Whoosh! Issue 40 - January 2000
Letters to the Editor

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Issue 39 (December 1999)
Subtext: The Morning After
Subtext Tapes
Lao Ma: A Good Influence?
Pregnant Actor Heroes
Ares as Demoted God
Joxer Corner
Sword & Staff Update
Xenite BBQ 2000 Update

Letters To The Editor


From: IseQween
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999
Subject: Letter To The Editor -- Whoosh!

Wow! It was so fantastic to be able to read A.T. Lee's interview with "Xena Live!" actress/producer Amy Matheny in Whoosh! [#39, December 1999]. As one of the lucky Chicago fans who got to see the play, I was really curious to learn more about how it came about. It got great reviews in the local press, but they didn't give the kind of "inside" information that the interview did. (I'm hoping Lee will do another piece about the gender-bending aspects that added to the play's richness, but which the uninitiated might have missed.) It was clear to me that Amy and others connected with the play really know their XWP, and this interview confirmed it for me.

I think this was a real coup for Whoosh! Having the link to the interview on the "Xena Live!" website ought to spur even more interest in the Xenaverse. Maybe it'll even help folks get to see the play in other cities.


Webmaster's Note: Join us in the palace for a live chat with Amy Matheny and Elizabeth Laidlaw on Friday, January 7, 8pm EST / 5pm PST. This chat will be in the "Palace Arena." See the Palace Info page for details!

Issue 39 (November 1999)

Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999
From: John McClure
Subject: Issue 39

Wow! Kym you have done a really good issue in #39!!

Also, the talent of the people that you have writing for you is pretty awesome, and more than a bit intimidating to a greenhorn like me.

I am humbled by the [perception and writing abilities] of the rest of your contributors to this, and your previous issues, and I really, really appreciate your including me with them.

OK, y'all out there in the Xeneverse got me hooked, so I am going to Pasadena!!

Thanks (sniff),

Subtext: The Morning After

From: A.L.Shaughnessy
Subject: Letter to the Editor
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999

My name is Andrew Shaughnessy and I live in Wrexham, Wales (that's the little bit tacked onto the left hand side of England, okay?). I've read a lot about the subtext of the show and I'd like to add my own views.

I know two women together is supposed to be every guy's fantasy (look and Joey and Chandler in "Friends"), but I just don't see Xena and Gabrielle having a physical relationship. Gabby's feelings for Xena seem to be mostly those of a young girl for an older sister, with a bit of a "schoolgirl crush" thrown in. She can obviously feel jealous, as her attitude towards Tara and Lao Ma demonstrate, but I think too much is being read into this.

Xena's feelings are a little more complex. On one level there's the whole sisterhood thing again, whilst on another I think she sees in Gabrielle the kind of person she herself might have become had history been a little different. Having said that, I believe Xena is at least a little in love with Gabrielle, but is afraid to tell her for fear of losing what they already have. Believe me, I've been there with female friends and it can really hurt to screw up a friendship by wanting more!

Okay, I've only seen the show up to about the middle of Season Three (may the Furies curse terrestrial British TV!), but that's how I see the situation at present.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion,


Subtext Tapes

From: SMV
Subject: Classic fight scenes article
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999

Ms Taborn,

I just want to tell you that you are going above and beyond the call of duty putting together these tapes. You really take it seriously when you write, "I live to serve." As one of the many people who you "serve" I thank you. as always,


Kym Taborn Responds:

Don't thank me until you have seen them!

Lao Ma: A Good Influence?

From: Ariadne de la Montagne
Subject: My letter re 'Purity'
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999

Dear Ms. Taborn:

I noticed that my letter was prefaced with the blurb 'Lao Ma - A Bad Influence?'. I would like to speak to that.

I don't think my issue is really with whether Lao Ma was a bad influence on Xena. It's rather that I don't feel this character fits comfortably into the storyline. Xena was just too evil after her time with Lao Ma for any mentoring on Lao Ma's part to be believable. Up until the Chin episodes the storyline flowed more or less smoothly. Xena was an evil warlord who had managed to alienate even her own mother; she then met Hercules who turned her around; his influence caused her to examine herself and her life and choose a new path whereby she attempts to atone for her evil past and the misery she's caused to so many; she meets Gabrielle whom she at first regards as a somewhat annoying younger sister and barely tolerates, then the friendship deepens and finally her ever deepening love for Gabrielle and Gabrielle's compassion become her beacon. While she finds it difficult to always stay on the straight and narrow Gabrielle is there to help her and to continue the good that Hercules has initiated.

