Season 4, episode 07
Series 407
1st release: 02/16/05
2nd release:
Last update: 02/20/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Aengus James (Boris Tambor)
Michael Kagan (Leo Orissa)
Boris Lee Krutonog (Anatoly Grodsky)
Olga Vilner (Bridget)
Alex Veador (The Chemist)

Written by Monica Breen & Alison Schapker
Directed by Craig Zisk

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


In Irkutsk, Vaughn meets with an informant, Anatoly Grodsky, who tells him Russia is producing a dangerous chemical called Black Thorine. The only vial of it in existence is missing, and Anatoly's superior has come into money recently. Soldiers come in and try to arrest Anatoly. He pulls a gun and is shot. The soldiers turn to Vaughn and ask who he is. Vaughn says he's not the one they need to worry about. Sydney appears and hits one of the soldiers from behind. She and Vaughn knock out all the soldiers and go out the back way.

Back in LA, Sydney arrives home to find Sloane visiting with Nadia. Sydney tells him to get out. He leaves, and Sydney tells Nadia he can't be trusted, that she only took the job at APO to watch him. Nadia says she thought Sydney had reconciled her past.

Sloane discusses Black Thorine with the team. It can devastate large areas. Russia has denied its existence, but sources confirm that they are panicking over its disappearance. Vaughn's source gave him a routing number that has led to an oil magnate named Boris Tambor, who is presently staying at a hotel in Monte Carlo. The team's mission is to get into his suite and find out where the Black Thorine is being kept.

Dixon commiserates with Sydney over her hatred of Sloane. He says he dreams about Diane every night -- that she is disappointed in him for not preventing what happened. He tells Sydney that she can deal with Sloane the same way he does -- by doing the right thing every day.

Act I

Sydney and Nadia meet at the target range. Sydney apologizes -- she says when Irina came back, she needed to know her, even though she knew she had done bad things. They shoot side by side for a while.

In Monte Carlo, Nadia dresses as a hotel maid and vacuums to mask the sound of Vaughn drilling into the wall of Tambor's suite and installing a tiny camera. They can see Tambor working at his laptop. They expect him to leave for the gambling tables, but instead he sits down to watch a soccer game on TV. They realize it's a braodcast of a team he owns and that he is not leaving the suite after all. Nadia and Sydney notice perfume, heels and a purse, indicating that a woman shares Tambor's room. Sydney says the girlfriend is the way in. Sloane rejects the idea, saying they have no intel on the woman. Nadia gets some evening wear from another guest's room, and she and Sydney dress in the clothes despite Sloane ordering them not to. They locate Tambor's girlfriend in the hotel bar, identifying her by her perfume. They sit next to her and complain that their boyfriends stood them up. The girlfriend, Bridget, agrees that "men suck", as Sydney suggests, and they bond over drinks. Bridget invites them back to her room so she can change clothes. Monitoring them over the video surveillance, Marshall marvels that they are so good. Sloane is dour: "They're not out yet."

Act II

Bridget tells Sydney and Nadia to make themselves at home while she changes. While Sydney searches for the laptop, Nadia sits next to Tambor and amazes him (and the team listening in) with her knowledge of soccer. She pretends awe when he tells her that he owns one of the teams. Meanwhile, Sydney clones Tambor's hard drive. Nadia slips Tambor's PDA from his pocket and passes it to Sydney so she can clone that, too. Before Nadia can return it, though, Tambor gets up from the couch. He notices his PDA is gone and calls in his guards. Nadia pretends to pick up the PDA from the couch and acts offended. She and Sydney leave in a huff with everything they came for.

Back at HQ, Sloane reprimands Sydney and Nadia for disregarding his orders. He says that questioning his authority is unacceptable. Sydney is scathing that he could preach to her about acceptablilty. She calls him a murdering sociopath, and says that is what is unacceptable. Marshall interrupts to tell them that he has broken the encryption on Tambor's hard drive and the sale of the Black Thorine is going down in 16 hours.


Tambor is to sell the Black Thorine aboard his yacht in the Black Sea. Marshall presents a schematic of Tambor's vault and its location on the yacht, as well as a tiny video camera that can read the combination even through layers of clothing. Sloane wants to send Vaughn and Dixon, but Sydney and Nadia protest that they began the mission and they want to complete it. Jack argues with Sloane for them, telling him that he will never forge any kind of bond with Nadia if he keeps her from working with her sister.

Sydney and Nadia emerge from the Black Sea and climb aboard Tambor's yacht. They find the safe and use Marshall's device to get the combination. The video also provides their first look at the buyer, whom Sloane recognizes as Leo Orissa, a former associate of his from his SD-6 days. Nadia gets into the safe and sees that there is more of the Black Thorine than they thought. Men approach the room, and Sydney and Nadia hide.

Tambor asks Orissa what he plans to do with his purchase. Orissa says he is going to take over Tambor's entire operation. Bridget pulls out a gun and shoots at Tambor, who barely gets out of the room. Tambor's men and Orissa's men start shooting at each other all over the ship. Sydney and Nadia run to the deck, get their equipment and jump overboard, just as Bridget and Orissa confront Tambor. Bridget says he should have treated his girlfriend better, and shoots him. Tambor's body drifts down past Sydney and Nadia underwater.

Sydney and Nadia get back to shore and report that Tambor and all his men are dead. When Sloane hears that there is more of the Black Thorine, he realizes that there must be a lab where it is being manufactured. He tells Sydney that she is going to have to trust him.

Act IV

Sydney gets back on board the yacht and approaches Bridget and Orissa. She tells them that her "employer" -- Arvin Sloane -- won't be happy if they kill her. Orissa clearly recognizes the name and stops Bridget from shooting Sydney. Sydney says that Sloane wants 50% of the operation. Meanwhile, Nadia is getting the Black Thorine out of the vault. She is surprised by a guard and they begin to fight. Sydney says that Sloane also wants to know the location of the lab. Bridget protests that Orissa can't give away all this information, but Sydney reminds Orissa of who Sloane is -- she says he is inhuman and cruel, and if Orissa doesn't agree to the deal, Sloane will kill everyone he cares about, and every waking moment will be consumed with the knowledge of what Sloane has cost him. Back at HQ, Jack and Marshall look uneasily at Sloane, who is listening impassively to all this. Orissa agrees to Sloane's terms and gives Sydney the location of the lab. Bridget, enraged, shoots Orissa right between the eyes. She turns the gun toward Sydney, but Sydney kicks it away and they fight. Bridget is about to strangle Sydney when Nadia attacks Bridget and knocks her down. Bridget gets to her gun, but Sydney shoots her first.

Act V

Alone now on the yacht, Sydney and Nadia share a bottle of vodka as they wait to be picked up. Nadia tells Sydney that she was recruited from a juvenile detention center. She had always thought she was a good spy because she had no family to care about. But now she thinks she was wrong about that. She and Sydney just smile at each other.

Sloane tells Sydney that Langley is pleased -- a raid on the lab was successful. He says that he understands if she wants to transfer out of APO. Sydney says that she will never forgive him for what he's done and nothing will ever change that. Then: "I'll see you tomorrow." She walks out to join Vaughn and Nadia and Weiss, who is trying to impress Nadia with magic tricks. Sloane just looks pensively after her.

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