Season 5, episode 04
Series 504
1st release: 10/20/05
2nd release:
Production code:
Last update: 11/20/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Amy Acker (Kelly Peyton)
Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
Joel Bissonnette (Keach)
Rowena King (Pierpont)
Stephen Spinella (Boyd Harkin)
Christopher Fairbanks (Pit Boss)
Benjamin Mouton (Croupier)
David Pressman (Walsh)

Written by Drew Goddard
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


Today's Lesson: Pregnant Woman Shouldn't Gamble Then again, pregnant women probably shouldn't be hanging from a magnet fifty feet above a jetty or running around shooting guards in the neck with a tranq gun. But that's exactly what Syd does in this episode as she and Boobs and Getty and Dix go after Gordo right where it hurts: his bank account. Gordo's divested of his emergency funds and realizes that Boobs McPhee is still alive -- and he wants her back. It's up to Syd and her super-powered suction cup to save the day. Television without Pity


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Monte Carlo, Grace poses as a valet as Sydney drives up and gets out of her car in front of a posh casino. She goes in and sits down at the dice table. Meanwhile, Grace drives her car into the parking garage.

At the table, Sydney is on a winning streak. Dixon, posing as a Frenchman, tells the croupier that no one is that lucky. Sydney takes her winnings and leaves in a huff, but is stopped by the guards, who have checked her dice and found them to be loaded. She is taken to a back room, where she pulls a gun and shoots the guards with tranquilizers. She then gets into a vault area and finds a particular lockbox. Grace radios her with the access code to the box. She takes out a small laptop and heads for the entrance, where Grace pulls up with her car. She drives to a ferry, but before she can drive onto it, a huge magnet attached to a crane picks up her car and hoists it high in the air. As she dangles there, her cell phone rings, and a voice says, "I want my property back. I want Mockingbird."

72 hours earlier, in LA, Sydney brings Rachel something to eat at a desk at APO. Rachel is still trying to deal with the fact that she was working for a terrorist and all her coworkers are now dead because of her. Sydney says Dean killed those people, not Rachel. She tells Rachel that they keep finding references to "Mockingbird" in the files and don't know what it is. Rachel says that was her call sign -- she's Mockingbird.

Gordon Dean speaks to another man in a makeshift office area. He gives the man an assignment, saying he may already be familiar with the target. The man says he is, and he will keep Dean updated. After the man leaves, Peyton comes in with news that most of their satellite offices have been abandoned, beating the CIA by about an hour. She says they need to transfer some money, and Dean accesses an account.

In LA, Marshall picks up on the transfer on Dean's account. He tells Jack that Dean has consolidated his funds, transferring everything into one account. Sydney says if they can liquidate that account, they can cripple Dean's operation. Rachel says you would have to be at the bank, which is in the Caymans, and know all the pre-arranged responses to various questions, which were destroyed in the Prague explosion.

Sydney discovers that the Czech authorities have recovered several servers from Dean's Prague office. Marshall has equipment that may be able to restore the protocol. However, the authorities there won't release the servers. Sydney is planning to return to Prague and wants Rachel to go with her. Rachel refuses. Sydney says there's no other way.

Sloane is questioned by a government committee concerning his apparent violation of his pardon agreement with the US government.

Dixon and Grace go to the Cayman Islands, planning to meet with an emissary from the bank there.

In Prague, Sydney and Rachel are on their way to try and access the servers. Rachel is nervous -- she says there was a reason she worked at a desk: "I don't like pressure -- or death, for that matter." Sydney says the best way to deal with that is to pretend to be someone else. Right now they are no longer Sydney Bristow and Rachel Gibson -- they are Czech Intelligence officers. They pin on badges and go into Rachel's former office, where everything is now a shambles. Rachel steels herself and pictures the room as it had been before. Then she guides Sydney to where the servers were.

Dixon and Grace are approached by a woman who introduces herself as Pierpont, the emissary from the bank. She is earlier than expected, so Dixon calls Sydney, pretending he is cancelling a massage, to alert her that things are going down faster than expected.

Rachel uncovers some equipment, which is stained with blood and worse. She panics and says she has to get out. Sydney stops her and says she will deal with the servers, but Rachel has to tell her which one. Rachel stops and directs her to the right server.

Dixon and Grace are taken to a tent near the beach. Pierpont says that the bank does not have a fixed location, since their customers are highly security conscious.