Up until that point the flow was smooth and natural. Even the character of M'Lila and Xena's experience with Caesar adds to her journey and is a good fit. Then suddenly we are given a whole new arc. It seems that Xena had met this woman Lao Ma in Chin and this woman has caused her to be 'reborn'. If she was such a good influence, then why was Xena still so evil after she left Chin? In the 'Debt' she tells Gabrielle something to the effect that shortly before she met her (Gabrielle) she suddenly remembered the lessons LM taught her and she finally understood what it was she wanted from her, and it was like being 'reborn'. Excuse me, but she was 'reborn' when she renounced her evil ways - under Herc's influence.

It appears to me that the writers suddenly had this neat idea of a story set in Chin and a really cool character (Lao Ma) who would have been Xena's mentor. It would have been really cool if the story could have been set in the present rather than the past and Lao Ma would have appeared as a character who was still alive and kicking. But it just doesn't fit. Okay this is my opinion only, but this is how I see it. I also feel that with all the powers that were at her disposal, all the wisdom she supposedly possessed, Lao Ma should have been able to do a better job with her own family and shouldn't have to keep bugging Xena posthumously to straighten out her family problems - kill her evil son, straighten out her daughters, etc.

I happen to really like this show and have been with it from before the beginning - that is, when Xena first made an appearance on HTLJ. I think it shows the best relationship between two women (barring some of the third season stuff) that has ever been shown on tv. I think the most appealing part is the growth of the relationship between the women (Xena and Gabrielle) which is in sync with Xena's growth as a caring and compassionate human being. This attractive human being was not present after her first time in Chin - Xena's character blossomed after her encounters with Hercules and Gabrielle. That was the crux of her 'rebirth'.

I just wanted to explain my viewpoint and my reasons for it. I know that the Chin episodes are very popular and I can understand the allure - being a quarter Asian myself I can fully appreciate the richness of color and emotions that the writers have at their disposal when writing for an Asian setting. Thank you for listening. By the way, I still think your site is the best one in the Xenaverse.

Ariadne de la Montagne

Pregnant Action Heroes

From: Joe Henry
Subject: Letter to the Editor
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999

I have read many fan reactions and comments regarding Xena being pregnant during the early episodes of season five. Some fans have indicated they are dissatisfied because Lucy chose this time in her career to have a child and to have her character, Xena be pregnant on the show. The pregnancy and the delivery of Xena's child is a major theme for the show this season.

I would like to say that Xena has been my most favorite character and I attribute that to Lucy's excellent acting. This is what first impressed me over four years ago and made me into a dedicated fan. I also love the relationship that she and her companion, Gabrielle portray on the show. I feared Lucy would take more camera time off during the pregnancy or that they would use the old hide behind the bushes or in the water approach for Xena. Luckily, they have chosen to let the pregnancy be shown right up front and have used some very clever methods to blend the situation with the action. I believe the long stick which appeared to stab Xena in the stomach while Mavican had her in a cage was purposely written to give us a gasping moment (it did just that). Alti punched Xena directly in her pouch in Them Bones, Them Bones which even Claire Stansfield said disturbed her since Lucy was really with child during filming. Xena used some creative pyrotechnical powers in the two China episodes to get the job done and yet they even tossed in some wild Xena flips when she saved Gabrielle from the burning black powder trail. Another great scene was Xena stomping across the head and shoulders of the bad guys in Little Problems. I would say Lucy has been very flexible and given great effort to keep the action and image of Xena as it was before the pregnancy. I for one applaud and want to thank Lucy ! I think fan praise and appreciation is certainly in order.

For any fans that think a television star owes something more to her fan base or fans that have been critical of the creative handling of the pregnancy on the show must care very little for this wonderful actress as a human being. The magazine and newspaper articles are proof enough she cares a lot for people and especially for children. I can't imagine how anyone could have expected different or more from Lucy Lawless. I really hope hindsight by all Xena fans will be to join me in feeling great admiration for Lucy and what she has accomplished. Too bad there is not some Mother/Actress Purple Heart for her outstanding energy and efforts because surely she would deserve no less, in my opinion.

