Season 4, episode 18
Series 418
1st release: 05/04/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Sonia Braga (Sophia Vargas/Elena Derevko)
Michael McKean (Dr. Liddell)
Vladimir Mashkov (Milos Kradic)
Oz Perkins (Coke Bottle Glasses)
Taso Papadakis (Aleksander Petrovich)
Hans Schoeber (Bodyguard)
Ori Pfeffer (Anthony)
Bee-Be Smith (Vera)
Yvette Cason (Connie)
Kristen Kaveney (Young Sydney)

Written by Steven Kane
Directed by Brad Turner

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Vienna, Sydney is undercover as a waitress in a club. She serves drinks to Kradic, Dixon and a couple of others, slipping Dixon a gun under some napkins. The men are expecting the imminent delivery of the Hydrosek. Vaughn is sitting at the bar. Coke bottle glasses guy is also there. When Kradic's team arrives with the Hydrosek, Coke bottle glasses drops a device into his drink and sets it on Sydney's tray. She calls to Vaughn to duck and throws the glass against the wall, where it explodes. The case with the Hydrosek is dropped and several people try to get it. Coke bottle glasses grabs for it, but Sydney tackles him and they fight. Vaughn almost gets it, but Kradic puts a gun to his head. Dixon fires at Kradic, but he gets the case and runs out, with Dixon and Vaughn in pursuit. Sydney chases Coke bottle glasses but loses him. Vaughn and Dixon catch up to Kradic, but he yells that he'll drop the Hydrosek into a drinking water pipe if they don't back off. Dixon lowers his gun, but jerks it back up as Kradic relaxes and shoots him. Vaughn radios Sloane to send in the biohazard team to contain the Hydrosek.

Coke bottle glasses calls Sophia to tell her the CIA got the Hydrosek. She tells him to come to LA. Nadia sees Sophia talking on the phone, so Sophia hangs up and tells Nadia she was making a hotel reservation. Nadia protests and convinces Sophia to stay with her and Sydney for a while longer.

Sydney tells Vaughn she's worried about Jack. She's left a dozen messages, and he hasn't answered any of them. No one seems to know where he is. They go to Jack's apartment and Sydney picks the lock when no one answers the door. They find a notebook in which Jack was apparently monitoring his vital signs. It mentions "radiation treatment protocol" and something about an alkylating agent. Sydney finds several unlabeled pill bottles in the bathroom.

Nadia gives Marshall an artist's sketch of the guy Sydney fought with in Vienna. Marshall is to run a biometric match to try and ID him. Sophia and Coke bottle glasses are listening via the transmitter in Nadia's necklace. Sophia is concerned that her accomplice might be identified. She says he must try to hack into Nadia's laptop and find the location of the Hydrosek.

Dr. Liddell is pessimistic about Jack's prognosis. He tells Jack about an alkylating agent he once used on rats, which allowed some to survive massive radiation exposure. Jack says he has contacts that could procure the agent, even though its manufacture was discontinued years ago.

Marshall is searching databases, but hasn't yet identified Sydney's assailant. Nadia comes to ask him about it, but her phone rings -- it's Sophia, who wants to cook dinner for Sydney and Nadia and their boyfriends. Nadia asks Weiss, and he says they're free. Nadia tells Sophia she'll check with Sydney.

Jack goes to a lab and asks the tech, Anthony, if he got the agent he requested. Anthony says yes, but warns Jack that the drug is lethal and he should be very careful about administering it to "whoever he's planning to torture." Jack thanks him for the advice and leaves with the drug.

Sydney asks Marshall about alkylating agents and their use in treating radiation sickness. He's curious, and Sydney says something's wrong with Jack. Marshall's face gives him away, and Sydney demands to know what he knows about Jack. Marshall tells her that Jack pulled the fuel out of the core reactor himself in Siberia. Sydney tells him to find out everything he can on this treatment. Marshall says there's no treatment for what Jack has. He says he's been all over the journals and has asked everyone he can think of: "If there was a treatment, I would have found it by now." Sydney goes to Sloane and says they have to find Jack.

The team meets and reviews what they know -- no one with Jack's symptoms has been treated by any doctor or in any facility in the LA area. Meanwhile, Jack pulls up in front of a plain-looking building and goes inside. He gives the drug to Dr. Liddell, who says he will prepare the treatment. Jack gives his coat to a nurse.

Weiss gets a hit on Jack's use of an ATM, and they begin to narrow the search. Marshall checks all the traffic cams in the area and finds Jack's car. He radios Sydney and Vaughn, and they head for that location.

Dr. Liddell straps Jack into a chair and asks if he has talked to Sydney. Jack says no, but he will: "She deserves to know that she's the most important thing in my life -- she and Laura, of course."

Sydney and Vaughn park next to Jack's car and go into the building. It seems unoccupied, but there are some homeless people sleeping there. They see a man lying on the floor wearing Jack's jacket. They ask him where he got it, but the guy seems to be high on drugs and doesn't answer.