Rachel hooks up her computer to the hard drive and accesses the correct files. As Pierpont asks Dixon the protocol questions, Rachel finds the correct responses, and Sydney relays them to Dixon. Suddenly, they run into a section of the files that is corrupted, but Rachel is able to recall the response because it was a saying that Dean was fond of. Dixon and Grace are given access to the account.

Peyton informs Dean that their Cayman account has been cleaned out. Dean realizes that Rachel is the only one who could have accomplished that, so she must still be alive and in CIA custody.

Sloane continues to be questioned about his activites with Omnifam. He admits that he used Omnifam in his quest for Rambaldi's power, but says that from the moment he learned he had a daughter, he had dedicated his life to atoning for his sins. Mr. Harkin, the lead questioner, basically tells Sloane he doesn't believe he has reformed, and they will decide his punishment accordingly.

Later, Sloane tells Jack he is afraid the decision will go against him, and he wants to put his affairs in order. He gives Jack power of attorney concerning Nadia: "Promise me you'll do everything you can to save her, Jack -- just as if she were your own daughter." Jack gives his word that he will. Sloane also wants Jack to thank Sydney and Dixon for writing letters on his behalf. Jack says they volunteered to do so.

Dixon reports that Dean is starting to get careless since his funds have been cut off. They have intercepted a call between Dean and an associate who owns a casino in Monte Carlo. Dean says he is planning to retrieve his archives, which are located at the casino.

Sloane is writing a letter to Nadia when a man in the corridor outside his cell approaches -- it's the man Dean had given an assignment to earlier. The man says he works for some powerful people, who might be able to sway the committee's decision. Sloane asks what those powerful people would want in return.

Sydney, Dixon and Grace work on a plan to infiltrate the casino and get Dean's archives. Marshall brings a pair of dice he has fixed to always roll seven. The others inform him that the dice are not supposed to come up seven, and Marshall goes away to rework them. Rachel says she could hack the encryption on the security and is willing to go with them to Monte Carlo -- she wants to help stop Gordon Dean.

In the casino, everything goes according to plan. Rachel is in the trunk of the car that Sydney drives away in. When the car is hoisted by the crane, Dean calls Sydney on her cell and demands that she return Mockingbird. Sydney protests that she doesn't know what Mockingbird is. She says if the car is dropped, Dean's archives will be destroyed, too. Dean says the laptop is a fake anyway. Sydney says okay, Mockingbird is in CIA custody in a safe house in Philadelphia. Dean says they have 30 minutes to deliver her to the 30th Street train station. Sydney calls Jack and tells him the situation. Jack calls Dixon and tells him and Grace to get to the ferry. Rachel calls to Sydney from the trunk and wants to know how high up they are. Sydney says about 200 feet, but she's been in worse situations than this. Dixon and Grace arrive and go to the controls of the crane. Dean sees them on a hidden camera and pushes the release button. The car starts to fall, but stops about halfway down. Dean orders Sydney to get the agents away. Dixon and Grace leave the area. Dean says he needs confirmation that Mockingbird is on the way -- he wants her to call him. Rachel tells Sydney that she's a terrible liar, and that's why he wants to talk to her. Sydney says it's just like in Prague -- she has to pretend to be someone else. She has to pretend to be helpless and scared. Rachel protests that she is scared. Sydney: "Yes, but you're not helpless -- not anymore." She tells Rachel to keep Dean on the phone. Rachel gets out her cell and calls Dean. She tells him she's in a van, but she doesn't know where they are. Marshall is working on tracing the call. Suddenly a foghorn blows, and Rachel hangs up, but not before Dean realizes she's in the car with Sydney. Sydney calls to Rachel to kick in the back seat, and Rachel does. Sydney pulls her into the front seat and breaks out the windshield of the car. Dean pushes the release button, and the car crashes to the ground below. High above, Sydney and Rachel cling to the magnet, having gotten out through the broken windshield.

In Washington, Sloane receives the ruling of the committee. Harkin says he detests Sloane's methods but has concluded that Sloane's actions fell within the guidelines of his pardon agreement. Even Jack is surprised when Sloane's release is ordered immediately.

On the plane headed toward home, Sydney, Dixon and Grace sleep, but Rachel is wide awake. When Sydney stirs, Rachel asks how they can sleep after what they've been through. Sydney says you learn to take it where you can get it. Rachel asks if it will ever be over. She's afraid she will be with them in custody for a long time. Sydney says she will be with them until it is safe for her to go home. Rachel says it won't end with Dean, and Sydney agrees: "I guess we'll have to bring them all down." Flash to Sloane, walking out of the committee chamber, passing in the hallway the man who brought Gordon Dean's message to him.

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