Season 4, episode 08
Series 408
1st release: 02/23/05
2nd release:
Last update: 02/26/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

David Anders (Julian Sark)
Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa)
Sebastian Roche (Willem Karg)
Morgan Sheppard (Milos Sabine)
Nick Jaine (Dr. Jain)
Sven Holmberg (Stranger)
Scott Vinci (Waiter)
Darrell Guilbeau (Desk Clerk)
Paul Green (Prison Guard)

Written by Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec
Directed by Daniel Attias

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Sydney and Nadia talk about Weiss. Sydney says not to break his heart. Nadia protests that she likes him, too. Both of their phones ring.

At HQ, Weiss and Vaughn talk about Nadia. Vaughn advises Weiss to go slow and reminds him of the last time -- he spent many months building ships in bottles. Weiss says that was just a hobby. Sydney and Nadia walk in and want to know what's up. Vaughn points to Sloane's office, where he and Jack are in deep conversation.

Sloane informs the team that he is stepping down temporarily because of who they are going up against in their next mission. It's someone that, per his agreement with the CIA, he is not allowed to engage. He turns the leadership of the team over to Jack and says not to involve him. After he leaves, Jack says that the subject of their mission is Anna Espinosa, and they have been given it because of Sydney's history with Anna. Sydney protests that Anna is supposed to be dead. Jack: "So are a lot of people." Marshall reports that Anna is now a free-lance assassin and is also associated with the followers of Rambaldi. The team is to monitor a meeting that Anna has set up in Brussels. Sydney is given authority to bring Anna in if the opportunity presents itself. Nadia leaves the meeting abruptly and tells Sydney that she felt a little light-headed. They decide to get something to eat at an nearby cafe.

Over lunch, Sydney fills Nadia in on her background with Anna. Nadia says she only knows a few things about Rambaldi, but last year when Sloane forced her to reveal Rambaldi's codes, she saw an image in her mind of herself and Sydney, pointing guns at each other. She thinks she pulled the trigger, and Sydney was covered in blood. Sydney is troubled, and tells Nadia there's something she should have told her. Before she can, a waiter tells Sydney that she has a phone call. Sydney goes to the phone, and it's Anna. Anna says to turn around, and Sydney sees her sitting next to Nadia. Anna says there's something she wants Sydney to do for her.

Act I

Sydney tells Jack that Anna has Nadia and she will be killed if Sydney doesn't cooperate. Jack calls the team together. Sydney is to take Anna's place at the meeting in Brussels with a man named Milos Sabine and retrieve a package of some sort.

In Brussels, Sydney approaches a man on a bench and sits next to him. He says that he has what she wants, but she must hold up her end. She is to kill a man named Willem Karg, who is presently staying in a nearby hotel. As proof, she is to bring back a photo of Karg dead, and also his right index finger, which is apparently Anna's trademark. She has 40 minutes to do this.

Marshall reports that Karg has a thing for hookers. Sydney alters her clothing and slicks back her hair. She finds Karg in the hotel bar and says that a friend has hired her for him for the night. When they reach the hotel room, Vaughn and Dixon are waiting. They tie Karg up and tell him it's his lucky day, except for the fact that they need his ring and the finger it's on.

Anna tells Nadia that everyone Sydney loves meets with disaster, and today she will feel a little of that. Anna lights a fire and begins heating some kind of rod in it.

Sydney dunks Karg's hand in ice and tells him to look at her. Vaughn cuts off his finger, and then they put blood on his face and photograph him.

Sabine is impressed with "Miss Espinosa" and hands her a small package. He tells her that it is the last remaining sample.

Anna has her men hold Nadia while she brands her with the mark of Rambaldi on her neck. She says that someday Nadia will help her destroy Sydney.

Act II

Marshall ids the material in the carton as the Dante Compound, which mixes with other materials, notably VX gas, and mutates them. Jack wants Marshall to create a fake compound for Sydney to pass to Anna. Marshall also theorizes that Anna might be working for the Cadmus Revolutionary Front, because they have been trying to acquire the Dante Compound for some time, perhaps in order to manufacture a chemical bomb. Marshall suggests that they talk to Sark, since he has CRF connections.

