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This Septuagenarian Says Many Thanks by Diane C. Bonacci
How XENA Brought Me Fame, Fortune, And A Few Realized Dreams by C.A. Casey
Cum Laude by Josh Harrison
Happy 50th Issue by Chris Wiatt
My Anecdote by Michael A. Deeds

By Diane C. Bonacci
50th Issue Project
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Been Around a Long Time (01-04)


Been Around a Long Time

I got a little gassy in my old age so don't stand too close

Meg survived to old age in the Xenaverse.

[01] I have participated in XENA fandom since XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS debuted on the TV screen on September 4, 1995, five years ago. I have become an avid watcher and devoted fan.

[02] As an older woman, I can say the series has changed my life in one significant way. Finally, we have a woman in a heroic role: XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS!

Xena is a good role model for girls, helping them to become strong, independent people and to fight for just causes. It is a welcome change from the days when I was growing up with the only role models available: cowboys!

[03] Adding to my great enjoyment of Xena and Gabrielle's escapades, I found WHOOSH provided me with a wealth of information on all the actors and episodes, past and upcoming.

[04] This septuagenarian says many thanks to WHOOSH for enhancing my great enjoyment of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS!


Diane C. Bonacci, "Xena is Born to the Purple, Also to the White and the Gold" WHOOSH #20 (May 1998)


Diane C. Bonacci Diane C. Bonacci
Diane C. Bonacci has worked as an activist for numerous social and political causes, primarily the Second Women's Movement. Her career was spent in the Federal Government. After retiring, she authored "Heritage Remembered", a limited archival edition relating to her family and cultural history. A graduate of CCBI in Syracuse, NY, she also attended the University of Arizona and Syracuse University. An aficionada of the old classic movies, Diane has a cinematic library and a selective collection of original movie posters. Because of the strong feminist image projected in Xena: Warrior Princess, she has become a great fan of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. Currently serving as a resource person for the Central New York Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Diane is proud to be a feminist.
Favorite episode:TIES THAT BIND (20/120) and HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110)
Favorite line:Ares to Kirilus: "Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman" TIES THAT BIND (20/120); Gabrielle to Xena: "It's easy to believe in yourself after someone else has believed in you first." FORGIVEN (60/314)
First episode seen:SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)
Least favorite episode:HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211)

By C.A. Casey
50th Issue Project
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Continuing Change (01)
Fan Fiction (02-04)
It Was A Very Good Year (05-07)
The Seemingly Impossible Becomes the Norm (08-09)


Pacific Renaissance converts all its assets to gold

Dinars aplenty in some locations.

Continuing Change

[01] When I first contributed the article "How Xena Brought me Fame, Fortune, and Tenure" (http://whoosh.org/issue30/casey1.html), it was to illustrate how a television show could lead to the writing of an article that was subsequently published in a scholarly journal. Since then, XENA has continued to change my life and has even opened the way for a few lifelong dreams to become a reality.

Fan Fiction

[02] I had always been fascinated by the Uber phenomenon and shortly after the publication of my article in WHOOSH, I started playing with the idea of putting Xena and Gabrielle prototypes in a fantasy setting. Fantasy is my favorite genre and I thought that it was a perfect place to explore the Uber concept.

[03] I spent several months putting together the first three chapters of a fantasy novel featuring two characters that closely resembled Xena and Gabrielle. Being an avid Missy Good fan, I decided to fashion the style and overall tone after her XENA epics. I even created a little tribute to Missy Good by mirroring the opening of her story "A Warrior By Any Other Name" at the beginning of my own story.

[04] When I was satisfied with the first three chapters, I made the extremely scary decision to post them to the Internet. It was like jumping off a cliff without knowing if there was anything at the bottom to save you or not. I had no idea where the story was headed (Plot? What is that?). I did not know if I had it in me to post regular updates and actually finish the thing. But that voice that urges you to jump off the cliff just for the thrill of it was loud and insistent. I am glad I listened to it, because, on many levels, the following year turned out to be one of the best of my life.

