Season 4, episode 17
Series 417
1st release: 04/27/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Sonia Braga (Sophia Vargas)
Vladimir Mashkov (Milos Kradic)
Nestor Serrano (Thomas Raimes)
Michael McKean (Dr. Liddell)
Taso Papadakis (Aleksander Petrovich)
Paul McCarthy-Boyington (Linus Halsey)
Ariel Felix (X-Ray Tech)
Mariana Klaveno (Young Woman)
Oz Perkins (Coke Bottle Glasses) - uncredited

Written by J.R. Orci
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Two men examine a small bomb. One says to the other that he is counting on him. The other takes the bomb and says he will call when it's done.

In Copenhagen, the man goes through security at the Indonesian embassy. His bag is x-rayed, but even though the tech sees the bomb, he lets the man go through. Then the tech says he's taking a break and leaves his post. The man leaves the bag on the floor near a desk and moves on. Soon after, the whole building explodes in flames.

Sloane tells the team that the explosion was the work of a new terrorist organization, the Beograd Faction. Sydney says something doesn't add up regarding the Faction -- they seem to have no political ideology and have made no demands or statements. Sloane says intel on the organization was needed, so an agent named Raimes was placed undercover in it some months ago. However, Raimes has missed his last few meetings and is believed to have been captured and/or killed. His last communication named the leader of the Faction -- Milos Kradic. Dixon and Vaughn are to surveille a possible meeting Kradic may be attending and apprehend him.

When Nadia leaves the meeting, her phone rings. She is surprised to hear the voice of her old caretaker, Sophia Vargas. Sophia says she is coming to LA and hoped Nadia could meet her plane. Nadia says she will be there.

Nadia and Sydney go to the airport. Sydney tells Nadia that Sophia is welcome to stay with them as long as she wants. When Sophia arrives, Sydney and Nadia are shocked to see that she is in a wheelchair and has obviously been beaten up. They take Sophia to the hospital. She tells them that her house had been searched and she had been beaten by unknown assailants. She says she doesn't know what they were searching for. Sloane tells Sophia that she was family to Nadia, so she is family to him, too. But he secretly gets her fingerprints on a concealed tape on his hand.

Jack has a blood filtering procedure done to slow down the effects of the radiation exposure he suffered in Siberia. The doctor advises Jack to tell Sydney everything: "A clean conscience -- that's a treatment I can stand behind." Jack says Sydney is better off not knowing.

In Amsterdam, Vaughn and Dixon wait for Kradic to show. Dixon says that he knew the undercover agent Raimes -- he was the toughest guy in their platoon. Kradic finally arrives, and Raimes is with him. Vaughn and Dixon wonder if Raimes has gone rogue.

Sophia and Nadia reminisce a little, and Sophia gives Nadia a necklace with the image of San Marcos, the name of the orphanage where Nadia was raised. She says it's her only way of thanking Nadia for helping her.

Sloane takes the fingerprints to Marshall and tells him to find out everything he can on this person, and to keep it between them.

Jack scratches at an inflamed place on his palm. Sydney comes in, and he hides his hand from her. She reports that Dixon and Vaughn have spotted Raimes with Kradic. Jack says for them to get Raimes aside and question him. Jack starts to say something else, but doesn't. Sydney looks puzzled, but goes to contact Vaughn.

Vaughn and Dixon follow Raimes and Kradic to a club. Vaughn slips a pill into Raimes' drink, which makes Raimes suddnly ill. A man in Coke bottle glasses sitting a few tables away observes all this. Raimes runs to the restroom, where Vaughn and Dixon are waiting. Raimes says he couldn't contact Langley about the embassy bombing or Kradic would have known someone was onto him. Vaughn asks how he could just let 15 innocent people die. Raimes says Kradic is after a new weapon developed by the Indonesians -- a powerful water contamanent: "It was a handful of lives against half a million." Dixon says that wasn't his call. Raimes says he's got to get back out there, or Kradic will suspect him. Vaughn calls HQ and relays the info on Kradic's plan to steal the weapon -- Hydrosek -- from the Indonesians. Sloane says to keep Raimes in the game and locate the Hydrosek. Raimes says they are to meet a hacker named Halsey in about an hour, and Dixon suggests that he impersonate Halsey ao they will have two men on the inside. Sydney begins research to find out all they can on the hacker. Nadia locates a reservation for Halsey at a hotel nearby in Amsterdam. Vaughn and Dixon get there and take Halsey into custody.

