Season 4, episode 05
Series 405
1st release: 01/26/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/27/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Jim Pirri (Tom/Yuri Kurelko)
Alla Korat (Dianne)
Larry Sullivan (Phil)
Rick Overton (Alexei)
Bob Jesser (Bill)
Katherine Disque (Donna)
Margaret Easley (Tammy)
Jamison Jones (Ray Miller)
Thomas Alexander (Technician)

Written by Drew Goddard
Directed by Kevin Hooks

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


A man in a car observes guards at a facility. He drives up to them and runs one over and shoots the other one. He gets into the facility and removes a device. Then he drives off. His car pulls into a suburban driveway. A woman walks out to meet him: "Honey, you're late." They walk into the house arm in arm.

Weiss explains bowling to Nadia. He suggests they go to the bowling alley so she can see it first hand. Sydney and Vaughn say no way, but Nadia agrees. Weiss says that Sydney and Vaughn don't have to analyze everything they do. Weiss and Nadia leave. Sydney and Vaughn agree that they are just choosing not to be spontaneous. Both of their phones ring -- it's Sloane.

Sloane says that an electromagnetic weapon known as the EMP has been stolen from a warehouse in Kostromo. It has the ability to fry all computers in a large area. The thief is Yuri Kurelko, a former KGB officer, now a part of the October Contingent, a Russian extremist group. Sydney and Vaughn are to infiltrate this group posing as Dmitri and Ilyana Tabokov, Russian mercenaries who were recently captured in Germany. They are to identify the group's objective and retrieve the EMP. Marshall reveals a special wristwatch that will pinpoint their location at all times as well as send photographs and messages back to HQ.

In Moscow, Sydney and Vaughn are walking along a street when a van pulls up, and the man inside -- Kurelko -- speaks to them in Russian. They respond, also in Russian. Kurelko asks them to speak English without an accent, and they oblige. He seems pleased. They get into the van and Kurelko introduces himself as Tom. He gives them new IDs as Dave and Karen Parker: "You just became Americans."

Sloane asks Jack to contact Alexei Vasilyvich to find out more about the October Contingent. Jack doesn't think it's prudent because Alexei will surely want something in return. Marshall calls and says that Sydney and Vaughn have been traced to a hidden community in the Russian countryside, which looks like an American subdivision.

"Tom's" van pulls into a driveway on a seemingly ordinary street. They all enter the house to find several apparently American couples who greet "Dave and Karen" happily.

Act I

Tom explains that the "town" here is officially a training center for Russian operatives who plan to go to America, but they call it Liberty Village. He says that Sydney and Vaughn are under evaluation. They go and meet their "guests." Sydney transmits their pictures with her watch, and Marshall is able to ID some of the others as mercenaries, terrorists and contract killers. Sloane says that now it is imperative that Jack speak with Alexei and do whatever negotiating is necessary.

Tom says that Sydney and Vaughn are doing fine, but to be convincing as an American couple, they need to show more affection, because they seem "a little cold." Sydney protests that they are not cold. Tom reassures them that it's a common problem. He gives them a package and says it's their homework. It's a gun -- he suggests that they be able to assemble it in under 20 seconds.

Sydney and Vaughn go into the bathroom and turn on the shower so they can talk. They wonder what the organization is planning to attack, and why the others seem to think they are boring and cold. Vaughn begins to practice assembling the gun, and Sydney goes out to jog around the neighborhood. She finds Tom and Dianne's house and goes up to look in the window. Tom surprises her and asks what she's doing. She says she wanted to thank Dianne for the bath salts kit. Tom knows she was doing reconnaissance, but seems to approve anyway. He tells her not to stay up too late -- it will be a big day tomorrow.

Tom goes inside, where Dianne is monitoring Sydney and Vaughn in their home with surveillance cameras. She says they are promising prospects. Tom says they will find out tomorrow.

Act II

Jack goes to see Alexei. He says they need an extraction plan from the facility in Russia. Alexei seems reluctant -- those who control the base are dangerous and Jack's gratitude does not outweigh the risk. But there is something else he wants.

