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A Television Show Of The Rarest Quality by Chrystal Eve Jackson
Thoughts Of Africa by Tamara Poirier
WHOOSH Started The Ball Rolling - Now It Is An Avalanche! by Dana Hlusko
My Thanks to WHOOSH by Jackie Henry

By Chrystal Eve Jackson
50th Issue Project
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Why? (01-04)
The Relationship (05-08)
What XENA Shows Us (09-12)


Now with Gab-Guard for extra protection

XENA logo.


[01] XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is the only television series that I have ever cared enough for to actually sit down and take the time to do commentaries. At this time, I ask myself, why?

[02] Love, strength, friendship, courage. Never before have these characteristics been shown in a female action hero, at least, not to the extent where we become so emotionally involved, where we laugh and cry with the characters. Never before have two female characters captured the very heart and soul of its audience and held it the way Xena and Gabrielle have.

[03] In XENA, I have found a woman with courage and the strength of a god, yet the gentleness and vulnerability of a lamb. We have seen Xena slay armies and yet be brought to tears in an instant when something happens to Gabrielle or anyone she holds dear. Xena is truly what most women would love to be: beautiful, charismatic, strong, courageous, and gentle.

[04] In Gabrielle we found a young girl and watched her mature into a beautiful woman. We have watched someone whose loyalty to the Warrior Princess we questioned repeatedly. Who would dare to question it now? Gabrielle has grown into the sidekick that meets every expectation we could have ever hoped for.

The Relationship

[05] The companionship between these two characters is the basis for every good episode of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. I have found the best episodes to be those in which their companionship is strong, loving, nurturing, and present. The worst episodes are the ones in which the focus is not on Xena and Gabrielle but on some other character in the storyline. When we watch this show, we are looking for what seems to be missing more and more in the current world around us: two people who can be close to each other and have a strong bond without being afraid.

[06] Some people have been so focused on whether or not the characters are lesbian that they miss the whole point of the show. Who cares what they are? The point is that they exist and they show us that love and true companionship can exist. Yes, there is someone out there who you can trust enough to place your life in their hands. Yes, there is someone out there who will lay their life on the line for you. Yes, you should be able to love someone and have them as a soulmate and not worry about whether or not they are the same sex.

[07] I am heterosexual, but I enjoy seeing the strong bond between these two women. That is what I wait for every week. Everyone who watches this show has to admit that the two characters (Xena and Gabrielle) draw just as many men to the set as they do women. And to me, you take away whatever you wish to take away from the show.

[08] However, regardless of what sex you are, you have to admit that between the action, the mythological storyline, and the strength of the bond between the two characters, this show is unmatched by any other on television. Never has a show been able to capture children as well as adults. Never before have girls and women had two action heroes to look up to. Never before have girls and women had someone to show them how to be strong and confident.

What XENA Shows Us

[09] XENA shows us that even the strongest person needs a friend. Even the strongest person can be hurt. XENA shows us that if we believe in something, we may have to fight to obtain it, and we may have to go through mental or physical pain, but if we want it badly enough, we will succeed. XENA shows us that you may walk through Hell but even Hell can be tolerated if you have a friend to walk beside you.

[10] XENA has shown us that the world is made up of all kinds of different people, and we must learn how to deal with each person individually. However, in doing so, we must never lose or compromise our beliefs. I know it is strange, but XENA has had episodes that have been bloody, gory, and the show contains a great deal of sword fighting. Yet, if someone were to ask me what I have taken from this show, the answer would be Love.

[11] I hope this show will continue into a seventh and eighth season. Never has a show captured the heart of people as XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are two of the best actresses on television today. I thank them both for providing us with a show in which morals, love, and friendship are tested and come out winning. In today's world, that is rare in a television program. At least with this program, we know these things do not have to be rare in our lives unless we choose to make it that way.

[12] XENA shows us that we shape our destiny. Whatever our destiny is, it is a lot less lonely when we have someone to walk it with us.