It Was A Very Good Year

[05] On June 12, 1999, I posted the first three chapters of "The Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes" (http://www.mindancer.org) under the pseudonym, Mindancer. How did this change my life? In the beginning, I met up with many nice people who were actually reading it. Their feedback and encouragement kept me updating at the grueling pace I had set for myself.

[06] The next great thing that happened to me was for "Past Echoes" to be signed for publication by Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. (RAP Inc.) (http://www.rapbooks.com) and subsequently, become the first book published under its Silver Dragon Books imprint. So, the lifelong dream of publishing a fantasy novel had been realized. To spread more icing on the already rich cake, RAP Inc. not only signed the Emoria books, they took on a fantasy series that I had been writing long before XENA existed.

[07] If this were not enough, I fulfilled another lifelong dream, working for a publishing company by applying for the vacant position of director of Yellow Rose Books at RAP, Inc. Working with the talented group of authors, and editors, and with the staff of RAP, Inc. has been a deeply satisfying experience. The range and depth of the stories I work with keeps me in awe of the creativity of the Uber authors. I am continually amazed that a television show could be the catalyst for all of this wonderful publishing activity.

The Seemingly Impossible Becomes the Norm

[08] XENA has created a phenomenal sub-world where the seemingly impossible, such as producing a publishable offshoot of fan fiction, has not only become possible but has become the norm. Ironically, things have come full circle when the major groundbreaker for having dreams come true, Melissa Good, was invited to write several episodes for XENA. This legitimizing of the fan by the actual producers of XENA sets the Xenaverse apart from other fandoms and has opened yet another seemingly locked door for those who have the desire to walk through it.

[09] Just being a part of the Xenaverse has changed my view of the world and my place in it. Being a participant in the phenomenon will be something that I will look back upon and savor for the rest of my life.


C. A. Casey, "How Xena Brought Me Fame, Fortune, and Tenure" WHOOSH #30 (March 1999)


C.A. Casey C.A. Casey
C. A. Casey, aka Mindancer, grew up in the Midwest with most of her formative years in Carbondale, Illinois. As a budding musician, she received a BM in Music Composition from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a MM in Music Composition from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. She eventually had to work for a living and got a Masters of Library Science from Indiana University at Bloomington. She has held librarian positions at various universities around the country and is currently working at Washington State University. Her articles about librarianship and the Internet have been published in several library and educational journals. These articles have earned her a biographical entry in the 2001 Edition of "Who's Who in the World". She spends her spare time writing, being the director of Yellow Rose Books, and exploring the world around her. Her "Tales of Emoria" books can be found at http://www.mindancer.org and Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes is available for sale at http://www.rapbooks.com. Visit http://www.mindancer.com to learn more about what C. A. Casey is up to.
Favorite episode:BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302); THE QUEST (37/213); A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215)
Favorite line:Anything that Callisto says.
First episode seen:SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)
Least favorite episode:KING OF ASSASSINS (54/308)

By Josh Harrison
50th Issue Project
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Many Changes Over the Years (01-04)
WHOOSH (05-06)
Life Changing Events (07-08)
Joseph Campbell (09-11)
Career Enhancement (12-14)


Creation Entertainment castoffs to be remade into XENA merchandise

Not even a double-edged light sabre can stand up to Lucy Lawless.

Many Changes Over the Years

[01] Fifty issues of WHOOSH, it hardly seems possible. When a milestone like this is reached, I like to look back and see what has changed.

[02] There have been many changes over the past two and a half years of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. Lucy Lawless and Robert Tapert had their first child together. Renee O'Connor became engaged. Gabrielle went from enthusiastic protege to idealistic pacifist to b*tt-kicking warrior. Xena came to accept that sometimes it is okay to ask for help. Joxer died. Ephiny died. Amarice died. Eli died. Callisto died, returned from the dead, and was redeemed. The Olympian gods were killed. The entire mythology of the show was turned on its ear.

[03] The show was not the only thing to see changes. Not surprisingly, the radical changes in the series provoked radical changes in the fan base, both in their attitudes and their demographics. Some of the oldest Internet presences have packed up their tents and moved on to other pursuits. It has been an interesting couple of years.