Way to go Lucy ! I wish the internet would LIGHT UP with compliments to her and the show for taking this challenge and proving that even an actress with a very physical role can still put forth fantastic kick arse action and expand her family at the same time. I look forward to having Xena back in her snazzy leather Warrior garb but will always be thankful she kept working to provide me the joy of many episodes she could have turned over for at least half a season to the other regulars. I think she worked hard because she truly cares for the show and all the fans.

Even in pregnancy Xena - you are great !!!


Ares as Demoted God

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999
From: Robert Skinner
Subject: A Whoosh submission

There is more to the gods of the Greeks than tales of feud and sexual conquest. Behind these stories is a theological system. Brought by Indo-European warrior bands to Greece before the time of Mycenae, the basic concepts were forced on the previous goddess-worshipping population.

The newcomers thought of society as divided into three parts: a priesthood, a warrior class and, at the bottom, a herdsman or farming class. Each class had its own gods, ranking among the gods in the same order as the class that worshipped them.

The original Indo-European system had two gods in each class, each god with his own function. The priestly group had its gods of law and magic, generally with a connection to the sky. The warriors thought of warriors as either wreacking havoc or acting as defenders of their people, and the herdmenís gods were explicitly twins, emblems of fertility. Binding them all was a goddess who crossed functions to ensure the pantheon was a coherent whole, and adding to the fertility aspect.

The gods were dangerous. One did not mention a god by name for fear of attracting his attention so gods were referred to, obliquely, by a characteristic e.g. the thunder god. Simple time and habit ensured that these characteristics would develop their own names and identities.

When the newcomers found a large population worshipping strange gods already in place and far more sophisticated gods nearby in the Minoan islands and the Near East, the newcomers had little choice but to show the local people how their respective gods were related and adopt some of the local god names and even backgrounds. At the same time, struggles among the newcomers and changes in their culture as a result of encountering the Mediterranean peoples meant changes in the order of the newcomers' own gods.

By the time of Homer, the newcomers' system was confused. Law and magic were combined into one god who had then split into Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. A fourth aspect, Wares the thunder god, had his functions assumed by Zeus and was demoted to war god where he combined the functions of both raider and defender. The gods of the herdsmen, the heavenly twins, were also demoted, to mere demi-gods, and the transfunctional goddess was splintered.

Athena seems to have most of the attributes of the original Indo-European goddess. Her association with wisdom comes very late. Aphrodite seems out of place, mostly an adjunct to the third class with its emphasis on fertility and doesnít even appear in the Mycenaean god lists. She arrives only around the time of Homer, probably from the Mid-East. You can see the imported gods easily by looking at who supported Troy against the Greeks in the Trojan Wars. Ares, Artemis, Aphrodite and Apollo were the guilty parties.

Homer clearly doesnít believe in his gods. He has them in family relationships, jumping in and out of beds and scheming against each other but that doesnít mean that those tales represent nothing but fiction. Think of the number of nymphs attended to by Zeus and then remember that Greece had many separated valleys each with its own version of the mother goddess. Each story may represent another valley conquered and another Indo-European triumph.

We may understand much more of the Xenaverse Ares if we put aside the later Homerized fiction of Aresí parents being Zeus and Hera and see Ares as he would have known himself - a formerly powerful god equated to the senior Indo-European gods, pushed out and demoted to a schizophrenic war god who had to combine the fear of raging berserkers and the honour due to ones own defenders. Stories of him being the son of Zeus must have rubbed his face in his demotion.

Is it any wonder that he sympathizes with Aphrodite, the recent import, and is attracted to Xena, the beautiful, torn, mortal battling her way against fantastic odds? The writers of Xena seem to have captured him perfectly.

My comments come mainly from university student lecture notes in Indo-European language and culture many years ago. I have no suggested readings specifically in mythology unless you can find something by Georges Dumezil. For a general survey of the Indo-Europeans and their origin, try J.P. Mallory, In Search of the Indo-Europeans, Thames & Hudson, London, 1989.

