Season 4, episode 09
Series 409
1st release: 03/02/05
2nd release:
Last update: 03/04/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

David Anders (Julian Sark)
Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa)
Nick Jaine (Dr. Jain)
Ilya Volok (Ushek San'ko)
Anthony Cistaro (Michel Guinot)

Written by Breen Frazier
Directed by Marita Grabiak

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Scenes from previous episodes, culminating with Nadia being shot by Anna Espinosa. Cut to Sydney and Sloane at an LA hospital, watching an unconscious Nadia. Sydney says she's stable, but there was severe internal bleeding, and Nadia has been put into a coma to heal. Sydney adds that Anna has the bomb. Sloane is called to APO, where Sark has been brought. Dixon is concerned that Sark is on the list of people Sloane is not to have dealings with. Jack says he will take full responsibility.

Sloane shows Sark gruesome pictures of dead men -- men who were going to help Sark escape CIA custody. Sloane says this will happen to him if he doesn't cooperate. He wants to know how to get back the bomb. Sark says the CRF is run by a man named Ushek San'ko. He will be the one to receive the bomb. Sark tells Sloane that he has his word that he will help get the bomb back from the CRF. But first he has a demand -- he wants to visit Laren's grave and see her dead body for himself. Sloane agrees.

Jack tells Vaughn and Sydney that Sark wants Vaughn to take him to Lauren's grave and open the coffin himself. Sydney is indignant, but Vaughn agrees.

Act I

Guards accompany Sark and Vaughn to a secret mausoleum. Lauren's vault is pulled out of the wall. Sark: "Your wife loved me. Not even death can change that." Vaughn opens the coffin. Sark kneels next to it and pulls down the zipper of her suit. He examines the bullet holes in her chest and starts to cry. Sark insists that Vaughn look at her, so he does. She seems to be asleep in the coffin.

Sloane tells Sydney not to blame herself for Nadia being injured. He still believes that Nadia cannot be killed by Anna. Suddenly a fire alarm goes off. Sydney and Weiss check the hallways. Anna, disguised as a nurse, gets to Nadia's room and fires three bullets into the body in the bed. She is walking out when Sydney sees her and they exchange gunfire. Anna grabs a fire hose and jumps out a window, swinging on the hose down to the ground and running off. Sydney runs back to Nadia's room and pulls back the sheet. Nadia is gone -- Sloane had moved her to the next room as a precaution.

Act II

Nadia is moved to a special room at APO. Jack wonders why Anna would come back to kill Nadia since she already has the bomb. Sloane says he doesn't care about Anna's agenda -- he just wants her eliminated. He tells Jack to do whatever it takes to get her.

Marshall shows Jack video from Sydney and Nadia's mission in Estonia. They spot Anna watching Nadia as she makes Anna's henchman tell her what the plans for the bomb are. Jack realizes that is why Anna came back after Nadia.

Sark sets up a meet with San'ko. He insists on coming along, so Sydney, Vaughn and Sark set out for Venice.

Jack asks Dr. Jain what risks Nadia would face if she were awakened early from her coma. Dr. Jain says there would be stress on her system and there would be a danger of heart attack or stroke.

Sark says San'ko's expertise is coordinating terrorist activities. They are to meet in a Venice night club. Sark wants to go in alone, but Vaughn vetoes that. Sark says that San'ko has never met Lauren -- all he knows is her voice.

Sydney puts in dark contacts and dons a blond wig. She asks Vaughn, in Lauren's voice, "How's this?" Vaughn looks grim, but says it's perfect.


In Venice, Sark and Sydney enter a raucous nightclub. Vaughn is watching from an upper level. Sark says that he and Lauren had a certain reputation for public intimacies -- they must maintain appearances. Sydney: "Dream on, you perverted freak." San'ko comes in and sits at their table. He proposes a toast to CRF and they all drink. Sark says he needs some insider info on the chemical bomb San'ko just acquired. San'ko says he wants something in return -- he wants to watch Sark and "Lauren" in his room upstairs. Sydney laughs and says she never mixes business with pleasure. She puts a lime slice in Sark's mouth and kisses him, biting his lip as she takes the slice. San'ko laughs. In the next instant, a shot rings out -- San'ko is shot in the throat. It's Anna. Vaughn follows her. Sark says to give him a gun, he'll help. Sydney handcuffs him to the railing: "Stay here and shut up." She also goes after Anna. Anna disappears, and Sydney and Vaughn go back for Sark, only to find the handcuffs dangling from the railing, empty.

Anna and her men take Sark to a boat and speed off down the canal. Anna says that there is an explosive device in his neck: "There's no time for painkillers -- hold him down." She cuts the device out just as Vaughn is about to push the detonate button. The signal is lost. Anna and Sark introduce themselves to each other.

Act IV

Sydney calls Jack and tells him what happened. Jack says to check all her sources to find out where Sark and Anna are headed. Jack goes to Nadia's room and injects her with a drug that wakes her from her coma.

Anna and Sark have dinner. Sark wonders what the price will be for his rescue. Anna says her object tonight was just to kill San'ko. She says she saw Sark and seized the opportunity, She already has a buyer for the bomb -- Michel Guinot. Sark says he has an excellent credit rating with Guinot. Anna: "I know you do."

Jack calls Sydney to tell her that the sale is to Michel Guinot, a Russian arms dealer. Sydney wants to know where the intel is from. Jack: "Classified, but reliable." He tells Sydney the likely location of the meet, which is right there in Venice.

Sloane comes to Nadia's room. Dr. Jain says that Nadia just woke up and is fine, but there was an irregularity -- too much of the drug which woke her. Dr. Jain says he thinks he knows who did it.

Act V

Anna and Sark meet Guinot, who asks if Sark vouches for Anna. Sark: "She came here with me, didn't she?" Guinot asks to see the weapon. Anna opens a case which holds the bomb. Vaughn and Sydney close in as Guinot is arranging a bank transfer. Guinot grabs the bomb and runs. Sydney goes after Sark and Anna. Vaughn fights Guinot, and the bomb almost rolls down the steps, but Vaughn grabs it in time. Sark and Anna run down a corridor. Sark gets to the gate and locks it behind him. Anna: "What are you doing?" Sark: "Sydney! I'm a man of my word." He runs off, while Anna threatens to kill him. Sydney approaches the gate, and Anna ambushes her. They fight viciously. Anna gets Sydney in a choke hold, but Sydney runs up the wall and flips over Anna, hitting her with a club on the way down. Sydney cuffs Anna: "The United States government has some questions for you." Vaughn kicks a gun to Sydney, and Sydney points it at Anna, but hits her with it instead. She and Vaughn embrace.

Weiss is doing magic tricks for Nadia and making her laugh. Sydney knocks at the door, and Weiss goes out into the corridor. Sydney tells Nadia that they got both Anna and the bomb. Nadia: "And hey, we didn't kill each other." Sydney: "Nope."

Sloane confronts Jack about waking Nadia. Jack says Sloane told him to do whatever it took to get Anna. Also, Sloane had said that Nadia couldn't be killed by Anna. Sloane says he wishes that Jack had apprised him of the decision to put his daughter's life at risk. Jack: "As you do mine every day." Sloane reminds Jack of a pact they made when Sloane took over leadership of APO. He wonders what assurance he has that Jack will still honor that pact. Jack just turns and walks away, leaving Sloane looking after him.

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