[04] As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. XENA has continued to impress with engaging stories (most of the time) that mix action, drama, humor, and pathos. Fans continue to scour the media for articles, pictures, and even mentions of the show they love. Debate continues to rage on mailing lists and message boards on whether Xena and Gabrielle are lovers (the correct answer, by the way, is that it does not ultimately matter).


[05] During these years of change, WHOOSH has continued to be an outlet for those fans whose interest in the show is a bit more intellectual.

[06] Where else can you find articles debating the symbolism of Gabrielle's costume changes throughout the series? Where else can you find a series of articles treating Xena's battle at Corinth like it actually happened? Which website has a full-blown parody of THE BITTER SUITE? Only WHOOSH has all this, and more.

Life Changing Events

[07]It sounds like a cliche, but XENA changed my life, and WHOOSH was a contributing influence. Not long after I got involved in online fandom, a discussion on the Chakram mailing list got me thinking about the similarities between the central characters on XENA and the central characters of George Lucas's STAR WARS trilogy.

[08] I wrote an article on the subject, and it was published in WHOOSH # 33 (June 1999) (http://whoosh.org/issue33/harrison1.html). It was not anything particularly special, but it was fun to write. Little did I know that article would send me down a long and winding road to where I am today.

Joseph Campbell

[09] In the little bit of research I did for my article, I came across some references to the work of Joseph Campbell, known for his studies of world mythology. STAR WARS was heavily influenced by his work, and curiosity led me to his writings.

[10] They infected me with an appreciation for the rich subtextual tapestry of the series. I had been writing reviews of the episodes on the Chakram mailing list, and they shifted tone to a more mythic approach. Because of my studies into the Hero's Journey, Gabrielle's spiritual crisis in Season Four made perfect sense.

[11] My reviews were well received, and much interesting and enlightening discussion resulted from them. As the season wrapped, Michael Martinez announced that he was going to stop writing his regular column at Suite101.com (http://www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/hercules_and_xena), and was looking for somebody to take over for him. An Internet acquaintance of mine suggested that I would be a great person to take over the column, and I did. I have now been the Contributing Editor there for just over a year, and I am having an absolute blast.

Career Enhancement

[12] In fact, I have rediscovered my love of writing, and I have begun to pursue a career as a freelance writer and journalist. It all goes back to a certain show and a certain website. I owe both a debt of gratitude.

[13] Therefore, to Kym Taborn and the rest of the fabulous people who make WHOOSH one of the greatest fan sites on the Internet, congratulations on fifty issues, and I wish you all the best in the issues to come.

[14] I may even write another article for WHOOSH before it is all over.


Josh Harrison, "Xena and Star Wars: Mythic Parallels" WHOOSH #33 (June 1999),


Josh Harrison Josh Harrison
Josh is a freelance writer and actor living in the "great north woods" of Bangor, Maine. A huge fan of the fantasy genre, he was aware of the show but was not hooked until midway through the third season, when he became enamored of the rich characters and risky storytelling that marked "The Rift". He is a vocal member of the Chakram mailing list, and proudly assumes the title of Hard-Core Nutball by pointing out the fact that he stays up until 12:30am late Sunday/early Monday to watch Xena, despite the fact that he can tape it and watch it later. What little free time he does have is taken up with playing role-playing games, maintaining his website, thinking deep and meaningful thoughts, and working on an original fantasy novel.
Favorite line:Ares: "When you sacrificed yourself for others, you were hers. But when you kicked *ss you were mine. (pause) I love you, Xena." LOOKING DEATH IN THE EYE
First episode seen:A NECESSARY EVIL
Least favorite episode:LIFE BLOOD

By Chris Wiatt
50th Issue Project
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Time Flies (01-04)


How early parking disputes were settled

Xena and Callisto clash for the first time in CALLISTO.

Time Flies

[01] Time sure does time fly when we are having fun! I have been having fun watching and re-watching XENA episodes and reading all the great fan fiction on the web.

[02] Much has happened since I wrote my WHOOSH article in the very first issue. I have had four eye operations due to a detached retina and one of the things that has gotten me through all of that has been XENA stories. But it was not until this January that I have really needed the solace of the Xenaverse. That is when my soulmate had a heart attack. She has been in and out of a nursing home ever since. She is currently recuperating from her latest episode and is not expected to be able to come home until the end of September. I have faced my darkest moments by trying to think how Xena and Gabrielle would handle this situation.

