Season 4, episode 06
Series 406
1st release: 02/09/05
2nd release:
Last update: 02/12/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Michael Goojian (Andre Stenescu/the Count)
Julie Ann Emery (Nancy Cahill)
Nick Jaine (Dr. Maneesha Jain)
Will Schaub (Jason Cahill)
Michael Nagy (Letuza/pale blond man)
Julie Levy-Boeken (Martina)
Craig Ricci Shaynak (Czech Guard)
Sunah Bilsted (Kissing Blonde)
Liza de Weerd (Anna/Dutch student)
Ryan Gentry (Not Vaughn)

Written by Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


In a classroom at Amsterdam University, a woman professor is lecturing in English class. The professor hears a cell phone and asks a student to turn it off. The student takes out her cell phone -- it's not ringing. The professor seems distraught and runs out of the classroom. She sees two men, at either end of a corridor. They both have guns. She pulls out her own gun. A student comes out of the classroom and calls her name. The professor cries out something in Dutch and turns the gun on herself.

In LA, Vaughn and Sydney are playing hockey. Vaughn coaches Sydney on making a good shot and how you can't let fear get in the way. Their phones both ring.

At HQ, Sloane tells of the death of Nancy Cahill (the professor), who was working undercover on developing new synthetic narcotics. Sydney translates her last words, which seem to mean "Tell them it's funny". Sloane says that Cahill's husband, also an agent, is missing. The team is to find him and recover all evidence of his CIA affiliation.

In Amsterdam, Sydney and Jack search the Cahills' apartment. Sydney finds a locked door and breaks it open. It's a closet-like room with drawings of what appear to be demons all over the walls. Suddenly a man leaps on Sydney and bites her viciously on the neck. A shot rings out. Jack has shot the man -- it's Jason Cahill.

Act I

Sydney is thoroughly examined, cat scan and all, and pronounced fine, except for the bite mark on her neck, which looks like a vampire bite. Jack wants to know why the cat scan. The doctor says that both Cahills' autopsies showed evidence of an unusual narcotic -- one that can induce changes in behavior, even violence.

Sloane says they need to discover what drug the Cahills were exposed to. They know that Nancy Cahill had apparently locked her husband up because he was exhibiting strange symptoms, and they need to find out if she discovered anything concerning what the drug was.

Sydney goes home and tries to sleep but is unable to. She keeps reliving the attack. She gets up and goes into the bathroom. She sees a spider, but then it seems to vanish. She takes her temperature -- it's 111, and as she watches the thermometer, it keeps getting higher and higher.

Act II

Sloane says that Cahill was planning a meeting in Bucharest with a contact known as the Count. Sydney rolls her eyes: "You've got to be kidding me!" Sydney is to go to Bucharest and meet with the Count in Cahill's place. Dixon protests that it's too soon for Sydney to go back into the field, but Sloane silences him and dismisses the meeting.

Sydney asks Marshall if there could be a delayed reaction to a drug, and Marshall says he will check on it. Sydney tells Nadia about taking her temperature -- she guesses that she must have been hallucinating. Nadia is concerned and wants to tell the doctor, but Sydney says they will sideline her if she does that. She asks Nadia not to mention it. Vaughn comes to tell Sydney the plane is ready. Nadia starts to say something, then changes it to "Be safe."

Sloane calls Dixon in and reprimands him for questioning his decisions. He says that in the days of SD-6, he recognized Dixon's brilliance in the field, but that never once did Dixon suspect that he was working for a renegade organization. He tells Dixon to stick to his own job and let Sloane do his.

In Bucharest, Sydney examines the drawings Cahill did, while Jack and Vaughn are loading their guns. Sydney looks down at her cup and sees a spider. She drops the cup, which pours blood all over her. When Vaughn asks if she's okay, she looks down and sees only tea. When she goes to change, Jack tells Vaughn that they must keep Sydney in sight at all times.

They go to a club and locate the Count at the bar. Sydney sits next to him and introduces herself as a friend of Cahill's. He suggests that they move to the balcony. Sydney follows him, seeing all sorts of faces staring at her. On a couch nearby a blonde is kissing a man. His face is revealed -- it's Vaughn. When Sydney stops, shocked, the man turns toward her and she realizes it is not Vaughn after all.