Joxer Corner

From: Valerie Foster
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999
Subject: Letter To the Editor

I have read with great care several of the letters to the Editor, both pro and con, regarding the October Whoosh Subtext articles in general and my Whoosh Subtext article in particular. I feel particularly compelled to respond to the comments and question posed by Andjam's letter concerning my omission of Joxer as a threat to the Xena/Gabrielle relationship in the fourth season.

I want to premise my response by saying first that I am not a Joxerphobe. I neither love nor hate the character. I have enjoyed the character in some episodes, reviled him in others. I consider Ted Raimi a decent actor and recently learned during a brief conversation with him at the Chicago Convention that he and I hail from the same Detroit neighborhood. That said, I find it almost laughable that anyone would consider Joxer a threat to the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, regardless of the context of that relationship.

The character of Joxer is, simply stated, a comic relief. His role on the show, as I interpret it, is to strike a light and comical balance to the serious and complex characters that are Xena and Gabrielle. He is a bumbler, like Laverne & Shirley's Lenny and Squiggy, Welcome Back Kotter's Horshack or The Mary Tyler Moore Show's Ted.

At no time during the run of Xena: Warrior Princess, have we been given any indication by the character of Xena that she is threatened by Joxer's affection for Gabrielle. She has known of this affection since Comedy of Eros and has done absolutely nothing to discourage Gabrielle's friendship with Joxer. Furthermore, Gabrielle has not displayed any romantic interest in Joxer. Since Joxer is not romantically interested in Xena, I do not see where a threat is possible.

In contrast, the fourth season characters I did mention in my article were definitely portrayed as threats to the X&G relationship for the reasons I articulated.

Furthermore, and I do not mean to offend, but I frankly do not understand the Gabrielle/Joxer romantics. As far as recurring characters are concerned, I find it more plausible for Xena or Gabrielle to be linked with Autolocus. He's smart, handsome, suave and talented and thinks highly of both women, as well as himself. Or how about Ares? He's studly, beautiful, powerful, manipulative, seems to understand both the Xena and Gabrielle personas and it is obvious that at least Xena harbors latent sexual desires for him. Joxer is a slow, clumsy and a dimwitted whorehouse patron. To link a highly intelligent, resourceful, complex, talented and loving character like Gabrielle with Joxer is, in my humble opinion, an insult to the Gabrielle character. Xena aside, it is as if she could do no better. I highly doubt anyone could picture Xena setting up house with Joxer. How can anyone choose an equally fascinating and wonderful character like Gabrielle doing this?

Joxer, like Autolocus, Callisto, Ares, Alti, Salmoneus, Ephiny, Aphrodite, and Amarice, have provided a well-balanced backdrop, each in their own unique way, to Xena: Warrior Princess. None of them have been, or should ever be, central to the show. Ted Raimi even acknowledged this at the Chicago Con. Xena: Warrior Princess is first and foremost about the relationship, whatever that relationship is, of the Warrior Princess and the Bard of Poteidaia.


Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999
From: Rich Furman
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I've been refraining from throwing my hat into the ring on the "Joxer Wars" for some time, but now I can no longer refrain. I do not believe that Joxer and Gabrielle would make a credible couple. The reason? It would be incestuous. Not in any flesh and blood sense, but in a paradigmatic sense. It is my belief that Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer collectively form a family unit. Joxer's infatuation with Gabrielle is born out of his desire to be a warrior. Despite any delusions of grandeur he might profess, he knows from the outset that he is incompetent. He looks at Xena, he sees god-like perfection. He'll never be her. He looks at Gabrielle. There is a modicum of competence, but nothing that can quite be called prowess just yet; When they first meet, Gabrielle is still developing her staff technique. So Joxer sees in Gabrielle a model of behavior, someone whose current skill level is achievable by him. She sets the standard. Because he can see her learning, he admires her and imprints on her. His infatuation is with what he himself would like to become. He imprints on her as a child upon a mother.

Joxer is treated as family throughout the remainder of the series. He is allowed to tag along on adventures, as if he were a kid brother. When he is injured (as in King Con) he is avenged. When he falters, he is given support. And when he misbehaves, he is whapped upside the head.