[03] Missy Good's stories have been a godsend. I am treating myself to re-reading the whole series. It has been just as exciting as the first time I read them. I also went back and watched all the episodes, starting with season one and running up to this last season. I still enjoy this show; even with all the jerking around with characters that TPTB (the powers that be) have left us with. And a good thing has resulted from it: it has given the fan fiction authors fodder to attempt to rationalize and has resulted in some fairly interesting stories.

[04] Happy 50th issue, and thank you Kym and all the other volunteers for all your time and effort. WHOOSH has been another source of enlightenment for the ever-changing Xenaverse.


Chris Wiatt, "Xena and Callisto: Why Are They the Way They Are?" WHOOSH #1 (September 1996)


Chris Wiatt Chris Wiatt
I am a nontraditional student, having received a BA in Zoology many years ago. I spent over twenty years in the non-profit sector working my way up to an executive director position. I then decided I wanted a career change, so I have returned to school to get certified to teach high school biology and math. To support myself, I am working full-time in an academic library...and also considering a branch on my career change to include a Masters in library science. I have always wanted to write something other than work material and hope people enjoy my point of view on this subject, but I also welcome other arguments.

By Michael A. Deeds
50th Issue Project
Content copyright © 2000 held by author
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509 words

Valley Forge Changed My Life (01-02)


Who here wants to join my army today?  Anyone?  C'mon, raise those hands!

Hudson Leick at Valley Forge.

Valley Forge Changed My Life

[01] How did participating in XENA fandom affect you and your life, and/or any anecdotes or stories you would like to share about your experiences in fandom, WHOOSH, or any other related spheres?

[02] I can share a negative anecdote. I wanted to attend the XENA convention in Valley Forge. I could not convince my wife to join me. She had become disgusted with the show's subtext and stopped watching it. As for me, I never thought it was all that blatant, so it did not bother me. On my way to Valley Forge, my car got a flat tire and I did not have a spare. So, in-between waiting for a tow truck and then getting a new tire, I, needless to say, did not make it to the convention. However, upon arriving home, I discovered my wife with another man. Since that time, we have tried to work things out, but we are now in the process of getting a divorce. So, indirectly, XENA fandom helped me discover the truth about my wife.


Michael A. Deeds, "Xena & Picard: On the Brink of Madness. THE PRICE vs. STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT" WHOOSH #17 (February 1998)


Michael A. Deeds Michael A. Deeds
Mike Deeds works for a defense contractor in Valley Forge, PA. He has authored several letters-to-the-editor in various newspapers (including USA Today). He also has had letters published in Starlog, Sci-Fi Entertainment, and Spectrum magazines. His current favorite television shows are XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, THE X-FILES (even though I thought it should have ended its run at seven years), THE SIMPSONS, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, ROSWELL, JACK OF ALL TRADES, and CLEOPATRA 2525 (with the lovely Gina Torres).
Favorite episode:THE PRICE (#44). Runner-ups: A DAY IN THE LIFE (#39); BEEN THERE DONE THAT (#48); THE BITTER SUITE (#58); IDES OF MARCH (#89)
Favorite line:Xena: "We're going to kill them all!" THE PRICE (#44). I like this line as it illustrates that Xena has 'lost' it. What other show would have the hero say a line like that?
First episode seen:SINS OF THE PAST (#01)
Least favorite episode:THE XENA SCROLLS (#34). I thought that this episode had a slow buildup and too many clips like a bad sitcom episode. I also thought that Renee O'Connor did a horrible Indiana Jones impersonation. However, I thought Ted Raimi did a good Inspector Clouseau (PINK PANTHER) impersonation. Runner-up: ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA (#108). I only pick this one because I didn't like that Gina Torres wasn't brought back as Cleo. Now, I realize they wanted to have Xena replace Cleopatra and that wouldn't really work with Gina. However, now they have a nit with the changing appearance of Cleo! Was she supposed to be the Michael Jackson (i.e. skin bleaching) of Egypt?

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