The Shed

Season 5, episode 03
Series 503
1st release: 10/13/05
2nd release:
Production code:
Last update: 11/20/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Amy Acker (Kelly Peyton)
Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
Jack Laufer (Alexander Dolzhenko)
Alex Demir (Guard)
Hrach Titizian (Lead Scientist)
Ondrej Habinak (Russian Officer)
Dan Koz (Baseball Cap)
David Pressman (Walsh

Written by Breen Frazier
Directed by Tucker Gates

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


And the race for Worst Spy Ever is ON! Gordo Dean's people steal a bio-weapon from a lab in Istanbul, and it's up to the Appleseed Gang to retrieve it. During the retrieval process, Getty performs a car chase that could have been better executed by a bunch of blind giraffes in a clown car; Syd delivers a line in Czech that involves a Red Sox baseball cap that just totally doesn't belong in the show; and Boobs McPhee wanders around the newest version of SD-6 with a big white sign stapled to her forehead that says, "I AM TOTALLY ONTO YOU PEOPLE AND YOU'RE BAD AND I'M TAKING YOU DOWN." Meh. Just…meh. Television Without Pity


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Istanbul, scientists dressed in biohazard suits are working in a lab. A woman enters the facility, shooting the guard and gaining access to the lab area by radioing someone to hack the access code. She takes some vials of liquid, even though the scientists warn her to be careful. As she leaves, she throws one of the vials back into the lab, where it breaks, releasing a yellow liquid. The doors of the lab lock behind her, and the scientists try frantically to get out before they all fall to the floor dead.

In LA, Sydney opens her mail. Vaughn's copy of "Hockey Trends" catches her eye. She calls the magazine and cancels the subscription. She drops the magazine into the wastebasket, but then retrieves it and puts it into a drawer.

Marshall reports on the theft in Istanbul. The stolen vials contained a nerve agent called Substance 33. Marshall thinks that the woman works for Dean, because someone hacked into the lab's security to gain her entrance, and Marshall recognized the computer as the same one that was used to hack into NSA security a few months ago. He has traced the computer to Prague and says that if he can go there, he can pinpoint the computer's location. Jack assigns Sydney and Tom Grace to accompany Marshall to Prague. Sydney suggests that Dixon go with her instead, but Jack tells her that Dixon is on a mission with Sloane to find a cure for Nadia's condition.

Sloane tells Dixon that a former contact, a Russian named Alexander Dolzhenko, has an experimental cure for the effects of the Mueller device. He has offered to sell it to Sloane for $300,000, but only if they can meet in person.

In Prague, Sydney, Marshall and Grace track the computer to a cafe. Marshall rigs up a monitoring device in a box of mints. If the device gets within five feet of the computer, he can clone the hard drive. Grace starts to take the box, but Sydney points out that she can speak Czech and he can't. She takes the box and heads for the cafe. Marshall directs her to a guy in a baseball cap sitting at a laptop. She strikes up a conversation with him, but Marshall notices that someone else is monitoring the computer, perhaps through a cell phone, and piggy-backing off its signal. Sydney sees a blonde leaving the cafe and radios Marshall. The blonde gets into a car, and Grace takes off in pursuit. The blonde sees she's being followed, and a high speed chase ensues. Grace finally runs her off the road and takes her prisoner.

In a hotel room, the blonde, whom they identify as Rachel Gibson, is tied to a chair. Marshall dissects her cell phone. Sydney is critical of Grace's methods and says she will talk to Rachel when Marshall rigs up a voice analyzer.

In Omsk, Sloane and Dixon wait for Dolzhenko to appear at the meeting place. He calls and is upset that Sloane is not alone. He says unless Sloane comes to another location alone, the deal is off. Dixon is reluctant, but finally agrees.