Contributor to the Episode Guide


Chrystal Eve Jackson Chrystal Eve Jackson
I am a graduate of Saint Joseph's University where I obtained a B.S. in Biology Pre-Med and am currently working for a major Pharmaceutical company. My hobbies include writing poetry and reading books (my favorite being mythological books and "the classics" (like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights). My favorite authors are the Bronte sisters and Alexandre Dumas. My favorite people are the ones who care and are sensitive to needs of others - thus - my favorite television show is Xena: Warrior Princess.
Favorite episode:A DAY IN THE LIFE
Favorite line:When Xena was very sick from a poison dart and Gabrielle was dressing like Xena to fool a Warlord. Gabrielle didn't want to ride Argo and Xena asked her didn't she have a horse and did she leave it with her sister. Gabrielle stated to Xena: "No actually he got very sick one day, and well, I thought he would get better, but its just what happens to to things that you love - sometimes they just leave you." THE GREATER GOOD
First episode seen:THE GREATER GOOD
Least favorite episode:IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL

By Tamara Poirier
50th Issue Project
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Shared Memories of Africa (01-06)


Xena catches heat for saying all Egyptian princesses 'look alike'

Egypt is part of Africa, even in the Xenaverse.

Shared Memories of Africa

[01] Much as I love Kym and WHOOSH, I had a hard time imagining that anything of substance in my life had occurred since (or because of) the publication of my article, "Alzheimers, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Xena and Me: A Journal".

[02] But just a couple of weeks ago, something magical transpired. I received a letter from a man in Olympia, Washington. He had been surfing, looking for articles on Kilimanjaro. It turns out he was homesick for the Africa he left behind to go to school in North America. When he found my WHOOSH article, he told me he was delighted when he saw pictures of his village in Marangu and read my impressions of his country.

[03] We struck up a friendship. The article intrigued him enough to research Alzheimer's and learn more about the disease. I was fascinated by his tales of growing up in the very area I had visited. Of how he would run 10km barefoot to school each morning. How he would have nothing to eat all day. How he would run home to work in the fields after school. How he would go 2 km to fetch water to carry home in the evening where he would be greeted by his mother building a fire inside with only a kerosene lamp to find his way around. No telephone, no electricity. And now, here he was, by the kindness of an American, brought to Washington to learn electronics and to later take him knowledge home to share with other students at a trade school in Tanzania.

[04] Fulgence has been teaching me Swahili phrases and telling me stories of his life. He is not sure exactly how old he is, but figures he was born in 1963, because he remembers his father saying it was two years after Tanzanian independence.

[05] We must have been meant to pass through each other's lives because he wrote in his second letter to me: "Tamara, It is 9pm yet I could not wait to respond your email. You just touch and your email sounds like we've known each other for so long." I felt the same.

[06] For this connection, and all the thousands of spun-like-silk threads you have begotten, some as fleeting as a breath and others as lasting as the deodorant stains on the armpits of your favorite white shirt, I say "Asante sana" to WHOOSH.


Tamara Poirier, "Alzheimers, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Xena, and Me: A Journal" WHOOSH #38 (November 1999)


Tamara Poirier Tamara Poirier
I think I look a heck of a lot better than my previous picture, which was taken at altitude! Sea level agrees with me. Since my article I have torn the ligaments in both my knees, prompting the need for braces during strenuous activities. Now, I have discovered a sad fact: when you wear one brace you look like a jock that just won't quit. But when you wear two, as I do, you just don't have that same athletic aura. I was made painfully aware of this the first time I played in a softball game when, upon running to first, I was taunted by onlookers who yelled "run, Forrest, run".
Favorite episode:(drama) DEBT I (52/306); (comedy) A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215); ("A" for effort) THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)
Favorite line:Xena: "You don't know how much I love... that" THE PRICE (44/220)
First episode seen:SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)
Least favorite episode:Rhymes with "Sing of Lasses" (54/308

By Dana Hlusko
50th Issue Project
Content copyright © 2000 held by author
Edition copyright © 2000 held by Whoosh!
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How It All Started (01-03)
The Future (04-05)


If Xena doesn't kill me this girdle armour will

Suddenly leading the gods becomes a hazardous occupation.