In seasons 4 and 5 Xena and Gabrielle move onto equal footing. This leaves vacant the role of the apprentice. There are two people filling this role -- Amarys and Joxer. It is tempting to say, at this point, that Amarys is an interloper having forced herself upon our merry band, but back in Episode One Gabby did the same to Xena. Joxer and Amarys complement each other well. Amarys has skill and lacks discipline. Joxer has discipline and lacks skill. They are both apprentices to Xena and Gabrielle, as well as to each other.

Many have condemned Joxer's behavior in Forget Me Not as a kind of rape. I think that the episode shows how honorable Joxer is. He is conflicted and tempted and we watch him pursue that temptation until it is on the verge of bearing fruit. At that point, when a less noble man would be taking full advantage of the situation, Joxer confesses the truth to the still amnesiac Gabrielle. This is an important exposition of Joxer's Character: Honor is there where the rubber meets the road.

I could probably write a full length article on Joxer's character development, and will if Kym asks me to, but I'm going to wrap up this letter now withsome comments on Joxer's confession of love to Gabrielle. He is able to pull off the "No Strings Attached" thing and leave it alone thereafter. He's done some growing up. But him and Gabrielle lovers? No . . . I don't think Joxer will ever be on an equal footing.

Sword & Staff Update

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999
From: Mist
Subject: Post for Whoosh

S&S: Year In Review

Donations in 1999: $ 49,221

Donations in 1998: $ 37,965
Donations in 1997: $ 25,111
TTL Donations: $112,297

Rainforest acreage saved:

1998: 198 acres
1999: 256 acres
TTL: 454 acres

Wow! What an absolutely amazing year! Once again we raised a bunch of money for charitable organizations, this year alone donating over $48,000 to charities around the world. We were written up as one of the positive aspects of the internet at http://www.serviceleader.org/vv/culture/fans.html#xena. We received an Award of Appreciation from the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County for our help in assisting victims of domestic violence. We saved countless trees, plants, and animals in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. And we have contributed an amazing amount of energy and manpower to help people and organizations that need our support.

The continued participation and support you all provide allows us to make a difference in the lives of people who are oftentimes left with no hope and no support. We have proven that given the means to focus and channel their energy, people will generally do the right thing. Xena fans can be proud of the fact that they have made a difference, and through Sword and Staff activities, they continue to do so. I would like to acknowledge the continued participation of fans from around the world, and welcome fans from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, and Hong Kong who were first time participants in Sword and Staff activities. They combined their efforts with fans from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Great Britain to help make this an extraordinary year for Xena fans. Sword and Staff is now truly a global effort, and that makes what you do all the more incredible.

We had a lot to celebrate this year, not the least of which was the birth of Lucy and Rob's son, Julius. Fans shared in the Taperts' celebration of their son by donating more than $13,800 through Sword and Staff to a number of children's charities around the world. For All Kids Foundation, Starship Children's Hospital Foundation, Starlight Foundation, Motherhood, St. Thomas' Hospital, Booth Hall, and The Great Ormand Street Hospital were among the charities fans from 12 countries supported in celebration of the birth of young Julius. In addition, victims of sexual abuse and earthquake victims in Turkey also received generous support in that donation effort.

Environmentally, we preserved an additional 256 acres of Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. That brings the total acreage weíve preserved since last year to 454 acres. We once again participated in the International Coastal Cleanup and that effort resulted in the removal of 1,485 pounds of trash from the coastline along Little Neck Bay in Queens, New York. We are foster parents to a seal named Hercules that is being nursed back to health as a result of the donation made by the Dutch fans to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre. And Iím happy to report that the Dutch fans raised enough money at their fest in November to support the rescue of a second seal. Individual fan efforts provided many more instances of us giving back a little bit of our time and energy to preserve the resources of the planet. Your efforts are truly amazing.

Sword and Staff contributed fan-donated merchandise to the Pacific Northwest Xenafest, XenaNet in the UK, the Dutch fan club, the Birmingham XenaFest, and the New York City XenaFest so that those groups could raise funds for specific charities at their fan events. In addition, the SoCal XenaFest, the PittsFest, the Friends of Subtext, and the Merpups sponsored events which raised money for a number of charities.