Tom comes to Sydney and Vaughn's house the next morning and takes them to a car dealership. On the way, he gives them wedding rings, saying it might help with their "intimacy issues."

Jack takes the first editions he had given to Irina to Marshall. The KGB had encoded assassination orders in the books. But now someone wants the books back, so he knows there is something else in them. He tells Marshall to find it.

At the dealership, Tom says that their objective is to buy a convertible. They will be evaluated on how they do. Sydney and Vaughn are somewhat puzzled, but agree. The salesman, Phil, greets them and Tom leaves. Phil shows them the convertible, and as they are looking at it, asks if they are newlyweds. Vaughn tells a story about how he proposed in Santa Barbara. Phil tells them that another couple wants the convertible, too. They are sitting across the room. Phil says that only one couple can be accepted into the program. The other couple...dies. He gives them an unassembled gun and says that the other couple has a head start.


The other team gets their gun together first and and woman fires at Sydney and Vaughn. Vaughn takes their gun, but the other guy ambushes him and knocks it out of his hand. They fight. Sydney grabs up the gun as it skitters across the floor and dives into the convertible. She shoots the other woman and then starts the car and guns it toward Vaughn and the guy he is fighting. Vaughn knocks the guy in front of the car and he is hit. Vaughn jumps into the convertible with Sydney and they speed away.

That night, Sydney and Vaughn discuss the situation, once again in the bathroom with the shower running. Sydney shows Vaughn her watch, which was smashed in the fight. They realize they are stuck here in Liberty Village. Sydney kisses the cut on Vaughn's face. As they shower together, she asks about the story Vaughn told at the dealership -- they never made it to Santa Barbara three years ago. Vaughn: "Karen and Dave did."

Marshall shows Jack what he found in the books. A tiny microchip was inserted next to the inscription. It contains a protocol Irina used to contact one of her operatives -- Sentinel. Jack says it's a dead end because Sentinel is a deceased operative.

Vaughn and Sydney wake up when Tom enters their bedroom. He says to get dressed -- they're going to America.

Act IV

Jack takes the book with the microchip to Alexei. Alexei says haven't heard from Irina in quite some time. Jack: "She's a difficult woman to keep track of." Alexei says that Irina's attachment for Jack made her work problematic at times. He says that a plane is standing by to extract Sydney and Vaughn if necessary.

Tom says that each couple in the Village is going to a different American city. They are to gain access to banking communications in those cities. Tom says that in the near future an unfortunate accident is going to befall the New York Stock Exchange.

Marshall sees a communication come up on his computer and runs to Sloane. He says the Tabokovs are being transferred to a prison in Germany. The communication has gone out over public lines, and the October Contingent is bound to see it. Sloane says to extract Sydney and Vaughn immediately.

Sydney is being briefed by Tom while Vaughn is packing in another room with another of the men. Tom's cell phone rings -- it's Dianne. She tells him to kill one of them and interrogate the other.

Act V

Tom goes into the other room, draws his pistol and turns -- to find Sydney gone. He searches for her, but she ambushes him, and they fight. The sounds alert Vaughn and the other man, and they fight also. After each knocks out their adversary, they grab the EMP and run out of the house. A helicopter approaches and begins firing at them. Sydney sets off the weapon. The helicopter crashes into a house and explodes. Sydney: "Maybe it's time we move out of the suburbs."

Sloane radios Sydney and Vaughn, who are on the extraction plane, and says that Russia has expressed unofficial thanks for taking out the October Contingent. He congratulates them on a successful mission.

Jack tells Sloane that their suspicions regarding Sentinel were accurate. The Russians are searching for Elena Derevko. Sloane: "We will have to move up our timetable." Jack nods in agreement.

Vaughn says that he thought it was kind of nice "not to be us for a while." Sydney: "I happen to like us -- even if we are a little cold." Vaughn smiles and says that they really have operational control of the aircraft. Sydney protests that to divert the plane for their personal use could get them in a lot of trouble. Vaughn: "You want to have dinner with me in Paris?" Sydney: "Absolutely."

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