How It All Started

[01] My first article about XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (XWP) was published April 1999 in WHOOSH, issue 31, the Special Myth and Religion Issue. Since then, six more articles have appeared with, hopefully, more to come. Discovering XWP and the magic therein was gift enough, or so I thought. However, discovering that intelligent dialogue was happening in the Xenaverse was an added bonus. It certainly opened my eyes and heart to the deeper meanings of the XENA stories. The passion that developed for XWP took me quite by surprise. It was even a bit scary. However, it seems that whatever creative juices I had been hiding under my ever-so-logical facade -- I work with computers, how much more "Spockish" can you get -- were released with my passion for XWP.

[02] The result? A fanatical and obsessive desire to write. I hope that it is decent reading. You will have to be the judge. There have been times when the Muses plopped themselves on my shoulder and slapped me up-side the head. I let my home life take care of itself, and at times resented having to clean, wash and cook. Fast food, anyone? There were also times when I cooked but everyone wished I had not: "Mom, burn and serve again?"

[03] Then again, there were times when it just made me irritable to be away from my computer. Often I carried my black and white composition book around so I could catch whatever thought might flit through the small gray cells I call my brain; they usually related to "my girls", Xena and Gabrielle. Fortunately, I was able to restrain myself from carrying it to church, although the backs of grocery store receipts work wonderfully when you can scrounge them up from the bottom of your purse. It seems that once I started putting my thoughts down, they jumped through my eyes onto the paper and I could not stop them from happening. Is that obsessive or what? I can thank WHOOSH for giving me an outlet that has made my life ecstatically happy, frustratingly unorganized, and temporarily insane -- the latter comes and goes.

The Future

[04] I hope to be a published book author by the time I have a chance to meet Xenites again at the Pasadena convention in 2001. However, should that never happen, because there is no accounting for the tastes of an editor/publisher, everything I have done related to XWP and the Xenaverse has been more than fulfilling. It has been spirit lifting, emotionally satisfying, and just down right fun. You cannot get that type of return for your dime anywhere else.

[05] Congratulations WHOOSH on your 50th issue. I am happy to have been a part of it.


Dana Hlusko, "Christian Theology in THE BITTER SUITE" WHOOSH #31 (April 1999)

Dana Hlusko, "Way: A Spiritual Epiphany for Xena, The" WHOOSH #32 (May 1999)

Dana Hlusko, "Am I Really Who I am or What You Made Me?" WHOOSH #35 (August 1999)

Dana Hlusko, "Savior Figure: Eli or Xena?" WHOOSH #36 (September 1999)

Dana Hlusko, "XenaStaff - You Made Us What We Are Today" WHOOSH #38 (November 1999)

Dana Hlusko, "Way of Friendship Defined, The" WHOOSH #45 (June 2000)

Dana Hlusko, "Gabrielle: Peacenik to Warrior Chick" WHOOSH #47 (August 2000)


Dana Hlusko Dana Hlusko
I am still struggling with the nursing profession and their use of computers. I no longer write for professional nursing journals but spend my time writing for pleasure. I am attempting to expand my writing topics from "just Xena" to other areas (are there any others really worthwhile?). Some of the dreams I wrote about in my original biography have had to be put on hold or deferred. I am currently working on the theology dream by taking classes to become a minister of religious education in my diocese. Archaeology will have to wait a few years until the kids are gone (or can be coerced into digging dinosaurs with Mom -- hey, it could happen!). Moreover, alas, the time for the last dream, to visit the set of XWP, is quickly ending and was probably never possible to begin with. What was I thinking, anyway? Just an example of the extraordinary power that superb writing, acting, directing, producing, costuming, choreography and editing can have on an ordinary human's mind.
Favorite episode:THE BITTER SUITE (58/312), FORGET ME NOT (63/317), ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313), THE GREATER GOOD (21/121), REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202), FALLEN ANGEL (91/501)
Favorite line:Xena: "I have many skills" KING CON (61/315), THE BLACK WOLF (11/111), etc.
First episode seen:THE GAUNTLET (H12/112)
Least favorite episode:MARRIED WITH FISHSTICKS (105/515)