Jack tells Dr. Liddell to "tell my girls I love them -- Sydney and Laura", in case the treatment doesn't work. Dr. Liddell injects the syringe into the IV in Jack's arm just as Sydney and Vaughn burst into the room. They see Jack sitting alone on a bench injecting himself in the arm. He tells them everything's okay, but Sydney can see that he's not in good shape at all. She radios Marshall to send medical personnel.

Vaughn reports back to Sloane that Jack had apparently injected himself with poison thinking it was a cure. The doctors were able to get the poison out, but his condition is so serious that in 72 hours it will be irreversible. Vaughn says Jack kept asking for a Dr. Liddell. Sloane recognizes the name. Twenty-five years ago, Atticus Liddell had developed a radical treatment for genetic mutations. In addition, he was a spy sent to Russia during the cold war. When the Russians became suspicious, Jack was able to extract him and send him into hiding at an unknown location. No documentation was kept. Jack apparently hallucinated that he had actually contacted Liddell, the one man who might be able to save him.

Nadia offers to cancel dinner with Sophia, but Sydney says to go ahead. Nadia and Weiss arrive home, and Weiss is introduced to Sophia. Sophia says to relax and takes Nadia's purse and laptop to the other room. She turns and tells Weiss that Nadia says the most beautiful things about him. Weiss: "Really?" Nadia: "She asked me if you were tall, dark and handsome -- I told her you were tall." Weiss laughs and kisses her. Sophia takes the laptop into next room, where Coke bottle glasses is waiting.

In the infirmary, Jack regains consciousness and greets Sydney, and then is upset that he forgot to "pick up Sydney from dance class." He asks if she can take care of it: "I'll cover next time, Laura, I promise." Sydney realizes he thinks she's her mother.

At dinner, Nadia hears her cell ring in the other room. She gets up to answer it, but Sophia delays her by asking about the wine. When Nadia leaves, Sophia reaches under the table for her gun, in case Nadia surprised Coke bottle glasses in the other room. But Nadia comes back, and Sophia puts the gun away.

Sydney tells Sloane about Jack called her Laura. Sloane suggests that they try to convince Jack it's 1981, at the time he relocated Dr. Liddell, and question him. Sydney: "You want me to be my mother?" Sloane nods.

Sydney dresses in 1980's clothes and arranges her hair as Laura wore it then. Vaughn comes in and says they've found a little girl to play Sydney as a child. Sydney doesn't know if she can do this. Vaughn jokes that Weiss might be able to pull it off, and this gets a smile from Sydney. She says she doesn't remember how her parents acted around each other when she was little. Vaughn says this is just another alias, like all the others. Nadia comes in and says they're ready.

Sydney walks into an eery recreation of the house she lived in as a child. They bring an unconscious Jack in and place him on the couch. He is injected with a stimulant and everyone else leaves. Jack wakes up to a TV news broadcast about President Reagan. Sloane, Marshall, Vaughn and Nadia monitor on video. Sydney pretends to be coming in with groceries. Jack goes to the kitchen and looks curiously at Sydney. He says, "Sydney?" Sydney replies, "She's upstairs, isn't she?" Jack still looks puzzled. Sydney says that Arvin called and he and Emily are coming to dinner. Jack says she could just have said they were busy: "I know you put up with Arvin for my sake." The phone rings, and Jack goes to answer it. It's Vaughn, pretending to be Jack's former handler. He says they need to get Liddell out of Minsk now. Jack hesitates, and Marshall says Jack's mind is rejecting the scenario. Sloane says to send in the little girl. Little "Sydney" comes in and asks Jack if she can practice the piano. Jack smiles at her and says yes, and then goes back to talk to the handler in code. He hangs up, and Marshall begins trying to break the code. Sloane radios Sydney to try and get Jack to tell her Liddell's location. Jack returns to the kitchen and says he has to go on a mission, and explains about Dr. Liddell. Nadia and Marshall are surprised that Jack had revealed to Laura that he was an agent. Jack tells Sydney that he is sending Liddell to a medical community in Finland. But what really concerns him is that he'll be missing Sydney's birthday again. Jack says that Sydney deserves better than having him leave all the time, that his work is not as important as she is. He says when he gets back, he's going to quit the CIA. Sydney: "That means more to me than you'll ever know." Jack goes to sit with little Sydney at the piano. Sydney watches from the doorway with tears in her eyes. The med techs come in and inject Jack with a sedative before he knows what's happening.

In Helsinki, Sydney approaches Dr. Liddell, who is sitting on a park bench. She calls him by name, and he gets up and walks in the other direction. Sydney: "Jack Bristow needs your help." Dr. Liddell stops and turns around.

Marshall asks Nadia and Weiss why someone from their team had the Hydrosek moved to a less secure location. They protest that no such arrangement was made. Meanwhile, Sophia and Coke bottle glasses break into the low security place and get the Hydrosek, killing several guards in the process. Nadia and Weiss get there and see the dead bodies. They reach the vault and see that it is empty. Next to it lies the dead body of the Coke bottle glasses guy. Nadia recognizes him as the guy from Vienna.

Sydney and Dr. Liddell arrive at HQ and go to the infirmary. Jack wakes up, and Sydney says a friend is here to see him. Jack recognizes Dr. Liddell: "Am I cured?" Dr. Liddell: "Not yet. But I'm going to make you better."

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