Marshall brings the background check on Sophia to Sloane, who is surprised by what he reads there. Sloane goes to Sophia and tells her he knows she killed a man named Jose Pedraza -- her fingerprint was found at the scene but never identified. Sophia says he was hurting the girls at the orphanage, so she did what she had to do to protect them. Sloane says he would have done the same thing. Sophia says that the men who attacked her in Lisbon were actually after Nadia, but she didn't want to tell her. Sloane says he can take care of Nadia, because he knows who is after her.

Marshall shows Sydney what he has discovered about Hydrosek, which could potentially devastate an entire ecosystem. Sydney sees the file on Sophia lying on the desk and takes it before Marshall can stop her. She goes to Sloane and asks why he's checking on Sophia. Sloane says he's just being careful.

Dixon enters the Amsterdam club as Halsey. Kradic quizzes him about previous jobs, and Vaughn makes the real Halsey give him the answers so he can relay back to Dixon what to say. Kradic is convinced.

Jack continues to worry at the place on his hand. He finally manages to extract a small capsule from under the skin. He takes it to the doctor, who explains that he implanted the capsule to regulate the medication in Jack's bloodstream. He says he talked about this procedure to Jack, who doesn't remember any of that conversation. The doctor points out another implant under the skin of Jack's calf. Jack says that this memory loss side effect is unacceptable. The doctor says he will adjust the medication, but reminds Jack of his earlier advice. Jack says that Sydney has had to face too much in her life already.

Raimes and Dixon discuss the decision that Raimes made concerning the embassy bombing. Dixon says he sees things differently since his wife was killed and he's raising his kids. He says he's not sure he could make a call that meant individuals would die, even if many would be saved.

Sydney reports that they have found the place where the Hydrosek was being manufactured in Peru. Unfortunately, Kradic's men got there ahead of them and stole the compound. Sloane says to notify Dixon to stay undercover until they meet up with the team that stole the Hydrosek. Jack tells Sloane privately that he thinks the time has come to tell Sydney and Nadia the truth. Sloane agrees.

At the airfield in Amsterdam, the man in Coke bottle glasses makes a phone call to someone mentioning "Agent Dixon" being "embedded with Kradic's men." Kradic's aide, Petrovich, intercepts this call and informs Kradic. Kradic pulls his gun on Dixon and Raimes and asks which of them is Agent Dixon. Dixon and Raimes both protest, but Kradic says he'll just kill both of them. Vaughn is watching, but can't intervene without being made. Raimes slugs Dixon and pulls his own gun, shooting one of Kradic's men. Petrovich wounds Raimes, and Dixon grabs his gun as he falls. Vaughn radios Dixon not to kill Kradic -- they still need him to find the Hydrosek. Dixon grabs Raimes and asks, "What do you have to say now, Agent Dixon?" Raimes: "Casualty of the business I'm in." Vaughn radios Dixon that Raimes is giving them an out -- sacrificing himself to save the mission. Dixon shoots Raimes, and he falls to the tarmac. They all get onto the plane and take off, with Dixon staring out the window at Raimes' body. After they're gone, Vaughn runs out and checks Raimes' body -- he's still alive. Vaughn radios for paramedics.

Sydney and Nadia meet with Jack and Sloane. Jack explains that he and Sloane have something to tell them about their mother's sister, Elena, one of the KGB's foremost assassins, and "the cruelest of the Derevko women." Sloane says that 30 years ago Elena disappeared after a falling out with Irina. She severed all ties to her family and the KGB. Through an informant, Jack discovered a place in Warsaw where Elena had lived for a time. They found albums there, full of pictures of both Sydney and Nadia at several stages in their lives. As Nadia fingers the necklace Sophia gave her, their voices are being transmitted to a listening device. A nearby phone rings. It's the man with the Coke bottle glasses who placed the call in Amsterdam. He asks if they have the plane's destination yet. The woman monitoring the listening device says she will contact him once she has that intel -- it's Sophia. The man says, "I won't let you down, Elena."

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