The Count wants to know where Jason is. Sydney says he is sick and couldn't come. The Count pulls out a gun and wants to know who she really is. Sydney says that Cahill and his wife are both dead because of a drug and she wants to know what it was. The Count hits her and runs out. Vaughn intercepts him and they tumble down the stairs. Vaughn knocks him out.

They take the Count, aka Andre Stenescu, back to their apartment. Jack says to tell them everything about his dealings with Jason Cahill. Marshall calls and tells Sydney that the drug found in the Cahills' bodies did have a long incubation period. It lies dormant for a while and then begins altering the brain. He says that surely Cahill couldn't have infected Sydney with the same drug, though, because she still feels fine, right? Sydney is obviously worried.


Stenescu tells them about a drug called Nocturne, which is kind of like speed. He doesn't know where it came from. He begins to load a gun and points it at himself. He tells Sydney: "It's too bad for you, because you're dying, too." Then he pulls the trigger. Sydney jumps, and realizes it was just another hallucination. Stenescu is sitting innocently on the couch.

In a video conference with Sloane and Dr. Jain, the doctor says that the drug Nocturne keeps the victim from sleeping so that nightmares begin to occur while they're awake. On the video screen, Sloane begins speaking to Sydney, telling her that he's slowly gaining her trust. Sydney glances at Jack and is shocked to see Sloane sitting next to him. Sloane: "I'll betray you, and the people you care most about -- they'll die." Suddenly, Sydney comes to and sees that is really Vaughn sitting next to Jack. Sydney goes to Stenescu and chokes him, telling him that she's one of them, that Cahill bit her and she wants to know where the antidote is. Stenescu chokes out that the drug Cahill had was an old sample, not the Nocturne being made today. He thinks it came from Prague.

Weiss and Nadia study Nancy Cahill's last statement and find that she was actually speaking of a group in Prague that specializes in synthetic drugs. Nancy had discovered where to go for the antidote, but was too far gone to do anything about it.

Act IV

In Prague, Jack, Sydney and Vaughn arrive at the facility. Vaughn is to get in and look for the antidote; Jack will stay with Sydney. As he is getting out of the van, Sydney hears Jack tell him that he is going to kill Sydney just like he did her mother. Vaughn says good. After Vaughn leaves, Sydney sees Jack pointing a gun at her. When she blinks, it becomes a water bottle. Sydney tells Jack that he had better tie her up.

Vaughn gets into the facility and heads up the stairs.

Jack ties Sydney up. Sydney asks if she is going to be all right. Jack tells her that the reason he killed Irina was that he needed to stop hearing her voice, but now every time he looks at Sydney, he sees Irina. Sydney asks him to hold her, and he does. Then Sydney head butts him and breaks free from her bonds.

Vaughn finds the antidote and returns to the van, only to find it empty. He hears Sydney calling for help and finds her in the alleyway next to Jack's body. Sydney, sobbing: "I think I killed him."

Act V

Sydney pulls out Jack's gun and points it at Vaughn. Vaughn tries to tell her he has the antidote. She says that she knows it's just a game -- she's scared that he's going to betray her again, like he did when he married Lauren. Sydney pulls the trigger, but the gun is empty. She and Vaughn fight viciously all over the alley. Sydney is about to kill Vaughn when Jack grabs her from behind and knocks her out. Vaughn injects her with the antidote.

Back in LA, Sloane reports that Sydney will be fine and the Nocturne program has been dismantled. He tells Dixon that he was right about sending Sydney out into the field. Dixon says that he had never imagined that a person so toxic as Sloane could exist. He says that when Sloane's true motives are revealed, he'll be there. Sloane just watches him walk away.

Vaughn comes to visit Sydney in the hospital. She tries to apologize, but Vaughn won't let her. They kiss and smile at each other. Sydney sees a spider on the bed, but Vaughn sees it, too, and lets it crawl onto his hand. He says that spiders are good luck. When he leaves, Sydney lies on the bed, looking pensive.

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