Bret Rudnick (
The Kiss: Xena and Gabrielle
By Anita Louise Silva (
Alexander the Great: Blueprint for Xena
By Gregory R. Swenson (
Xena's Family: Who Are They?
By Debbie White (
By Debbie White (
XENA Fandom in the Netherlands: The Undiscovered Country
By Petra de Jong (

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