Season 4, episode 20
Series 420
1st release: 05/18/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Sonia Braga (Sophia Vargas/Elena Derevko)
Angela Bassett (Director Chase)
Isabella Rossellini (Katya Derevko)
Nick Jameson (Lazlo Drake)
Jeff Yagher (Greyson Wells)
Andrew Divoff (Lucien Nisard)
Jared Poe (Young Agent)
Braeden Marcott (Salesman)
Jeremy Brandt (Lead Agent)
Jodi Fung (Nurse)

Written and directed by Jeffrey Bell

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

A security guard at the DSR facility is ambushed and killed in a hallway. Several men dressed in black enter and smash cases, taking several Rambaldi artifacts.

Sydney returns home to find Sophia ready to take a cab to the airport. She is planning to return to Lisbon. Sydney and Nadia hug her and say goodbye.

Vaughn starts into Jack's office, but is stopped by Marshall, who wants him to sign a sympathy card for Weiss, whose grandfather has died. Vaughn says he will sign it later, since he has to talk to Jack. Marshall is curious, and Vaughn shows him an engagement ring. He goes in and tells Jack he's going to ask Sydney to marry him, and he'd like Jack's blessing. Jack doesn't look inclined to give it, but suddenly an alarm sounds and agents enter APO, saying they have a warrant for the premises.

Director Chase and several agents go to Sydney and Nadia's and search the place. Director Chase says several agents are dead and many Rambaldi artifacts are missing. She asks Nadia if anyone else has access to her laptop. Nadia says no. Chase informs her that her security clearance was used on more than one occasion to gain access to secure facilities. Another agent brings the necklace Sophia gave to Nadia and says a transmitter is inside it. Jack and Sloane arrive and are allowed inside. Jack explains that Sophia must actually be Elena Derevko, and she has now gathered all the Rambaldi artifacts. Sloane says they must not allow her to assemble them.

Nadia tells Sloane it's all her fault that Elena infiltrated their team. Sloane says no, it's his. He says Elena will have to contact Lazlo Drake if she hopes to assemble the artifacts. They must get to Drake first.

One year earlier: Sloane and Nadia find Lazlo Drake in China. They need him because he possesses a Rambaldi manuscript detailing the way to assemble his creation to bring about his final prophecy. Sloane says they will make the world a better place. When they find Drake, he knows who Sloane is and is honored to meet Nadia, calling her "a living embodiment." However, he won't give them the manuscript because they don't have "the sphere" yet. Sloane and Nadia go to Siena and find a cave passage leading to an underground room. The floor is made of stained glass, and in the center is a small box on a pedestal. Nadia walks across the glass and opens the box. Inside is a small glowing sphere. When Nadia touches it, she has visions of violence and bloodshed. She says she won't give it to Sloane -- it's too powerful. Sloane pushes her away and walks out to the pedestal. When he picks up the box, the glass cracks, and Sloane falls through. Nadia climbs down and finds him conscious but pierced by several shards of glass. He is surprised that she came for him.

Present day: Sloane presents his plan to the team and Director Chase. He tells them that Drake is the "gatekeeper for Rambaldi's endgame." To find him, Nadia has looked for people who provide him with funds and has found Greyson Wells, a billionaire who financed some of Drake's early research. Dixon is still concerned that Sloane is involved in anything to do with Rambaldi, but Sloane says his history with Drake makes it imperative that he be the one to approach him.

In Cannes, Sydney poses as a wealthy socialite looking at diamonds in a posh jewelry store. She tries on an anklet and asks Wells, who is also in the store, how it looks. He says it would look better as a bracelet. She has him put it on her wrist, and he sees a Rambaldi design tattooed there, just like the one on his own wrist. They go to her hotel room, and she soon has Drake's location. She calls Sloane and tells him she's going with him to see Drake. Sloane protests but Sydney says to meet her at an airfield in Mexico.

Sloane and Sydney meet near Mexico City and go to find Drake. Sydney is still mistrustful of Sloane's motives, but he says the only reason he is here is to "put an end to this nightmare once and for all." When they get to Drake's place, they find him dead. They view his security cameras' footage and see Elena talking to Drake. Just as she is about to tell him where she will assemble the artifacts, Sloane knocks Sydney out with a tranquilizer. He apologizes as he lowers her, unconscious, to the floor.

Sydney calls Jack and tells him Sloane tranqued her and got away. He says he will notify Director Chase.

Director Chase meets Dixon in a stairwell. He's upset that she allowed Sloane to be involved in this operation. She says she did what she thought was best. He starts to walk off, but she stops him. They kiss.

Jack goes to talk to Katya's prison cell and asks her about Elena's operation. She says she will tell him in exchange for a full pardon. He says if she helps them find Elena, he will do all he can for her. She says the Covenant is Elena's front. Jack wants to know how to stop her. Katya says he's asking the wrong sister. Irina spent the last few years of her life tracking Elena and was the only one who could have stopped her. Unfortunately, that hope died when Jack killed Irina.

Jack calls Sydney and says Elena's base of operations is in Prague. Sydney is to meet Dixon and Nadia there and get to Elena and kill her.

In Prague, there is a knock on the door of Elena's office. Two guards bring Sloane in. He tells her he can help her -- "there's no one on this earth who knows more about Milo Rambaldi."

Sydney, Nadia and Dixon arrive at the compound that night. Jack and Marshall are monitoring from HQ. Marshall says they are using thermal satellite surveillance to locate the people inside the compound and directs them to the right locations. Sydney, Nadia and Dixon split up and get inside. Dixon sees some guards escorting someone in chains. He watches and seems disbelieving. Just then Sloane appears and tells Dixon he was just as surprised as he is. They stand with their weapons pointing at each other. Sloane says he's the only one who can stop this. Marshall directs Sydney and Nadia to Dixon and Sloane's location. They have to fight several guards to get there. They hear gunshots. Dixon falls to the floor -- behind him, Elena is standing with her gun. Sloane looks regretful, but goes with Elena. Sydney and Nadia get there and find Dixon lying unconscious. They call for a medical extraction.

Director Chase stays with Dixon in the hospital. Sydney is surprised to see them together and asks Jack if he knew. He says no, but he tends to miss that kind of detail. He says all the evidence he had added up to Irina trying to kill Sydney, but he overlooked one important detail -- Irina would never have tried to harm Sydney. He says she was their one hope of stopping Elena, and now she's gone. Sydney says they may disagree on some things, but she never questions his motives -- he always has her best interests at heart.

Elena tells Sloane she's still not convinced he's returned to the fold: "We'll see if you have what it takes to finish the journey."

Vaughn runs into Jack on the elevator. Jack tells him they are more alike than he would like, but: "If you honestly believe you can make my daughter happy, then by all means you have my blessing to marry her." Vaughn nods.

A nurse tells Sydney and Nadia that Dixon is asking for them. Dixon says that before he saw Sloane, he saw a prisoner in shackles: "Syd... it's your mother. She's alive."

To be continued

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