By Jackie Henry
50th Issue Project
Content copyright © 2000 held by author
Edition copyright © 2000 held by Whoosh!
747 words

WHOOSH (01-02)
XENA (03-04)
Double Passion


Who's the dumb one *now* Gabrielle?  No one's killed me yet!

Sisters reunited in A FAMILY AFFAIR.


[01] The website known to any obsessed XENA fan as WHOOSH has been my Internet connection to XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS for the past three years. I had already become a Hard Core Nut Ball (HCNB) fan of the TV show XENA long before finding thousands of XENA web pages on the Internet. Finding WHOOSH became a journey down memory lane at first when I spent hours reading the synopsis of all the episodes I had already seen but now could view through others eyes. It was like a candy store chock full of my favorites. Reading about the episodes was becoming a second form of entertainment comparable to replaying a XENA episode on VCR tape. How often could I watch an episode or read details and comments, I thought? For years apparently.

[02] Next, I began to realize that WHOOSH offered neat information relating to various episodes and considerable behind the scenes happenings. This just added a new dimension to my passion and WHOOSH became one of my top bookmarks to feed my XENA hunger. As time marched on with the show and WHOOSH was right there along the way, I found myself clicking over to the site to reference a script or affirm the schedule of episodes. I enjoyed the articles as part of my way to share the TV show with someone else who had views and opinions. Basically, WHOOSH became my second home where I could feel involved with XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and all the wonderful moments the show and now a website provided.


[03] XENA has accomplished something beyond the many other television shows that I have enjoyed in numerous years of being a semi-couch potato. Each episode has always offered unique and creative entertainment of drama or comedy and often a combination. It has made me laugh, cry, and turn to a cheerleader for the greatest female heroine of my life. Xena's strong will and direct approach to conflict offered strength where Gabrielle's more gentle and kind guidance gave a wonderful balance never before displayed by women in ancient or modern times.

[04] The show went beyond that however with many one-liner scripts and overall episode messages very cleverly worked in the storyline. I would have my own idea of what an episode meaning was and then find great pleasure to toggle to WHOOSH and find several of the writer's also noted the same message. It was thrilling to find others enjoying great script lines as "I have many skills" and "is one woman too much for you?"

Double Passion

[05] All this sums up as a double passion in my view. My first for the TV show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS that included the characters, the drama, the action, the passion, and the enjoyment it has given to me. My second for the Internet allowing me to share my passion of this show and have others share their views, comments, and information as well. If ever there was a new community formed out of a group of people all sharing a common theme, it is certainly notable that WHOOSH is one of the main buildings in the Xenaverse community. The contribution the site has made to the XENA fandom has been greater than mere words on paper or scroll can describe.

[06] Thank you XENA: WARRIR PRINCESS for five wonderful and fantastic years of entertainment that IU cannot imagine will soon be matched. Thank you WHOOSH for the guide along the way and opportunity to be part of what I call the XENA community. The episode guides, news, synopses, and articles have all become a major part of a wonderful land known as the Xenaverse!


Jackie Henry, "Season Five: Subtle Change to Being a Family" WHOOSH #47 (August 2000)


Jackie Henry Jackie Henry
Jackie Henry. 49. Tennessee. Graphics & camera operator for local TV Production Co. A XWP obsessed fan for just over 4 years. I believe this is the most creative show I have ever been lucky enough to watch.
Favorite episode:DESTINY (36/212)
Favorite line:Xena: "Watch me -- I have many skills." TIES THAT BIND (20/120)
First episode seen:DREAMWORKER (03/103)

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