Sydney asks Rachel about the theft of Substance 33. Rachel says she wants to contact the US embassy. Grace notices that she keeps moving her wrist and takes off her wristwatch, which contains a signalling device. Marshall determines that the signal hadn't gone out yet. Rachel says that the CIA will be looking for her. Sydney informs her that they are CIA. Marshall tells Sydney that the voice analyzer shows Rachel to be telling the truth as she knows it. Sydney says she needs to tell Rachel a story. She tells her how she was recruited for the "CIA". Rachel says she must have read her file. Sydney says no, the same thing happened to her 13 years ago. She says she can prove that Rachel doesn't really work for the CIA. She has her rig up a signal to send a message to Langley. They will trace the signal and see if it really does go there. The signal at first appears to go to Langley, but is then rerouted back to a location in Prague. Rachel identifies the location as her office. She says that Gordon Dean is there, just around the corner from where they are.

Rachel is upset at learning that she is really working for a terrorist organization. She reveals that the Substance 33 is to be transferred tonight to -- as she believed -- UN weapons inspectors. Jack says more likely it will be sold to the highest bidder. He suggests that they send Rachel back into the office to try and get the transfer info from Dean's computer. Sydney asks Rachel if she will help, and she agrees.

Marshall gives Rachel a credit card with the capability of holding 240 gigs of memory. With it she can copy all Dean's files. Rachel is impressed. Marshall says he has been admiring her work, too, especially hacking the NSA. He says that was genius: "Too bad it was for evil, although...been there myself."

Sloane meets with Dolzhenko, who greets him as an old friend. Sloane gives him the money, and Dolzhenko goes to the trunk of his car. Then he pulls out a gun and points it at Sloane. He says his own daughter died in Sevogda because of what Sloane caused to happen there. He says there were no survivors -- except Sloane's daughter -- and there is no cure. Sloane says that killing him won't ease the pain and asks if he wants this to be his daughter's legacy. Dolzhenko finally lowers the gun, gets into the car, and drives away.

Sydney warns Rachel that she will have to look all of her co-workers in the eye and not let them know what she is thinking. Rachel wonders how many of them know the truth. Sydney says it is impossible to know. She shows Rachel a picture of Vaughn and tells her she is their best chance of making Dean pay for using her and killing US agents.

Rachel goes into the building and enters her former workplace. She is approached by the woman who stole Substance 33 and greets her as Peyton. Peyton asks why she is in so early, and Rachel says she has some reports to finish up. Rachel goes to her computer and uses the credit card device to begin copying files. Gordon Dean comes over, and Rachel hides the card under some disks. He thanks her for recommending a book and they talk for a moment. When he leaves, she takes the card and starts to leave. Peyton jumps into the elevator with her at the last minute. Sydney radios Rachel that they can still make the pass when she gets outside. Grace says he's going, too, and asks how to say "You're welcome" in Czech. He distracts Peyton by offering her a light for her cigarette while Sydney palms the card from Rachel's hand.

Marshall uses the card to gain access to Dean's computer. Rachel heads back into the office to open a portal to Dean's encrypted files.

Dean goes into his office, where he finds Peyton waiting for him. She says they may have a problem with Rachel Gibson. Dean gets onto his computer but can't see that Rachel is doing anything. In the van, Marshall is able to read the file that says the Substance 33 is being transferred tonight in Budapest. He calls Jack with this info. Back in the office Dean notices that there is too much RAM usage on the computer and realizes that Rachel is copying his server. Peyton offers to eliminate her, but Dean says no, they will execute Plan B. He and Peyton leave the office after pushing some buttons that begin a countdown.

Marshall notices that something is interfering with the link to Dean's computer. They see two cars pull out of the parking garage and realize that they can't contact Rachel. Grace jumps out of the van and runs for the building.

In the office, the power goes out. Rachel goes to the elevator while the others mill around wondering what is going on. Rachel pushes the elevator button, but nothing happens. Downstairs, Grace gets into the building just as the countdown reaches zero and there's a terrific explosion, destroying the office and all the people there. Grace gets up the stairs and finds Rachel at the top of the stairway under some debris. Sydney arrives just as he pulls her out and checks for a pulse. He says she'll be okay.

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