Season 4, episode 10
Series 410
1st release: 03/09/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/27/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Angela Bassett (CIA Director Hayden Chase)
Michael Des Barres (Miles Devereaux)
Lynne Moody (Rosemary)
Kevin Scott Allen (French Police Officer)
Osman Soykut (Alliance Member No. 1)
Adriene Nichols (Nurse)
Daniel Kaemon (Techie #1)
Adam Logan (Techie #2)

Written by Alison Schapker and J.R. Orci
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


At HQ, Sydney comes upon Weiss and Nadia, who are arguing about celebrating Nadia's birthday. Nadia says she doesn't want to celebrate it, and in fact she's not even sure it's her real birthday -- it's just the one the nuns at the orphanage gave her. Marshall comes to call them to a meeting. Sloane reminds them that when the Alliance was dismantled, the CIA came into possession of various items, among them the Blackwell Index, a blackmail list of incriminating evidence on numerous influential people around the globe. The problam was, the Index was so well encrypted that no one has been able to decode it. Sydney wants to know why this has come up now. Sloane says the Index was stolen just last night from a research station in Sarajevo -- and there are no leads. Ironically, Blackwell's center of operations was just recently raided by the French authorities, and they have a disk that contains the Index's code. The French police are not even aware of what they have. It is APO's mission to get the decoder. Sloane: "Sydney, figure out a way to get yourself arrested."

Sydney finds Vaughn and asks if Sloane approved his trip. Vaughn's Uncle David has suffered a stroke, and Vaughn is planning to go see him, even though their relationship had become strained since Vaughn's father's death. Sydney wishes she could go with him. He kisses her and gets on the elevator.

Dixon tells Sydney privately about a log he's been keeping -- from an illegal tap on Sloane's phone. He says Director Chase had encouraged them to watch Sloane, and that's what he's been doing. He shows her a picture of Miles Devereaux, former Alliance leader. He thinks Sloane was in contact with Devereaux just hours after the theft of the Index. Dixon theorizes that Sloane and Devereaux hatched the plot to get the Index and now want the decoder so they can have the blackmail list for themselves. Dixon: "He's using us...again."

Act I

Dixon takes his suspicions to Director Chase. She feels the evidence is circumstantial. She tells Dixon to bring her something more concrete.

Sydney tells Dixon that maybe Chase is right. But Dixon is adamant and asks for Sydney's help.

In Arizona, Vaughn visits his uncle, who is still unconscious from his stroke. He meets one of the nurses, Rosemary, who says he must be Bill. Vaughn says no, that was his father. Rosemary says that sometimes old people get the past and the present confused.

Sydney and Dixon plan to get the decoder disk and make a corrupted copy to give to Sloane. Then they will watch and see what he does with it. Dixon says he's just now realizing how difficult Sydney's life at SD-6 must have been. Sydney says things are different now, since Nadia. She says she almost hopes that they are wrong about Sloane, for Nadia's sake.

In Paris, Sydney, dressed in punk garb, spray paints a car. Weiss runs up, calling for the police. An officer comes and arrests Sydney.

Act II

Dixon, acting as Sydney's attorney, comes to the police station. Nadia, in a nearby van, doctors the security feed in the police station. Sydney heads for the property room to get the decoder disk. Nadia guides her there and monitors the hallways. Sydney finds the disk and conceals it from Nadia's view while she copies it. She is almost caught as she leaves the room, and Nadia tells her to go to Plan B. Sydney heads for the roof, where Weiss is waiting in a helicopter. Sydney leaps up and grabs the runner, and Weiss takes off.


Back in LA, Dixon tells Sydney that Sloane has made several calls from his home phone since they returned with the disk. Dixon says they need the encryption code to Sloane's home phone so they can crack the calls. Sloane interrupts to tell Sydney to come to his office. He is concerned about the amount of time Nadia lost video of Sydney in the property room. Sydney says she just had to find the right disk. He says he expected better from her. Sydney starts to leave and then turns back to say that today is Nadia's birthday, and she doesn't want to celebrate it. Sydney thought she might change her mind if the invitation came from Sloane. Sloane asks what she might like. Sydney suggests a family dinner -- at Sloane's house.

Vaughn is still in his uncle's room when Rosemary comes in again. She gives Vaughn an envelope that David had kept "for Bill, when he came back." The only thing in the envelope is a locker key.

Sydney gets ready to go to the family dinner, putting a recorder into her purse. Nadia comes in to thank her for the idea of a party. She's glad Sydney didn't listen when she said she didn't want to celebrate. Sydney looks guilty when Nadia turns away.