Sydney is against giving Anna the fake compound, since it might get Nadia killed. Sloane interrupts to side with Jack, saying it is not Nadia's destiny to die now. Sydney, exasperated: "Dad, please tell me Rambaldi is not dictating procedure!" Jack finally agrees with Sydney and she takes the real compound.

Sydney meets Anna in an upscale boutique where they both pretend to be shopping. She hands Anna a purse containing the compound, and Anna gives her a remote car key. She says to go to a parking garage across the street. Anna caresses Sydney's cheek and says it was nice getting to know her sister. Sydney slugs her, and they fight all over the boutique. A security guard tries to step in, but they knock him aside. When he radios for backup, Sydney turns from twisting Anna's arm: "She can have the blouse." They straighten their clothing, and Anna marches out. Sydney races to the garage, finally locating the car the remote fits. She opens the trunk and pulls Nadia out. They embrace thankfully.

Vaughn visits Sark in his cell at the federal penetentiary. He wants to know where CRF headquarters are.


Sark wants to know if it was the infidelity or the espionage that made Vaughn kill the woman he loved. Vaughn wants to know why the CRF has tried repeatedly to contact Sark. Sark: "So it's begun." But he won't explain what he means. Vaughn says if Sark won't cooperate, he'll have him transferred to a pitch black cell with no human contact. Sark says he's not afraid of the dark.

Weiss meets Sydney and Nadia as they return to HQ. Nadia reassures him that she's okay. Sloane also is glad to see Nadia and thanks Sydney for saving her. Dr. Jain says that they can fix the place on Nadia's neck where Anna branded her.

Nadia tells Sydney that Anna told her they'd be torn apart. Sydney reveals a conversation that had been taped between Irina and an unidentified man. Irina had said that the mark of Rambaldi represented her two daughters and an object over which they would do battle -- with each other. And, according to Rambaldi, only one of the daughters would survive. Nadia wants to know if Sydney believes all of this, and Sydney says no, but there are others who do, and they are dangerous people.

That night a team, including Jack and Marshall, sneak into Sark's cell and inject him with a tracking device. Marshall later tells Vaughn that the device will be activated when Sark is transferred. It also includes an explosive that can blow Sark's head off if he tries to outwit them. Marshall: "When you mess with a friend of Flinkman's, you're messing with Flinkman."

Sark is transferred to a prison van, but as it gets underway, there is an explosion and the van careens onto its side. The door is wrenched open and a bearded man tells Sark to come with him. They get into a truck and take off.

Sydney comes to Jack to tell him they have picked up intel that suggests that Anna might be trying to obtain VX gas at a chemical plant in Estonia. Jack says to take Nadia with her.

The man in the truck drops Sark off where a motorcycle is parked and tells him to get to CRF headquarters. Sark takes off on the motorcycle.

Sloane approaches Sydney to ask if Nadia is going with her to get Anna. Sydney doesn't want to talk to him, but Sloane insists. Sydney accuses Sloane of being obsessed with Rambaldi and dragging both her and Nadia into "this endless pit of confusion." Sloane says if Anna has her way, only one of the sisters will return home alive. Sydney just walks away.

Act IV

Sark's transmitter comes online and indicates that he is in South Africa. The team sets out.

In Johannesburg, the signal is traced to a warehouse. The team gets in, but it seems deserted. Finally they reach a room and find Sark sitting alone in the dark drinking champagne. Sark says he will help them locate the CRF HQ, but there is something he wants, too.

Act V

In Estonia, Sydney and Nadia enter the chemical plant. They see Anna, but one of her men comes up behind them. Nadia fights him, but Sydney sees that Anna has the VX gas, so she chases after her. Sydney draws her gun and she and Anna exchange gunfire. Meanwhile, Nadia stabs Anna's henchman and asks him to tell her what Anna is planning. He whispers something to her. Nadia runs after Sydney. Sydney is sneaking up on Anna, but when she rounds the corner, it's Nadia. They stand pointing their guns at each other. Then a shot rings out, and Nadia falls. Anna runs out the door. Sydney cradles Nadia in her arms, calling her name, but Nadia's eyes close.

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