Season 4, episode 19
Series 419
1st release: 05/11/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

John Benjamin Hickey (Father Kampinski)
Angus Scrimm (Calvin McCullough)
Joel Grey (Arvin Clone)
Amy Irving (Emily Sloane)
Mark Gantt (Balfour)
Mia Maza (Karina)
Nick Spano (Brother Angelo)
Carol Androsky (Nurse)
Michael Forest (Auctioneer)
Toshi Toda (Takenada)
Ayodele Adeyemi (Ngumbe)

Written by Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by Jennifer Garner

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

A convoy of trucks drives up to the gates of an Italian estate. The other Mr. Sloane gets out and is welcomed to the Monte Inferno Monastery.

Father Kampinski receives "Sloane", who says he has come for the Father's knowledge of bees which have been bred so they are not antagonistic or aggressive. Father Kampinski shows him the bees, which are very poisonous but do not sting. "Sloane" recognizes one of the flowers the bees are buzzing around as a rare orchid thought to be extinct. He offers $50 million for a cutting of the orchid, but Father Kampinski refuses. "Sloane" calls his accomplices and tells them he's coming home. This is apparently code for "go to Plan B." They activate a small version of the Rambaldi device. "Sloane" puts on protective gear as the bees start swarming and stinging everyone else. "Sloane" tells Father Kampinski, who is barely alive, that he will give him the antivenin if he will turn over the Rambaldi orchid papers. Father Kampinski: "You go to hell." Arvin Clone: "You first." He shoots Father Kampinski.

Jack is well on his way to recovery from his radiation exposure and is getting impatient with the treatments. Sydney tells him he has to follow Dr. Liddell's instructions. Jack says he never thanked Sydney for finding Dr. Liddell. Then he asks whose idea it was for her to masquerade as her mother. Sydney says it was Sloane's, but it was the only way to discover Liddell's whereabouts. Sydney says she knows now how Irina was able to steal agency secrets -- Jack was telling her everything. She says she also knows he would have quit the agency if Irina hadn't left. Jack says he didn't like not being a part of her life. Sydney: "You're part of it now."

Sloane tells the team about the theft of the orchid. They know the man claiming to be Sloane is responsible. The mission is to get the imposter and recover the orchid, which has chemical properties that can affect the neural pathways, thus influencing behavior.

Jack is angry with Sloane because they now know the effects of the orchid can be reversed. Sloane says he never believed it could happen. Jack says they are facing the prospect of a global disaster "because of what you've put in place." Sloane admits he is responsible for this. Jack says if the orchid is not recovered in 72 hours, he's going to Langley: "It will mean the end of you, Arvin." Sloane: "You, too, Jack." Jack: "I know."

Sydney suggests they try to lure the Clone to them by faking some Rambaldi documents on the orchid and putting them up for auction. Sydney says she has contacts at a Paris auction house. They put the plan in motion.

In Paris, Dixon and Nadia go into the auction as buyers. Sydney stays behind since Arvin Clone might recognize her. Nadia carries a hidden camera to film the other bidders. Several Rambaldi collectors are there. A woman comes forward who is IDed as a phony, so they keep an eye on her. When she leaves the auctioon unexpectedly, Nadia follows her. But she is a decoy, and the papers are stolen by an accomplice, who leaves the auction house pursued by Dixon. The man gets in a truck, which is blocked by an APO van. When the back flap is lifted, Arvin Clone is sitting inside with the papers. He recognizes Dison: "Marcus, what a surprise!"

Arvin Clone is brought to an interrogation room at APO. Jack and Sloane come in to talk to him. The clone recognizes Jack, but not Sloane. Sloane says he's the real Arvin Sloane. The clone says they're trying to play with his sense of reality. He tells Jack things only Sloane and Jack would know.

Marshall shows Jack the EEG readings for Sloane and the clone. They're identical. Marshall recalls back at SD-6 working on a project regarding brain imprinting. Jack says that was McCullough's project. Jack fills the team in on "Project Brainstorm", which was intended to create sleeper agents by transferring all memories from one person to another. They theorize that Arvin Clone was made to believe he was the real Arvin Sloane and to act accordingly. Sydney suggests that McCullough may be the one responsible for the imposter and if so, may also know the location of the orchid. Sloane says he knows where McCullough might be.

Vaughn and Dixon go to Buenos Aires and find McCullough at an outdoor cafe. They join him at his table and tell him the real Sloane sent them for the orchid. If he cooperates, they can cut him a deal. McCullough stirs sugar into his coffee and tells them he doesn't know where the orchid is, but he did make the imposter believe he was Arvin Sloane. Then the imposter double-crossed him, "just like the real Arvin would have done." McCullough says his employer would never let him live long enough to be interrogated, so he now has 300 mg of cyanide in his veins. They realize too late that the "sugar" was really poison. McCullough slumps over while Dixon tries to get him to tell who he's working for. All McCullough says before he dies is, "Tell Arvin I..."

The imposter tells Sydney that he discovered an application for one of Rambaldi's formulas -- one that can turn people into calmer, less aggressive beings. She says that's not what he did with the bees. He says that was just an experiment. He says that all he would need to do is to put the additive in the general population's drinking water.

Sloane confesses to Sydney and Nadia that through Omnifam, he introduced a series of additives into the drinking water throughout the world. His goal was to create a more peaceful species. It was a failure because he didn't have the orchid and tried to use manufactured replacements. He says between 300 and 400 million people drank the contaminated water.

Sydney asks Jack why he let Sloane do what he did. Jack says Sloane at least had good intentions when he did it and just didn't foresee the possible complications. Sydney can't believe Jack didn't say anything about this earlier, when the orchid could have been taken and protected by the DSR. Marshall interrupts to tell them he has found a possible way to get the imposter to reveal the location of the orchid -- they will have to shake him loose from the delusion that he's Sloane. One way to do that would be to make him relive some emotionally disturbing time in his memories. The catch is, the imposter will resist doing this, so the real Sloane will have to relive the memory -- then it will be transferred to the imposter using McCullough's technology. Sloane says he knows what memory to access -- Jacquelyn.

Marshall hooks Sloane to the equipment, and Sloane goes into a hypnotic state. He pictures himself walking in a garden. He finds Emily sitting on a bench. She is sad and he tells her they will get past Jacquelyn. She says she doesn't want to hear that name -- it hurts too much. Marshall says they need to go back further. This time Sloane finds Emily working in the garden -- she's pregnant, and they discuss possible names for their daughter. Sloane suggests Jacquelyn, and Emily likes it. Then Sloane sees Emily in the hospital, and he has to tell her their baby Jacquelyn has died. Emily is inconsolable, and Sloane starts to cry, too. Marshall says they have enough, and Jack goes to hook up the imposter for the transfer. The shock of the memory causes the imposter to reveal his real name -- Ned Bolger, an army corporal, possibly a POW. When Sydney asks, he tells her the orchid is in a warehouse in Switzerland. Nadia comes in to say there is a problem.

Marshall says Sloane is resisting waking up. He is now hallucinating that Jacquelyn lived, and he wants to stay with her and Emily. Nadia speaks to Sloane, telling him he can't stay there -- his work isn't done. Sloane says he's done terrible things -- he should stay here. Nadia says that's why he needs to come back -- he has to undo what he's set in motion, to redeem himself. Sloane wakes with a start, and Nadia goes to him. They embrace.

Sloane tells Jack that losing Jacquelyn was what caused him to become obsessed with Rambaldi. He swears he will rectify the mistakes he's made.

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