At Sloane's house, Weiss, Nadia, Sydney, Jack and Sloane share dinner. Sloane makes a toast, wishing Nadia joy on her birthday: "Because of you, I am a changed man." Sydney looks even guiltier, but joins in the toast. Her cell phone rings -- it's Dixon, but she tells everyone it's Vaughn and excuses herself. She heads for Sloane's study to access his secure phone. She breaks into his desk and begins copying the security code on the phone.

Meanwhile, Sloane excuses himself from the table to get Nadia's birthday gift.

Sydney finishes the transmission just as someone appears in the doorway -- it's Nadia. Sydney looks stricken. Nadia: "Birthday cake's ready."

Weiss carries in a chocolate cake with candles. They encourage Nadia to make a wish, and she blows out the candles. Nadia says she had no idea what to expect from tonight: "Now I see what I've been missing all these years -- the chance to know my family for the kind of people they really are." She looks at Sydney, who almost cries, but manages to smile and nod.

When they get home, Nadia is furious. Sydney tells her that this time she was trying to prove that he's innocent. The doorbell rings -- it's Dixon. Nadia: "Whatever you found out about my father, I have a right to know."

Act IV

Vaughn finds the locker that the key fits. It contains a book, which appears to be a diary in his father's handwriting. It's full of lists and diagrams. The last entry is dated in December 1981. Vaughn is puzzled because his father was killed in 1979.

Dixon plays a tape for Director Chase in which Sloane is talking to Devereaux and making plans to meet in Brussels with the Index and the decoder. Director Chase is convinced that Sloane is reconstructing the Alliance. She says they will track Sloane to the meeting.

Nadia comes to Sloane's office. He returns her scarf that she had left at his house. He says he detected some tension between her and Sydney, but she says that she was just overwhelmed and still is not used to being around family. She sees an overnight bag and asks if he's going somewhere. He says yes, Brussels.

In Brussels, Sydney tells Nadia that she's used to seeing Sloane in black and white -- she's not used to the gray. Nadia asks what Sydney would do if it were her father. They are interrupted when Sloane appears and gets into a car. They follow him to a deserted area of the dockyards. He gets out of the car and goes into one of the warehouses.

In a warehouse room, Devereaux shows two of his compatriots the Blackwell Index. Footsteps are heard approaching. Devereaux turns and says, "You're late."

Nadia gets into her car to maintain the perimeter. Sydney, Dixon and Director Chase follow Sloane. They break in the door to the room where Sloane is. He is sitting at a computer, alone. Dixon wants to know where the Alliance meeting is. Sloane says it's in another building -- he's only surveilling. They look at the monitor, which shows Devereaux and the others addressing someone who answers that the rumors he had returned to the CIA were wrong. Everyone recognizes Jack's voice. Sydney: "Oh, my god."

Act V

Chase asks Sloane why he didn't alert the CIA that the Alliance was regrouping. He says that the CIA would never have approved this sting. He took this route to identify the players. He says Jack insisted on delivering the decoder disk himself. Sydney says he doesn't have the real decoder. Sloane: "Oh, no -- you didn't." They watch as Jack hands over the corrupted disk, which of course doesn't work. Devereaux and the others want to know what's going on. They suspect a set-up. Devereaux comes over and hits Jack. Sydney wants to know where they are. Sloane says Building 37. Sydney radios to Nadia to get to Building 37. Nadia takes off with a screech of tires.

Jack is tied to a chair. He says Sloane sold him out. He adds that he's going to kill Sloane -- just as soon as he's through with Devereaux. Devereaux hits him again and then pulls out his gun and points it at Jack's head. Nadia gets to Building 37 and crashes her car through the doors. With three quick shots, she takes out Devereaux and the others, then goes to release Jack.

Sydney is waiting when Nadia pulls up with Jack in the car. He tells Sydney he's all right. Sydney thanks Nadia. Nadia: "I'd like to think that in the future you'll do the same for me." Sydney nods.

Vaughn returns to his uncle's room. He stands by the bed and asks his uncle to wake up. He wants to know if he's seen his dad and is he still alive. David is unresponsive. A nurse comes in and asks if everything is okay. Vaughn says he'd like to speak to Rosemary. The nurse says she doesn't recognize the name. Vaughn says she covers the 3 and 10 o'clock rounds. Nurse: "Sir, there are no 3 and 10 o'clock rounds."

Chase tells Dixon that there will be no disciplinary actions for Dixon and Sydney's actions. Sydney comes up and says she's glad it's over. Dixon: "Is it? We'll see."

Sloane is working with the Blackwell Index. He uses the decoder disk and the video resolves itself into orderly lists. He calls Jack and tells him it's working. Jack: "Does it have what we need?" Sloane: "Oh, yes. And more."

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