For Christmas this year we did some wonderful things for some very needy children. Fans donated money to help support children in several orphanages in Russia. Those donations will go to provide food and other essential items to children awaiting adoption throughout the former Soviet republics.

Another Christmas effort resulted when I stopped by the post office in downtown Brooklyn one afternoon and picked up about 50 letters addressed to Santa Claus. I posted a note to the Xenaverse and also sent out a broadcast message asking for help at work. I am delighted to say that I had to head back to the post office to ask for more letters because of the overwhelming response to the request for help. In conjunction with the faculty and staff of Polytechnic University, to date we've helped to make Christmas a little happier for 135 children (and a few moms too!) from underprivileged families. Thanks to my co-workers and to all of you who participated in that effort. And please remember that every year the post office is inundated with letters to Santa. You can just stop by and ask them to see some and select a child or adult you'd like to help out. The postal workers will be delighted to assist you.

We don't usually get to see the results of our efforts, but this year a music teacher from Florida asked for some help to surprise one of her special ed students for Christmas. She was looking for an autographed picture of "Xena" to present to her student, a young boy named Brett who suffers from cerebral palsy. I didn't have an autographed picture I could send, but I did send off a couple of t-shirts and an 8"x10" glossy of Xena. There are several pictures of this young man posted on the home page at the Sword and Staff web site at http://sword-and-staff.com. If you want to know how the items you donate through Sword and Staff impact the lives of others, take a look a Brett's face. With a minimum of effort, we made a big difference in this little boy's day. And the day I posted Brett's pictures and story up on the site, I received offers from two fans: one is sending me a Lucy Lawless autographed photo of Xena, and another offered a Lucy-signed plaque. I'll be sending the picture down to Brett as soon as it arrives.

In addition to the auctions and donations you see up on the Sword and Staff website, I get numerous requests during the course of the year for donations of Xena merchandise that can be used in charity auctions around the world. I'm happy to say that not one request for merchandise for a charity auction went unanswered. We donated autographed items to a number of international organizations and thus contributed to their efforts to raise money for those who need help. So know that in addition to the donation totals and charities named on the Sword and Staff page, many other groups benefit from your generosity.

Special thanks must go out to cast members and guest stars who have been exceedingly generous with Sword and Staff over the past year. They include Renee O'Connor, Kevin Smith, Jacqueline Kim, Hudson Leick, Robert Trebor, Claire Stansfield, Tony Todd, Danielle Cormack, Allison Wall, Karl Urban, Jeremy Roberts, Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell, Joseph LoDuca, Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst. Special thanks to Gillian Anderson of X-Files for her part in making the Sheroes auction possible. To Sandra Wilson (Momma ROC), the Hudson Leick Official Fan Club, the Michael Hurst Official Fan Club, the Kevin Smith Official Fan Club, and the Danielle Cormack Official Fan Club, my sincere thanks to all of you for your help and support.

Please know that none of this happens without your kindness, generosity, support, and participation. Xena fans have created something quite unique with Sword and Staff, and your continued support allows it to grow and thrive. Without doubt, you've all made this organization one of the most amazing things that fandom has to offer.

I extend my best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season, and wish you all the best the world has to offer in the next century. Enjoy and be well.

Debbie Cassetta/"Mist"

Xenite BBQ 2000 Update

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999
From: MacavityCat
Subject: Xenite BBQ 2000

Just thought I'd drop WHOOSH! off a little note to keep you and the readers abreast of information regarding the Xenite BBQ 2000 plans.

The tentative date was set for July 22, 2000... but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to push the BBQ to August.

The confirmed date for the Xenite BBQ 2000 is set for August 19th, 2000. The location is: Veteran's Memorial Park, township of Henrietta, Rochester, NY. The time is: from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The bad news is... no vendors/vending allowed. *pout*

All information is still being posted as we receive it at: http://members.tripod.com/~MacavityCat/BBQ.html

I have also set up a chat site for those who wish to exchange information in regards to car-pooling and/or room sharing. It was originally the Delphi Discussions Chat Forum, but has been temporarily updated to be the MacavityCat Information Exchange Center. The URL for that is: http://www.funforums.com/forum.asp?forum=145

Take care,

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